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1.1 Introduction

You'll learn more about why PowerPoint is the most popular choice for building presentations and the shortcuts you can take to make it easy.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, I'm Andrew Childress for Envato Tuts Plus. And in this course I'm gonna help you tackle something that many people dread doing, giving a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Building a presentation can certainly feel intimidating. Even if you know what you wanna say to your audience, it can be challenging to know how to design slides. In a way that really gets that message across to the audience, in a way that resonates. In this course, I'll help you build your presentation skills. We'll design a presentation from scratch, so that you'll feel confident about the message that you're giving your audience. I'll walk you through everything from writing the presentation, to helping you build skills while actually giving the presentation, so that you have confidence about what you're going to say. In this course, l will also introduce you into Envato Elements, as site you can grab everything you need to build the presentation easily. You'll learn to use a pre build professional template, to speed up the process giving a presentation. Element is a service that include access to all kinds of things, like icons, graphics, stock photos and most importantly, pre-built PowerPoint templates that are far better than Microsoft's built in options. In this course, I'll walk you through how to build a great presentation using a template. We'll use one of these templates to kick start our own work in building a presentation. You're gonna find out that you don't have to be a graphic designer to build a really professional presentation. Instead, you'll use a template as the starting point and take a shortcut to building something that looks great. I'll even show you some of my favorite tools that you can use to have confidence in giving the presentation. You'll learn how to use presenter view and speaker notes to keep your most important details nearby when presenting. I hope you're ready to jump in. Even if you've never used Microsoft PowerPoint, this course is the one for you, let's get started.

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