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Working with Clients (and Getting Paid!)



There’s a lot to learn when you’re breaking into freelancing, but the most important skills any freelancer will learn revolve around one thing: clients. Every successful freelancer will eventually need to master the ability to find good portfolio of clients, manage your relationship with them through the project, deliver in a way that makes them repeat clients, and (very importantly) get paid promptly. Wes McDowell of Deep End Design will walk you through every step of client management.

Ready to turn your clients into your biggest fans?

Let’s get started! Wes explains everything you need to know about working with clients, including:

  • Finding clients
  • Handling the initial consultation
  • Preparing contracts and proposals
  • Discussing price and rates
  • Managing the project and revisions
  • Handling payments and invoicing
  • Turning clients into repeat clients

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