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15+ WordPress eBook Themes: Made to Boost Author Sales Online


Ebooks are a nice way to establish your authority and to boost your income. There are many platforms available where you can sell your eBooks and while they can certainly increase the visibility of your eBook, the simple truth is that in most cases, you have to share the profit with the said platform.

That’s why many authors are turning to WordPress themes made specifically with the intention of boosting the sales of your eBooks.

Key Features of WordPress eBook Themes

There is no doubt that you could take any WordPress theme and pair it with an eCommerce plugin to create an online store and start selling your eBooks. However, eBook themes have a few special features that make the task of promoting and selling your eBooks much easier.  

Booker theme preview
The Booker WordPress book theme.
  • Chapter Previews - Anyone interested in an eBook will appreciate the ability to read a chapter or two before settling on the purchase. It helps generate interests and reassures the readers the money will be well-spent.
  • Author Information - If you’re a new author, providing your biography is a necessity, especially if you’re planning on publishing more eBooks. Your readers will want to know your background and what makes you uniquely qualified to write about a particular topic.
  • Responsive Design - It goes without saying your website should be responsive, given the increased usage of mobile devices.
  • Calls to Action - The themes featured here have several strategic places to place call-to-action buttons, which encourage readers to buy your eBook.

In today’s article, we’ve curated a selection of the best WordPress eBook themes with elegant and responsive design. They include features that will increase the number of your eBook sales.

Best WordPress eBook Themes for Authors

Jump into these great wordPress themes for book authors so you can get your website created quickly and off to selling your eBooks or books fast.

1. Booker - Responsive eBook WordPress Theme

Booker is a stylish and responsive WordPress book theme that’s dedicated to promoting and selling your eBooks. The homepage features multiple sections where you can give a foreword on your book along with a list of chapters, share a preview of the chapters, include reviews from various publications. You can also feature the logos of magazines and newspapers that reviewed your eBook. 

Notable features include the ability to flip through the book and scroll through it on a tablet or your phone. On top of that, the theme is fully customizable and comes with Visual Composer Builder and Revolution Slider.

Booker eBook WordPress Theme

2. Brown - WordPress Theme for Online Book Promotion

This book WordPress theme is suitable for promoting both a single book or multiple books, depending on your situation. It comes with a book preview module which is perfect for encouraging interest in your readers. 

Visual Composer is also included so you can modify the layouts to better suit your needs and you can add icons to highlight different sections of your website. The theme is responsive and can be translated into any language thanks to the WPML integration.

Brown WordPress Book Theme for Online Promotion

3. FlatBook - Modern Flat WP Theme for eBooks

Flatbook features a beautiful and modern flat design with three different demo layouts. It also has 13 unique sections to share: chapter previews, video reviews, written reviews from readers, as well as several calls to action which encourage visitors to buy your ebook. 

Customizing this WP book theme is easy and intuitive. You can change the colors, the fonts, and many other aspects of the theme with a click of a button. Other features include a page builder, responsive design, parallax scrolling effect, and complete integration with MailChimp.

FlatBook Modern WordPress Theme for eBooks

4. Cosonix - One-Page Landing Page eBook Theme

Consider the Cosonix theme if you’d like a one-page theme that not only allows you to promote your eBook but also offers integration with MailChimp and Aweber, so you can easily grow your email list for future sales and promotions. 

This WP landing page theme also integrates with Paypal which means you can easily process all the payments that come from the sale of your book. The Cosonix theme also offers complete control over the appearance of your site as well as a fully responsive layout and localization support.

Cosonix landing page WordPress book theme

5. Bebo - Promotional eBook Theme + Author Landing Page

Bebo offers three different demo layouts and allows you to include promotional videos to help you market your book and gauge the interest of anyone who lands on your website. You can also include a teaser section of an upcoming book and share a brief bio of yourself. 

Book sales are handled through WooCommerce and you can easily create custom layouts and pages through the included Visual Composer builder.

Bebo ebook WordPress eBook Theme With Author Landing Page

6. Book - Landing Page eBook WordPress Theme

Book is a one-page theme that offers complete integration with MailChimp. This allows you to easily grow your email list by offering a preview of the book in exchange for an email address. You can share testimonials from those who have read your book and provide your own biography. 

This WordPress theme for authors can be customized quickly. In terms of customization, the theme offers unlimited color choices and integrates with Google Fonts. A page builder is also included for modifying the layout to your liking. 

Book Responsive Landing Page eBook WordPress Theme

7. Booklovers - Stylish Book Author WordPress Theme

The Booklovers theme is a great choice for an accomplished author with multiple eBooks or it can also be used for bookstores that want to sell books from multiple authors online. The theme offers plenty of shortcodes and a drag-and-drop visual builder to allow for easy customization. 

WooCommerce integration handles the sales and the payment processing. A notable feature of the theme is the ability to feature one particular book as the reader’s choice, or to highlight a book of the moment, which is helpful for boosting sales.

Booklovers Stylish eBook Author WP Theme

8. Bookstore - WordPress Theme for Online Book Shops

Bookstore is another WordPress book theme that can be used by bookstores or publishing houses, but it can also be adapted to be used by authors who have a variety of eBooks or books for sale. You can link to your eBook on Amazon or Kindle and feature some of your books as the popular choice. Unlimited colors, fonts, bookflip sliders, and responsive design round out the feature set.

Bookstore WordPress Theme for Author Book Shops

9. Preface - Responsive WP eBook Theme for Authors

Preface is a responsive ebook WordPress theme for authors which includes dynamic filters to show off all of your book categories. It also has a landing page template which is perfect for promoting a newly released or an upcoming book. 

Fonts, colors, and other aspects of the theme can be customized through WordPress Live Customizer. It includes complete social media integration, which allows you to connect with your readers on social media, as well as allowing them to share your book through their profiles online.

Preface Responsive WordPress Book Theme for Authors

10. Off The Shelf - Conversion-Focused WordPress Theme

Off The Shelf was designed with conversion in mind so the theme pays special attention to SEO optimization. It has careful placement of calls to action to increase your conversion rates. The theme includes plenty of layouts which can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. 

You can build powerful book landing pages with video reviews and chapter previews, as well integrate a full-fledged online store. On top of that, the theme is fully customizable and responsive.

Off The Shelf Marketing eBook Sales WordPress Theme

11. Avatar - Modern and Unique WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a unique and modern theme with smooth parallax effects, look no further than the Avatar theme. It has a minimal design that puts your content first as the main focus. You can include a promotional video for your eBook as well as offer chapter previews and reviews. 

Unlimited colors and fonts make it easy to customize the theme and each page template has additional customization options. Other features include responsive and retina ready design, Visual Composer page builder, and localization support.

Avatar Modern and Unique WordPress Book Theme

12. Papirus - WordPress eBook eCommerce Store Theme

Papirus offers complete WooCommerce integration which facilitates book sales and collecting payments. You can create several sliders to promote your most popular book or give teasers of the chapters. Books can be filtered by categories. 

Each page can be tailored to your liking with the Visual Composer plugin and the advanced theme options panel makes it easy to customize the colors, fonts, logo, background, and more. 

Several page templates are included in this WordPress book theme so you can easily share testimonials about your ebook, create a FAQ page, and much more. Finally, the theme is responsive and SEO optimized.

Papirus Author WordPress eBook eCommerce Store Theme

13. Novela - Stylish Author WordPress Theme for eBooks

Novela is a responsive eBook WordPress theme with the ability to offer stylish animations for chapter previews. An author bio section is included, as well as a unique module that introduces all the characters in the books. The theme integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin that handles book sales. Over 600 Google Fonts are included as well as translation files.

Novela Stylish Author WordPress Theme for eBooks Sales

14. Book Guide - Modern eBook Promotion Store Theme

The Book Guide theme offers several demo layouts so you can easily adapt this theme for an eBook store or as an author website for promoting your ebook. You can showcase all the ebooks or books you have for sale in a stylish carousel. It includes the ability to preview your book, read the ratings and reviews, or outright buy it. 

It comes with support for WooCommerce and advanced theme options to customize the theme to your liking. On top of that, the theme is fully responsive and offers the ability to preview your book through text or image flipping.

Book Guide Author WordpRess eBook Store Theme

15. Book Store - Personal WP Author eCommerce Theme

Book Store gets straight to the point by focusing all the eBooks you have for sale straight on the homepage. Five different demo layouts are included and each of them can be customized in terms of colors, fonts, and more. 

This WordPress theme for authors can be made to feature your books quickly. Testimonials are also included as well as the ability to filter the books according to categories. Other features include megamenu, Visual Composer builder, Revolution Slider, and localization support.

Book Store Personal WordPress Author Theme

16. eBookie - WordPress Landing Page Theme for Authors

eBookie acts as a landing page to highlight what your eBook is about. Several sections feature reviews and another section offers the ability to flip through your book and preview the chapters. 

A notable feature is the included eBook cover creator which allows you to create covers for your book using Photoshop and import them into the theme. Aside from that, this book WordPress theme is fully responsive and offers unlimited color choices.

eBookie WordPress Landing Page Theme For Book Authors

7 Tips to Help You Sell More eBooks Online

Many authors are stumped when it comes to promoting their eBook on the web. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Brand Your Website to Match Your eBook - Using similar or identical colors on your website as those found on your eBook cover will help visitors make a connection between you as the author and the eBook that they see circulating the web. Using a theme with plenty of customization options such as Preface or FlatBook is a wonderful choice.
  2. Make Sure Your CTAs Stand Out - Adding calls to action is paramount to increasing conversions, however, be sure to make the buttons stand out from the rest of the website. Use a contrasting color and consider a theme like Booklovers that includes shortcodes for easy button placements. 
  3. Include a Video Testimonial - Testimonials are a powerful way to build social proof, but they work even better when presented in a video format. A theme like Avatar offers complete support for video reviews.
  4. Give Away a Free Chapter - Several themes on our curated list above, such as Book, feature integration with MailChimp which can be used for growing your email list. By offering them a chapter or two for free, you have a viable chance of increasing the number of your book sales.
  5. Use Clear and Compelling Copy - A clean design and powerful features are important but if your copy is weak, your sales will plummet. Make sure your headings clearly explain what your eBook is about and use enticing language that helps sell on your calls to action.
  6. Offer Your eBook for Free for a Limited Time - Many authors have seen success by offering their entire eBook for free for a limited time or offering one of their eBooks completely for free. Consider spreading your book’s sale page link to as many free and paid book promotion sites as possible.
  7. Eliminate the Distractions - Many of the themes on our list feature a one-page design or act as a landing page, and with good reason. Often, one-page themes and landing pages eliminate possible distractions such as social media links, navigation menus, sidebars, and footers to make the user focus on the content. This is a proven way of boosting sales, so ensure the theme you choose has a clean and uncluttered design.

Promote Your eBook With a Standout Site

Choosing the right WordPress theme is only the beginning of your author’s journey. Your next step is to promote your website and your eBook to spread the word and increase sales. Choose one of our high-quality themes to help meet your goals.

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