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30+ Best Free Professional Business PowerPoint Design Templates (2020 PPT Downloads)


Presentations for your business are key in 2020. In a business landscape that spans the entire globe instantly, communication is a must to carry your message far and wide. 

What better way than to use free or professional business PowerPoint templates? Let's focus on some of the best business PowerPoint templates available from all around the web.  

Hectic Business
Advanced slide designs like this one included in Hectic Business (premium template) are the best way to tell a story with your presentation.

By using these free or professional templates in 2020, you can spend more time crafting a message of prosperity and success without having to budget for it.

Before we dive into our free selections, let’s explore ten of the best premium business PowerPoint templates available for 2020. We'll survey the best PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Then we'll explore over 30 free templates.

Find the Best Premium Business PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (2020)

For top-notch business PowerPoint designs, Envato Elements is an all-you-can-download resource for creatives. As an Elements member, you’ll pay a low monthly fee. It'll unlock access to thousands of premium, professional resources that include:

  • professional PowerPoint templates
  • stock photos and royalty free music
  • graphic templates, fonts, and more.

Premium templates from Envato Elements are the place to start your presentation project professionally. Free PPT templates in 2020 are often not as robust as professional premium templates (like those available from Envato Elements).  

Pro PowerPoint PPT templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Professional best business PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

Premium themes include professional design options and hundreds of slide template features that go beyond the best free PowerPoint templates of 2020 available around the web. 

Envato Elements
An Envato Elements subscription includes unlimited access to all these professional PowerPoint templates and more!

Elements is intuitive and easy to use. It's the perfect tool for making a statement with your business PowerPoint in 2020. As you can see, it includes thousands of business PowerPoint presentation templates.

5 Best Business PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

Let’s check out five of the best business PPT Templates on Envato Elements:

1. Business Idea PowerPoint Template

Business Idea PowerPoint Template

Show off your big idea in 2020. This business presentation design is all about the “wow factor.” Included in this template are a wide variety of slide designs and layouts. They're fully customizable with stylish text and image placeholders. 

  • more than 100 unique slides with dark and light themes
  • free fonts for a low total cost of ownership
  • easy-to-fill image placeholders

2. SWOT Business Presentation

SWOT Business Presentation

SWOT: strength, weakness, opportunity, threat. It’s the competitive business analysis that helps you understand how you compare to peers. Use a SWOT slide to size up each of those four key pillars of a competitive analysis. Prepare your SWOT slides to show your audience that you understand your place.

  • more than 100 SWOT slides in a variety of formats
  • 20 color schemes for deep reusability
  • several aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3) to help you always make the best use of screen real estate

3. Landbook Business Template

Landbook Business Template

Landbook is a richly themed business PowerPoint presentation driven by its focus on visual appeal. Its slide designs are perfectly suited to almost any business scenario. Included:

  • introductory slides
  • timelines
  • image showcases
  • decision analyses
  • a full set of handcrafted charts and graphs
  • and more 

4. Water Business Template

Water Business Template

Simple and understated styling is often best to complement a presentation. Themed around the cool vibe of water, this premium business PowerPoint template presents a sleek visual to your audience. 

The image placeholders are formatted in an edgy block style for a modern look. Simple, yet robust charts and lifecycle graphs help you fit your business into its larger ecosystem. This template is designed around the heavy use of master slides. That makes customizations easier and faster. 

5. MASSIVE - Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation

Massive PPTX

In search of creative charting and unforgettable graphs? This business PowerPoint Template is your starting point. When you’re presenting data to your audience, it’s key to make it engaging and appealing. Use MASSIVE to build out your data and tell stories with charts.

  • 65 unique slide designs provide layouts for every concept
  • Advanced infographics to illustrate your business processes
  • Easy-to-update charts and graphs for data-centric slides.

5 Best Business PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver for 2020

Unlike the unlimited download model found at Envato Elements, our GraphicRiver marketplace is built as a pay-per-download platform. This is perfect if you want to download premium best business PPT templates right away without paying a monthly membership. 

Best Business PowerPoint Templates from GraphicRiver in 2020
Best Business PPT Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020

GraphicRiver includes thousands of dynamic professional best business PPT templates for 2020. Pay a single flat fee to download the template you’ve selected. Let’s dive in and check out five of the top options from GraphicRiver: 

1. Motagua - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Motagua PPTX Template

Motagua has a slide designed for every purpose. The customization options are virtually unmatched. The assortment of elegant, bold charts sets Motagua apart. They’re exemplary ways to chart past performance and plot future growth.

  • the complete package: 3,000 customizable vector icons, 600 unique layouts, and over 40,000 total slides for deep reusability 
  • you'll love the 60 color themes 
  • drag-and-drop image placeholders make it easy to drop your visuals into the template

2. Marketofy - Ultimate PowerPoint Template

Marketofy PPTX Templatet

Marketofy is another dynamic business PowerPoint design crafted to meet any need. This template is perfect for marketing pitches and sales organizations. 

  • Focus on mapping your territory in 2020 using the geographic slide collection included here.
  • Break out demographic information and financial performance by region, with one of the colorful map slides.
  • Illustrate results with the use of advanced charts.

3. Zembra Multipurpose PowerPoint Template


Zembra is a professional business design template structured as a corporate overview. It's an excellent introductory presentation design for your business. Clear communication of histories and objectives is key to attracting funding and customers. 

  • summary slides include profile, quotation, and image placeholders to bring your story to the world
  • ideal template to gather venture capital funding.

Honesty and accuracy are essential when pitching your business.  Build a concise, refined narrative in advance. Use these slides to support it. 

4. Massive X Presentation Template

Massive X Presentation Template

This premium business PowerPoint design is all about flexibility. No two businesses are exactly alike. This is reflected in the design styling of Massive X. When you buy a premium template, value-add is accomplished by the inclusion of slides for every possible application.

  • over 300 unique slides with scalable vector graphics
  • custom fonts included
  • dark and light versions included

5. Wow Slides for PowerPoint

Wow Slides for PowerPoint

A data-focused presentation needs stunning charts and graphs. This infographic PowerPoint template is designed around data-driven messaging. It emphasizes interconnectedness: how the parts of your business fit together with each other and the broader landscape. 

Business presentations help drive decisions by illustrating outcomes. Powerful graphics reduce complex concepts into simple visuals. The template represents many business functional areas. The supporting charts and graphs fuel success and growth.

Free Business PowerPoint Templates or Premium (Which Should You Use)?

This article features the top free best business PowerPoint presentations and premium templates. So, which should you use when you're building your next PowerPoint presentation?

PPTX Built in Templates
If you're tired of the built-in templates on PowerPoint's ribbon, you might be searching for best free PowerPoint templates for 2020. But are free templates really the best option?

It makes sense why many users go searching for free professional business PowerPoint templates. Here are some top reasons: 

  • Variety in themes. Searching for "free professional business PowerPoint templates" may mean that you've grown bored with Microsoft's options.
  • Cost. This is an obvious one. But it makes total sense. If you're used to using Microsoft's built-in best free PowerPoint templates for 2020, it's possible that you'll want to pay for more designs for your presentation.
  • Freedom to experiment. If you've already decided to grab a non-standard template, you're likely to want to try many different options and not pay for each new template.

Many people search for free best business PowerPoint presentations because they want to try many templates and not run up their bill. It can take some trial and error to find that perfect template for your next presentation.

But there's a better solution that helps you conquer that cost curve. It's Envato Elements. It keeps you from trying many templates and running up a large tab. 

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

The key advantage of Elements is that you unlock everything with a single subscription. Each additional template costs you nothing extra (not to mention the thousands of stock photos, graphics, icons, and more.) 

PowerPoint Business Templates
A single subscription to Envato Elements unlocks all these best business PPT templates. There's no extra cost for each additional download.

Premium templates from Envato Elements are the top choice of professionals for the following reasons:

  • Top quality designs. The Envato Elements templates are stunning. Each of them has been vetted by the quality team to ensure that they meet the needs of modern presentations.
  • Lower "total cost" than any other option. The best free PowerPoint templates for 2020 are available, but what do they really cost you? They might cost you the time and effort that you should be spending developing the content in your presentation.
  • Highly niche templates. Most of the best free PowerPoint templates for 2020 are solid "general purpose" designs. With Elements you can sample from templates devoted to SWOT analyses, infographics, and more.

Remember: you can try many different PowerPoint templates for one flat cost thanks to Envato Elements. You don't have to buy template after template to find the right one for you. Pay once, and you'll unlock thousands of PowerPoint templates.

30+ Best Free Professional Business PowerPoint Templates (From Around the Web)

Now that we’ve looked at ten top premium best PowerPoint presentations for business for 2020, let’s focus on thirty of the best free PowerPoint templates for 2020. These are available from all around the web. But before looking for a free business PPT template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always business PowerPoint presentations) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal: 

Now, let’s dive into the best professional business PowerPoint templates for free download for 2020.

1. Bright - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2020Free business PowerPoint templates like this one give an open and bright appearance to your slides. Simple placeholders let you add in your own content in a few clicks, like images, videos, charts, and more.

Free Business PowerPoint Templates

2. Golden - Free PPT Templates 2020A golden palette is the unifying theme of this free professional business PowerPoint template. Included are several different layouts, including four chart designs. Also, you’ll find icons and free fonts used throughout.

3. Global Logistics Network - Professional Business PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadThese free PPT templates 2020 are focused on firms in the logistics industry. They’re in 16:9 widescreen resolution and come with four dozen unique layouts. Drag-and-drop placeholders are built in to help you add your content.

4. City Buildings - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2020. Building something big in 2020? This architecturally inspired best free PowerPoint template for 2020 focuses on growth. 35 custom slides are included, which you edit even more with image placeholders. Embedded Excel charts are also useful for showing off numbers and data.

City Buildings

5. Rocket Launched - Free PPT Templates 2020. Symbolize your big idea taking off with this rocket theme. In 2020 it’s all about your climb to the top. You can do it with a PowerPoint template for free download in 2020 like this one. It's got bright yellow styling and the rocket graphics to symbolize success. 

6. Paper Idea Bulb - Download Template PPT Gratis 2020. An idea bulb is a simple infographic designed to illustrate the thinking behind a concept. This best free PowerPoint templates for 2020 design includes over 30 other custom infographic slides.

7. Global Business Map - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2020. Business is going global, and so can your best business PowerPoint presentations. This template has a worldly feel provided by spectacular maps, charts, and graphs. 

8. Flow Chart - Download Template PowerPoint Gratis 2020. Flow charts highlight ideas and hierarchies from start to finish, or from top to bottom. The graphics are simple enough for easy use. 

Simple Flow Chart Template

9. Gears & Team Work - PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download 2020. Businesses are just groups of people working towards a common goal. But to outsiders, your organizational structure might not be clear. That’s why it pays to use a teamwork theme like this, to introduce your team and its shared goals.

10. Business Contract - Best PPT Templates Free Download 2020. Contracts provide the legal framework for businesses to operate successfully. All stakeholders should understand business contracts. Contracts can be very complex. So, it helps to use a PowerPoint template for free download in 2020 like this to help explain a new contract. 

11. Modern - Download Template PPT Gratis 2020. Basic graphics and placeholders are included. You can always add more content with PowerPoint’s built-in tools. Don’t forget to tweak the color themes, or even add in custom colors to match your branding perfectly.

12. Abstract Orange - Best Free Business PowerPoint TemplatesA simple and clean abstract orange free PowerPoint presentation template. It's multipurpose and handy to have. Use it for any formal presentation.

Abstract Orange

13. Jigsaw Puzzle - PowerPoint Template Free Download 2020. Jigsaw puzzles symbolize how individual parts together form a cohesive whole. This metaphor is useful in the best PowerPoint presentations for businesses. Use this free presentation template to explore your business. Be sure to use the many different slide layouts to customize the look and feel.

14. General Pitch Deck - Best PowerPoint Presentation for Business Startups. Use this if you're embarking on a new business venture and need to impress your audience. Or use it if you need to get backing or support for your startup. 

15. Aliena - Tech PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download 2020This template is one of the best PowerPoint presentations for business. It comes with isometric illustrations suitable for presentations about cloud computing, SaaS development, networks, cybersecurity, and general technology. 

16. Blue Gradient Download Template PowerPoint Gratis 2020. The Blue Gradient PowerPoint template is another simple theme designed to suit any business. Remember: even if a slide doesn’t include content placeholders, you can add all types of media to your slides via the Insert tab. This free business PPT template builds a stylistic framework, and you get to choose how best to present your slides.

Blue Gradient PowerPoint Templates

17. Product or Service Business Sales - Business Review PPT Template Free. For many businesses, sales are the most important activity. This professional business PowerPoint templates for free download is designed for selling organizations. It’s presented in a linear fashion.

18. Business Office City Sketch - Download Template PPT Gratis 2020. This presentation features green and brown styling. Try out different layouts and chart options. Also, check out the SmartArt demo to build unique infographics.

19. Gantt Chart Project - PowerPoint Template Free Download 2020Gantt charts map project schedules and workflows. This Gantt chart template for PowerPoint has a customizable layout. It allows you to build a professional project status chart in a few clicks. Add and remove tasks. Rearrange the workflow. Edit the colors, fonts, layout, and more.

20. Smart City - PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download 2020This template comes with 15 different slides that have black background with elements in light green and blue. This gives the elements a good contract and makes the slides look very creative and modern. This template is useful for anyone in the technology industry.

Smart City

21. Polaris - Download Template PowerPoint Gratis 2020This free business PPT template design comes with all the image and content placeholders you’ll need to build a unique slide deck. Optional animations smooth transitions and alter the linear flow of your concepts, courtesy of bold styling and a full suite of editing choices.

22. Bullen - Best Free Business PowerPoint Templates. A simple and creative template that helps you communicate your message. Engage your audience through visual photo background slides. 

23. Sirius - Download Template PowerPoint Gratis 2020Use Sirius to highlight your core values, outline your goals, and introduce your team. Explore custom layouts and change out the colors to bring your own look and feel to these slides.

24. Business Project Plan Presentation - Download Template PPT Gratis 2020. Communicate your ideas and supporting data with this custom project plan presentation. Included are placeholder slides for goals, scope, challenges, and more.

Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download

25. Nowco - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2020. Nowco is a relatively robust free business PPT template targeting app developers. What sets it apart from many free templates is the inclusion of mockups to illustrate websites and apps. Included are web browser, desktop, and tablet mockups to show off your product.

26. Aldebaran - Professional Business PowerPoint Templates Free DownloadDenim and fabric may not be the design elements you think of when choosing best free business PowerPoint templates. The Aldebaran template, aimed at the fashion industry, features special denim styling. There are also many included image placeholders for your catalog.

27. Goal Setting - Business Review PPT Template FreeTrack business goals with a professional PowerPoint templates for free download in 2020 like this. An assortment of task management slides help show ideas and progress.

28. Project Status Report - Business Review PPT Template Free. When you’re working on a project, leaders and stakeholders expect regular updates. Fill them in quickly with this free business PPT template that focuses on project updates. It's got customizable color themes and room for images and other content placeholders. 

Project Status Report

29. Pitch Deck - Professional PowerPoint Templates Free Download 2020. If you need to build a pitch deck, data is key. In this pitch deck you'll find concepts and space for charts and other data. All objects and placeholders come fully editable. Build your pitch deck with best free PowerPoint templates for 2020 like this.

30. Double Exposure - PowerPoint Presentation Templates Free Download 2020With 48 custom layouts, this best PPT templates for free download in 2020 serves as a general overview for any business. Excel-based charts are included. Additionally, the template makes use of PowerPoint’s Slide Master option to enable quick bulk edits.

31. Arcturus - Business Review PPT Template FreeArcturus, a free PowerPoint template for business, can be used for a multitude of organizational purposes. Charts and infographics are useful ways to illustrate data to an audience. And you can easily change out colors and fonts with PowerPoint’s built-in edit options.

Free Business PowerPoint templates

How to Quickly Customize a Premium PowerPoint Template

You've just seen various templates that are available for Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, let’s look at how you can quickly customize a premium PowerPoint template for your needs. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using the premium template Noah Business PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. 

Noah Business PowerPoint template
Noah Business PowerPoint template

This template has a clean and versatile design so you can use it for any type of business presentation. Let's get started:

1. Choose Your Slides

Every premium template comes with many premade slides and slide variations. Choose the slides you’ll actually use in your presentation. 

To do this, switch to the View tab. click on Slider Sorter. Then delete unnecessary slides by right-clicking on them and pressing Delete Slide.

Choosing slides
Choosing slides

2. Add Your Own Content

The next step in customizing a premium PowerPoint template is to add your own content. You can easily do this by clicking on any text on any slide, pressing CTRL+A to highlight all the text, and then typing your own text.

Adding your content
Adding your content

3. Customize Fonts

You can also customize fonts to make your presentation more on brand. All you've got to do is select the text. Then choose a different font from the font drop-down menu on the Home tab.

Customizing fonts
Customizing fonts 

4. Change Colors

When you’re done changing fonts, consider changing colors of your presentation. For example, to change the color of the puzzle on slide #39, click the puzzle piece. Then choose a different color for the color fill under the Shape Format options.

Changing colors on your template
Changing colors is easy.

5. Add Your Own Images

The last step is to add your own images. Simply locate an image placeholder like I’ve done on slide #15. Then choose Picture From File on the Shape Format tab.

adding custom images
Adding custom images to your template

5 Quick Tips to Make Any Business Presentation More Professional

When you're building a professional PowerPoint presentation, you need more than slide designs. You need presentation techniques that help you drive your message to the audience in an impactful way. Let's look at five tips that help you use slides to make an impact:

1. Build a Roadmap at the Start

Professional PowerPoint Templates Roadmap
Premium professional PowerPoint templates like Sinde often include a roadmap slide like this one to chart the course for your presentation.

Audiences won’t follow you if they don’t know where you’re going. That’s why it’s key to outline the main objects of your presentation right at the start. Begin by introducing yourself. 

Then briefly highlight the key ideas, points, and goal (more on that later!) of your presentation. This really sets the stage for everything to follow and engages an audience right from the start.

2. Know It, Don’t Read It

Nothing’s worse than a presenter reading their slides. To make any presentation more professional, you need to know and understand your material. 

Let’s be clear: that doesn’t mean memorizing everything you want to say. Instead, it means using your slides as an outline that drives a greater conversation. Build bullet points, not paragraphs. Add all your details with an inspiring narration to engage the audience.

3. Focus on One Goal

Professional PowerPoint Templates Goal
If you're inspiring your audience to action, it's best to focus on a singular goal using a slide like this one from Proze.

You’ve already highlighted key ideas and points. These support one thing: the goal of the presentation. You’re trying to persuade an audience to do something, whether it’s investing, joining a team, or simply believing in a cause. 

That “ask” is the goal. You should only have one. Keep it clear, concise, and you’re sure to deliver a professional presentation.

4. Cut Distractions

The best material and the greatest goal alone won’t carry a presentation if you’re distracting your audience. In PowerPoint, distractions come from a few key areas: 

  • too much animation
  • too many flashy transitions
  • cluttered, busy slides 

Keep movement to a minimum. Simple pushes and fades provide stylish intros without being disruptive. Keep slides aligned, clean, and readable from a distance.

5. Use Infographics

Business Powerpoint Designs
Use a template like Noah for its infographics when you're explaining important concepts.

Talking about data without a visual aid is a sure way to make a slide deck dull. That’s where infographics come in. These are nothing more than custom visual representations of ideas. 

Professional templates like those from Envato are packed with stunning infographic visuals to inspire audiences anywhere. 

For even more tips and tricks to master building business PowerPoint presentations, check out our tutorial selections below: 

Common PowerPoint Business Presentation Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you’re thinking about using PowerPoint to create your business presentation, you probably have some questions. Here, we've rounded up some of the most common questions people ask about PowerPoint to provide you with some answers:

1. Can I Add Animations to My Presentation?

PowerPoint makes it easy to add animations to your presentation with the Animations menu. Animate different elements on the slide as well as the exit and entrance for each slide. 

Learn how to animate business PowerPoint presentations:

2. How Do I Add Charts to My PowerPoint Presentation?

You’ll need to use Excel to add charts to your PowerPoint presentation. Charts add visual interest and make your data easier to understand.

Luckily, it's not hard to add charts. We've got an entire tutorial that walks you through the process.

3. Is It Easy to Resize Images in PowerPoint?

Images are a great way to add more visual appeal to your presentation but sometimes your images might be too big for your slides. You can easily resize images in PowerPoint and edit them without having to fire up Photoshop.

Learn about images here:

4. How Do I Write the Content for My Presentation?

Designing a beautiful presentation is only half the battle. You also need to write the content for your presentation in a compelling way. We've got a detailed tutorial that'll help you with your presentation writing process:

5. Can I Add Interactive Maps to My PowerPoint Slides? 

Yes, you can add interactive maps to your PowerPoint presentation. Use them to easily share locations, potential markets to expand to, market distribution, and more.

Learn about interactive maps in the following tutorial:

How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

No matter what type of template you choose, it helps to add skills to your PowerPoint toolbelt. Learning a bit more about how to work in Microsoft's presentation app helps you spend less time building presentations. You'll have more time preparing to speak.

At Envato Tuts+, we've got a deep library of tutorials that you can use to conquer PowerPoint's learning curve. For a complete set of tutorials in one convenient article check out our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.)

Check out these professional PowerPoint tutorials for lessons that can help you learn key skills quickly:

Discover More Great Pro PowerPoint PPT Templates for 2020

Didn't find the premium best PowerPoint presentations for business you were looking for? 

Check out more best business PowerPoint presentations below:

Start Designing Your PowerPoint Business Presentation Now (In 2020)

There’s a rich library of best free business PowerPoint templates available for 2020. Free templates are perfect for building out slide decks to share your business with the world. 

Remember, professional premium templates are available with Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for a low cost. 

These professional PowerPoint templates add even greater refinement to your presentations. Whichever template you choose for 2020, be assured you can present with new confidence with a pre-built presentation design for Microsoft PowerPoint. Why not download one today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new PowerPoint professional business presentation templates with the best, high-quality designs.

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