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Thread's Not Dead


What if the most prolific and influential people in the modern t-shirt design scene got together and discussed everything they wished they knew when they started? That's exactly what we have here.

Inside these 10 chapters is 117 pages of essential strategy pulled from the success and failures of some of the best in the biz. The book's author, Jeff Finley, is a veteran designer and one of the founders at GoMedia.

Key topics include design, freelancing, band merchandise, personal branding, marketing, sales, printing & production, retail, e-commerce, and more.

"The essential strategy guide for dominating the t-shirt design business." - Jeffrey Kalmikoff, former CCO of Threadless

This book is also available in hardcover from Amazon.com.

Chapter Overviews

About the Author

Jeff Finley is a designer and co-owner of Go Media. An Ohio native, he has a background in illustration and cg animation and has a passion for business, marketing, social media, and building communities around brands. He's been designing professionally since 2004 and got his start working with punk rock bands and indie clothing brands. Jeff was one of the original members of the t-shirt design community Emptees and won t-shirt of the year in 2007.

In addition to designing shirts for major label bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and even Britney Spears, he has designed and consulted with several indie apparel brands like Declaration, Disciple, Cure Apparel, Paint the Stars and more. He's also founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, a grassroots art, design, and music event in Cleveland.


Justin Kamerer (Designer, Angryblue), Matt Wigham (Big Cartel, Emptees), Rob Dobi (Designer, Full Bleed), Jeffrey Kalmikoff (Formerly of Threadless), Brandon Rike (Designer), Munk One (Designer, Illustrator), Richard Minino (Horsebites, Black Axe), Ben Scrivens (Founder, Fright Rags), Dave Pearson (Founder, Paint the Stars), Jamie Tallerico (Designer, AE Outfitters), Jon Kruse (Designer, Blogger), Mark Capicotto (Founder, Glamour Kills), Marc Hemeon (Formerly Design by Humans), Maxx242 (Designer, Illustrator), Adam Hendle (Blogger, I am the Trend), Rikki Burns (Designer), LT Magnotto (Color Seps, Jakprints), Kelly Kiernan (Founder, Cure Apparel).

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