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Successful Facebook Marketing


Whether you’re trying to build your personal business, build your personal brand, sell your product or forge your community, Successful Facebook Marketing helps you get results!

You’ll learn how to make an impressive Facebook page and find out how Facebook can lead to a huge source of traffic, sales and clients that most people don’t even know about.

From the author…

Hi! I’m Skellie, the author of Successful Facebook Marketing. I’ve been involved in web publishing for more than 10 years, and for the last four years I’ve been teaching people about how to get results with blogging and social media.

I direct Envato’s Tuts+ Network and its Facebook Pages, including the Psdtuts+ Page with its 30,937 fans... and counting!

I strongly believe more freelancers, entrepreneurs and website owners should know how powerful Facebook Pages can be. But unfortunately, most of the select few people who are ‘in the know’ don’t want to share this information. They want to hold on to their competitive advantage for as long as they can!

I realized that if I wanted other people to learn how to have success with Facebook, I would have to teach it myself.

So, I gave in, put my head down, and started to write…

The cutting-edge of social media marketing

I’ve learned that by making Facebook Pages a cornerstone of your social media strategy, you’ll be catapulted way ahead of the game. In my new book Successful Facebook Marketing, you’ll be given a complete blueprint for creating and growing a thriving Facebook Page for your brand, website or business.

This is information that Fortune 500 companies are paying social media consulting firms tens of thousands of dollars to share. You’ll learn all the strategies I used to co-ordinate a team to build and direct a network of 11 Facebook Pages with over 100,000 fans.

Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Knowing how to use the platform for your benefit is a skill that will be extremely useful to you, not only today, but in years to come.

So grab your copy and follow along as I walk you through the steps of Successful Facebook Marketing!

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