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10 Presentation Design Tips + Video (To Make the Best Pitch Deck in 2022)

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This post is part of a series called How to Make Great Pitch Decks (Startup Presentation Guide).
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When there's a potential deal on the line, the pressure is on! In this tutorial, we cover ten impactful pitch presentation deck design tips. Discover how to create a better pitch deck design. 

PItch Werk Example slidePItch Werk Example slidePItch Werk Example slide
Pitch design templates from Pitch Werk help to make it a great choice for launching your company.

If you're not a designer, it can be tough to design a compelling and beautiful presentation.  It's harder to design a presentation for your startup. You'll be going into an investor pitch or standing in front of a room presenting for an important business meeting.

The strategies below will help you craft your pitch deck and preparing it for any important business presentation. Pitching is challenging, and the most powerful pitches are supported by well-designed pitch deck templates.

Create a concise narrative that tells your business story and is backed by well-crafted slides. 

Before we jump into these pitch deck slide design tips, get a quick professional start to designing a pitch deck with a professional PowerPoint template. You'll find PPT templates on Envato Elements or trending PPT designs on the GraphicRiver marketplace. 

Also, quickly download our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great PresentationsIt's available for FREE with the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Learn how to write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. 

Making Great Presentations eBook Free DownloadMaking Great Presentations eBook Free DownloadMaking Great Presentations eBook Free Download

The Best Sources for Pitch Deck Templates (With Unlimited Use)

 The purpose of a good investor pitch deck is to:

  • bring across your message clearly, including only your critical points
  • provide necessary context so people have what they need to make a decision
  • conclude what next action steps are, including your ask, after delivering your presentation

Serial entrepreneurs finally have a design option for pitch decks that won't cost them more money with each company launch, thanks to Envato Elements. The flat-rate model means that each pitch deck is included with a single subscription.

Unlimited PowerPoint TemplatesUnlimited PowerPoint TemplatesUnlimited PowerPoint Templates
With Envato Elements, you've got unlimited access to a massive library of pitch deck templates and other design assets.

Envato Elements is the perfect service if you want to experiment with many pitch designs. There are hundreds of templates that are perfectly suited for pitch decks and supporting assets like stock photos and graphics. Open a template, add your idea, and present with confidence.

Pitch deck on Envato Elements templatePitch deck on Envato Elements templatePitch deck on Envato Elements template
All these pitch designs are included in PowerPoint templates for a flat rate, thanks to Envato Elements.

We've got high-quality presentation designs, with a ton of creative slide options—ready for you to download and customize

Without further ado, let's dive into these pitch deck presentation design tips:

10 Presentation & PowerPoint Design Tips To Make Better Pitch Decks in 2022 (Video)

Investors may hear dozens of pitch deck presentations. That why you need to make sure that you present the best pitch deck.

So, how do you make your pitch deck stand out? Here's a short video with our top pitch presentation tips:

For even more details on how to design your pitch deck presentation, study the tutorial below:

1. One (Powerful) Photo Is a Thousand Words

First, never underestimate the power of strong photography in your presentation designs.

Powerful Photo ExamplePowerful Photo ExamplePowerful Photo Example
Using emotional photography can make your presentation visually more interesting. Envato Elements is an excellent source to find powerful photos.

Photography is a powerful tool to convey your message visually. Whether it's emotional photos to deliver a more impactful message, beautiful product photography to convince the value of your product, or striking visuals to enhance otherwise dull slides, photography is useful in many situations.

Presentation Tip: Consider your slides as supporting material while you're presenting. You want the crowd to pay attention to you and your narrative and secondarily your presentation slides. Not the other way around.

Aim to keep to a single photo for each point you make. It's often enough supporting material for you to tell your story and get your message across. 

It's wise to keep text to the very minimum in your presentation. This ensures people are paying attention to you instead of getting distracted because you've overdone it with your slide designs. 

Eureka PowerPoint Presentation TemplateEureka PowerPoint Presentation TemplateEureka PowerPoint Presentation Template
A simple creative slide example from the Eureka presentation template.

Photography can be used in creative ways. For example, the Eureka presentation template uses brushes as a mask for photography to give photography in their slide designs a creative vibe. Keep your message clear and enhance it with just a dash of minimal creativity. 

Discover more creative PowerPoint templates and tutorials on how to use them: 

2. Use the Right Colors, Contrast, and White Space


When you start learning how to design, colors and the effective use of white space is one of the first few subjects that are covered. Because design comes down to effective communication, you can understand the importance of colors and white space in your presentation deck design.

Learning how to use colors effectively is challenging if you're starting out. This is why it's important to find color schemes that do the work for you. Or work from an existing presentation template design, which already has a color scheme in place

Adobe Color Adobe Color Adobe Color
Adobe's Color can help you pick a beautiful color scheme.

If your company has a style guide, use that as a foundation to pick the right colors. If not, you can use a website such as Adobe's Color, which has a nice selection of ready-made color themes.


Contrast is something to keep in mind as well when designing the best pitch presentations. Make sure that your text is legible. You can assure this by having enough contrast between your slide background color (typically white or light-grey) and having an opposite text color (such as black for example).

If you're adding text on your photography, legibility becomes even more important. You can assure this by adding a black overlay with 60% transparency, for example. This makes the image darker and makes text much easier to read.

High contrast slide designsHigh contrast slide designsHigh contrast slide designs
Using white on a darker shade background like this slide from Pitch Werk is a great example of contrasty slide design.

You can also use contrast to grab people's attention. For example, using black background color and yellow text creates a strong contrast. Effective use of contrast, especially using it strategically across your presentation, helps people pay attention in the moments when you want them to really dial in.

Contrast Black Text on Yellow BackgroundContrast Black Text on Yellow BackgroundContrast Black Text on Yellow Background
The combination of black and yellow is a prime example of excellent contrast.

The Investor Pro presentation template is one of several design pitch presentation examples of using contrasts correctly. By limiting the use of colors and only applying colors in strategic areas during the presentation, you make your contrasts more meaningful.

White Space

Finally, you've got white space. The easiest way to deal with white space effectively is to give your slides enough breathing room. 

Simply put, don't put too many elements on a single slide. Give every element on a slide enough space. This makes your slide easier to digest. Otherwise, your slides will come across as unprofessional and disorganized. You'll just end up confusing your audience.

3. Say No to Animations (Mostly)

One of the trickier aspects of a slide design pitch deck to master is the use of animations. In general, the use of animations isn't recommended because:

  • They tend to slow your presentation, especially if you're adding a transition animation between each slide.
  • They tend to distract the audience while you're constructing an argument or story.
  • Finally, they might feel cheesy while you're pitching in a professional context (such as when asking for funding from potential investors).

There are scenarios in which the use of animations makes sense. For example, if you're highlighting certain functionality of a product, building a story with illustrations, or even subtly animating graphs or statistics.

In those scenarios, the animation helps you with your objective. But if you're using animations just for the sake of using animations, it means your presentation is probably better off without any in it at all.

4. Prepare Effective Content and Typography

In any presentation, your content matters more than your design. This is why, even in a list of pitch presentation design tips, I still emphasize that you should feel rock solid about the content that you'll present. 

To be capable of designing a slide more effectively, it helps to prepare your content separately first. Learn more about how to write your PowerPoint presentation before you design your deck. Work on an overview of the message(s) and story you're bringing. Then, use that as a foundation to start designing a pitch deck.

Simultaneously, it's also a matter of using the right typography to present your content. In general, the use of a sans-serif font is highly recommended as it tends to be more readable on digital screens. Here's a balanced slide design from the Investor Pro Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Template.

Investor ProInvestor ProInvestor Pro
This template is great for content and typography.

The correct font sizing is also important. Make sure the font size is large enough so that in the context you're presenting everyone can read the text on your slides. If you're pitching in a large conference room, the person at the end of the table should still be capable of following along with your presentation just fine.

5. Be Clever (or Even Funny)

Now this has less to do with visual design, but it's still an important tip to keep in mind.

The most effective presentations are the ones that are remarkable and memorable. Especially for pitches where you're competing against other startups, this is important. Your goal is that your audience remembers you and your message after the presentations.

This is why emotional design often helps you craft an excellent presentation. If you connect with people emotionally, they tend to remember your presentation better.

You can hit an emotional nerve typically in two ways:

  • By Being Funny. By making people laugh, they'll automatically feel more positive about the story you're telling. This is a powerful cognitive dissonance. The risk is to not appear as a comedian: you're still pitching in a professional context, but a laugh every now and then is a welcome relief.
  • By Being Clever. If you surprise people by providing new insights, they'll remember your presentation better, as you provided value on a personal level for the audience.

In other words, focus on interesting angles for your content. If you can provide meaningful insights or present serious topics from a unique angle, it helps you to stand out in the crowd of typically boring business presentations. 

6. You've Got 20 Minutes

Whenever you're spending concentrated time on a single task, we consider this to be your attention span.

On average, we've got an attention span of fewer than 20 minutes on a task we're not intrinsically motivated to complete.

Keep this in mind for your presentation. Most pitch presentations are limited in time by default. Should you have the option to present for an hour, ideally try and stick to only 20-minute segments or even less is better.

It forces you to make your message more concise, as well as keeping people engaged for only as long as their mind is fresh. Once you're past the 20-minute point, it becomes more difficult to convince people of the value of your innovative product or service.

7. Apply the Rule of Three

Another psychological trick is that people tend to remember everything better in pairs of three. Read more about this on Wikipedia.

An example of applying the rule of three can be describing product benefits: a product that's beautiful, sustainable, and high-quality. The slide design from the Eureka PowerPoint Template below is set up with the rule of three: 

Eureka PowerPoint Slide DesignEureka PowerPoint Slide DesignEureka PowerPoint Slide Design
A slide example set up with the rule of three - from Eureka PPT Template.

This can be helpful while designing slides. If you're adding keywords or benefits or any other type of list on a slide, it works much better to summarize them in three elements (or add an extra one if you only have two).

As a rule of thumb, try to avoid bullet points. For example, if you're highlighting product features, it's much more worthwhile to add three beautiful product screenshots, or illustrations, to your slide design versus writing product features in the text.

8. Convey a Single (Focused) Message

When you're designing a pitch deck presentation, it's best to stick to a single message. 

Forcing yourself to focus on one message helps you to put all your energy into getting your point across clearly.

Practically, this translates into the following:

  • What's the single message of my presentation as a whole?
  • What's the single message of my next slide? 

Especially the last question—the message of your slide—helps you identify what the best possible design for your slide would be. The ideal slide design might be a few words, a strong photo, or perhaps even a single number.

The easiest advice to apply is to simply use as little text as possible.

Simplicity Premium PowerPoint TemplateSimplicity Premium PowerPoint TemplateSimplicity Premium PowerPoint Template
An example slide of Simplicity. The key message of this example slide is that you can be trusted as a partner to work with.

A great presentation template that's got some excellent slides you can use as a foundation for your presentation is the Simplicity premium PowerPoint template.

9. Tell Engaging Stories

In the presentation deck design, one aspect I always try to keep in mind is the notion of flow. The idea of flow is that your slides transition smoothly into each other. This has to do with bringing a great story but also with assuring that your slide design supports the story is important.

The most interesting presentations deliver a story. Rather than just listing facts and features, including a story tends to engage people better. It's often true that the best people in business are great storytellers.

For investor pitch decks, you typically have a presentation flow that looks a little like the following:

  • Start by outlining the problem the product is trying to solve. This is often accomplished by telling a personal story. 
  • The presentation often includes photography to make it easier for people to visualize the story. 
  • This is followed by presenting the product and how exactly the product solves the problem. 
  • Include data that backs up the points that you make.
  • Finally, there's a plan on how the product will ultimately become a profitable business.

As you can see, any well-thought-out presentation has some stories that you're telling the audience. Consider this to be your table of contents for your presentation. In the above example, this is:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Practical Plan

In a design for a pitch deck, one of the best ways that you can tell a story is by showing data. Investors and audience members alike care about data to ensure that their investment (of time or money) is a good one. Use a slide design like the one below from Latitud to bring data to life, visually.

Latitud growth storyLatitud growth storyLatitud growth story
A visual approach like a bar chart from Latitud is one of the most powerful storytelling tools.

Now, each story you're telling often requires different slide designs in order to support the story better. For the above design pitch presentation example, this might be the following:

  • Problem. Mainly photography and data slides to provide visual support and evidence.
  • Solution. Mainly textual and illustrative slides using the rule of three to provide content.
  • Practical Plan. Typically slides constructed with a single message, whether it's a number, a strategy or a chart to convince stakeholders.

When you think of your presentation as a collection of stories, it'll help you figure out what type of slide design packs the most punch and tells your story in the clearest way.

If you're looking for a variety of different slide designs to support your narrative, the following Pitch Deck template is a great source of inspiration:

Pitchdeck templatePitchdeck templatePitchdeck template
This template is a pitch deck template that comes with many great features. Pitch deck Template

10. End Remarkably

If you can do all the above, you've already done an amazing job. If you're looking for a little extra to make the difference, ending your presentation in an unforgettable way is how to do it.

The most famous example would be Apple's "one more thing." Steve Jobs concluded his presentation by making another, often even more exciting announcement during his product Keynotes. The following YouTube video, from Apple Explained, looks into the phrase further:

By giving the notion you're wrapping up your presentation, only to conclude with something more amazing (number of active users or a unique new feature you're about to release for example), you make sure that your message will stick better.

Surprise is a powerful tool. By showing impressive facts when the audience expects it the least, you've just delivered a remarkable pitch. 

Learn more about how to create engaging presentations that grab an audience's attention and persuade effectively: 

How to Quickly Customize Your Pitch Deck

Here's some steps that'll show you how to customize your design pitch deck. If you still have questions there are tutorials that can help.

I'll be using this Pitch Deck Ready template in this tutorial. To follow along, download the template or use your own template.

Design Pitch DeckDesign Pitch DeckDesign Pitch Deck

Let's get started:

1. How to Change the Font Color

How to change the font colorHow to change the font colorHow to change the font color
Easily change the font color in this template.

On slide #2 the title is blue. Here's how I'd change that color. 

First, click within a word within the title that you want to change to select it. Next, highlight all the text to change the color. 

In the toolbar, there's a Font Color button. Click on the arrow next to that button. A menu will drop down. Select the new color that you want your text to be.

2. How to Delete an Object

How to delete an objectHow to delete an objectHow to delete an object
Easily delete any object in this template.

Next, I'll show you how to delete the shape at the bottom of the slide. Select the object that you want to delete. Press Delete on your keyboard. Now the object is gone!

3. How to Change the Color of an Object

How to change the color of an objectHow to change the color of an objectHow to change the color of an object
Easily change the color of an object in this template.

Now I'll show you how to change the color of the shape in the bottom corner of the slide. Select the object that you want to change the color of. 

In your toolbar, there's a Shape Fill button with an arrow next to it. Click on the arrow next to the Shape Fill button. This will cause a drop-down menu to show. Select a color from the drop-down menu.

4. How to Add Text to a Slide

How to add text to a slideHow to add text to a slideHow to add text to a slide
It's easy to add new text to this template.

Now, I'll show you how to add more text. Click on the Insert tab above the toolbar. Then click the Text Box button. Now, draw a new text box. 

5. How to Add an Image to a Slide

How to add an image to a slideHow to add an image to a slideHow to add an image to a slide
Easily add an image of your choice to this template.

There are two different ways that you can add images to the slide. 

The first way is to click on Insert Picture from the File button. This will cause a window to pop up that'll let you search your computer for your image. 

The second way to add an image is to click on the Insert tab. After you've clicked on the Insert tab an Insert Picture button will appear on the toolbar. Click on the arrow next to the Insert Picture button.  A drop-down menu will appear. Select your image location and click on the image that you want to add.

Learn more about how to make a pitch deck in this tutorial:

10 Great Pitch Deck Design Examples (You Can Use Today!)

Are you looking for the best pitch deck designs? Let's look at ten of my favorite design pitch presentation examples that are included with your Envato Elements subscription:

1. Pitch Werk

Pitch Werk Pitch Deck PowerPointPitch Werk Pitch Deck PowerPointPitch Werk Pitch Deck PowerPoint

Pitch Werk is a pitch design template that's consistently ranked as a top choice for launching a company. It includes all the key slide designs that investors and potential employees will look for in your big idea pitch. Customize this easily, choosing from five color schemes to never re-use the same slide twice.

2. Nia Pitch Deck

Nia Pitch DeckNia Pitch DeckNia Pitch Deck

Nia makes great use of space on the slide, balancing beautiful elements with white space that keeps it readable. One of my favorite features are the custom image masks (shapes) that you can update with drag and drop placeholders. This transforms your standard images into stylish and modern shapes as you can see in Nia's preview images. 

3. Latitud Business Pitch Deck

Latitud Business Pitch DeckLatitud Business Pitch DeckLatitud Business Pitch Deck

Latitud has all the go-to slides that an aspiring entrepreneur could possibly need. With more than 70 slide designs, it's hard to imagine anything missing from this presentation deck design when you prepare to launch your big idea.  

4. Fintech Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

Fintech Startup Pitch DeckFintech Startup Pitch DeckFintech Startup Pitch Deck

Fintech, a portmanteau of "finance" and "technology" is certainly one of the most popular types of startups in 2022. This deck captures the spirit of that segment with fresh and modern slide designs that are catered at financially savvy audiences. But this pitch deck design is flexible enough to be used for many niches with a bit of adaptation.

5. Pitch Vol. 3 Pitch Deck Presentation

Pitch Volume 3Pitch Volume 3Pitch Volume 3

Pitch volume 3 is the latest rendition of a popular series of pitch design templates. You'll notice that this slide deck has a great balance of data charts and graphs that can help you show your startup metrics to interested investors.

6. Vegapunk : Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template


Vegapunk comes with 60 total slides and 30 unique slides. This template comes with two theme options so that you can choose the theme that'll work best for you. Vegapunk comes with icons and image placeholders.

7. Hippocan - Pitchdeck PowerPoint Presentation


Hippocan is a modern template that's great for any topic. Here are some key features of this pitch deck:

  • comes with 50 unique slides
  • comes with icons and mockups
  • comes in Widescreen format
  • 100% customizeable

This template also comes with image placeholders so that you can easily drag and drop and image of your choice into the image placeholder.

8. Cella PitchDeck Template (PPTX)

Cella Pitchdeck Cella Pitchdeck Cella Pitchdeck

Cella Pitchdeck template comes with over 120 slides that you can add your information on. This template comes with infographics, charts, and tables. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder.

9. Exynos - Business Google Slide Template


Here's one of the best pick deck designs around. Exynos is pitch deck template with a minimal style. Here are some features of this template:

  • comes with five premade color schemes
  • comes with a picture placeholder
  • nice professional design

This template is great if you want a professional-looking template.

10. Adieux - Pitchdeck PowerPoint Template


Adieux comes with 720 slides total and 30 unique slides. This template comes with three premade color schemes that you can choose for your presentation. Easily use an image of your choice in the template by dragging and dropping the image into the image placeholder.

For even more templates that you can use for design pitch presentation examples, we've got a couple of great resources. Browse the 25 Best Pitch Deck Templates for a deep set of pitch ideas. Or, learn a bit more about the individual slide concepts in The 10+ PPT Slides Every Investor Pitch Deck Needs.

Find More Pitch Deck Templates

If you didn't see a template that you liked, then here are some more articles with templates:

Learn More About Pitch Decks

To learn more about pitch decks you start with our guide on pitch decks. H about Here are more tutorials articles:

Grab This eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free Download)

Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

It'll help you learn the complete process of how to write, design, and deliver great presentations. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience. 

Free eBook on Making Great PresentationsFree eBook on Making Great PresentationsFree eBook on Making Great Presentations

Apply These Design Tips to Craft Your Pitch Deck for Investors

Well-prepared content in combination with beautifully crafted slide designs is the recipe for engaging presentations. 

Make it even more remarkable by applying the pitch deck presentation tips above. You'll ensure that you can stand out in the crowd and get the attention of investors with your pitch deck design.

Need to kickstart your next presentation using the above techniques? We've got some great pitch deck templates featured in this article: 

Get Started on Your Next Pitch Deck Today

You need the best pitch deck designs so that your presentation really stands out. You'll need a professionally designed pitch deck for that.

If you're looking access to hundreds of professional pitch deck PowerPoint templates, we've got a powerful (unlimited use) offer from Envato Elements. 

Or, take a look at our most popular pitch deck PowerPoint templates on Envato Market. Our PPT template selection offers plenty of design flexibility, without the headache of having to start from zero.

Best of luck with your pitch!

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published in May of 2016. It's been revised to make it current, accurate, and up to date by our staff--with special assistance from Andrew Childress and Sarah Joy.

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