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We’re Looking for Business Writers at Tuts+


Tuts+ is hiring business writers to join our Business instructor team. Here’s the challenge; we want you to teach our students business strategy—helping them achieve their career and entrepreneurial goals.

What Are We Looking For?  

You’re not only a skilled business writer, but you can creatively turn a phrase, are well-versed in the process of research, competent in compiling quotes from interviews, and good at pulling together concepts into a compelling narrative through step by step instructions. You enjoy making complex business subjects simple to understand for learning.

You have experience in writing about business in the context of graphic design, illustration, photography, video, web design, or coding. You have a feel for what a creative, technically-savvy audience needs to learn about business today, with your thumb on the pulse of what’s trending.

Some of the subjects we’re actively recruiting for:

  • Career Development
  • Freelancing or Microbusiness
  • Entrepreneurship

Here’s How to Apply

Simply check out our Teach at Tuts+ page and complete our Create a Tutorial application form. Use this form to outline your strengths, provide a concise background of your experience, and to send a tutorial idea our way.

Get paid a competitive rate to share your knowledge and experience with the millions of students using Tuts+ every month.

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