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Build Audience Share for Your New Online Business

This post is part of a series called Marketing Your New Online Business.
Plan Multi-Content Marketing for Your New Online Business

There are several ways to get noticed and grow your business online, and in this three-part video series, you'll learn how. Here in video three, discover the power of networking. 

When you are first getting started, your audience and mailing list is likely quite small. By building relationships with movers in your niche, you’re laying the groundwork to getting in front of their sizable audience. By guest blogging, guest emailing, interviewing, and setting up speaking engagements you can build on the connections you make with innovators in your field, thereby increasing your exposure and building your audience.

If you haven’t already grabbed this series workbook go ahead and do so now. It includes practical exercises and tips to help you move forward with marking your new online business.  


Graphic Credit: Click designed by Simple Icons and Crowd designed by Shane Holley from the Noun Project.

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