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25 Best Free & Premium Email Footer Signature Template Designs to Download for 2022

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Read Time: 22 min

If you're not using your email signature to promote your business and resources in 2022, you're missing an opportunity. If people read to the end of your email (and why wouldn't they?), then it's the perfect place to highlight what's new and share important contact details.

Download email footer templates on Envato ElementsDownload email footer templates on Envato ElementsDownload email footer templates on Envato Elements
This premium email signature template features 1000 email signature designs.

With millions of emails sent and received daily, make sure your email signature design stands out. That's why it makes sense to use an email footer template to get recipients' attention. 

In this guide, I'll share some of the best paid and free email signature templates you can use to make your email signature work for you. If you're looking for great email signature designs or closing email signatures, don't miss the premium email signature samples from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Why Use a Premium Email Footer Signature Template? 

So, why would you need a premium footer signature template, anyway? Plenty of reasons. Using templates is a real time-saver, especially when there are so many fiddly details to include in your signature.

Plus, you get a great design without the hassle of creating it yourself. A professional template is also easy to customize so you get a unique look for your email signature design.

Download creative email signature templates on Envato ElementsDownload creative email signature templates on Envato ElementsDownload creative email signature templates on Envato Elements

If you're looking for professional email footer templates, then Envato Elements has a great offer you can try today. Download as many of the best email signature templates as you want, for one low price.

Find unlimited creative assets on Envato Elements including email footer templatesFind unlimited creative assets on Envato Elements including email footer templatesFind unlimited creative assets on Envato Elements including email footer templates

You can also find affordable email footer signature templates on GraphicRiver, for one-off use.

5 Premium Email Footer Signature Template Designs From Envato Elements for 2022

If your budget is tight, you might be tempted to go for free email signature templates. But free templates come at a price. You might not end up with a professional-looking email signature if you opt for a freebie

Visit Envato Elements to find a range of professionally-designed premium emails signature templates that work in all modern email clients. To find the perfect template, visit the site and choose Graphic Templates.

get email footer designs on Envato Elementsget email footer designs on Envato Elementsget email footer designs on Envato Elements
Premium email signatures on Envato Elements.

Type signature into the search box. Use the on-screen filters to choose Websites and UX and UI Kits. Then you'll see a selection of email footer signature templates you can use. Select your chosen template and click Download.

Here's a selection of what's on offer from Envato Elements in 2022:

1. Creative Email Signature V05

Creative Email Signature V05 Email Footer DesignCreative Email Signature V05 Email Footer DesignCreative Email Signature V05 Email Footer Design

The stylish design of the Creative Email Signature template pack is a perfect match for an agency or freelancer. It includes four unique layouts that you can tweak. Customize everything from the color to text. This email signature sample also includes a file so you can download the fonts found here.

2. Email Signature v.2

Email Signature v2 Email Footer TemplateEmail Signature v2 Email Footer TemplateEmail Signature v2 Email Footer Template

Are you looking for a professional closing email signature? Then you'll like the three email footer designs this pack has to offer. They're well-organized and let you add a splash of color to your emails. Choose from three layouts and sizes. Use Smart Objects and easy color replacement to personalize your email footer template.

3. Email Signature v.7

Email Signature v7 Email Footer TemplateEmail Signature v7 Email Footer TemplateEmail Signature v7 Email Footer Template

If you're looking for the best email signature templates, this pack of four layouts is a good place to start. With modern and professional designs, the templates support fast color and text editing. These fully responsive designs work with Smart Objects. You'll be able to craft a great email footer design in Photoshop in no time.

4. Email Signatures

end of email signature templatesend of email signature templatesend of email signature templates

This email footer template set has 20 email signature layouts with 12 color combinations.  This lets you create a distinctive email signature. Start your creative process with the built-in smart catalog so you can choose and design the perfect email signature fast. 

The minimalist designs ensure that your business signature looks professional. There's in-depth documentation to help you make the most of your new email signature design once it's been created.

5. Email Signature

1000 closing email signatures1000 closing email signatures1000 closing email signatures

Not sure what to choose for your email footer design? You'll find plenty to consider in this email signature template set. It boasts 50 designs in 20 color schemes, making 1,000 different end of email signatures in all. 

Whether you're using Gmail, Apple Mail, or an app like Thunderbird, your email signature will do your business credit, thanks to these adaptable designs. It's like a business card inside your email. 

These are just a selection of the beautiful premium email footer templates available on Envato Elements. You can also find even more email signature samples on GraphicRiver.

7 Trending Premium Email Footer Templates From GraphicRiver for 2022

GraphicRiver's email footer templates are a good choice for those who need a single template for one-off use. These professional templates also feature beautiful design.

To find a template on GraphicRiver, go to the Graphics section of the site. Type in email signature. There are dozens of email signature designs you can choose from. 

GraphicRiver Email SignaturesGraphicRiver Email SignaturesGraphicRiver Email Signatures
Premium Email Signatures on GraphicRiver

Here are a few GraphicRiver email signature templates to get you started in 2022:

1. Email Signature

GraphicRiver email signature sampleGraphicRiver email signature sampleGraphicRiver email signature sample

There are plenty of email signature samples in this template set. That gives many ways to craft the perfect email signature to represent your business. With 43 layouts and seven color variations, it won't take long to create a standout signature for your email footer. The template is fully editable and includes free fonts and icons. 

2. Email Signature

1000 template html email signatures1000 template html email signatures1000 template html email signatures

This closing email signature template set includes 1,000 signature options for your emails. With 20 colors and 50 designs, match your signature to your brand or create different email signatures for different purposes. These template HTML email signatures use free fonts. There's also a smart catalog to help you identify and design the perfect email footer signature. 

3. Email Signature

best email signature templatesbest email signature templatesbest email signature templates

There's a lot to like with this template HTML email signature bundle. The creative and professional designs are available in 20 colors and 40 layouts. The result is hundreds of alternatives for your business email signature. 

Easily customize this email signature template with social media links or your own logo to make it even more appealing. Its professional design and ease of use make this a great premium alternative to an email signature html template free download.

4. 360 Professional E-Signature Templates

360 email footer templates360 email footer templates360 email footer templates

These professional email footer templates are available in 12 colors so you can match them to your company branding. Plus, there are 30 layout options. Detailed help files help you customize the template HTML email signature files to get the look you want. The set uses free fonts and icons and gives you a signature that looks great on all modern email clients.

5. Otrion E-Signature Builder

email signature designsemail signature designsemail signature designs

This email footer signature template includes an online builder, so you won't need to code to get the perfect email signature. In fact, the designer promises that you can create a signature in two minutes. Customize the template by changing colors and adding images to personalize your end of email signature. This is a fully responsive template set that'll look great on mobile email clients.

6. Email Signature

email signature sample templatesemail signature sample templatesemail signature sample templates

This set of template HTML email signatures includes 22 layout variations and five colors. It's fully editable and easy to customize and uses free fonts and icons. A help file is included so you make the most of this set of email footer designs. All signatures have the option of being wide or including white space. 

7. HTML Professional E-Signature Templates

Template HTML Email SignatureTemplate HTML Email SignatureTemplate HTML Email Signature

Want to keep things simple? Then try the email signature options in this template set. 

There are 12 professional email signature designs to choose from. They use free fonts and icons. Create a personalized email signature easily with the built-in smart objects functionality. 

12+ Free Email Signature Templates and Generators (2022 Downloads)

Premium templates are best for a professional look and unique design. They're also well-supported by designers, making it easy for you to get any help or upgrades you need. 

Free Envato FilesFree Envato FilesFree Envato Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

There may be a way for you to get premium quality templates at no cost. Before looking for free email signature templates on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always templates for html email signatures) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

 But, if your budget is tight and you can't find what you need, email signature templates that are free to download may be your only option. Here are some of the free email signature templates email signature generators we could find:

1.  Black Friday Email Signature Template

free email signature templatesfree email signature templatesfree email signature templates

The Black Friday Email Signature HTML Template is a free download from Mail Signatures. This two-column template includes a space for a marketing banner. So, you can promote products and services as part of your email signature.

2. HubSpot Email Signature Generator

Create your own email signature design with this useful free tool from HubSpot. It includes six sample layouts. Easily edit your details, change theme colors, or upload images to customize the signature. This tool will make many free email signature templates for you.

3. Designhill Email Signature Generator

You can create the best free email signature with Designhill. Use this email signature generator to create email signature templates that are free to download. Boasting a 60-second creation time, this email signature generator has several templates, works with modern email clients, and makes it easy to add social media links. 

4. Exclaimer Free Email Signature Generator

email signature templates free downloademail signature templates free downloademail signature templates free download

This online generator is an easy way to get an email footer design. Fill in your information via the online builder. You'll have an email signature in a short while. There's an on-screen preview so you know exactly how your email signature will look.

5. HoneyBook Email Signature Generator

With this generator choose from a few templates. Then use an online form to fill in your details. 

There's also an instant preview to show how your email will look. Add social media links to your signature. You'll have the best free email signature in no time.

6. CloudHQ Free Email Signature Generator

If you're a Chrome user, then create your end of email signature with this generator from CloudHQ. In a couple of clicks you can add it via the Chrome store and start the design process. This generator lets you include video in your email signature.

7. WiseStamp

email signature html template free downloademail signature html template free downloademail signature html template free download

It's quick to create an email footer signature with the template designs in WiseStamp. As well as the standard signature details, you can add photos and promotional banners. These are a great way to make your signature stand out.

8. Signature Maker Signature Generator

If you simply want to sign your name at the end of your email, this signature creator will let you do it. It's an online drawing tool so you can draw your signature and generate a file to drop into every email.  

Be warned. This tool doesn't save your signature. You've got just 15 minutes to download it.

9. Convertful Email Signature Template Generator

Convertful has handful of email signature templates for a free download you can use to create a signature. They work with the online email signature generator. Note that you'll have to fill in several forms to get all your data into your email signature.

10. Pad Box Email Signature Template

Mail Signatures has several email signature templates free to download. Pad Box is a two-column template that's got room for a company logo on the left. Make your email signature more engaging by uploading an animated GIF. If you're looking for email signature templates, this free download is a great option.

11. Stream Watch Email Signature Template

This is another of Mail Signature's free email signature templates. This template is suitable for corporate use. It includes an animated GIF, but you can replace that with your own company logo. Free email signature templates like Stream Watch are nice to have.

12. Blocks Earth Color Simple Email Signature

Books Earth Color Simple Best Free Email SignatureBooks Earth Color Simple Best Free Email SignatureBooks Earth Color Simple Best Free Email Signature

If you're a fan of simplicity, check out this free email signature design from Mail Signatures. It features three blocks of color in a Windows Metro design style. It's easy to add your details to this colorful email signature. This is one of the great email signature templates for free download.

13. Opensense Email Signature Templates

There are several email signature HTML template free downloads in this collection from Opensense. These are colorful and professional, suitable for a range of uses. You'll have to download them and edit the HTML yourself, though. If you're comfortable with HTML, then you can make yourself the best free email signature with a little effort.

How to Quickly Customize Email Signature Template Designs (For 2022)

We’ve looked at some of the best email footer design options from around the web. Now, it’s time to learn how to customize your email footer templates. These help you bring your own signature footer to life.

You can build your own business signature template in just five quick steps. Let’s learn how. Follow along with the premium Email Signature template from Envato Elements today.

Email signature templateEmail signature templateEmail signature template
The premium Email Signature template from Elements is a powerful premium option for your next signature footer.
Let's get started:

1. Launch the File

A premium email footer template like this may include an array of file formats. You need to choose which editing apps to use. It may depend on which ones you've got available, or the one that you like the best. In this tutorial, we’ll be using Adobe Illustrator.

Email footer designEmail footer designEmail footer design
Launch your premium email footer template in Adobe Illustrator to begin editing.

With your signature footer template downloaded, open the folder containing it. This one has subfolders for a variety of apps. Click into the one labeled Adobe Illustrator, and open one of the .ai files inside. Adobe Illustrator will open, and now you can customize your business signature template.

2. Customize the Signature Text

With Illustrator open, you’ll see your email footer design templates in view. Each element on them is fully customizable. The text is a good place to start.

The words you’re seeing are placeholder text. You should type over them with your own words. To add text to your email footer templates, click on the Type tool. It’s shaped like the letter T and is found on Illustrator’s left sidebar.

Email footer templateEmail footer templateEmail footer template
Customizing text is a major step in editing any set of premium email footer templates.

With the Type tool active, click and drag across some of the text to select it. Press Delete on your keyboard.

Then, type in your own words. Watch as they appear on your email footer design. From here, repeat these steps with the other text on your email footer design.

3. Add Images

This signature footer template has custom shaped image placeholders. In them, you can add an image. To do so, you’ll need to be working in the Layers panel in Illustrator.

Email footer templatesEmail footer templatesEmail footer templates
Add images to premium signature footer templates using Illustrator's Layers panel.

With the Layers panel opened, open the folder tree for the 01 template. Open the Image subfolder. Drag your favorite image onto the canvas.

You’ll see it appear at the top of the Layers panel. Drag the file into the Image folder, immediately above Place Your Image Here. You’ll see it fill in the half-circle placeholder.

On the canvas, you can click and drag to decide which part or parts of the image will be visible. You won’t find intuitive placeholders like this in free signature templates!

4. Edit Background Color Settings

These email signature template designs come with a beautiful red and yellow background. But you can easily change this to add your own style. Begin by using the Direct Selection tool to select the entire template design.

Business signature templateBusiness signature templateBusiness signature template
By using Adjust Color Balance in Illustrator, you can change up the look and feel of your signature footer premium template in 2022.

Then, click on the Edit dropdown at the top of your screen, and choose Edit Colors > Adjust Color Balance. On this new menu, pull on the three sliders to adjust the color of the template.

The red background will begin changing colors. Make sure you have the Preview box checked on the lower left corner. This way, you can view the changes you’re making in real time.

When you’re finished, click OK. Once again, you can use this same approach to recolor individual shapes. Use the Direct Selection tool to select them, then return to the Edit dropdown and make the changes.

5. Export Your Own Business Signature Templates

Once you’ve finished editing your business signature template, it’s time to export it. This means saving the file in a format that you can add to your favorite email client.

To export your email footer design templates, go to the File dropdown menu in Illustrator. Then, go to Export > Export As. Here, you can give your file a name and pick a location to save it. You can also choose the file format.

Image formats like .png are often the default, and they’re a great choice.
Signature footerSignature footerSignature footer
Once you've exported your premium email footer design templates, you can import them into your favorite email clients.

When you’ve made your selections, click Export. That’s all it takes. Your all-new signature footer is ready to use! 

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Email Signature Designs for 2022

Before you get started on customizing your email signature, here are some more tips for success: 

1. Use a Professional Photo 

Email Signatures Reponsive PackEmail Signatures Reponsive PackEmail Signatures Reponsive Pack
Choose from several photo email signature layouts with the premium template Email Signatures Responsive Pack from Envato Elements.

A good photo or headshot makes a great impression. This isn't the time for a selfie. Spring for a professional photo to wow your email recipients.

2. Include a Call to Action 

Your email signature is an excellent place to encourage engagement. Use a call to action to drive traffic to your newsletter, or a resource you're offering.

3. Don't Forget the Basics

Even if you're creating a fancy email footer signature templates, remember the basic contact details. Add your name, address, phone, and email address.

4. Include Social Media Links

360 Professional E-Signature Templates360 Professional E-Signature Templates360 Professional E-Signature Templates
Here's just one of the many professional email signatures designs from the premium template bundle, 360 Professional Email Signatures.

It's a good idea to give email recipients another way to connect with you. Add your social media links, and some people will visit your profiles. You never know; you could get a few more fans or followers as a result.

5. Keep the Signature Uncluttered

It may be tempting to cram in lots of links, but an uncluttered design is more appealing. Leave lots of white space so what you DO add stands out.

5 Email Footer Signature Design Trends for 2022

You're now armed with a great email footer template and useful tips on making successful signatures. But before you get started, check out these design trends for email signatures in 2022:

1. Mobile-Friendly Signatures

Not everyone checks their emails on a desktop computer. In fact, nearly half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, according to Campaign Monitor. This means that you must make sure your end of email signature looks great on all devices.

2. Simple Use of Color

Colors can elevate the design of your email signature sample, but you can have too much of a good thing. Use no more than three colors when putting together your email footer design. Add your brand's colors and use the color wheel from Adobe to find their complements.

Email Signature SampleEmail Signature SampleEmail Signature Sample
The use of red, blue, and white in this premium email footer template is balanced and ties the design together.

3. Have a Photo

Whether your emails are going to old clients or new leads, building on the existing relationship is key. That's why you'll see many of the best email signature templates in 2022 let you add your photo. This personal touch is a trend that won't go away soon.

4. Unique Font Styles

Just like in other areas of the design world, creative fonts are a huge trend in email footer design. Find a style that fits your brand and is also easy to read for all. Head over to Envato Elements for font inspiration.

Creative Email Footer TemplateCreative Email Footer TemplateCreative Email Footer Template
Creative Email Signature V04 is a premium email signature template from Envato Elements uses a font that's interesting and relevant to the user's brand.

5. Intentional Spacing

This is one of the most important email signature design trends on this list. This helps reduce clutter and makes your closing email signature easier to read. Add white space with purpose. You'd be surprised by the difference it can make. 

Minimal End of Email SignatureMinimal End of Email SignatureMinimal End of Email Signature
The minimal Fresh Email Signature template (premium template) uses clever spacing to make it easy to read.

More Premium Email Signature Templates

Having options is always great when you're hunting for the best email signature templates. If you still haven't found the perfect email signature sample, we've grabbed a few more choices you should consider:

Benefits of Using Professional Email Footer Templates

Does using a template for your end of email signature really offer more than making one from scratch? The short answer is yes. There are a lot of advantages to using a template, so let's look at five of them:

  1. You'll save time. Designing an end of email signature can be a time-consuming process. You'll cut out all that time by finding a template that suits your style. 
  2. What you need is included. The best email signature templates have the elements you'll need like fonts and icons. You won't have to do anymore searching after you find your email footer template.
  3. The files are easy to use. Email signature samples and other templates have organized files. This means it's incredibly easy to get your email signature design ready.
  4. There's help if you're stuck. Most closing email signature designs have help files on how to use the templates. It's helpful if you don't have experience in design.
  5. Every template looks professional. Unlike some free email signature templates or amateur email footers, you'll have confidence that the quality will always be high.

Common Email Signature Questions Answered (FAQ)

When you think about designing an email signature template, you may have a few questions. Why use a template?

You may be wondering about the value of premium options for email footer templates. To help you, we’ve answered five common email signature questions:

1. How Do I Add a Business Signature Template to Outlook?

It’s easy! Outlook is one of the most widely used email apps today. Often, you’ll find yourself wanting to add a custom signature. Outlook’s signature feature lets you add an image like the one we exported in our mini-tutorial.

Learn more here:

2. How Do I Make My Signature Footer Stand Out?

In two ways:

  1. By grabbing attention.
  2. By conveying key details to readers.

Signatures should be short, concise, and to the point. You should avoid unnecessary details. Signatures should be visually attractive, without clutter.

For a full roundup of these ideas and more, visit our email signature tips tutorial now:

3. Do Email Footer Templates Help My Email Formats?

Yes! Email footer templates are a critical part of a well-formatted professional email. Email footer designs in particular close an email strongly.

Proper formats are essential to ensure you make a good impression on readers.

4. What Are the Best Fonts for an Email Signature Template?

Bold fonts are often the best option for your email footer design. A business signature template needs to be clear and readable on any device. You need to avoid overly-artistic fonts that may be tough to read.

You won't find custom fonts in most free email signature designers. For a list of the best bold fonts available today, visit our collection below:

5. Where Do I Find More Great Email Signature Templates?

Still searching for the best email footer design templates to use in 2022? Envato Elements is your very best option. It's far better than the free signature templates you can find online.

And to help you get started, we’ve made a list of the top business signature template designs today.

Learn More About Email For Business From Envato Tuts+

Email is more than a way to communicate. These electronic messages can be crucial for marketing and increasing sales. To learn more about using email for business, check out the following articles from Envato Tuts+:

Design Your Next Email Footer Signature Template with Envato Elements

Now it's your turn to give your email signature a fresh new look and make email recipients sit up and take notice. While there are plenty of free email signature templates in this article, remember that you'll find some of the best email signature templates on Envato Elements. There are also great email footer templates on GraphicRiver.

So, why wait? Get started on your next email signature design today. Download a template to begin.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Nathan Umoh and Andrew Childress. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

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