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Best of 2021: Free Business Card Templates (Photoshop, Word, & More)

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Business cards? Who still has those in the age of social media and personal websites? It's a common mistake to think that business cards are out of date. Find top premium and free business cards templates in this tutorial.Premium Business Card Template AIPremium Business Card Template AIPremium Business Card Template AI

Botanica is just one of thousands of high-quality premium business card templates for Illustrator that you'll find on Envato Elements. 

Even if business cards aren't the most popular way to network in 2021, they're a useful tool to make sure that you can share your contact details at a moment's notice. 

Every great business professional needs a business card that they can hand out at a moment's notice. In this article, you'll see the best options to build yours, including free business card templates that keep your costs low.

While you may be tempted by business card template free downloads, the best business card templates are premium templates created by professional designers. With premium business card templates you'll get the professional designs you need. Or try a business card template maker. 

Unlimited Premium Business Card Template Downloads from Envato Elements

When you're building a business card, there's no sense in starting from scratch each time that you're building a business card. That'll just take up a lot of your time and you may not get the result you want.

It's better to turn to the best business card templates that already have the most common elements that every business card needs. Free business card templates can help you get started on your personal branding journey. But for truly professional results, it pays to use premium templates. 

Turn to Envato Elements, a creative powerhouse offering thousands of business card designs, along with countless other resources.

Elements offers unlimited downloads for a flat monthly rate. What's more: every Elements template is designed by experts with you in mind. Simply pick your favorite design, download it, drop in your content, and go.

Envato Elements Business CardsEnvato Elements Business CardsEnvato Elements Business Cards
The premium business card templates in the Envato Elements libraries are far more polished and professional than the free business card templates you'll spend time scouring for across the web.

Elements is a great value for many reasons, including the extras that are included on top of the business card templates. If you need a complementary font, stock photo or graphic, Elements unlocks access to everything you need to complete your design—all for a single flat rate.

Looking for individual downloads? A great option is Envato's GraphicRiver, which offers high-quality premium business card templates for sale. Find one you love and pay per download - no subscription required. This pay-as-you-go option can provide the most affordable way to build your next business card.

No matter which option you choose, starting with a business card template is a huge advantage. Let's explore five of the best premium business card templates available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver:

1. Premium Business Card Design Template

Business cardBusiness cardBusiness card

This sleek black-and-white offering is one of the best InDesign business card templates available today. It's got a glossy design and plenty of space to display your logo. Whether you're an executive or a freelancer, your name and brand will benefit from this template's style. 

2. Corporate Business Card 01

corporate business card templatecorporate business card templatecorporate business card template

Corporate business card templates like this let your brand shine. They make your details easy to read and a bold impression on the card recipient. These cards also represent the best in style, with polished professional graphics and sharp text. You won't find this in a business card template free download! Editable in Photoshop, this template includes space on the back for even more details.

3. BOTANICA Business Card Template


BOTANICA is a leafy template supported by Photoshop and Illustrator. You'll find both landscape and portrait versions included, along with free fonts and pre-built content placeholders. Use this one to give your cards a clean, yet unforgettable look that fits a variety of creative industries. This clean design beats most free business cards!

4. Creative Business Card - 11

Creative Business CardCreative Business CardCreative Business Card

This PSD business card template is a winning choice for creatives. It incorporates bright colors with minimalist elements, forming a flashy and bold card. It's key to stand out above your competitors, and this card helps you do it.

5. 15 Business Cards Bundle

15 Business Cards Bundle15 Business Cards Bundle15 Business Cards Bundle

Searching for extra value in a single download? Start with the 15 inspired options in this PSD business card pack. In one single package, you'll have more than enough card templates to sample while building your brand identity in printed versions. There are a wide variety of styles included, with an array of fonts and backgrounds. Plus, unlike many business card template free downloads, these business cards are professionally designed.

20 Free Business Card Templates (For Photoshop, Word, & More)

Before looking for free business cards templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always free business card templates for download) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

When your budget is zero, you might be looking for a free business card template that helps you develop your printed identity. When that time comes, you need a great free business card template that's got all the placeholders and design options for your details.

Free business card templates still have some of the essentials that you may need. Fill them in with your personalized details and print them so that your potential client or partner can connect later. 

Here are 20 of the best free business card templates:

1. Basic Grayscale Free Business Cards Templates

Basic Grayscale Business card templateBasic Grayscale Business card templateBasic Grayscale Business card template

This is one of the simple free business card templates for Word that cleanly presents your contact details on a gray background. With placeholders, easily add all your information. The color palette is useful for saving ink when printing.

2. Multi-Color Free Business Cards Templates for Word

Free business card templates for Word allow you to create simple cards to carry anywhere. Make use of Word’s built-in color templates to alter the look of your cards. This one features a tri-color style to contrast names and details.

3. Purple Free Business Card Samples

Using a color like purple helps your card stand out in a stack. This no-frills template includes text boxes for inserting your credentials. This is another of the free business card templates for Word that you can edit it right inside your Office software.

4. Blue Curve Free Printable Business Card Templates

As you create business cards, you might want to include your logo. To do it quickly, choose a business card template free download that's got a placeholder built in. This Word option does: simply click on it to insert your own branding.

5. Earth Tones Free Business Cards Templates for Word

Movie Ticket Business Card templateMovie Ticket Business Card templateMovie Ticket Business Card template

These versatile free business cards are designed to present important details. They use natural colors for a bit of contrast. This mix of design and detail creates a professional look fast.

6. Map Free Business Cards Templates for Word

Free business card design templates like this help you underline your global presence. The background features a subtle world map, and the text overlays are editable in Microsoft Word. The stylish indigo coloring brings everything together.

7. Microsoft Word Business Card Templates

Here, you’ll find ten custom designs featuring an array of layouts and styles. These free business card design templates for Word complement your marketing and networking efforts. Choose from bright or grayscale options, along with many font designs.

8. Terrazo Free Business Card Samples (Business Card Designs Free)

Adobe InDesign is a great way to jumpstart your creative efforts. This free InDesign business card template can be quickly customized to fit your goals. It includes all the placeholders you’ll need to share your name, address, and other vital details.

9. Free Business Cards Templates

This business card template maker was created to work well with InDesign. It features a minimalist design with a small flash of color. You’ll also find matching letterhead included in the template pack.

10. Corporate Free Business Card Templates Download

Earth Tones Free Business CardsEarth Tones Free Business CardsEarth Tones Free Business Cards

This pack includes an assortment of graphic design business card templates free. Each one features a different set of theme colors and fonts. As you work through them, keep in mind that it pays to choose a design well-matched to your existing branding.

11. Graiht Corporate Business Card PSD 2021 Free

Graiht is a flexible free Photoshop business card template. It’s made with binary black-and-white layouts and plenty of space for imagery. And with Photoshop’s editing tools, creative power rests with you.

12. Letterpress Free Business Card Templates Download

This free PSD business card design template makes use of the retro, letterpress printing style. You can fully customize every element thanks to Photoshop’s advanced layer tools. But you want to design your end product, the choices are yours.

13. Colorful Wave Business Card Design

This colorful choice is a free business card template for AI. It's a bright design suited to a plethora of uses. Also included is space on the back of the card for more content.

14. Modern Photoshop Free Business Card Templates Download

free business card templatesfree business card templatesfree business card templates

Business cards need to express many details in a compact space. This PSD design template does that through the use of large fonts covering the surface. These cards are vertically oriented, helping them stand out.

15. 5 Stylish Business Card PSD 2021 Free Templates

his pack for designers includes five free PSD business card templates. From a single page you'll have access to many design options. Explore them to find one that best suits your purpose.

16. Design Templates Business Card PSD 2021 Free

This 10-item set is another free business card template pack for Photoshop. Designs feature bold text, image placeholders, and even a spot for your QR code. Photoshop support enables detailed edits after download.

17. Corporate Free Printable Business Card Templates

business card template freebusiness card template freebusiness card template free

Supported by Adobe Illustrator, this free corporate card template incorporates a minimalist design. Placeholders are included for your company logo. Or use them to feature a professional headshot.

18. Wavy Business Card Designs Free Template

Finding graphic design business card templates free isn't always easy. One choice is this quirky, wavy template featuring plenty of bright colors. All your edits can easily be made with Illustrator.

19. Speech Bubble Free Printable Business Card Templates

Speech bubbles are modern, fun graphics commonly used in marketing illustrations. This free template for Illustrator brings them to business cards. They're vertically oriented and have plenty of space for contact details.

20. Movie Ticket Free Business Cards Templates

5 Business Card Designs for Free5 Business Card Designs for Free5 Business Card Designs for Free

This business card template has the look and feel of an old movie ticket. Your name and details sit front and center on the card. Adding your own content is straightforward with Illustrator.

How to Customize a Business Card Design Template PSD

Found the perfect Photoshop business card template, but not sure where to start? Here are some quick tips to help you get into Photoshop and start customizing your template. Here's the example template that we'll use in this demonstration:

business card templatebusiness card templatebusiness card template
This premium business card template is available for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

You're welcome to download this business card template and work along with the walkthrough. Or use a Photoshop business card template of your own. These concepts will transfer to any design you'd like.

Let's get started:

1. Photoshop Layers Are an Essential

Think of layers like layering content on top of each other. We can keep content separate, each on its own layer. This is convenient for repositioning and editing our designs.

To open the Layers panel, go to Window > Layers

You'll notice, in the example below, that the content is organized into folders (these folders are often called Groups). expand the folders by clicking on the arrow beside the folder's name. Then, we can view the layers within. This is largely for organizational purposes.

Photoshop layersPhotoshop layersPhotoshop layers

Toggle visibility on and off for each layer by clicking on the eye symbol to the left of each layer. This is a great way to hide content that you might not want to include, without permanently deleting it.

Delete a layer by selecting it and then clicking on the trash can

2. Adjust Your Layout With the Move Tool

Want to move part of your business card layout? You can easily do so with the Move tool. It's highlighted in the screenshot below, for your reference.

Photoshop move toolPhotoshop move toolPhotoshop move tool

This is one of the reasons why you should use and reference your Photoshop layers. We'll need those layers to move and adjust specific content.

Start by identifying the layer that contains the content you want to move. Again, you can toggle visibility on and off to help you see what a layer contains. Select the layer with the contents you'd like to move.

Select the Move tool. Next, click and drag to reposition this content in your layout.

Below is an example of how you could rearrange these design elements, using this method.

3. Edit Text With the Type Tool

To edit your text in your business card template, turn to the Type tool. You can find it in your Tools panel. It's highlighted in the screenshot below.

Photoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type Tool

With your Type tool active, click on any existing text in your design. This will make the text active. Then, you can edit the text as you would in most word processing software.

Or double click on the text layer thumbnail to make the text active, and then edit in the same way.

4. Customize Text With the Character Panel

But you might also want to customize your text. For example, you might want to change the font, the font size, and the font color. We can do these things from the Character panel.

To open the Character panel, go to Window > Character. Check out a preview of this panel, in the screenshot below.

Photoshop Character PanelPhotoshop Character PanelPhotoshop Character Panel

Make sure the applicable text layer is selected in your Layers panel. Then, make adjustments in your Character panel. For example, we can choose a new font from the font drop down menu, in the character. In this demonstration, I changed this to a handwriting font, Imani.

Note: If the correct text layer isn't selected, the changes won't take effect. Photoshop needs to know which text to change, before making this selection.

5. Work With More Than One Document

If you're working with a double sided business card design, your Photoshop template will likely be in two separate PSD files. What if you want to view the front and back at the same time? We can open up two documents in Adobe Photoshop at the same time, and we can view them at the same time too.

To undock a document, click on the document's tab and drag it away from the top of the screen. Do this with as many documents as you like.

In this case, we can position our documents in our workspace so we can easily toggle between the two designs, while also being able to see them both. This is handy for making edits and design choices, so we can insure the two still match and work well together.

multiple photoshop documentsmultiple photoshop documentsmultiple photoshop documents

5 Quick Photoshop & Word Business Card Design Tips for 2021

Are you looking to push your next business card design further? Check out these design tips for extra inspiration and insights. Use them to create the perfect business card for your 2021 professional ventures:

1. Choose the Right Color for the Job

When deciding on your business card design, remember to carefully consider your use of color. It should match or relate to your personal or professional branding. If you or your business has an active logo design, take that into consideration when using and applying color. 

For example, look at the premium business card design below. The green really stands out in this composition as a key color. Imagine if this was another color, like blue or yellow. Your choice here should be based in a strategic design choice. A haphazard choice might end up looking disjointed rather than related.

business card template designbusiness card template designbusiness card template design
Strategic use of color, like we see in this premium business card design template, can help unify your business card design.

2. Consider Using a QR Code in Your Design

Business cards are handy to give out and share when networking. It's a great idea to list contact information like your email and website address on your business card. Plus, make accessing your digital presence even easier with QR codes.

Simply scan the QR code with your phone to open up your website URL or an email to your address. It's a fun and simple way to make contacting you even easier. 

3. Choose the Right Size and Orientation for Your Brand

Business cards often come in a horizontal format, but it's not your only design option. Some opt to go with a vertical orientation instead.

You can also do an oversized business card, folding business cards, and square business cards too. Standardized sizes and dimensions can work well. But don't be afraid to experiment with different ideas, especially if they resonate well with your branding.

Keep in mind that a great design is often a marriage of form and function: it should look great and work great too. Find that balance as you decide what size and orientation is right for your project. 

stylish business card design templatestylish business card design templatestylish business card design template
This premium vertical business card design template is available for download on Envato Elements.

4. Remember to Keep Things Legible

On the subject of form and function, remember to check your business card for legibility. If your business card looks great but the viewer isn't able to read the content, then the goal hasn't been met. Since business cards tend to be rather small, it's important to design for this size. 

  • Don't make the text too small to read. If the viewer can't read it, they can't contact you.
  • Keep it brief. Your business card isn't typically a strong place for large amounts of body copy.
  • Make sure there's enough contrast. For example, light gray text on a white background would have low contrast and be more difficult to read.

5. Showcase Your Work With Double-Sided Business Cards

If you're working with a double-sided business card, you've got twice as much real estate to work with. Use this space wisely. Will you feature more information? Will you use this space to showcase your work?

The back of your business card can be a great place for photographs, illustrations, eye-catching imagery, and more. Think about your industry and what kind of impression you'd like to make. For example, you could show an example of work you've created or services that you provide to visually associate with your brand and industry. 

vertical business card design templatevertical business card design templatevertical business card design template
Double sided business card designs, like this premium business card template, can show off artwork and other eye catching visuals.

Build a Business Card In Your Web Browser

If you want complete creative control in designing your business card, you might be thinking that you've got to learn a graphic design like InDesign or Photoshop. Those apps mean conquering a learning curve that you may not have time to take on when building your business card.

When time is tight, turn to a tool that's as easy as opening a new tab in your browser. With Placeit, you can design a great business card template just by pointing and clicking and never leaving your web browser.  When you're finished, download a business card design for a small fee that's ready for printing at your local shop. 

Placeit business cardPlaceit business cardPlaceit business card
Build the best business card yet right inside of your web browser thanks to the Placeit tool.

Placeit is the perfect bridge between using free business card templates and having total creative control. Even if you've got no experience working in graphic design apps, you can build a great business card that includes all your personal details.

Don't forget about Placeit as one of the best ways to build a business card in 2021. It combines the simplicity of browser-based apps with the customization options that every burgeoning business exec needs to build a brand.

Looking for Even More Business Card Design Templates?

If you'd like to see some even more business card design inspiration check out these collections from Envato Tuts+. There's plenty more business card design templates to see and download. Take in the design inspiration, or consider adding one of these templates to your design toolkit today.

Build a Business Card Design Today

In this article, you saw business card designs that are just waiting for your details. The best part is that there are many options for building a great business card. The important part is having a few printed cards at least so that you can share your contact details with a potential client.

For the best professional business card templates, don't forget about Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. For less experienced graphic designers, a browser-based tool like Placeit is the best way to design a business card with no experience needed.

As this article showed you, there are many options for designing your next business card. Free business card templates have their place when budgets are tight. But keep in mind all  the tools you can choose from when it comes time to build your business card.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new and exciting business card designs.

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