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The Freelance Business Funnel


Filled with Skellie’s clever tips on blogging, freelancing and personal branding, you’ll learn dozens of innovative strategies you can immediately use to create a strong and sustainable freelance business, one that's able to thrive regardless of the economic climate.

This book was borne out of the question: Why do freelancers spend so much time bidding, cold-emailing and pleading for work, when there is clearly a better way?

While others have written brief articles on the topic of using blogging as the foundation for a freelance business, nobody else has outlined a complete blueprint in book form, sharing everything there is to know. Written and perfected over six months, this book outlines an easy to follow process for funnelling clients into your freelance business through a blog.

You'll Learn

  • How to create a popular blog prospective clients will love.
  • How to sell your services to your blog's visitors.
  • How to optimize your business for success.
  • How to charge your dream rates.
  • How to scale your freelance business.

Skellie's Story

I first started freelancing to support myself through university. When I got my first gig, I was excited to be getting paid at all for doing what I loved (writing). I ran a popular blog and had been contacted about doing a series of freelance articles for another blog I respected. This is how it began.

11 months later my business had grown… and grown some more. I found myself staring in disbelief at the balance of my PayPal account. In that month alone, and while still studying full-time, I had earned over $8,000 and was well on my way to a six-figure income that year.

I knew that in many ways I wasn't a great freelancer. I was too shy to talk to clients on the phone and often submitted work at the very last minute. And yet, this made the reason for my success even clearer. I had stumbled across an incredible system of doing business: The Freelance Business Funnel.

  • It works regardless of whether you're a veteran or a newbie.
  • It works whether you're full-time or part-time.
  • It works regardless of your industry, or your skills.
  • It works regardless of where you live.
  • It just works.

What's Inside?

Introduction: Why Aren’t Freelancers Filthy Rich?

Freelancers attract solid rates, often upwards of $50 per hour. And yet, why are so many freelancers struggling to live an abundant lifestyle? I believe it's because of time spent chasing after clients and bidding for jobs, time that could be spent building a business strong enough that great clients find you on auto-pilot. This book will show you how.

Chapter 1: Setting Yourself Up For Business

This chapter outlines the foundations of a strong freelance business. It walks you through creating a blog, a social media presence, and deciding on who you'll appeal to with your content: clients, or peers.

Chapter 2: The Freelance Business Funnel Explained

Here you’ll learn how to create a popular, thriving blog that is specially designed to appeal to the target market for your services. You’ll learn how the model works and how to adapt the model to your own blog.

Chapter 3: Trust and Targeted Traffic

Learn methods and formulas for creating incredible content designed to draw your target market deeper into your blog. Also, learn how to build trust and a rock-solid reputation in your industry.

Chapter 4: Turning Readers Into Clients

When you have a healthy and thriving blog, the next step is to start funnelling readers into your business. You’ll learn how to properly promote your services to your readership.

Chapter 5: Using Business Launch and Re-Launch Formulas

People are always talking about the importance of product launches, but what about a proper launch for your freelance business? This chapter shows you how to create exciting launches that will fill your client list for months to come.

Chapter 6: Advanced Blog Business Strategies

Get a measurable and profitable return on investment with online advertising for your services. Clever tips that some of the world’s biggest companies still don’t know.

Chapter 7: Scaling Up!

The book finishes with three strategies that your competition simply don’t know about:

  1. How to charge your dream rates.
  2. How to create low-maintenance partnerships you can profit from (without actually doing any work).
  3. Turning your services into a product you can sell in your sleep.

No Fluff

You're a freelancer, and therefore, time really is money. This is why there is absolutely no fluff in The Freelance Business Funnel. Every page is filled with quick, actionable tips you can use straight away to improve your business and earn more income.

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