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iPhone App Entrepreneur


In iPhone App Entrepreneur, former AppStorm manager David Appleyard sheds light on what it takes to get you to iPhone app success!

This book provides you with the knowledge and the techniques you need to spot a great opportunity, get the most from the App Store, make smart decisions about development, craft a stunning interface, and promote your app successfully!

Drawing from the insights and experiences of 16 top-notch app developers, and survey responses from over 1000 iPhone users, David Appleyard equips you with everything you need to successfully become an iPhone app entrepreneur!

iPhone App Entrepreneur will help you to create and sell the sort app which gets used and talked about in living rooms, back offices, and everywhere in-between.

Shawn Blanc - shawnblanc.net

An incredibly thorough insight into all aspects of developing, releasing and promoting iOS apps. It's invaluable for beginners and likely to refocus seasoned veterans.

Marc Edwards - bjango.com

The perfect companion for anyone looking to launch a successful iOS application business... will leave the reader with a remarkable understanding of the iPhone ecosystem.

Mark Hammonds - Mobiletuts+

An invaluable read for anyone interested in designing or developing iPhone applications.

Dustin MacDonald - Acrylic Software

This book will definitely help you make the right decisions throughout development and while promoting your app.

Joshua Tessier - Select Start Studios

This book presents a wealth of observations from leading participants in the iOS apps business.

Dave Howell - Avatron Software

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