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18 Best Free Infographic & Graphic Apple Keynote Templates (For Mac Users 2022)

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Learn the best way to create infographics for Mac with the Keynote infographic templates. Don't waste time trying to create an infographic yourself. 

Keynote Infographic TemplateKeynote Infographic TemplateKeynote Infographic Template
Premium Keynote infographics like STARTUP (from Envato Elements) explain ideas with less text.

The term infographic joins two crucial elements for presentation success: information, and graphics! Information drives the value of a presentation, and graphics help to engage your audience. Use Apple Keynote infographics to combine the two!

Convert your text-rich Keynote slides into infographics that explain concepts. And when you use Keynote infographic templates, you already have everything you need.

In this post, you'll see Keynote infographic templates for free. You'll also see top professional Keynote infographic templates from Envato Elements. There are also Apple Keynote graphics from GraphicRiver. Let's start creating!

The Best Way to Create Keynote Infographics

Later in this article, you'll see free Keynote infographic templates. But before we look at no-cost options, let's see the low-cost options that have a definite design edge. Top graphic designers build the best infographics for Macs.

Thanks to Envato Elements, you can access unlimited premium Keynote infographic templates. That means that for a single flat-rate subscription, you can unlock thousands of templates. Each extra download costs you nothing extra.

Envato Elements Keynote Infographic TemplateEnvato Elements Keynote Infographic TemplateEnvato Elements Keynote Infographic Template
One fee, unlimited downloads - that's the unique value of Envato Elements. It's an excellent source for premium Keynote infographic templates.

Don't design Apple Keynote graphics by drawing everything from scratch. Open a blank slide, start drawing shapes and building slides one-by-one. The problem is that you'll soon be out of time, rushed to prepare for the presentation!

The solution? Premium templates like those from Elements. It's the starting point that everyone needs. It helps you spend less time designing, and more time preparing your data and information. Hand off the graphic design work to the pros by using a template. Focus your efforts on the content.

Another option for sourcing high-quality Keynote infographic templates is GraphicRiver. You'll see excellent Keynote infographic templates with everything you need. You'll pay only for what you download.

GraphicRiver Keynote Infographic Diagram optionsGraphicRiver Keynote Infographic Diagram optionsGraphicRiver Keynote Infographic Diagram options
GraphicRiver's premium Keynote Infographic template library is a "pay-as-you-go" model. It's inexpensive and effective.

Whether you use Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, the key is to use these premium tools to speed up your design. Re-dedicate your newly found time to preparing confidently for your next presentation.

5 of the Best Keynote Infographic Templates From Envato Elements in 2022

Here's a curated list of some of great premium Keynote infographic templates:

1. Arrows Infographic Template

Arrows Infographic TemplateArrows Infographic TemplateArrows Infographic Template

Arrows Infographic Template can work for any purpose that you may need it for. This template comes with 35 total slides. The infographic diagrams that come with this template are handmade. This Keynote infographic template also comes with icons.

2. STARTUP Template (Keynote Infographic Template)

Arrow Keynote Infographic TemplateArrow Keynote Infographic TemplateArrow Keynote Infographic Template

This is another incredible, flexible Keynote infographic template in STARTUP from Envato Elements. Use it for practically any illustrative purpose. The Keynote infographic template includes 70 unique slides. Documentation is included to help you get a quick start.

3. Infographics Keynote Template for Apple

Infographic Keynote Template for AppleInfographic Keynote Template for AppleInfographic Keynote Template for Apple

This gorgeous infographic is just one of many professional designs included. Download this incredible Keynote infographic template from Envato Elements. Note the eye-catching use of icons throughout! Plus, this infographic template for Keynote comes with free updates and free support. It's better than many infographic packs that are free.

4. Infographic 2 Keynote Template for Mac

Infographic 2 Keynote Template for MacInfographic 2 Keynote Template for MacInfographic 2 Keynote Template for Mac

This Envato Elements premium template features a clean, scalable design that can be used for a wide variety of presentations. With this Keynote infographic template, you'll get 160 unique slides. That includes 28 ready-to-use icon slides. The Keynote vector graphics here include puzzle diagrams, tree diagrams, a brain infographic, and more.

5. Circle Infographic Keynote Template

Circle Infographic Keynote TemplateCircle Infographic Keynote TemplateCircle Infographic Keynote Template

This template has a lot of editable infographics for Keynote that comes with it. Also, with this template, you get 32 unique slides for you to add all your information onto. This template is very versatile and can be used for almost any purpose. You won't find this variety in a template for Keynote available for free download.

Best Premium Keynote Infographic Templates from GraphicRiver

Here are some amazing Keynote Infographic templates from GraphicRiver:

1. Business Solution Keynote Template 2022

Business Solution Infographic Keynote TemplateBusiness Solution Infographic Keynote TemplateBusiness Solution Infographic Keynote Template

Looking for vector infographics for Apple presentations? This Keynote infographic template from GraphicRiver is a great choice. It comes with a huge 1,000 icon set that's resizable. It features a modern and professional style thanks to its clean and minimal slides. Not many free infographic templates are as great as this download.

2. Medical and Healthcare Keynote Pitch Deck

Medical and Healthcare Keynote Infographics Pack TemplateMedical and Healthcare Keynote Infographics Pack TemplateMedical and Healthcare Keynote Infographics Pack Template

Here's an Apple Keynote vector graphics presentation that's built with the medical field in mind. There are over 100 unique slides to use, as well as a whopping 3000 vector icons and shapes. If you're giving a presentation in the healthcare field, these infographic diagrams will do the trick.

3. Business Infographics Keynote Template

Business Infographics Keynote Template Business Infographics Keynote Template Business Infographics Keynote Template

This keynote infographic template is business themed. This means that all the infographics are business-related. This template comes with bar graphs, timelines, pie charts, and more. With this option, you get 30 unique slides. If you want something more professional than a Keynote infographic template that's free, choose this.

4. Royal Infographics Keynote

Royal Infographics Keynote Vector GraphicsRoyal Infographics Keynote Vector GraphicsRoyal Infographics Keynote Vector Graphics

The Royal Infographics Keynote template comes with over 400 unique slides. This template includes maps, calendars, timelines, and much more. You can fully edit this template including the infographics. This is better than any template for Keynote you find online for free download.

5. Business Coach Keynote Presentation Template

Business Coach Apple Keynote Vector GraphicsBusiness Coach Apple Keynote Vector GraphicsBusiness Coach Apple Keynote Vector Graphics

Business Coach is one of the top infographic templates for Keynote to use. It's truly customizable, with over 300 slides and 50 color schemes. There's everything you need here, including illustrations, charts, and device mockups. Very few free infographic templates match up with Business Coach.

18 Best Free Keynote Infographic Templates

Before looking for free Keynote diagram templates on the web, check Envato's free options. Try out various premium template files (not always infographic for Macs) at no cost to you.

Envato Free FilesEnvato Free FilesEnvato Free Files
Each month Envato Elements offers a different selection of free files for you to try. You can also find free files each month on GraphicRiver.

Here's the deal:

  • Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. That includes fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

  • Or try Envato Market for free. They offer seven handpicked monthly freebies. Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies

When your budget is zero, you need the best Apple Keynote infographic templates for free. Here are some of the top options from across the web with strong infographics at no cost at all.

1. Free Infographic Templates - Vol. 01

Keynote Infographic Pack Template FreeKeynote Infographic Pack Template FreeKeynote Infographic Pack Template Free

This is an infographic pack that's free and easy to use. You'll get over 100 slides, including infographics for Macs, are built into the pack. There are also dark and light versions in this download. 

2. Business Ideas

This Keynote infographic template that's free is centered around graphics and infographic slides. It includes various layouts that you can customize with your content. It works for many business purposes or can be edited to meet other needs. 

3. Free Apple Keynote Graphic - Timeline

Timeline infographics are a useful way to present linear data. Use them to look at events past, present, and future. This infographic pack is free and includes a timeline slide to do this.

4. EVERY - Free Minimal Keynote Template

Keynote Infographic Pack FreeKeynote Infographic Pack FreeKeynote Infographic Pack Free

Map graphics and visual infographics are found in this infographic pack that's free. Edit placeholders with your content, thanks to Keynote’s easy features.

5. Leadership Keynote Infographic Template - Free

Build simple presentations using the free Leadership theme for Apple Keynote graphics. It’s a straightforward Keynote infographic template that's free with infographics rolled in. Among these are hierarchies and laptop mockups.

6. Free SWOT Analysis Keynote Template

A SWOT analysis explores strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. View such studies in an infographic, which this free Keynote download template is built around. Add more detail in the Keynote app itself.

7. ProBiz Free Keynote Template

Graphic mockups, portfolio layouts, and maps comprise a dozen slides in this Keynote template download. Thanks to free infographic templates, you can drag-and-drop at no cost. Each slide element can be customized in this way.

8. Free Corporate Keynote Theme

Free Infographic Templates KeynoteFree Infographic Templates KeynoteFree Infographic Templates Keynote

Eight minimalist business template slides are included in this infographic pack that's free for Keynote. That means it isn’t as robust as premium options, but it may provide a basic free intro where needed.

9. Free Business Keynote Template

Graphics in Keynote can involve many types of different layouts. You may find charts, tables, maps, mockups, and more. These are available to you in this Keynote infographic template is free, with customization left to your own devices.

10. Free Keynote Tree Diagram

A tree diagram infographic depicts how distinct ideas fit into a larger whole. They're the branches, while the concept is the trunk. One such diagram is found here in these free Keynote infographic diagram templates. 

11. Company Intro

A variety of simplistic introductory business slides make up this free Keynote vector graphics template. They're offset against a dark, wood-like background.

12. Free - Space Keynote Template

Keynote Infographic template freeKeynote Infographic template freeKeynote Infographic template free

This infographic diagram design for Keynote includes an array of graphic slides that you can adapt to fit your new project. Maps, process charts, and hexagons are some of these. Other areas like color can be mixed up right inside of Keynote.

13. Free Pitch Deck Keynote Template

A pitch deck is how a venture sells potential investors on its big idea. Infographics are a major component of this. Like other free infographic templates includes layouts.

14. Biz Plan Free Keynote Template

A free Keynote infographic diagram template like this has 12 assorted slides and a mix of editable icons and graphics. Here, these include hierarchies, social media maps, process flows, and more.

15. FREE ProBusiness Keynote Presentation Template

Representing a mix of graphic themes, ProBusiness is a starter free Apple Keynote graphics template. There are vector icons, map graphics, and 16:9 widescreen layouts for your use. For printing, try a grayscale color theme to save ink.

16. Basics Free Minimal Keynote Template

Keynote Vector Graphics freeKeynote Vector Graphics freeKeynote Vector Graphics free

With a heavy emphasis on visuals, this free, minimalist Apple Keynote graphics design leaves presentation design up to the end-user. It includes most standard graphic layouts, with space for photos, charts, device mockups, timelines, and more.

17. Marketing Plan Infographic Diagram

Marketing plans are a must-have to be successful in selling products and services. Infographics, naturally, are a big part of that. This free infographic template for Keynote includes a collection of them. For example, you’ll find showcases, mockups, and other similar layouts.

18. Yellow Keynote PPT Template

Despite the name of this free Keynote template, Keynote will let you customize the final color palette. But you'll receive infographic slides for things like comparing relative performance with competitors.

How to Make Infographic Keynote Slides Quickly With Templates

Free Keynote infographic templates from around the web might allow for a quick start to your next project. But the fact is, they usually don't feature as much depth or polish as premium Keynote infographic templates from Envato Elements.

Templates from Elements reinvent the whole idea of slide deck design. All the hard work is left up to the pros—all that’s left for you is to add in your content. But don’t think for a second that this will limit your creative power. Instead, it’s the opposite. Let’s see how.

1. Customize an Agenda Keynote Slide

Want to see just how easy it is to customize infographic Keynote slides quickly? We'll use the premium Infographic Keynote template from Envato Elements.

Starting Point Keynote Infographic TemplateStarting Point Keynote Infographic TemplateStarting Point Keynote Infographic Template

Slide 3 is a great place to start. It’s an Agenda slide. This type of slide is perfect for charting the course of a project or plan. It’s up to you to make it suit your own goals.

Adjust shape fillAdjust shape fillAdjust shape fill
Use the Style options and the Fill dropdown to re-color elements of this premium Keynote infographic.

To do that, start by clicking on, then typing over the text placeholders with your own words. It should only take a few seconds. Then, you can adjust things like the color of the line chart. Click on a section and explore some different options in the Style sidebar under Shape Style or Fill.

Keynote Infographic TemplateKeynote Infographic TemplateKeynote Infographic Template

As you can see, it’s incredibly easy to customize an Elements template Keynote slide to fit your mission. But you've got even more options.

2. Build a Keynote SWOT Infographic

Every business case features four constants: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It's no wonder that this is one of the most popular Keynote infographics, and this slide will help you create exactly that.

SWOT Slide Keynote infographicSWOT Slide Keynote infographicSWOT Slide Keynote infographic

Looking at slide 14 now, you’ll see it’s a SWOT matrix. This is an analysis used by all types of organizations to summarize the dynamics of a given situation quickly.

Now, this slide illustrates the power you get from an Elements template. If you want to build your SWOT matrix, you’re in luck. Just fill out the blanks as we did above. 

But suppose you want to use this slide for something different. The prominent graphic in the center could also be used to illustrate any closed-loop process. So, instead of building a SWOT slide, let’s reinvent this slide to describe a recycling system. 

Keynote infographic updatedKeynote infographic updatedKeynote infographic updated

Again, it’s merely a matter of swapping out titles and text to fulfill the new goal. More importantly, it goes to show how these Keynote templates work. Don’t think of their slide layouts as being set in stone. Instead, look at them as frameworks that you can tailor to your own goals.

Whatever you choose Keynote infographic templates from Envato Elements make some fantastic presentations!

5 Quick Keynote Infographic Slide Design Tips for 2022

Do you want to customize your template but aren't sure what customizations to make? Here are some slide design tips:

1. Use Charts and Graphs for Data

Charts and Graphs are a great way to present data. When you use charts and graphs the audience can easily see the data. Many premium infographic Keynote templates already come with charts and graphs that you can use.

Graph PresentationGraph PresentationGraph Presentation
Graph Presentation is a great premium template if you've got a data-heavy presentation.

2. Use the Ruler

Keynote has a ruler that you can turn on. The benefit of using this tool is that it can make sure that your slide is symmetric. You can also make sure that your slides are constant throughout the presentation. The alignment guide can help you place an object exactly in the middle or on the edge of your slide.

3. Limit the Text

You don’t want to fill up your slide with text you should limit the text. You want the audience to listen to what you're saying, not read the slide. Too much text on a slide can be overwhelming to the audience.

The MinimalThe MinimalThe Minimal
This minimal premium template comes with infographics for Keynote that you can use.

4. Choose a Specialized Theme

Many templates on both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have themes. There are business-themed templates and career field-specific templates such as medical-themed templates. These are great for showing the reader that you're serious about the topic you're presenting.

5. Animation Transitions

Keynote has a lot of transitions that you can use to switch between slides. Using animations on your Keynote infographic template can make the presentation more fun. When using animation just make sure that they aren’t too distracting for your audience.

Notify is a fully animated premium Keynote infographic template.

5 Apple Keynote Infographic Slide Design Trends for 2022

The best Keynote chart templates follow the latest style trends for 2022. Let's look at five that you can use to ensure your Keynote infographics stand out:

1. Use Contrasting Colors

Infographics often share multiple parts of a process or idea. A great way to highlight those parts is with different colors.

Keynote chart templatesKeynote chart templatesKeynote chart templates
Premium Keynote chart templates have stunning color themes.

Colors grab audience attention. At a glance, they signify different areas of the infographic. That really helps boost understanding. 

2. Animate Key Areas

Trendy Keynote chart templates help you control the pace of your presentation. A key way is by having animations built in.

Many premium offerings are pre-animated, unlike most template Keynote free download options. Plus, Keynote lets you add animations to any object. 

Want to learn how to animate slides? We built a full tutorial.

3. Pick Infographics That Fit Your Ideas

Infographics should fit your message. It pays to choose options tailored for your specific needs. Why use generic graphics when you can be unique?

Keynote diagram templatesKeynote diagram templatesKeynote diagram templates
Pick premium Keynote diagram templates that fit your message.

On Envato Elements, you can find infographics for specific processes and ideas. Pick one, then simply drop in your details. It's that easy.

4. Slides Built Together

Why build slides alone? Keynote makes it easy to collaborate with groups. By doing so, you can take full advantage of your others’ knowledge.

With team features in Keynote, you can work together in real-time. This ensures a deck full of trendy slides built by global teams. Learn how here:

5. Decluttered Slides

Infographics are meant to simplify ideas. Don't prevent that by building messy slides. Keep slides simple.

Clean Keynote chart templatesClean Keynote chart templatesClean Keynote chart templates
These premium Keynote chart templates feature clean, sleek slides.

Trendy 2022 Keynote chart templates feature clear, readable slides. They're easy to work with and always appreciated by audiences.

More Cool Keynote Presentation Templates

There are lots of awesome Apple Keynote graphics for presentations in the lists above. But if you need to make other types of slideshows, check out these options for Keynote:

5 Benefits of Using the Best Keynote Infographic Templates (In 2022)

Thinking about using Keynote diagram templates to jumpstart the design process? Still undecided if it's worth it? 

Here are five key reasons to use the best premium Keynote chart templates in 2022:

  1. You'll benefit from expert design. Premium templates are built by creative experts. That means slides feature stunning graphics. You won't find those with a template Keynote free download.
  2. You'll build slides faster. With pre-built slides, all you have to do is drop in your own information. That saves you precious time when you build slide decks.
  3. You'll impress your audience. They'll appreciate the look and feel of the best Keynote diagram templates. Every slide will make the best possible impression.
  4. You'll keep creative control. The best Keynote infographic templates are still fully customizable. That means you don't give up any creative flexibility as you work.
  5. You'll generate new ideas. By nature, custom slide layouts help you think of unique ways to share ideas. Then, they make it easy to put those ideas in place simply by filling in the blanks.

Benefits of Envato Elements (Unlimited Options)

Elements Keynote chart templatesElements Keynote chart templatesElements Keynote chart templates
Envato Elements - one subscription, unlimited options.

Envato Elements has a powerful offer: unlimited downloads. For a flat rate, you can try out as many premium Keynote chart templates as you want.

Join Envato Elements today. As a member, you'll have instant access to millions of creative assets. All for one low monthly price.

Common Keynote Infographic Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you want to use Apple Keynote or you already use it, you might have some questions. Here are some common Apple Keynote questions and their answers:

1. How Do I Start Using Keynote to Make Presentations?

Keynote is a presentation software that comes with your Mac. To start using Keynote, open it and click the Add Slide button. This is your first step to creating a Keynote presentation. Learn more in this tutorial:

2. Can I Add Animations to My Keynote Presentation?

Yes, you can add animations when you transition from slides or you can add animations to an object. To add animations to your Keynote presentation, select which slide you want to have the animations on. Then select the Animate tab on the sidebar. This will allow you to add custom animations to your presentations. 

Here's a list of premium templates with built-in animation:

3. Can I Add Pictures to Keynote Presentations?

Yes, you can add pictures to your presentations. Pictures are a great way to customize your presentation and make it more visually interesting. To add a picture, click on the Media button. Then click Choose and select the picture you want to add. For more details, study:

4. Can I Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Keynote?

Yes, you can. To open a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote, find the PPTX file. Then click Open and select Keynote.

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for PowerPoint/Keynote conversions:

5. Can I Add a YouTube Video to My Keynote Presentation?

You can easily add a YouTube video to your Keynote Presentation after you've downloaded the video. Embed the video into your presentation by clicking Insert and then the Choose option. Learn more in the tutorial below:

Learn More About Using Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote's infographic templates are perfect for building a data-driven presentation. But you'll also need some know-how to work effectively in the app so that you can customize these graphics perfectly.

As you start working to create infographics on Mac, make sure to read some of the tutorials below. Each of them will teach you a different skill to help you get just a bit more out of your Keynote infographic templates.

Design a Keynote Presentation with Infographics Today

As you saw in this article, there are great options at several price points to build your next Keynote presentation with infographics. For the budget-minded, a free Keynote infographic template is one way to keep costs low.

But remember, premium options like Keynote infographic templates from Envato Elements are the best shortcut to success. The Keynote graphics from GraphicRiver are also the way to go.. Just choose one, update it with your details, and present your ideas with confidence.

Go design an excellent Keynote presentation with infographics today. They're guaranteed to show critical ideas in an informative style that's sure to capture your audience.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Nathan Umoh. Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Nathan is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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