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19+ Best Tech & Cool Startup Logo Designs (Inspiration for 2019)


Tech and startup companies live on the cutting edge. The mission is creativity and the goal is invention. And these forces, however strong, require a strong public presence to truly succeed. 

That’s where inspiring tech company logos come in.  Suppose you’re a creative visionary who has just introduced the next big idea. And now you need branding to match!

One Co Tech Logo Maker
This eye-catching tech logo maker is just one of many available on Placeit.

Logos are at the tip of the branding spear. When done right, technology company logos become fixed in the minds of millions. But for every one of those, there are untold numbers of startups that come and go without ever being noticed. 

The ultimate key is to truly understand your vision and mission, and craft a high tech logo to match it. You can make a cool tech logo quickly using a logo maker from Envato Placeit or a logo template from Envato Elements.

20 Best Tech & Startup Logo Designs

Featuring thousands of professional templates, the challenges of design are left up to the professionals with Placeit. All you've got to do is drop in your own content and download the finished product. 

Best of all—Placeit operates totally within your favorite web browser, with no need to purchase or understand complicated editing software. By using Placeit, the hard work is gone from tech logo ideas, and you've got even more time to promote your next big thing. Let’s explore 20 of the best tech and cool startup logos from Placeit!

1. Logo Template to Design a Startup Logo

Logo Template for Startup Logo

Featuring a fun collection of modern iconography, this tech logo design template is versatile enough to suit almost any startup. The animals and object features literally bring character to your great idea. Don’t hesitate to explore different color combinations and fonts to hit on something truly unique.

2. Logo Maker for Technology Companies

Logo Maker for Tech Companies

With a specific focus on high-tech firms, this sleek modern template design upgrades your branding in a flash. Keep it in mind for futuristic ideas and visionary creations.

3. Tech Company Logo Maker

Tech Company Logo Maker

Elegant minimalism is a hallmark of IT company logo inspiration. Many IT concepts are designed to bring simplicity to formerly complex tasks. Why should marketing be any different?

4. Online Logo Maker for Tech Stores

Online Logo Maker for Tech stores

Online retail is a niche area of modern tech startups. It’s also one of the most lucrative, and to capture new customers, you've got to get their attention. This polished new logo template makes that easy, with a wide array of options to tailor your offerings to your market.

5. Abstract Logo Design for Tech Corporations

Abstract for Tech

Abstract design emphasizes generalities and simplicity of style. It’s ideal as you promote your great, big ideas. This template captures the spirit of minimalism perfectly.

6. Logo Maker for Manufacturing Tech Industry

Logo Maker for Manufacturing Tech

Tech startups don’t just live online. They’re sweeping heavy manufacturing as well. For a gritty, industrial look for your startup branding, turn to this template to build something new and great.

7. Advertising Company Logo Generator

AD Corp Logo Maker

We’ve talked a lot about marketing your startup, but now imagine marketing your marketing startup. Indeed, advertising is a fast-growing segment of tech companies, thanks to the countless new mediums out there today. Show off your design prowess close to home with this amazing template.

8. Corporate Logo Creator with Centered Graphic

Globex Corporate Logo Creator

Tech startup logo designs often focus on logos with adjacent text. But that isn’t the only option out there. Case in point: this stylish logo with bold text overlaying the logo of your choice.

9. Marketing Company Logo Maker

Marketing Company Logo Maker

Featuring a collection of abstract logo images and modern fonts, this template is at the forefront of technology company logos. With fully customizable colors and backgrounds, it’s the ultimate in creative power in a single download.

10. Building Logo Maker

Building Logo Maker

Capture the spirit of progress and innovation with this vertical startup logo template. The focus is on creation and design, with geometric icons inspired by the world’s great buildings. Use them to style your startup’s branding.

11. Entrepreneur Logo Maker

Entrepreneur Logo Maker

Keep an eye on success with this visionary template. No matter the mission of your tech startup, this template is designed to help your new startup succeed. Just drop in your own content to build an incredible logo.

12. Start Up Logo Maker with Rocket Graphics

Start Up Logo Maker with Rocket Graphics

Rocket graphics are the perfect way to symbolize your launch to success. And with this sleek new template, you can bring them to your own logo design. For startup logo inspiration, this offering is truly tough to beat.

13. Start Up Design Logo Maker

start up design logo maker

To add new inspiration to your tech startup logo, turn to this versatile offering from Placeit. With icons representing countless interests, you’re sure to find something that fits your startup’s brand. Explore the unique color palettes and placeholders for even more variety.

14. Abstract Logo Maker with Colorful Graphics

Abstract Logo Maker

Featuring pastel colors and retro text iconography, this abstract template lends a throwback look and feel to your tech startup logo. Mix and match each element, and be sure to throw in unique fonts, to build out an inspired logo like no other.

15. Logo Maker for Start Up Apps

Logo Maker for Start Up Apps

Apps are at the forefront of today’s tech startups. Mobile devices are sweeping the world, and it’s your turn to capitalize on this new revolution. With this dynamic new template, you can capture the creative energy of the app ecosystem in seconds.

16. Abstract Logo Maker with Abstract Icons

Abstract Logo Maker with Abstract Icons

Elegant and yet understated, this abstract template keeps the focus on your name and branding. With sleek, cool graphics designed to complement your image, you can give new life to your startup brand with this easy-to-use template.

17. Custom Logo Maker for Tech Shops

Custom Logo Maker for Tech Shops

Delivering an emphasis on startup retailers, this logo template drives sales conversions effortlessly. Thanks to bold styling and minimalist design, customers will be inspired to check out your offerings. Diverse iconography makes this template easily customizable to fit a variety of new startup offerings.

18. Corporate Logo Maker for a Modern Corporation

Corporate Logo Maker

Inject your brand with modern style and refined polish with this stunning template. Featuring ethereal graphics and bold, funky text overlays, you’re sure to make an impact with this unforgettable offering. Your potential customers will agree.

19. Corporate Logo Design Creator for a Startup Company

Corporate Logo Design Creator

Built to put your tech startup on the world stage, this startup logo encompasses world-class design in a stylish package. Complex backgrounds render a new look and feel with every edit, so it’s easy to make this one truly your own.

20. Corporate Logo Design Generator with Geometric Graphic

Tabris Corp

Finally, check out this incredible geometric startup and tech logo design. With edgy text overlays and versatile background graphics, it’s easily shaped into your own image. Don’t forget to adjust the background colors as well for even more customization.

5 Quick Ideas for Building Tech Company Logos

As you can see, Placeit offers countless incredible options to help you get started building your new tech startup logo. Each design is packed with startup logo inspiration, with the goal of catapulting your firm into the forefront. Now that we’ve explored a few of the many great templates to choose from, let’s take an in-depth look at how to use them.

As we discussed before, Placeit’s online editor makes building tech company logos a breeze. There’s no need to employ complicated and expensive editing software. Instead, you build your logo in your web browser and simply click download when finished. It’s quick, easy, and a surefire way to bring premier branding to your startup. Let’s learn how easy it is to build your very own Placeit tech startup logo, in just five simple steps.

1. Choose the Right Template

As we saw above, Placeit offers a wide variety of tech and startup logo design templates. To explore them, simply type in your chosen keywords in the search box. Placeit will display all of the results, complete with easily viewable thumbnails. As you can see in this preview image, the variety is truly unmatched and is sure to suit any purpose. When you see one you like, just click on it to open a larger preview.

Choose Template
Choose a starting template from Placeit that matches the startup aesthetic.

2. Customize the Logo

I’ve clicked on a template I like here, and Placeit will take me to the design screen for that template. The first thing I want to do is customize the logo that sits in the background of the logo design. To do that, I’ll simply scroll through these options over on the right side in the Graphic sidebar. You’ll see many preview images here. To apply one, I’ll simply click on it to change the logo.

Customize Logo Placeit
Start customizing the image and color scheme to accompany your Placeit logo.

3. Customize the Text

Next up, you can also customize text by adjusting words, fonts, and sizing. These options live in the left sidebar. I’ll add some text of my own by typing over the placeholders. And then, I can adjust the font and text size with the handy dropdowns here.

Customize Text Placeit logo
Customize the text placeholders with your own branding to bring it to life.

4. Change the Colors

Last but not least, it’s time to adjust the background colors. Backgrounds are adjustable thanks to this handy sidebar on the right side. To change the color, simply click on the dropdown and select another option from the color chooser. For even more customization options, click on “More” to open up a full color wheel. You can also paste in a color hex code here for precise matches.

Change the colors
Change the color scheme to match your branding guide.

5. Download the Finished Product

When you’re finished building your own tech and startup logo, click on Download to receive your image file. Once it’s downloaded, you can use it to promote your startup across the full marketing spectrum.

Download finished logo
Download a finished logo to complete the design process.

4 Top Tips for Tech Logos

For startup logo inspiration, let’s explore some top tips for building a successful tech & startup logo:

  1. Be memorable. You’re competing in a crowded space, and no matter how special your product, you’ll have to try hard to stand out. Aim at branding that’s fun, classy, and inspired by your mission.
  2. Be vibrant. A part of being memorable lies in using a memorable color palette effectively. Even sleek shades of silver and gray count - ask some of today’s most successful tech companies. The goal is to leverage color to match your style and purpose.
  3. Remember that words count. Logo images, as effective as they are, often fall short without text to match. Never forget that fashionable fonts dramatically upgrade logos, and should be employed any time you want to share your name and slogan.
  4. Keep it simple. Tech and startup companies thrive on innovation; the reinvention and improvement of our world. So busy and complex logos might contradict this purpose. Clean design never goes out of style.

The best way to understand these simple principles is to explore the logos of your favorite startups. More often than not, you’ll find them to ring true in their design elements. Use these as guideposts coupled with your own creativity. When combined, one-of-a-kind timeless logos are within easy reach.

Logo template for startups
There's just a certain look to startup logos - and thanks to Placeit, you can build tech startup logos of your own.

If you aren't a graphic designer, that's okay too! Quick and easy tech logo inspiration lies within easy reach. Placeit is an online resource to develop stunning graphic design content. 

Unlimited Tech Company Logos With Envato Elements

As amazing as Placeit is, it isn’t your only option for logo design. Envato Elements is a top choice for creatives building startup logo designs. Elements is an all-you-can-download service available with a low monthly fee. It features thousands of professional templates built for easy use and stylish design.

Envato Elements images

Rather than being an online editor, Elements offers project templates for popular editing software. This gives you even more flexibility and creative power to build the tech startup logo of your dreams. The content library is robust, but easily accessible to all.

Don’t forget to search Elements’ incredible library as you embark on your startup creative journey. By using Elements, you can unlock the ultimate creative control to build your brand image just as you wish.

Start Building Your Startup or Tech Logo Today

You’ve seen how critical it is to build a unique, unforgettable logo for your tech startup. 

You’ve also learned how to build an amazing design in seconds, thanks to Placeit and Envato Elements. Now it’s your turn. Explore these stunning templates, or select one of your own, and get to work building your brand. Thanks to these tools, the process is easier—but more rewarding—than it's ever been before.

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