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How to Play a Video Automatically in PowerPoint

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This post is part of a series called How to Use PowerPoint in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials).
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Videos in PowerPoint are a great way to add new voices and perspectives to your slide decks. To make an impact with the audience, let's learn how to autoplay video in PPT.

Intro how to play a video automatically in PowerPointIntro how to play a video automatically in PowerPointIntro how to play a video automatically in PowerPoint
Let's learn how to use PowerPoint video play automatically features. (Icon source: Envato Elements.)

Videos are a cool option for showing off your products, processes, and more. They go beyond simple images and add presentation pizzaz. But when you add a video to PowerPoint, how do you play it? Let’s learn how to autoplay video in PPT now!

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Guide to Making Great PresentationsGuide to Making Great PresentationsGuide to Making Great Presentations

How to Play a Video in a PowerPoint Presentation Automatically (Video Tutorial)

A top presentation technique is to automatically play video in PowerPoint. With PPT video autoplay, all you’ll have to do is click through to a slide featuring a video. When you do, the video will start playing the moment you reach it.

Want to learn how to automatically play video in PowerPoint? You can, with this quick sixty-second video. It shows you how to play video on PowerPoint with ease.

As a presenter, this saves you the trouble of starting your video manually. Plus, you’ll enjoy even more great options. For example, you can opt to have a video loop over and over. These options give you the ultimate in creative control over your PowerPoint presentations.

Prefer illustrated, written tutorial steps? Read on to see them in action. Below, we’ll learn how to autoplay video in PPT in just a few quick steps.

The tips in this section were written using Windows and Office365. If you’ve got a different operating system or a different version of PowerPoint, your steps may be slightly different.

Step by Step: PowerPoint Autoplay Video (Quick and Easy)

When you know how to have PowerPoint play video automatically, you’ll enjoy key benefits:

  • An entertained audience. Videos really spice up slides. They save you from boring, wordy layouts. Plus, they let you add new views and voices to your slide decks.
  • An easier presentation workflow. You won’t have to remember to click “play” to start a video. PowerPoint will perform this task for you!
  • A way to leave presentations on repeat. Have a video that you want to share on an infinite loop? You can do exactly that when you play video on PowerPoint automatically.

Here, we’re using the beautiful Nuevo PowerPoint Presentation Template from Envato Elements. With over five dozen unique slides inside, it’s a powerful and stylish slide deck for 2023 and beyond.

Nuevo PowerPoint templateNuevo PowerPoint templateNuevo PowerPoint template
We'll use the stunning Nuevo PowerPoint Presentation Template from Envato Elements.

Let’s dive in and learn all about PPT video autoplay now!

1. Choose a Video to Feature

To autoplay video in PPT, you’ll first want to select a video clip! You have several options for this. Of course, you may have a video saved on your computer that you want to share.

That’s a perfect option if you’ve captured footage yourself or have footage from your company. You could also find videos online. But be careful here - many clips are copyrighted, so always be sure you have permission to use an online video in your PowerPoint slides.

Autoplay video in PPTAutoplay video in PPTAutoplay video in PPT
Browse the vast library of stock video clips on Envato Elements for your next project.

A great option is to find a stock video from Envato Elements. With thousands of video clips to choose from, you can find designs on every topic. And with unlimited downloads as a monthly subscriber, you can download and use as many as you want!

All these videos work perfectly with autoplay video in PPT techniques. What’s more: Elements lets you license videos for your presentations. You won’t have to worry about infringing on the rights of others.

2. Add the Video to PowerPoint

Next up, you’ll want to launch PowerPoint. 

With the template open, navigate to a slide where you’d like to add a video. We’ll add a clip, and then learn to play video on PowerPoint automatically.

To add the video, find the Insert tab. You’ll locate this on PowerPoint’s ribbon at the top of the screen. Click Insert, and then click the Video dropdown arrow over on the right side. From the list of options, click This Device.

PPT video autoplayPPT video autoplayPPT video autoplay
Go to Insert > Video > This Device to add an autoplay video PPT to your slide.

Browse to a stored video file on your computer and click to insert it. Select the video file you want to have PowerPoint play video automatically. For this example, we’ll use the Auckland Timelapse from Envato Elements.

Autoplay video PPTAutoplay video PPTAutoplay video PPT
You can move the Auckland Timelapse play video on PowerPoint clip around the slide, just like an image.

You’ll see it appear on your slide. You can drag it around and pull on the corners to resize it. Videos in PowerPoint work just like images.

3. Set Up PPT Video Autoplay

With the video added, we can let PowerPoint video play automatically. To access these options, return to the ribbon again. Be sure that you have the video selected when you do.

On the ribbon, you’ll see a new tab: Playback. It’s on the right side of the menu options, and it’s highlighted with orange font. Click Playback.

PowerPoint play video automaticallyPowerPoint play video automaticallyPowerPoint play video automatically
Click Automatically on the Start dropdown to play video in PowerPoint automatically, when you advance to a given slide. (Stock footage source: Envato Elements.)

With the Playback tab open, find the Video Options group. There, click on the Start dropdown menu. From the list that appears, click Automatically. 

Now, the video will begin playing the moment you advance to the slide containing it! It’s that easy. You’ve just learned how to automatically play video in PowerPoint.

4. Optional Features: Looping and More

You’ve enabled PPT video autoplay. But you still have more options! For example, you can choose to loop a video until you manually stop it.

What does this mean? Simply that the video will play over and over without prompting! It’s useful if you’re leaving your slides playing on a public display, for example.

PowerPoint video play automaticallyPowerPoint video play automaticallyPowerPoint video play automatically
Optional features like Loop Until Stopped let you have a video play over and over.(Stock footage source: Envato Elements.)

To enable this, simply check the Loop Until Stopped checkbox. Around it, you’ll see other options too. For example, you can choose to Rewind After Playing, or to Play Full Screen.

The Top Source for PowerPoint Templates and Videos (With Unlimited Downloads)

Premium PowerPoint templates and stock videos are your best friend in 2023. They deliver unmatched styling and creative flexibility to all your work. The best source for them is Envato Elements, the ultimate resource for creatives today.

With Envato Elements comes a powerful offer: unlimited downloads. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many digital assets as you want. This includes countless hours of stock video, thousands of PowerPoint templates, and so much more!

Find PowerPoint Templates

Elements PowerPoint templatesElements PowerPoint templatesElements PowerPoint templates
Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to PowerPoint templates and more!

With Elements templates and stock footage, you’ll enjoy:

  • Premium styling. Templates are built by creative experts. Stock footage is shot by pro cinematographers. You can leverage their skills to elevate your own work.
  • Easy-to-use features. Premium templates make the presentation design process effortless. All you’ll have to do is drop in your own content. 
  • Inspiring designs. Stunning footage and elegant templates inspire you to share your messages in new and creative ways.

You know how to play video in PowerPoint templates now! So, join Envato Elements and download your favorite templates and videos now.

More Top PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are a shortcut to success. They have the pre-built designs you need to save time. They also give you professional level results even if you have never used PowerPoint!

These designs work perfectly with the PowerPoint autoplay video steps we learned in this tutorial. Try them out!

Learn More About PowerPoint Presentations (Top Design Tips for 2023)

In our tutorial, you learned about PPT video autoplay. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what PowerPoint can do! Check out our comprehensive resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.)

To help you learn even more powerful workflow tips, we’ve compiled some of our favorite PPT tutorials for 2023.

Common PowerPoint Presentation Questions Answered (FAQ)

Thinking of using Microsoft PowerPoint for your next presentation? Then you may have some questions! Here, we’ve asked and answered some of the most common PowerPoint questions. These will help you decide whether to use PowerPoint today:

1. How Do I Start Using PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is easy to start using! And it works on a variety of platforms. For example, you can download and install PowerPoint on your Windows PC or macOS.

Plus, mobile apps are available. And there’s even an online version that you can use anywhere that you have an internet connection!

2. Can I Use Keynote Presentations in PowerPoint?

Yes! If you enjoy using Apple Keynote, you can save your presentations from that app for use in PowerPoint. Use the File > Export To > PowerPoint workflow outlined in this handy tutorial.

3. Can I Recover a Lost PowerPoint?

Yes! In many cases, you can recover unsaved PowerPoint files. This isn’t a true failsafe, but there are several techniques to try if you’ve lost a file. Learn how to do it with our full roundup tutorial:

4. How Do I Reduce the Size of PowerPoint Presentations?

PowerPoint presentations can quickly become very large files. That’s especially true if your slide decks contain videos. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce their size. For example, you can compress images or save them as .zip files.

Learn more:

5. How Can I Successfully Conclude a PowerPoint Presentation?

Every PowerPoint presentation deserves a strong close. When you present to an audience, it’s often the last impression that counts.

You need to make a strong impact and ensure your message is remembered, and that actions are taken. It’s a good idea to add a call to action, for example. And use subtle animations for a dramatic reveal.

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Now You Know How to Automatically Play Video in PowerPoint

You just learned how to automatically play video in PowerPoint. All you've got to do is find a video and add it to your PowerPoint slide. Then, use the Playback menu to choose to autoplay video PPT. Combine this with an Envato Elements PowerPoint template, and you're on your way!

It's your turn to try out what you learned. Audiences will enjoy the addition of video clips to your already-compelling slides. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of PPT video autoplay: you won’t have to start videos by hand.

Note: This tutorial was originally published in 2017. It’s been completely rewritten by to improve accuracy and relevancy.

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