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How to Use 10+ Top SlideShare Digital Marketing Strategies

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SlideShare can be a great digital marketing tool for marketing your business or organization. According to SlideShare's own statistics, there are literally millions of professional users who review and upload SlideShare presentations regularly. So, the potential is there to expand your customer reach by uploading one or more SlideShare presentations. But first, you need to develop a good SlideShare marketing plan.

Many SlideShare users upload a single presentation and then do little else to attract viewers to it. While a good presentation may reach some SlideShare viewers, you can reach many more when you use effective SlideShare marketing strategies. It's a good idea to view SlideShare as part of your overall digital marketing efforts.

In this article, we examine SlideShare digital marketing strategies more closely. I'll share over ten digital marketing SlideShare strategies that work. We'll also discuss how you can use SlideShare analytics to measure your SlideShare marketing efforts.

Strategy 1. Target Your SlideShare Audience

If you're trying to reach a specific audience with your SlideShare presentation (such as potential clients), make sure that your presentation includes content that is of interest to your desired reader.

Choose your slideshow topic carefully to engage your viewers. Use language your target SlideShare audience can relate to in your presentation. But also, make sure the presentation is useful for your desired audience. To make your SlideShare presentation useful, include actionable tips readers can easily follow and other information your reader can readily take action on.

Research your presentation carefully. Sharing useless or inaccurate information leaves a bad impression and could prevent a reader from working with your company in the future. 

For more information on researching your topic and engaging your audience, download our FREE presentation eBook, The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations.

Making Great Presentations Free PDF eBook Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free PDF eBook Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free PDF eBook Guide Download

Strategy 2. Start with a Professional Presentation Template

SlideShare has many presentations uploaded. To ensure that your presentation gets the attention it deserves in this crowded medium, you need to make your presentation design look good. Looking good means using a professionally designed template. A poorly designed SlideShare presentation won't get a second glance.

If you've got the skill, you could design your own PowerPoint template. But designing an attractive presentation template takes time. A better plan is to use a professional presentation template that's made to work with quickly. You'll get a proven slideshow design and you can customize the template to add those elements that are unique to your company.

GraphicRiver has a great selection of professionally designed PowerPoint templates you can purchase and use for your next SlideShare presentation. Or, if you need access to limitless graphics, presentation templates, and creative assets, then head over to Envato Elements. To get an idea of some of the templates available on these sites, take a look at this collection of top PowerPoint templates:

Strategy 3. Craft a Powerful Title Slide

The title slide is the first thing your audience sees of your SlideShare presentation. The title slide can determine whether a reader decides to view the rest of your presentation or whether they quit reading. The title slide must draw your viewer in.

Capture your target audience's attention with:

  • The right words. Ask a question. Make a shocking statement. Give a deadline. Evoke an emotion. The key is to make the viewer curious or interested enough that a reader clicks through to see the rest of your slides.
  • The right images. They say an image is worth a thousand words. When it comes to your slideshow, if you've got the right image that statement is absolutely true. Find the compelling images you need at Envato Elements.

Take your time working on your title slide. It's possibly the most important slide of your entire SlideShare presentation. One of the biggest mistakes presentation authors make is not giving enough thought to a presentation's title slide.

If you're not sure what impression your title slide makes, ask someone (preferably from your target audience). Getting a second opinion can mean the difference between a dull title slide and an engaging one.

The following article addresses headlines for a web page, but many of the same principles are useful for presentation title slides:

Strategy 4. Include Enticing Details

With a live presentation the time allowed for making your presentation may be limited. You need to make sure that your presentation fits into the allotted time you're given. You also need to hold the audience's attention. And you need to allow extra time to answer audience member's questions. For a live presentation, a shorter presentation often makes sense.

A SlideShare multi-media presentation is different. Your audience can browse through your presentation at their leisure. Readers can also bookmark the presentation and return to it as often as they want. Don't be afraid to make your presentation a little more detailed or a little longer.

SlideShare provides the perfect opportunity for you to include details such as well-designed charts and diagrams in your presentation. If your readers are interested, they can take their time to study your statistics. SlideShare also allows you to upload documents and infographics.

Strategy 5. Make Your SlideShare Presentation Easy to Find

Since SlideShare is an online medium, presentations are discoverable through the search engines. Using search terms in your presentation's title and meta description makes it more likely to appear in the search engine results—which means more viewers for your presentation. Using a keyword in the filename helps to make your presentation search engine friendly.

SlideShare also has its own search tool. To make sure users who are looking for SlideShare presentations within the SlideShare platform find your presentation, choose your Category and Tags carefully. Here's a look at the SlideShare Upload screen, keeping in mind search factors:

SlideShare Upload ScreenSlideShare Upload ScreenSlideShare Upload Screen
The SlideShare Upload screen includes tags and categories.

Notice the Discoverability Score at the bottom of the screen. The score increases as you add discovery elements to your SlideShare upload.

Also, be sure to read through our tutorial, How to Upload Your SlideShare Slides for Use on LinkedIn, for detailed instructions on how to upload a SlideShare presentation.

Strategy 6. Add a Call to Action

An often-overlooked part of a presentation is the call to action. A call to action tells your viewers what to do about the information they just reviewed.

Typical calls to action include an encouragement to make a purchase or a link to your website or a landing page. A call to action can even include a non-commercial purpose, such as directing the reader to fill out a petition or a survey.

Including a call to action slide is important. A compelling call to action helps your presentation get results. For long presentations, include one or more calls to action in the middle of the presentation as well as at the end. The longer the presentation, the more calls to action you should include.

Strategy 7. Include Your SlideShare Presentation on Your Site

If you've got a website or blog, embedding or linking to your SlideShare presentation on your site ensures that your current clients and readers learn of your presentation. Since these individuals are already interested in your business, it's likely that they'll also be interested in your SlideShare (especially if it includes new and useful information).

To learn how to embed a SlideShare presentation on a website, review this tutorial:

Strategy 8. Promote Your SlideShare on Social Media

Social media can play a huge part in bringing more viewers to your SlideShare presentation. And since social media posts are often shared, your potential reach from social media is much larger than from just your own followers alone.

It's easy to promote a SlideShare presentation on social media from within SlideShare using its built-in tools. Each presentation includes Social Media Sharing buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter beneath the presentation:

SlideShare share buttonsSlideShare share buttonsSlideShare share buttons
Use the buttons inside SlideShare to share your presentation to social media.

To share your presentation to one of these social media platforms, click the corresponding button. To share your SlideShare on another social media platform, add the presentation URL to your social media post.

Strategy 9. Reach Out to Influencers

Every field has individuals who stand out. A re-share from one of these influencers can make a huge difference for your SlideShare marketing. Reach out to these influencers through email, social media, or by phone to make the influencer aware that your SlideShare presentation may be of interest to them.

To really capture the attention of an influencer and make them more likely to share your presentation, incorporate the influencer into your slideshow somehow. For example, you could interview the influencer and include quotes from them. Or, you could include a link to their blog in your presentation. Involving the influencer in your presentation increases the likelihood that they'll share it.

If you decide to reach out to an influencer through email, SlideShare has a built-in tool for quickly sharing your presentation. To use it, click the Share button below your presentation. The Share SlideShare screen appears:

SlideShare Email SharingSlideShare Email SharingSlideShare Email Sharing
Use the Email field to email your SlideShare presentation to someone.

You can use the Email field to automatically send your presentation to someone through email, but this tool doesn't allow for email customization. If you don't know the recipient well, a better approach is to include the link at the bottom of the screen in an email that explains why the influencer might be interested in your slideshow.

Strategy 10. Share Your SlideShare via Your Business Newsletter

Like many businesses, you probably have a newsletter that you use to share information of interest to clients and prospective clients. A good newsletter can strengthen your relationships and build good will for your business.

Since your SlideShare presentation includes useful tips and relevant information, it makes sense to link to your SlideShare in your newsletter. Your newsletter readers will likely be interested in your presentation.

Strategy 11. Use Analytics to Measure Your Success

No digital marketing strategy is complete without a way to measure its success. SlideShare marketing is no different.

Fortunately, SlideShare includes a free analytic tool to help you track how well your presentations are doing.

Here's a peek at the Summary page of the SlideShare Analytics tool:

SlideShare analyticsSlideShare analyticsSlideShare analytics
The SlideShare Analytics tool lets you see how your presentations are performing.

The links at the top of the screen let you see more details about the following information:

  • Views. See how many people have viewed your SlideShare presentations.
  • Actions. Shows how many people have liked, commented on, downloaded, or emailed each presentation.
  • Viewers. This list shows recent viewers by date, location, and internet service provider (ISP). You can also see how each viewer was referred to your SlideShare presentation and which presentation they saw.
  • Export. Use this part of the tool to export the analytics data as a CSV file.
  • Social Shares. See how many times your content was shared on LinkedIn or Facebook using the Social Media Sharing buttons.

The information you gather through analytics is useful for planning your future SlideShare presentations, and evolving your marketing strategies further.


You've just learned ten effective digital marketing strategies for your SlideShare presentation. Adding one or more of these strategies to your SlideShare marketing plan can increase the reach of your slideshow and ultimately your business.

You've also learned some basics about SlideShare analytics. We've shown what SlideShare analytics measures. We've also discussed why analytics should be an important part of your SlideShare marketing strategy.

For a more in-depth look at what makes a great SlideShare presentations, along with some killer examples, read this article:

To learn even more about SlideShare, take a look at our SlideShare learning guide, How to Make Online Presentations (SlideShare + PowerPoint)

Now that you know how to use SlideShare for business marketing, you're ready to develop your own effective SlideShare marketing plan. Good luck!

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