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Freelance Statistics Report 2007


There are millions of freelancers around the globe, but for most, freelancing is something done in isolation. What do other freelancers charge? Do they quote or estimate? How many hours a week do they bill? These and many other questions are what we set out to answer in the Global Freelancer Survey of 2007.

3,700 people took part in the survey from 6 continents and 10 industries. The results revealed some interesting facts.

How do freelancers compare to salaried employees?

We asked freelancers how many hours a week they worked, and just how that compared to their work as regular employees. Additionally we asked them how their earnings compared to the ol’ nine to five, here’s what we found out:

It almost seems unsurprising that Australians are the most laid back of all freelancers in the world (it must be all the sun and sand we have here).

And just what are other freelancers charging?

Of course the question almost every freelancer will want answered is, just how much do other freelancers charge? In our complete report we’ve gone into a lot more detail of ranges, countries and even genders, but here’s perhaps the most sought after statistics, the average hourly rates according to industry:

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