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19+ Best Bar (& Night Club) Logo Design Ideas (Inspiration for 2019)


Bars and nightclubs: they’re fun, popular, and deserve cool bar logos to attract crowds!

If you own one, you know how important marketing can be. But you might not know how easy it is to make a logo.

The Cactus Bar
Use Placeit's logo maker to build great looking logos for your bar or night club!

With Placeit, you can build an eye-catching bar logo that's sure to draw in patrons. You'll outsource design to the experts and get back to serving your loyal customers! And if you want even more creative control, Envato Elements is a great source for bar logos and night club logos.

Build Better Bar Logos with Top Design Tips

Once you’ve given your bar or nightclub a name, it’s time to build a perfect custom logo. A few key features like these will help your bar logo stand out:

  • Bold colors. You might be competing on a crowded street. Bright colors get you noticed.
  • Catchy names. The best pub logos deserve catchy and memorable names to go with them.
  • Fun fonts. Names and icons aren’t enough. You’ll need quirky scripts that bring text to life.

Thanks to custom bar logo inspirations from Placeit, you can create amazing logos in just a few clicks. All you've got to do is select a stunning night club logo template, drop in your content, and download the finished product.

Inspiration: 20 Best Bar and Nightclub Logo Designs

Use any of these bar logo templates on Placeit to start designing your own! Click on a template, add a few customizations, and download your finished logo.

1. Cocktail Bar Logo Generator

Cocktail Bar Logo Generator

Sleek electric graphics make this night club logo a star in its own right. Polished and refined, it’s the perfect choice for a hip urban nightspot. It stands out for cutting-edge fonts and striking contrast.

2. Beach Bar Logo Maker

Beach Bar Logo Maker

Running the hottest spot in town? Capture your essence with this warm, summery bar logo design. Select from a variety of tropically inspired graphics and pair them with your own custom color palettes.

3. Bar Logo Maker with Sport Theme in Neon Colors

Bar Logo Maker with Sport Theme

Pints and pool tables are hallmarks of the casual nightlife scene. Use them to help you design your next lounge bar logo. This one is bold, fun and looks great when featured in neon lights.

4. Biker Bar Logo Generator with Skull Ace Clipart

Biker Bar Logo Generator

Biker bars are a special niche, and yours deserves a winning nightclub logo template. Dive into this rich offering and explore logos themed around all things motorcycle. And then combine the icon with gritty script fonts to bring your brand to life.

5. Sports Bar Logo Maker with a Circular Badge

Sports Bar Logo Maker

The name says sports, but this well-rounded bar logo brings all your pub logo ideas to life. Tailored enough to dress up any sports bar, it’s also versatile enough to fit any bar logo need. Date-established placeholders help you show off your longevity, too.

6. Cocktail Bar Logo Maker

Cocktail Bar Logo Maker

In search of bar logo inspiration? Remember how useful bright splashes of color can be. This bar logo maker delivers, with a full set of customizable colors to build totally unique branding in seconds.

7. Minimalistic Bar Logo Template

Minimalistic Bar Logo Template

As with any marketing image, your bar logo can benefit from minimalist design. You’re trying to get attention, after all, and clean designs often do the trick. This logo template embraces simplicity with flexible text placeholders and a single icon in the middle.

8. Logo Maker for a Bar and Lounge

Logo Maker for Bar and Lounge

Bar logo design ideas often revolve around the specific type of nightspot you’re running. But that doesn’t mean individual templates can’t fit many purposes. Such is the case here; every design element is totally adjustable, with simple style remaining constant.

9. American Sports Bar Logo Maker

American Sports Bar Logo Maker

Retro styling is a timeless theme for your sports bar logo. As you build the finished product, picture your new logo on signs, pub glasses, shirts, hats, and more. It pays to find something that looks great anywhere, and this elegant offering gets the job done.

10. Karaoke Bar Logo Maker

Karaoke Bar Logo Maker

Karaoke bars occupy a special place on the nightlife scene. That’s why yours needs an awesome lounge bar logo to introduce to the world. Choose a pair of eclectic icons for a fun bit of contrast. Then introduce four different colors to really get the party started!

11. Night Club Logo Template

Night Club Logo Template

For a compelling night club logo, it’s hard to top this custom design. No matter your audience or style, it’s meant to jazz up any establishment. Modern fonts combine with abstract graphics to attract audiences in droves.

12. Night Club Logo Generator

Night Club Logo Generator

This nightclub logo template captures the best of ultra-modern style. Instead of relying on fancy icons, this one derives creative vision from lines and angles. It’s simple, no-nonsense, and the perfect tool if you’re looking for nightclub logo inspiration.

13. 80s Nightclub Logo Maker

80s Nightclub Logo Maker

In many ways, the 1980s were the golden age of disco and dance. Recapture the glory days with this funky, retro nightclub logo maker. You’ll find dozens of circle icons to perfectly outline your name and slogan.

14. Logo Maker for a Fancy Night Club

Logo Maker for a Fancy Night Club

Seeking to elevate your nightclub game? Start with this sleek nightclub logo, featuring all the best in modern typography and contemporary styling. Let your name speak for itself with this sophisticated logo template.

15. Pub Logo Maker with Medieval Shields Graphics

Pub Logo Maker with Medieval Shields

Convey an old-world feel with this clubby pub logo. Icon options include swords, crests, armor, and more. Combine those with a full suite of custom text overlays and easy-to-edit backgrounds.

16. Logo Maker for Craft Breweries

Logo Maker for Craft Breweries

Craft breweries are one of the hottest new types of bar, so it’s key to leverage top branding. Start here with this dynamic beer bar logo. Be sure to select one of the stunning custom icons to become the new face of your brand.

17. Bar Logo Maker with a Circular Badge

Bar Logo Maker with Circular Badge

Cool bar logos look great on pint glasses, signs, coasters, and more. Circular graphics, in particular, are a good fit. Use them to your advantage with this professional bar logo maker. Whatever you’re pouring, this template lets you present it in style.

18. Bar Logo Maker for a Mexican Bar

Bar Logo Maker for a Mexican bar

If tequila is the name of your game, bring it front and center with this bar logo. Using a bar logo maker like this takes the guesswork out of building amazing branding. All you need is a name—the template will do all the hard work.

19. Beach Bar Logo Maker

Beach Bar Logo Maker

Chill, sun-drenched graphics make up this incredible beach bar logo. Capture the spirit of lazy days by the waves, simply by dropping in your name and slogan. It’s quick and easy, and it’ll keep customers coming back for just one more.

20. Sports Bar Logo Template for a Lounge and Grill

Sports Bar Logo Template for a Lounge and Grill

A lounge bar logo like this one tells the world what your bar and grill is all about. With rugged, sporty imagery, it keeps the focus on food and fun. Plus, it includes all the text placeholders you’ll need to communicate your name, catchphrase, and even contact details.

5 Quick Tips to Create a Cool Bar Logo (With an Online Maker)

We’ve looked at twenty compelling bar and nightclub logo design ideas from Placeit. Now, it’s time to learn how to use them, right inside your web browser.

1. Select a Template That Fits Your Brand

Let’s try out option #17 from above, the Bar Logo Maker with a Circular Badge. When you click on the link, Placeit will take you to the online editing suite. Options are arrayed in menus on each side, and in the center, you’ll see a big preview.

Select Bar Logo from Placeit

2. Add Your Name and Slogan

Right from the start, you should make the bar logo template your own. Start by adding your name and slogan. To do this, simply type over the text placeholders on the left side of the screen. You can also change the fonts and colors by using the drop-down arrows.

Add name and Slogan Placeit

3. Change the Badges and Icons

Each Placeit template is different, but all offer customization options for icons or badges. In this case, we can swap out both the center logo and the circular graphics. To do this, simply scroll through the content options on the right, and click on thumbnails to select new ones.

Change badges and icons

4. Add Your Own Background

Changing the background color is a quick and easy way to mix up the entire look of your logo. To change it, click on the Background drop-down in the upper right. You can select a new color from the chooser or click More to dial in custom options. It’s a must-do in your creative process.

Add logo background

5. Download and Use the Logo Anywhere

The best thing about Placeit is the flexibility it offers. You build your logo online, and then simply download a finished image file. To do this, click Download at the top of your screen. Follow the prompts, and in seconds you’ll have your new logo ready to roll out.

Download the finished logo

More Winning Options from Envato Elements

Placeit is an amazing resource for bar and nightclub logos. But it isn’t your only choice! You should also try out Envato Elements, an unlimited download resource with even more winning options.

Envato Elements Bar Logo
Try out an Envato Elements template for complete creative control on your next bar logo design.

Elements is an all-you-can-download service featuring logos, fonts, photos, audio, and more. A low monthly fee allows total access to nearly a million pieces of content. For creatives, it’s an essential tool.

Create Your Bar & Night Club Logo Today

Turn to Envato for all your nightclub logo inspiration. Placeit enables the creation of stunning bar or pub logos, right inside your web browser. Envato Elements unlocks more robust editing power, thanks to amazing custom templates that work with your preferred editing software.

Whichever option you ultimately choose, you can be assured of bold style and winning value. The choices are yours, and your future lies wherever your imagination takes you. Get started building your bar logo now!

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