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22+ Best Free Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Presentation Templates for 2021


If you're planning a company retreat or opening a new office, you might want to show off the location to your investors, donors, or employees with a stunning travel presentation PowerPoint. 

Best Free Travel  Tourism PowerPoint Presentation TemplatesBest Free Travel  Tourism PowerPoint Presentation TemplatesBest Free Travel  Tourism PowerPoint Presentation Templates
Are you creating a presentation about traveling in PowerPoint? Try this premium template.

But if you're not confident about your design skills, then presenting the location in its best light might be a challenge. Instead of giving yourself that headache, why not take an easier option? Use a travel or tourism themed PowerPoint template to give you a head start.

If you're looking for the perfect travel PowerPoint template, then look to Envato Elements. It's a great place to find travel and tourism backgrounds for PowerPoint. You can also find lots of stunning world travel PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver. 

Find Premium Travel Slides Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you're planning to do a travel presentation in PowerPoint, consider using a premium travel PowerPoint template. While free templates are budget-friendly, you also get what you pay for—and miss out on what you don't pay for.

Premium templates are usually well designed and well supported. This gives you confidence in the design when creating a presentation about traveling in PowerPoint.

If you're looking for a PowerPoint background design for a travel presentation, Envato Elements has an offer you won't want to miss. Download as many travel PowerPoint templates as you want, all for one low price. 

Design without limits - Envato ElementsDesign without limits - Envato ElementsDesign without limits - Envato Elements

Here's how you find the perfect premium travel PPT or travel agency PowerPoint presentation template on Envato Elements. 

travel and tourism background for powerpointtravel and tourism background for powerpointtravel and tourism background for powerpoint

Select Presentation Templates at the side of the on-screen search box, and type in travel tourism. Use the filters on the left of the screen to see templates that work with PowerPoint. You'll have hundreds of travel presentation PowerPoint templates to choose from. When you find the perfect template, click Download, then start customizing your presentation. 

GraphicRiver's travel PowerPoint templates are a good choice for those who need a single template for one-off use. These professional templates also feature beautiful design.

5 Best Premium Travel Presentation PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

To wow your audience, a professional travel PowerPoint template design is the best option. To give you a head start, here are some of the best world travel PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver: 

1. Travel PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint background design travelpowerpoint background design travelpowerpoint background design travel

This travel PowerPoint template would be great for a travel agency PowerPoint presentation. Modern and stylish, it includes 50 unique slides. It also includes editable graphics, such as vector icons, charts and graphs, to help you make your presentation truly unique.

2. Sugara: Travel Guides PowerPoint Template

 travel slides template travel slides template travel slides template

Sugara provides an eye-catching PowerPoint background design for travel PPT presentations. With 100 unique styles, along with editable icons, it's the perfect them to highlight travel tips and share them with your audience. 

3. Travelious - Travel PowerPoint Template

travel presentation powerpointtravel presentation powerpointtravel presentation powerpoint

The tropical colors in this template will help you create a relaxing atmosphere as you make your presentation. The Travelious template set has 12 files and three color schemes, to provide lots of versatility.

Envato Elements is an excellent choice if you're looking for many templates. But if you need a single travel PowerPoint template one-off use, GraphicRiver has a lot of options to choose from. Here are a couple of the best travel and tourism backgrounds for PowerPoint from GraphicRiver.

4. Traveler - PowerPoint Template

world travel powerpoint templateworld travel powerpoint templateworld travel powerpoint template

The travel PowerPoint template, Traveler, includes 30 modern slide designs and five color schemes. It's easy to customize so you can create the perfect travel presentation. It uses vector-based design and free fonts.

5. Travel and Tourism PowerPoint Presentation Template

 travel agency powerpoint presentation travel agency powerpoint presentation travel agency powerpoint presentation

This travel PowerPoint template set comes with bright colors and plenty of spaces for eye-catching travel photos. It includes more than 3,000 slides, divided into 20 templates and 90 color schemes. This template set is easy to edit and uses free fonts and icons.

24 Top Free Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Download for 2021

If you want a well-designed and professional travel and tourism background for PowerPoint, then getting a premium template makes sense. Not only will you benefit from good design, but you'll have plenty of options for creating the perfect presentation. 

So, before you look elsewhere, check out the freebies offered by Envato Elements. These are premium templates available for free, and not just travel slides templates. In fact, the types of free files vary each month.

Here's how it works: 

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 hand-selected files (including fonts, web templates, presentations and more). Create a free account and download this month's free premium files today. 
  • Also, try Envato Market for free to get seven handpicked freebies each month. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

But if you're on a tight budget, you're probably wondering where to get a travel and tourism PowerPoint presentation template free of charge. To help you, we've found some travel themed PowerPoint templates free on the web:

1. Free World Travel Concept PowerPoint Template

This beach-themed world travel PowerPoint template is free to download and use. It's sure to make your audience want to hop on a plane or boat. 

2. Free Travel Agency Business Plan PowerPoint Template

This travel agency PowerPoint template is free to download and use. It's the perfect way to present your agency's business in an attractive format.

3. Free Travel Destination PowerPoint Template

Planning a world tour? This travel and tourism PowerPoint presentation template is free from FPPT.com. It's an attractive PowerPoint background design for a travel presentation that'll make you stand out.

4. Free Travel Template for PowerPoint Presentations

This travel presentation PowerPoint has an artistic design. The attractive line drawing will enhance any travel presentation. It works with all versions of PowerPoint.

5. Free Travel Agency PowerPoint Template

Sunglasses, a compass and a sun hat enhance the vacation theme of this free travel PPT template PowerPoint. This template is compatible with all versions of PowerPoint.

6. Travel Partner PowerPoint Templates

Travel Partner PowerPoint TemplatesTravel Partner PowerPoint TemplatesTravel Partner PowerPoint Templates

If you're ready to do a presentation about traveling in PowerPoint, this template from Free PPT Backgrounds is a good starting point. It uses attractive images to underline the theme of world travel.

7. Flight Travel PowerPoint Templates

This air travel themed PowerPoint template is free to use. Besides icons representing world landmarks, it includes charts and graphs to make your travel data more accessible.

8. Mountain Travel PowerPoint Templates

Head for the hills with this free travel and tourism PowerPoint presentation template. The blue and green color scheme creates a cool, professional look that'll enhance your presentation. 

9. Travelers PowerPoint Templates

This is a free PowerPoint background design with a travel theme. It features line drawings of travel related objects. It's suitable for practically any travel presentation.

10. Travel Design PowerPoint Templates 

This free travel PowerPoint template works well for any presentation with a travel or logistics theme. It features a colorful background with modes of transportation.

11. Simple Travel Presentation

This free travel presentation theme includes 30 slides, more than 1000 icons, and editable graphics and maps. It's useful for any kind of travel presentation with a simple design.

12. Summer Vibes Marketing Plan Presentation

This brightly colored travel PowerPoint template presentation is beautifully designed, with 24 different slides. It includes icons, graphics and maps to help you create an appealing presentation.

13. Aviation Consulting Presentation

This free travel and tourism background for PowerPoint is a great way to get your consultancy's presentation started. The modern design includes 20 different slides, along with editable graphics.

14. Travel Presentation

travel agency powerpoint template freetravel agency powerpoint template freetravel agency powerpoint template free

This travel PPT is available for free from Microsoft Office. It's a simple template that'll help you easily create a winning travel presentation. 

15. Travel Design

Travel Design is a travel presentation PowerPoint theme with a dark background available from Microsoft Office. It gives your presentation an elegant, professional look.

16. Tourism Design

This world travel PowerPoint template has a simple but attractive design. It's available for free from Microsoft Office. 

17. Fun Vacation Presentation

Want to highlight your vacation plans? Try this travel PowerPoint template, free from Microsoft Office, to wow your audience. 

18. Seasonal Celebrations Presentation

No matter what time of year you're planning your trip, this free travel PowerPoint template will meet your needs. Including photos for each season, it'll make it easy to create an eye-catching presentation.

19. Vintage Geography

presentation about traveling in powerpointpresentation about traveling in powerpointpresentation about traveling in powerpoint

Who doesn't love an old map? Use this free travel agency PowerPoint presentation template from Slides Carnival to give your presentation some retro flair.

20. Traveling Around Earth

If you're doing a presentation about traveling in PowerPoint, this template could suit you. It features a golden globe (no, not that kind), which embodies the idea of travel.

21. Free Boat Travel PPT Template

If you're presenting about a boat trip, a sea voyage or a cruise, then this free template is a good choice. It works with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

22. Free Travelling World PowerPoint Template

This travel agency PowerPoint template is free to use. It features a world travel graphic. Use it in both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

23. Travel India PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template offers exactly what it says—images of India to help you create a presentation about that location. The template works with all recent versions of PowerPoint.

How to Take Your Templates to the Next Level

To help you get the most out of your travel PowerPoint templates, we'll now go over how to edit one of the best-selling premium templates, Vacation. Here are some customizations you can make in five easy to follow steps.

Vacation Travel PowerPoint TemplateVacation Travel PowerPoint TemplateVacation Travel PowerPoint Template
The premium Vacation Travelling Presentation Template works great for tours and travel.

Let's get started:

1. Add Your Own Images

Images are a must when creating a presentation. They add the necessary interest to your slides and help customize the presentation to your specific topic.

The Vacation template lets you add your own images into the design where you see the image icon. Simply click the image icon on the slides that contain them and add in your own images. They'll fit in seamlessly with the design. 

You can add your own images to any slide.

2. Add Animations 

Adding animations to your slides can add interest and keep your audience engaged. Animate any element on your slide, but animating icons works especially well.

To animate a specific element, click on the element you want animated. Click the Animations tab on the top menu. Then choose the specific animation you want to apply. On the far left of the top menu click Preview to see the animation in action.

Adding animationsAdding animationsAdding animations
You can add animations to any of the elements on your slides.

3. Change Themes

While many of the premium travel presentation templates come with extra themes, they still may not be the exact theme you want.

To change themes, click the Design tab on the top menu header and browse the selection of different themes. Click on each theme to instantly update the entire presentations theme.

Changing themesChanging themesChanging themes
You can easily change the theme of any premium template.

4. Add Icons

Premium templates come with plenty of icons in the presentations for a more visually appealing presentation. Just like themes, the specific icons that come with the presentation might not fit your particular presentation. To add icons to your sides, click the Insert tab and then choose the Icon option. From there, a menu will appear on the right hand side of your screen where you can browse all the icons to add to your presentation.

You can add icons to any of your slides.

5. Add Transitions

Adding subtle transitions to your slides can have a big impact on your presentation. They'll make it look more professional and put together.

To add slide transitions, click the Transitions tab on the top menu. Then choose your desired transition. To view how the transition will look, click the Preview button on the left hand top menu.

Add transitions to your slides for a more professional look.

5 Quick Tips For Better Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Want to create more appealing presentations? Here are some quick tips:

1. Know Your Audience 

travel powerpoint templatetravel powerpoint templatetravel powerpoint template
Here's a high-quality premium template suitable for a travel agency PowerPoint presentation.

The best presentations are suited to the audience. Your travel presentation will differ depending on whether you're presenting a budget to the C-suite or an itinerary to travelers. 

2. Use Color to Get Attention

A pop of color can make facts or statistics stand out. Don't be afraid to use boxes, callouts and bubbles in different colors to get your audience's attention.

3. Keep Your Slides Simple 

powerpoint background design travelpowerpoint background design travelpowerpoint background design travel
This premium PowerPoint template is perfect for travel agency PowerPoint presentations.

There's nothing worse than having busy slides on a presentation because your audience has no hope of capturing all the information. Stick to a couple of main points per slide, or better yet, only one, to make sure your message gets through.

4. Choose Stunning Images

Especially in travel, images can stir the imagination, but they've got to be the right kind of images. For best results, make sure your images are crisp, clear and relevant to what you're presenting.

5. Include Charts

travel and tourism background for powerpointtravel and tourism background for powerpointtravel and tourism background for powerpoint
Here's another premium travel slides template.

Complex data can be hard to process, so include charts and graphs to highlight the most important statistics. That'll ensure that you and your audience stay on the same page. 

Next, let's have a look at some of the most popular trends for travel PPT templates.

Top 5 Travel & Tourism PowerPoint Design Trends

To help you create the most modern looking travel PowerPoint template let's go over the five most popular trends:

1. Let Images Take Center Stage

When it comes to Travel PPT, let your images do the talking. Let your images take up a bit more room on your slides. This will make your presentation stand out and interest your audience. A great way to really feature your images is to have them cover the entire background.

Featuring ImagesFeaturing ImagesFeaturing Images
Leave more room for images on your slides in your travel presentations (premium template).

2. Include Abstract Shapes

Including abstract shapes on your travel PowerPoint template gives the whole presentation a more lighthearted feel. On top of this, it'll also help fill out your slides and make them more engaging. Any type of abstract shapes will work here. Use colors that are in the theme of your presentation for these shapes.

Abstract ShapesAbstract ShapesAbstract Shapes
Abstract shapes add interest and a light hearted vibe to your travel presentations (premium travel PPT example).

3. Get Creative With Your Images

Again, putting your images front and center in travel presentations is a must. Another way to spice up your slides is to fit your images into various shapes or elements on your slides. You could fit in images in your abstract shapes, into a palm tree, or any element you choose. This will give the image a more unique look.

Creative ImagesCreative ImagesCreative Images
The premium template, Travelo, features their images in a few creative ways.

4. Use Three Main Colors

For your theme, the sweet spot for the amount of colors you should include is three. Three colors adds enough interest without being too overbearing. Complementary colors work really well here and will work for any presentation. 

3 colored theme3 colored theme3 colored theme
This premium template features 3 main colors for its theme.

5. Use Solid Colored Backgrounds

Besides using images as a background, another popular trend that always works is to have a solid colored background. These solid colored backgrounds make any presentation look more professional and put together. 

solid colored backgroundsolid colored backgroundsolid colored background
EZONA, a premium travel PPT template) uses a solid colored background to make the slides pop out.

FAQ Section: Travel PowerPoint Templates

As you start working with a travel PowerPoint template, you'll see how helpful the tips we shared in this article are. To help you understand even more about PowerPoint and its capabilities let's go over five of the most common questions you might have when creating your travel PPT:

1. What Settings Should I Choose?

To create the best possible PowerPoint, make sure that you've got the most important settings configured. One of the most important settings are the dimensions of the slides. 

Most of the premium travel PowerPoint templates have the dimensions already worked out for you. But if they aren't, then check out the tutorial below for more help:

2. Is It Possible to Print Your Presentation?

While many of your presentations might be given online, you might need to print out your presentation especially a travel PPT. 

Follow the tutorial below on how you can print out any one of your presentations quickly and easily:

3. What Formats Does PowerPoint Export?

Now more than ever PowerPoint audiences are meeting when they're not in the same room. One format that PowerPoint exports that'll be able to be open by anyone is video. To learn how to export your PowerPoint in video, view the article below:

4. Can You Work With Other Team Members on PowerPoint Presentations?

Yes, you can! PowerPoint presentations aren't just a job for one person. A collaborative effort on a presentation can help you create a more rounded presentation. 

You can learn how to collaborate on a presentation here:

5. Is There a Way to Add Videos to a PowerPoint Presentation?

Absolutely! Adding videos to your PowerPoints is a bit more difficult than adding images, but it can still be done with relative ease. Find out how to add videos to your presentations here:

Let's now take a look at a few more resources that can be helpful to you when using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Learn More About Microsoft PowerPoint

Want to improve your presentation creation skills? Check out the following tutorials:

Discover More Top PowerPoint Presentation Templates Designs for 2021

We've presented a bunch of travel PowerPoint templates here. But if you need to see a wider range of templates, look at some of our presentation design roundups:

Create Your Next Travel & Tourism Presentation With Envato Elements

Using templates can save you time, and the headache of wrestling with design. Plus, you'll get support from template creators to make the process even easier. Get premium travel PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements, where you can download as many templates as you want for one low price. 

Also, check out the travel slides templates on GraphicRiver, where you can easily grab a single world travel PowerPoint template for one-off use. Get yours and start creating your presentation today!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new travel and tourism PPT templates with the best, trending travel PowerPoint designs. 

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