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Twitter Up Your Business


In this Rockable* Mini-Book, author Maneesh Sethi takes a look at the social networking phenomenon Twitter from the perspective of a business owner, and explains how to make the most of the service to boost your company’s brand, popularity, and — of course — sales.

By the time you’ve finished this book, you’ll know not only the basics of Twitter usage, but how to deliver value in only 140 characters, build a loyal following, and use that following to expand your reach and market your business.


Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! Everybody seems to be talking about Twitter, and it’s definitely become the social media craze everyone’s using. Even news reporters have started to base a lot of their reports on information gathered from Twitter, and it has established itself as a powerful social media tool which is here to stay.

A lot of my friends (some of whom are small business owners) have asked me what Twitter is all about, and whether I think it’s something they should start using – my answer is always “yes”. This book will teach you how to use the service, and explain how Twitter can help your business. Let’s get started!

How Can Twitter Help Me?

“So, how does the ability to send tiny messages to followers help me?” you might be asking. I know it seems like the same effect could be achieved by other means, but understanding the power of Twitter is a bit like trying to solve an optical illusion – you can’t see it until you discover it, but you’ll never forget it once you do. This book will help you discover the power of Twitter.

Twitter can be used for tons of purposes such as connecting with friends, marketing your company, and responding to customer service requests. In this book, we’ll discuss methods in which you

Introduction can utilize Twitter personally and professionally. We’ll go over some examples including:

  • How Zappos (Twitter: @Zappos) is using Twitter to connect to customers and offer customer service even quicker than a phone call.
  • How Ford (Twitter: @ScottMonty) is using Twitter to generate buzz about their new products.
  • How Comcast (Twitter: @Comcastcares) is using Twitter to quickly solve customer complaints.

This book will take you on a journey from initially creating your Twitter account, learning how and who to follow, how to get others to follow you, and how to use your tribe of followers to grow

your business.

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