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25 Free Social Media Marketing PowerPoint Templates (Top Business Marketing PPTs)


Facebook has over 1.7 billion daily users. Five hundred million new Tweets pop up every day. A billion people log in and use Instagram daily.

You should be marketing on social media. With the help of a social media PowerPoint presentation, you can plan campaigns and even create marketing proposals, while taking advantage of the latest social media trends.

PowerPoint templates for social media intro
Use premium social media PowerPoint templates to create shareable posts using an app you already know.

You might have found this article while searching for free PowerPoint templates with a social media theme. Don't worry—we've got 20 free social media PowerPoint presentation templates selected for you. But while free is a hard price to beat, it's unlikely that these give you the best options.

This tutorial will show you the power of premium social media PowerPoint templates for professional visuals. Social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentations are accessible when you use designs like the ones in this article.

How to Build Social Media PowerPoint Presentations With Premium Templates

Maybe you're a beginner at social media marketing. Learning the different platforms and building your marketing materials takes too much time.

That's why we turn to social media PowerPoint templates. The professionally designed social media for business PowerPoint presentations take your marketing to the next level. We'll feature free PowerPoint templates with a social media theme later.

Social media PowerPoint templates Elements
Use social media marketing PPT from Envato Elements to craft your next marketing campaign quickly.

You may be tempted by digital marketing PPT free downloads you find online. But relying on one of those is usually a mistake.

The best value for social media PowerPoint presentations is Envato Elements. The templates are professionally designed, and a single subscription gives you unlimited access. No matter how many social media PowerPoint presentations you develop, your costs will never increase.

You're sure to find other benefits when you use Envato Elements. The entire library is flat-rate, including helpful extras like:

  • Background music tracks, all available royalty-free to add to your social media PowerPoint.
  • Stock photography that fills in your social media marketing presentation with real-life scenes.
  • Graphics and illustrations that give you extra ways to show ideas in your presentation.

Later in this tutorial, you'll see another leading marketplace for social media PowerPoint templates. GraphicRiver offers pay-as-you-go, single purchase designs of social media for business PowerPoint presentations.

5 Top Social Media PowerPoint Templates

You've seen the power of Envato Elements as a source for social media marketing presentation templates. It's so deep that it helps to have a guide. Let's look at five of the best premium social media for business PowerPoint presentations:

1. Social Media Infographic

Social media PowerPoint template

Social media is all about engagement. And with this social media PowerPoint template, you can precisely track your numbers and share them with an audience. Featuring over twenty custom infographics, it’s a great way to visualize data. Documentation is included to help you get started.

2. Social Media PowerPoint Template

Social media PowerPoint

With high-resolution graphics and custom placeholders, a social media PowerPoint like this helps you put your best foot forward. Device mockups are included as a critical feature of the template. These allow you to showcase your social presence as it looks on real devices. It’s an attractive way to boost engagement and attract new audiences.

3. Social Media Trends - PowerPoint Template

Social media advertising PowerPoint presentation

Social media is a crowded landscape, and it pays to stand out. This trendy modern social media advertising PowerPoint presentation includes 100 unique slides. Each is pre-animated, and many feature simple drag-and-drop content placeholders. That means you can build a fantastic slide deck in moments—no editing skills required.

4. Social Network PowerPoint

Social network PowerPoint presentation template

Sure, you can find a free social media PowerPoint presentation template. But for the most significant impact, turn to an expertly designed premium option like this, featuring:

  • hundreds of stylish icons
  • full HD widescreen graphics
  • studio-quality animations
  • custom placeholders

It’s simply far superior to free options you might find around the web.

5. Social Media Guide PowerPoint Template

Social media PowerPoint presentation download

Direct an audience straight to your social media presence, thanks to the Social Media Guide PowerPoint template. It's a winning social media PowerPoint presentation download. 

This one is loaded with all the slides you’ll need to meet your marketing goals. Inside, you’ll find a full suite of charts and graphs to highlight numbers and plenty of text boxes to add in more details.

More Top Social Media PowerPoint Templates to Download Now From GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is another premium marketplace that presentation pros turn to. It includes top social media PowerPoint templates, but the model is different. You can buy single social media PowerPoint templates and pay-as-you-go.

GraphicRiver social media PowerPoint template
GraphicRiver gives you the option to buy single social media for business PowerPoint presentations.

GraphicRiver keeps costs low by letting you buy single templates. Check out five of the best premium social media for business PowerPoint presentation options here:

1. Social Media Presentation Template

Social media marketing PPT template

Built by professionals, Social Media Presentation Template is a key part of your marketing success story. Every slide is completely customizable to fit your mission perfectly. A robust animated pack, it works equally well as an intro or an in-depth study. With 24 slides to choose from, the choice is yours.

2. Social Media PowerPoint

Social media for business PowerPoint presentation

Social media is a visual thing, so you should capture that in your next presentation. This social media for business PowerPoint presentation is illustrated with images, icons, infographics, and more. All you've got to do is quickly drop in your specific content. It’s the perfect way to show off your business social media.

3. Social Media PRO - PowerPoint Template

Social media pro PowerPoint template

Need a professional social media PowerPoint template for your next slide deck? You’ve found a top choice with Social Media PRO, a handcrafted premium template for all your social media needs. Explore features including:

  • standard and widescreen layouts for any display
  • many color palettes to instantly change the style
  • drag-and-drop image placeholders for your photos
  • stylish free fonts

In just a few clicks, you can build an unforgettable slideshow of your own, thanks to this template.

4. Digital Marketing and Social Media PPT Pitch Deck

Digital pitch deck social media PowerPoint template

Digital and social media marketing often operate on a tight budget. That means you need to make every dollar count, including your choice of premium templates. 

You won't find this quality in digital marketing PPT free downloads. For unmatched value, this custom social media pitch deck is the right choice. With hundreds of versatile slides, you can rapidly tailor this digital marketing PPT template to fit any project.

5. Social Media Report

Social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentation

A crucial element of any social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentation is the tracking of growth and engagement. Built-in a dynamic report style, a template like Social Media Report template for PPT helps you do just that. With sleek charts and concise infographics, it helps your audience instantly grasp concepts and ideas. Come prepared with your data, and you’ll be all set.

20 Free Social Media PowerPoint Templates for Download in 2020/2021

Before looking for a free social media marketing PPT template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always social media marketing PPTs) at no cost to you.

Here's the deal:

If you didn't find what you need above and you're starting at a budget of "zero" as you launch your social media marketing efforts, you might need a free template. We've found working templates across the web that you can try. Here are 20 free social media PowerPoint presentation templates:

1. Social Media Proposal (PPT)

Social media marketing proposal PowerPoint

Trying to build a social media marketing proposal PPT PowerPoint quickly? With plenty of pre-built placeholders, you can do it with this free template. Over 40 slides are included in the social media proposal for PPT pack.

2. Barnwell Free Business Presentation

Barnwell offers a variety of slides in a free PowerPoint template with a social media theme. Graphs and charts are included, which you can adapt to your data with PowerPoint’s editing tools.

3. Light Sales Pitch Presentation

Free social media PPTX template

Selling is a big part of social media marketing. As a free social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentation, this template doesn’t include some features found in premium options. But it’s always available as a basic intro you can build out in a hurry.

4. Free Marketing Analytics PowerPoint Template

Designed with analytical reports in mind, this free deck has many slides with a blue-green theme. Ample space is offered for you to share your reports, charts, and more.

5. Free - Ravi Social Media Pack

Ravi, a free social media PowerPoint presentation template, helps you craft content for your key networks. It's got a minimalist aesthetic that translates to the smaller screens commonly used for social networks.

6. Cordelia Presentation Template

Free PowerPoint templates social media theme

A free social media PowerPoint presentation template like Cordelia is a fast way to get your social media networks in front of an audience. Keep in mind that templates like this aren’t as versatile as premium options. That means it’s up to you to arrange your content in a dynamic style.

7. Free Social Media PowerPoint Template

Twenty-three slides are built into this social media report PowerPoint template for free. The default color purple can quickly be changed to mix up the appearance. It’s arranged in the widescreen layout common to many projectors.

8. Modern Minimal Free PowerPoint Template

The title of this pack speaks for its design aesthetic. Plenty of space is reserved for images and other visual tools needed to drive social media engagement. 

9. Free PowerPoint Template - Social Media Presentation

Social media report PowerPoint template free

Many slide layouts and an assortment of designs drive this clean social media template free for PowerPoint. The title slide features icons of the most popular networks. Inside are text layouts, infographics, diagrams, and more.

10. Creative Red Presentation

With a red color palette, this free social media PowerPoint presentation download is certainly a bright design. Inside, slide layouts are controlled fully by PowerPoint’s built-in tools. That means you can arrange your content simply by using the default menus.

11. Nathaniel Presentation Template

The graphics in the Nathaniel Presentation Template, a free social media PPT download, have a hand-drawn appearance. An assortment of slide types is built-in, so you can pick and choose layouts to fit your needs. 

12. Marketing Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Marketing free PowerPoint tempaltes with social media theme

Your social media marketing proposal PPT PowerPoint likely needs a few crucial features: a mission, specific goals, traffic numbers, and more. All can be shared in this free marketing PowerPoint template, with 16 slides. Don’t forget to use PowerPoint to mix and match fonts, colors, and much more. 

13. Minta Free PowerPoint Template

Minta has a focus on numbers, which often describe the leading indicators of a social media marketing plan. You can download it, a social media report PowerPoint template for free. Then, fill your relevant details into the pre-made placeholders.

14. Optical Presentation Template

Social media largely exists on mobile devices, so it can be useful to show your profiles on those devices. Optical includes a set of placeholders to allow this, in the form of customized device mockups. Your task: drop a screenshot in, and you’re ready to roll.

15. Free Social Media Management PowerPoint Template

Free social media marketing proposal PowerPoint

A PowerPoint templates social media free download pack is an option to detail your profiles, networks, and more visually. With text boxes and clear visuals, this one is customizable enough to fit your personal goals.

16. Gaoler Presentation Template

Gaoler defaults to a blue theme, but thanks to PowerPoint you can alter it with just a few clicks. That’s an important step to building a slide deck that matches your branding and personal style. PPT’s built-in options allow you to introduce plenty of content with equal speed.

17. Free Simple PowerPoint Template

With over 20 slides, this free social media PowerPoint presentation template provides different layouts arranged for any type of content. Plus, you can build slides of your own with PowerPoint itself. Vector graphics are used for clear and readable visuals.

18. Social Media - Education

Free social media advertising PowerPoint presentation

Inform audiences of your social media presence: that’s the only way to boost engagement. With colorful slides, the Social Media - Education template merges higher learning and popular social channels. Simply drop in your details and go.

19. Biz Plan Free PowerPoint Template

Social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentation free downloads like Biz Plan let you document your path to growth and success. A dozen slides are included in the pack, with editable and resizable graphics.

20. Free Social Media PowerPoint Template

Opening with popular network logos and packing several extra slides, this free marketing social media PPT can be used for brands big and small. Don’t forget to explore custom color options, new fonts, and more.

How to Quickly Make Great Social Media Marketing Presentations

Throughout this tutorial, you've seen social media marketing templates that you can use for PowerPoint. We're big fans of saving time by sourcing pre-built designs.

You might be concerned that these templates won't match your style and purpose. That's why we'll use this section to customize three key slides. We're going to work with the premium Social Media Infographic PowerPoint from Envato Elements.

Social media infographic PowerPoint template
We'll work with this premium social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentation in this section.

Let's customize three slides in three steps to create social media PowerPoint presentations:

1. The Traffic Source Slide

Traffic Slide Before

As you build your marketing materials, you'll want to consider how your audience consumes content. With slide 18, you've got the perfect slide to show your traffic sources.

  • Adjust the percentages. Type over the placeholder percentages to include data that matches your traffic trends.
  • Update the title and text. Describe the specific trends you're observing by updating the text boxes, including the title.
  • Scale the device icons. As you adjust the percentages, it helps to size the device icons accordingly. Just click on them and scale them down by dragging the corner handle.
Traffic slide after

2. The Laptop Infographic

Laptop Mockup Before

Audiences love infographics as a way to understand data. And your audience is sure to love slide 5, a laptop mockup that you can use to show how much time or spend you've got on each social platform.

Three tweaks make this slide great:

  • Update the icons. On the right side, the built-in statistics show an example. But if you want to adjust the percentages, you'll need to make the icons match. Right-click and choose Ungroup, then copy and paste the empty and closed icons to mirror the percentages.
  • Update the text. Make sure to type over the slide title and details on the right side to match your purpose. 
  • Update the data. Right-click on the table and choose Edit in Excel. Then, type over the numeric values and watch the chart update automatically.
Time spent After

3. The Facebook Slide

Facebook slide before

Slide 10 is a great option to plan your Facebook marketing efforts. Use the graphic to show the proportion of time that you'll split between your efforts on the platform. Let's customize it:

  • Resize the shape portions. As you change the percent of each effort, you'll want to resize the individual shapes. Click and drag them to roughly match the percentages for each effort. (No need for perfection here!)
  • Update the plans. Type over the plans with your percent of time and details. This builds confidence in the campaign.
  • Give the title a slide. Like "Our Plan for Facebook," as you see in my example.
Facebook plan after

5 Quick Social Media PowerPoint Presentation Tips for 2020/2021

If you want your marketing presentation to stand out, choosing a template is just the beginning. Here are five quick tips that'll help you create a standout social media PowerPoint presentation:

1. Be Visual With Data

If you've got a lot of statistics or if you want to show the results of your marketing efforts, displaying data in a visual manner is the way to go. A premium infographic social media PowerPoint presentation is an excellent choice to share graphs, charts, and other ways of displaying progress.

Social Media Infographic for PowerPoint
Premium Social Media Infographic for PowerPoint

2. Add Animations

Make your PowerPoint presentation more visually appealing. Add subtle animations to slide elements or as slide transitions. 

3. Experiment With Color

Use color for subtle accents throughout your social media marketing presentation. You can also use it for a slide background like in the premium social media PowerPoint template below. Background color works really well when you use color as an overlay on an image to make your text stand out more.

Social Media PowerPoint Template
Premium Social Media PowerPoint Template

4. Use Built In Layouts

Even if you’re using a PowerPoint template, you can still use the built-in layouts to add extra slides to your presentation. They act as a basic blueprint for your content so all you've got to do is drop in your content. 

5. Use Plenty of Images

Images are another way to make your presentation more dynamic and interesting. Make sure they're high quality. Easily add images using image placeholders found in most premium PowerPoint templates.

Marketing Presentation Template
Premium Marketing Presentation Template

5 Benefits of Using the Premium Social Media PowerPoint Presentation Templates (In 2020/2021)

Are you still on the fence about using a premium social media PPT template for your social media marketing presentation? You might wonder about the value of using premium templates when there are so many free ones to choose from. 

Here are five reasons that you should use a great digital marketing PPT template for your next presentation in 2020/2021:

  1. It saves you time. A premium PowerPoint template will have all the necessary elements in place so all you have to do is drop in your content into the placeholders. 
  2. Professional design. Let’s face it. Design is best left to professionals. A premium PowerPoint template will give you a polished and high-end look for your presentation. Skip the high designer price tag or you having to learn design theory.  
  3. Tons of ideas for content. If you’re struggling with what to include in your presentation, a good PPT template will save the day. They have tons of ideas built into the slides so all you have to do is add your own information. 
  4. Plenty of customization options. Even though premium PPT template has built-in styles and professional design, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that look. You can easily change fonts, customize colors, and more. 
  5. The slides stand out. While Microsoft does have some built-in templates, they don’t offer the most modern or professional look. What’s more, everyone uses them. By using a pro template, your presentation is sure to stand out. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great digital marketing PPT templates for a single flat-rate price.

social media marketing powerpoint templates on Envato Elements
Social media marketing PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements

Sign up for Envato Elements and get access to thousands of unlimited use templates and design assets. Choose from web themes to social media marketing presentation PPT templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

If you’re thinking about using PowerPoint for your presentation, you might have some questions about this powerful program. Here, we've gathered some of the most common questions people ask about Microsoft PowerPoint to provide you with some answers: 

1. Is PowerPoint Better Than Keynote?

Both Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint are powerful programs for creating presentations. They each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. The answer to which program is better depends on your familiarity with the software.

The following article compares Keynote and PowerPoint:

2. Can I Edit Master Slides in PowerPoint?

Master slides are a great time-saving feature in PowerPoint. Edit them to quickly apply changes across many slides. Learn more in the tutorial below:

3. How Do I Convert My Presentation Into Video?

In some cases, you’ll need to create a presentation and then convert it into video. Luckily, PowerPoint makes this easy with its built-in export options.

Discover how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to video in this tutorial:

4. How Do I Embed Excel Data into PowerPoint?

Embedding your Excel data into PowerPoint is useful when you need to show statistics or any other type of numerical data. 

Learn how to embed Excel files into PowerPoint:

5. Can I Collaborate with Others on My PowerPoint Presentation?

Yes, you can! All it takes is uploading your presentation to the Cloud. Then use built-in sharing features to invite your collaborators.

Study the following tutorial to find out more about PowerPoint collaboration

Learn More About Working With PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a tool used by professional presenters the world over. While it's easy to get started with, it might feel like drinking from a firehose as you learn every needed skill to present confidently.

With so much to learn, you need an excellent launchpad to learn PowerPoint. Use our guide for beginners, How to Learn PowerPoint Quickly (Complete Beginner's Guide).

Make sure to check out some of our top tutorials as you learn to customize your social media for business PowerPoint presentation:

Discover More Great PowerPoint Templates With Stylish Designs

No matter what type of presentation you're designing, there's a template for the occasion. Social media marketing plan PowerPoint presentations are just one type of template you can use.

Here are even more PowerPoint templates to try:

Start Using Social Media PowerPoint Templates Today

If you're running a business in 2020/2021, you can't skip social media marketing. Creating a proposal or planning your campaign with a social media PowerPoint template is a great way to save time.

Sure, you've seen free social media PowerPoint presentation templates. But you've also seen the significant added value of advanced social media for business PowerPoint presentations. You can use social media PowerPoint templates from pro designers to create an outstanding plan.

There's never been a better time to start marketing on social than now. Use these social media PowerPoint presentations to do just that, easily.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, exciting social media marketing PowerPoint templates with the best, trending designs.

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