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20+ Cool Clothing & T-Shirt Company Brand Logo Designs for 2019


More than ever, consumers want to wear clothing that matches their identities. The logos they wear and the brands they don't reflect who they are and what they believe.

If you're launching a clothing brand in 2019, it's crucial that you build a logo that stands out from the crowd. It should match the vision you've got for your new fashion line.

Peep Kids logo
Learn to build a clothing logo like this one in just a few minutes using templates from Placeit.

Let's learn how to build a memorable apparel logo using Placeit that'll find its way to the top of the rack! You'll also discover some clothing logo ideas from Envato Elements.

5 Quick Logo Design Tips from Top Clothing Brands

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build your own clothing logo with some help from starter templates. You'll learn to use Placeit, a browser-based logo maker, to create an excellent fashion brand logo.

Before we dive into building a clothing brand logo, it helps to draw some inspiration from some of the most ubiquitous designs. Let's learn from some of the world's most popular fashion brands with five clothing logo design lessons below:

Note: The logos below are for illustrative purposes only. The companies who own the logos below aren't affiliated with Placeit or Envato. 

1. Focus on Typography

Some of the world's most memorable clothing brand logos use only text and initials to capture the spirit of the brand.

Focusing on typography means considering custom font faces that aren't commonplace. Eschew Georgia and Times New Roman for totally custom logo options for T-shirts that won't easily be replicated.

Typography in Clothing Logo

2. Align the Logo With the Brand

Above all, your logo should capture the same spirit that your clothing and accessories do. It's all about aligning a logo with the brand's intent so that everything feels like a natural fit.

The Ray-Ban logo is a perfect example of this. The simplicity, clean text, and tilt feels like the perfect fit for the fashionable brand known for its sunglasses.

Ray Ban Logo Design

3. Stay Consistent

Once you've rolled out your logo, it's a must that you commit to using it. I've seen brands that constantly shift their logo and identity. A constantly revolving set of logos makes it impossible for consumers to connect.

There's no better example of consistency than Nike's steadfast commitment to the "swoosh."  It's quite clearly the face of the brand, and it might be one of the best $35 ever spent. 

Consistency in logo

4. Simplicity Means Memorability

Make it memorable and make it simple. Logos like Chanel remind me that less is truly more. That iconic look of two Cs perfectly captures the creator's intent. The simplicity also means that it works on practically any clothing or accessory.

Chanel Logo Design

5. Abstract Designs Stand Out

Don't think about building your apparel logo too narrowly. It's perfectly fine to borrow elements from culture or practically anywhere to bring your clothing logo design to life.

Take the Brooks Brothers logo for example. The Golden Fleece hardly screams "I'm a southern men's fashion brand," but it's come to be an iconic symbol of well-dressed southern business professionals.

Brooks Brothers Logo

Inspiration: 20 Clothing & T-Shirt Company Brand Logo Designs - 2019

Now that you've seen what some popular clothing brand logos look like, let's examine 20 of the best starting designs for clothing brand logos on Placeit:

1. Minimalist T-Shirt Brand Logo Template

Minimalist t shirt brand logo

Who says that T-shirt logo designs can’t be a bit dressy too? With the sophisticated text and collared shirt in this logo template, you’ll bring the best of both worlds—comfort and class—to your clothing brand logo. 

2. Clothing Logo Maker for Boutiques and Brands

Clothing Logo Maker for Boutiques and Brands

When you’re building out your clothing brand logo, one route that you can take is an artisanal approach. Brands like this do a great job of capturing the touch of a designer in the branding. Use a logo like this with an almost hand-painted script to capture a look and feel that’s perfectly artistic.

3. Logo Template for T-Shirts and Accessories

Logo Template for T Shirts

For a higher-end clothing brand logo, what better visual is there than showcasing a price tag? When you use a pre-built T-shirt logo design like this one, you’ll bring to the table an upper-class brand that consumers might be willing to pay extra for.

4. Clothing Logo Maker for Kids Brands

Clothing Logo Maker for Kids Brands

If your clothing brand logo needs to capture a fun and playful effect, this is one of my favorite choices. Animal shapes and a fingerprint style are sure to be noticed. This T-shirt logo feels perfect for a lighthearted clothing brand that would appeal perfectly to kids clothing brands.

5. Fresh Logo Design Template for Clothing Brand

Fresh Logo Design Template

Make no mistake: this clothing brand logo means business. A big, bold initial means that your brand likely plays a big part if you use this clothing logo design option. Try it out for a way to permanently attach a key initial to your next clothing brand launch.

6. Logo Maker for Tennis Shoes Stores

Logo Maker for Tennis Shoes Stores

Shoe culture is as relevant as ever in modern fashion. Even if you’re designing T-shirt logo or looking for general clothing logo ideas, a shoe logo still captures the spirit of a modern fashion brand. If your apparel line includes footwear, this might just be the perfect way to capture both those needs in a single logo.

7. Logo Maker for Indie Clothing Brands

Logo Maker for Indie Clothing Brand

Clothing brand logos run the gamut of designs and styles, and this preset designed for indie clothing brands is the perfect example. You can use built-in art designs like a flower shape to bring a unique clothing logo design to life. It’s a great reminder that your T-shirt logo can incorporate so much more than simple text and shapes and that you can build it all in Placeit.

8. Signature Logo Maker for Fashion Brand

Signature Logo Maker

Some of the best brands make use of simple signature elements. This T-shirt logo design is the perfect starting point for that type of look. As always, it’s easy to change the brand colors, built-in text, and even alter the font thanks to Placeit. 

9. Clothing Brand Maker - Circular Design

Clothing Logo - Circular

This clothing brand logo has the perfect vintage and elegant feel that'll stand out. Simple, flowery designs and elegant text combine perfectly in the preset you can see in the preview image. Customize it for a brand that combines lifestyle with fashion to build a sense connection with your potential customer.

10. Cool T-Shirt Brand Logo Design Template

Cool T Shirt Brand Logo

Some of the best clothing brand logos keep it simple, with only a key letter or two that acts as the face of the brand. This example captures that exact spirit. One of the strengths of using a look like this is that it’s easily visible from far away. Choose a design like this for the type of T-shirt logo that someone recognizes from across the room.

11. Seamstress Logo Design Template

Seamstress Logo Design

The Seamstress clothing brand logo preset has that handmade, craftsman feel to it. Building a great logo is all about aligning the look with the mission of the brand. If your clothing brand is all about the attention to detail and work that goes into the product, this might just be the perfect logo for you.

12. Logo Maker for Fishing Supplies Store

Logo Maker for Fishing Supplies

A number of the best clothing brand logos capture the spirit of the sea, and it’s easy to see why. The beach and the ocean are home to many consumers’ best memories, so it makes perfect sense that logos try to capture this. Use this T-shirt logo design to bring a maritime feel to your next apparel line.

13. Logo Template for Garment Brand

Logo Template for Garment Brand

This company logo T-shirt won’t be mistaken. A simple hanger element, clean text, and an explanation of the key products offered combine to easily explain the brand’s goal. Use this to cut to the chase in what your clothing company is all about.

14. Children's Clothing Brand Logo Template

Childrens Clothing Brand

It’s not hard to find clothing brand logos that use animal caricatures as the face of the brand. It’s perfect for outdoor and playful clothing brands that don’t take themselves too seriously. If that sounds like what you've got in mind for your next apparel line, use this preset clothing logo design as the starting point for your launch.

15. Logo Design Maker for Outfitters Brand

Logo Design Maker for Outfitters

Fly your T-shirt logo design high with this brand! If your new company specializes specifically in the world of cool logo T-shirts, this is the perfect logo to use. Choose it if you want your potential consumer to know that you’re in the business of T-shirts.

16. Logo Template with 90s Style for Apparel

Logo template with 90s style

Another clothing logo design concept is to use something more abstract. The strength of this is that can act as the face of your brand in a way that transcends any medium. Choose an abstract design like the one above if you someday hope to see your clothing logo design on practically any medium.

17. Fashion Shop Logo Maker with Curved Text

Fashion Shop Logo Maker with Curved Text

A simple, clean clothing logo design like this one wastes no space. This is flexible enough to be used as a logo design for practically any medium but shines for modern apparel thanks to its simplicity and style.

18. Kids Tee Logo Maker with Dinosaur Graphics

Kids Tee Logo Maker with Dino Graphics

What child wouldn’t want to add a dinosaur to practically every T-shirt they own? Even I’m thinking about adding more dinos to my wardrobe after checking out this T-shirt logo design. You can use it too, with easy customizations of the brand name, color palette, and more.

19. Apparel Stores with 90s Graphic Logo

Apparel Stores with 90s Graphic Logo

If the term “shirts” is in your clothing company’s name, this is a great choice thanks to that custom “S” character in the middle. It’s a bit abstract, but that’s just the type of T-shirt logo it sometimes takes to stand out from the crowd. Keep this in mind if your company name fits the bill.

20. Text Only Logo Maker for Clothes Brand

Text Only Logo Maker

Rounding out our selections is a classy company logo T-shirt design that’s text-oriented. A logo like this one's ideal for an apparel line that could include a wide variety of items since it’s simple and text-based. Still, the simplicity of this logo is a strength because it feels classy and could be applied to practically any brand.

How to Make a T-Shirt (Clothing Brand) Logo Design Online

Earlier in this tutorial, we highlighted some of the best clothing brand logos that you can build with Placeit. This is an amazing T-shirt logo design maker tool that lives entirely in your web browser, and can help you build an easy logo in just a few clicks.

Let's walk through building a fashion brand logo using Placeit below:

1. Choose a Starting Template Preset

You've already seen 20 of the best fashion brand logo templates, so make sure you start with a template. It doesn't have to match exactly what you've got in mind. Just look for a few key elements that you can see potential in. Click on one of the templates above to launch your design.

Choose starting logo template

2. Update the Graphic

The starting logo design may not have exactly the image you've got in mind, but that's okay. Just search for a matching idea on the right side, then choose a matching image to update the logo. In the example below, I quickly swapped in a chick logo to match my brand identity.

Update Graphic Placeit

3. Add Your Text

Next, you can update the text using the boxes on the left side. Type over the placeholders to add your brand identity. You can also toggle off one of the text boxes, as you can see in the example below.

Update text in Placeit logo

4. Adjust the Branding Elements

Matching the clothing logo design to the brand is a must. The best way to do that is to incorporate the brand's color palette in your logo. Click on the color drop-downs on the right side to change the colors to your key color selections.

Adjust Branding Elements

At this stage, you can easily click on download to export the finished the logo, both on a transparent background and with the pastel backdrop we created above.

5. Bring the Logo to Life

If you want your audience to see the logo in the real world, it helps to use another amazing tool from Placeit: a T-shirt mockup tool! With this template creator, just drop in your logo and you'll see it in a realistic product shot. It's a great way to build a marketing image. 

To learn more about Placeit's tool, check out the guide below:

Totally Customizable Clothing Brand Logos (With Unlimited Use)

While Placeit is a browser-based clothing logo design maker to help you create your next clothing brand logo, you can also use offline templates to build your next apparel graphic.

If you're more comfortable in graphic design apps like Adobe Illustrator or Photos, Envato Elements might be the perfect choice for you. A single subscription to Elements unlocks everything, including hundreds of logos that are fit for clothing brands.

Here are my favorite templates from Envato Elements to create your next clothing logo:

1. Salt Water Logo

Salt Water Logo

This attractive nautical logo template would easily work for a custom logo T-shirt or other clothing brand logo. This easy-to-use template can be modified using Adobe Illustrator. Your customers are sure to notice the distinct look and ocean theme.

2. Floral Business Logos

Floral Business Logos

This floral-inspired logo template set includes four different logos. The elegant look of these logos is perfect for fashion-related company logo T-shirts. You can customize the colors to match your brand. The templates come with a AI (Adobe Illustrator) file and a CDR (CorelDraw) file.

3. Retro Industrial

Retro Industrial

Do you love the retro look? Maybe your company sells vintage clothing. It makes sense to have a clothing logo design that matches your company's mission. In this logo template set you'll find eight hand made logos that you can resize, change colors, or otherwise modify to fit your brand.

4. Fashion Logo

Fashion Logo

Here's an Adobe Illustrator logo template designed specifically for clothing brand logos and other fashion-related needs. You'll love the crisp, modern feel to this one as well as the ease of editing.

5. Hunter Vintage

Hunter Vintage

Does your clothing brand specialize in outdoor clothing? Consider using one of the ten logo designs from the Hunter Vintage collection as a source of great clothing logo ideas. This set is perfect for T-shirt logo designs and other custom clothing logos.

Create a Fashion Brand Logo Today

Now that we've reviewed the best options for clothing design logos, it's time for you to jump into designing your own. You can use Placeit to build a clothing brand logo in your web browser, or take your design skills offline with templates from Envato Elements. And either choice can be combined with the Placeit T-shirt logo design maker tool to bring your design into the real world!

Remember: build a logo that captures the spirit of your brand. With a bit of work, you might see your logo on clothing everywhere.

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