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2.4 Building Key Slides: Services & Contact Us

Finally, you'll round out your presentation by creating a Services and Contact slide to begin the conversation with your audience.

2.4 Building Key Slides: Services & Contact Us

To round out our presentation, we're going to build a slide that describes our services, and then a slide to let the audience know how to contact us. Let's go find a slide that we could use to show off our work. I like this slide design that has plenty of room to introduce our content and show what we do. I'm going to get started here by changing out the slide title and subtitle. Now, I'll change out the headline as well. We'll give it a color that goes well with the rest of our presentation. Next up, I'll continue to work through here to the right by replacing the text with my own information that relates to my business. This content is designed to introduce the viewer to the things that Tech Box does. Basically, you need a slide like this in your presentation to help the audience imagine what they might want to hire you for. I'll also go ahead and add images to the two placeholders by right-clicking on them and choosing picture filter to replace those gray boxes. And finally, if you think of this introductory presentation as the start of a conversation, you'll want to use a contact slide to help continue the conversation. For the contact slide, the X Note didn't seem to have something that was prebuilt for listing our contact details. But that's not problem, we'll use one that will work well and customize it. I'll scroll down and use this portfolio slide and move it up into position as well. I'll start off by changing out the text here at the top to be a basic contact slide. I'll also go ahead and delete all of these placeholders to replace it with a larger text box logo. I'll browse and go ahead and insert that logo onto my slide. Now I'll go ahead and change up this headline here with information encouraging the audience to get in touch. I'll even add a bit of a highlight here to bring some attention, and I'll then remove the paragraph box here to make things simpler. Now for these bullet points down here, I have an idea for really drawing the audience in. We could leave our contact and our social media details here. Again, I'm going to jump back to Elements and grab some social media icons that I can use on the slides. I'll go ahead and download this great-looking icon set. Now I'll go ahead and start inserting them into my presentation. Let's add an email icon, Facebook, and Twitter icon. I'm going to browse to each of them and place them on the slide here. I'll go ahead and downsize them, and then reposition them into places you're seeing me do here. I'll also put the details in for each one of the social services here in the text. Just like that, we've taken a few access from Elements and combined them into creating of a new slide. I'll go ahead and delete all the other place holders slides that came with X Note. And we've now wrapped up for presentation that started as a simple outline in prebuilt template. There's nothing stopping you from including more slides in your presentation. These are some of the key slides that you should think about including in a presentation that is designed to introduce your team.

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