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3.1 Resequencing Slides Using Slide Sorter View

Often, rearranging your slides once you have them all built is the ideal finishing touch. In this lesson, I'll teach you one of my favorite tools to rearrange the slides in your deck.

3.1 Resequencing Slides Using Slide Sorter View

PowerPoint has multiple views that allows us to work with our presentation in different ways. Let's have a quick look at those and then work on reordering our slides. In PowerPoint, let's find the view button on the ribbon and click on it. I think these view are each worth checking out when you're building a presentation. And each has their own role in how it works for the presentation. You can click on outline view, for example, to view your content as an outline. There is also normal view which is the default view that you're probably accustomed to. The focus of this lesson is slide sorter view which is easy to use but incredibly useful. Let's go ahead and switch to it. Now you can see all of your slides in view. If you need to change the size of these thumbnails, so that you can see more or a larger preview. Come down to the bottom here and grab the slider. You can pull the slider in either direction to change the size of the slide thumbnails for a better view. Now you can simply come back to the thumbnails to drag and drop them in the order that you want to see them in. You have a full view of your presentation and it's easy to reorder them in slides order view. I use this view to rearrange slides and make sure that they are in a logical order. When you drag and drop the slides, you'll see the number next to the thumbnail change, to show the new order that the slides are in. Never underestimate the power of resequencing your slides. We have a tendency to build out the slides in the order that we think to build them. But that doesn't mean that's the most effective order to share them with the audience. Sometimes a slight resequencing can really help you improve your presentation and make your message more clear. Another option for organizing your presentation is to use sections. Let's switch back to normal view. Notice the order we set for our slides in Slide Sorter is saved, and this is the same sequence. On the left panel here, I'm going to right-click and choose Add Section. This creates an easy divider to help me organize my content. I can give this a name and then press Rename. This doesn't change anything in the presentation, it just creates these foldable sections to organize slides here on the left side. And you can see me fold the slide up here. You can drag and drop slides into a section in order to get them in the right sequence. In the next lesson I'll show you some of my favorite tips to get more comfortable when you're giving your big presentation, so stay tuned.

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