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Google Slides: How to Quickly Find the Best Add-ons

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Read Time: 3 mins

Google Slides is a powerful web-based tool for building a presentation and it only gets stronger with Google Slides add-ons. Using add-ons can come in handy when you want to expand the functionality of Slides.

Let's learn more about Google Slides add-ons in this quick written tutorial with a short video.

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guide to making great presentationsguide to making great presentationsguide to making great presentations

NoteIn this tutorial we use the Circles Google Slides template. You can find more awesome Google Slides templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. Or look in the 20 Best Business Presentation Templates for Google Slides

How to Find Google Slides Add-Ons Quickly

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. See Available Google Slides Add-ons

opening add-on optionsopening add-on optionsopening add-on options
If you select Get add-ons from the menu you can see the Google Slides add-on options.

Let's go up to the Add-ons menu and choose Add-ons > Get add-ons. A screen opens showing the available Google Slides add-ons.

2. Browse for the Add-ons You Want

google slides add-ons optionsgoogle slides add-ons optionsgoogle slides add-ons options
There are many different Google Slides add-ons available.

This is like a built-in app store that shows all of the add-ons that are available

3. Add a Google Slides Add-on

Add-ons add extra features to Slides. A great example of this is the Unsplash add-on, which is a free stock photo service. Let's go ahead and click to add it. 

authorize a Google Slides add-onauthorize a Google Slides add-onauthorize a Google Slides add-on
Make sure you trust the Google Slides add-on before authorizing it.

There are some cursory click throughs to connect to it and authorize it using our Google account. Make sure you trust the service before you authorize it.

4. Use the Add-on From Within Google Slides

using a Google Slides add-onusing a Google Slides add-onusing a Google Slides add-on
Once you've added the Google Slides add-on, you're ready to use it.

Now that we've added it we can come up to the Add-ons menu and browse through the new menu that's added. The Unsplash add-on appears in the sidebar and we can simply click on an image to add it into our presentation. That's it.

Finishing Up!

This add-on is a great example of how much can be added to Google Slides. Each one is going to work a little differently, but the key here is that you know they exist and that they add functionality to Google Slides. Make sure to spend some time exploring and checking out all of the add-ons that are available to extend Slides.

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