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We’re Looking for Business Instructors for Tuts+

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Tuts+ Business is Off and Running

If you have business experience, writing, course planning, and a teaching background, then we have an opportunity for you. How would you like to work with a dynamic team of instructors, whose mission is to educate a large, passionate, audience?  

There are millions of people who visit our Tuts+ network every month. They are a mix of full-time employed workers making moves at dynamic companies, self-employed go-getters, and students, all working hard to grow their skill sets.  

We have recently added a top-level Business category to Tuts+ to help our audience of creatives, tech experts, and entrepreneurs reach their goals.   

We are assembling a high-quality instructor team and this is a call to work with us.  

What Are We Looking For?  

We are looking for instructors that can demonstrate their business savvy, as well as their writing and education experience. If you’ve written the book on the subject you want to teach, you’ve taught a course online, or at a university, then we’d like to chat with you. 

Our preference is to publish content that teaches business theory through practical tutorial-based instruction, giving our audience the foundation they need to succeed in multiple business pursuits.

Think of each topic as a potential subject you’d take in college, and our mission is to plan courses, and dive deeply into instruction on each subject. We’ll be giving the Tuts+ audience the business skills they need to advance in their careers and reach their goals. 

Here are a few broad business categories we plan to cover: 

  • Business Theory: Articles that gives a solid business foundation, akin to business school, though grounded in practical application.
  • Planning, Productivity, and Management: Tutorials that teach the foundation of getting work done, planning projects, goal setting, and tracking.
  • Marketing, Sales, and Product Development: Content that outlines how to build an audience, evaluate a market, build products and drive sales.

These are just a few of the top-level categories we'll be covering. We're of course looking to go into depth on these subjects and their related sub-topics.

Here’s How to Apply

If your experience and desire to educate are on target, then contact us. 

We start new instructors on short projects to trial our process of working together. Then where the fit is good, we expand your assignments. There is tremendous opportunity right now, as we are commissioning content that will shape the foundation of Business education at Tuts+. 

Here are the basics on Writing for us at Tuts+. We have a detailed Tuts+ Instructor Guide that outlines the process of working with us, as well instructions on how to format content to meet our standards. I encourage you to review this material before applying. 

Jump straight into our Content Idea Pitch Form to apply. 

Use this form to outline your strengths, provide a concise background on your experience, and to send a tutorial idea our way. 

We'll Get Back to You 

We appreciate those of you that contact us, as well as the ideas you propose. We'll be reaching out to promising candidates as quickly as possible.  

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