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How to Embed (YouTube & Other) Videos into PowerPoint PPT Presentations

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Read Time: 10 mins
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Do you need a new perspective for your presentation? Need more sizzle for a boring slide? Learn how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint to do just that.

Intro YouTube insert video on PowerPointIntro YouTube insert video on PowerPointIntro YouTube insert video on PowerPoint
You'll learn how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, or add a video you saved locally.

Videos can add so much to your presentation. Whether it's a new perspective or a chance to catch your breath, pro presenters know how to add video presentation elements.

This tutorial will teach you those skills. You'll see that you can insert video on PowerPoint from your device, or link to a web video. You'll even see that PowerPoint has basic edit tools so that you won't need other software. Let's learn how to embed a video in a PPT in this tutorial.

Why Embed Videos in PowerPoint?

Before you learn how to embed a video in a PPT, it pays to ask why. In fact, there are many benefits to adding videos to your PowerPoint deck:

  • You can add new voices. No matter how good your delivery, it’s helpful to add other voices to your slides. Imagine adding a video of another speaker. You can deliver new ideas to your audience, without the need of another presenter in the room.
  • You can illustrate complex ideas. Imagine that you’re talking through a detailed assembly process in your business. By adding a video, you can show it off. If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth even more.
  • You can give yourself a break. Adding a video gives you relief from your narrative. You can catch your breath and rest your voice as your video plays.
  • You won't have to exit your presentation. Instead of closing out your slides and opening a video file, you can play videos right on the slides. This helps your presentation flow seamlessly. 

Videos serve so many purposes. They give your audience a new angle on your topic, which is particularly helpful in a persuasive presentation. Let's learn how to add them to your next PowerPoint presentation.

The tips in this section were written using Windows and Office 365. If you’ve got different a operating system or a different version of PowerPoint, your steps may be slightly different.

How to Embed Videos in PowerPoint From Your Device

Imagine that you’ve built out several PowerPoint slides, and you need something more. What can you do to make your slides more interesting? Add a video, of course!

When you wonder how to put a video in a PowerPoint slide, there are two options:

  1. The first option is to embed a video in PPT from your device. This means that you’ll add a saved (or downloaded) video file to your slide.
  2. The other option is to embed videos from an online source (like YouTube).

Let's start by explaining the steps for embedding a video from your device. Let’s look at a slide example here.

This is a customized version of slide #10 in the Travelize - Travel PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements. This is a stylish premium travel PPT template that you can easily adapt for any project.
How to embed a video in a PPTHow to embed a video in a PPTHow to embed a video in a PPT
Let’s add a video to the open space here on the Travelize PowerPoint template.

The open area on the left side of the slide is the ideal spot to place a video. You'll want to choose a slide with space to add your video clip. The text describes some of the best aspects of sightseeing by rail travel. A video would help illustrate them. Let’s learn how to embed a video in a PPT.

Start by sourcing a video for your slides. Of course, you might have one in your library that’s the perfect fit for your project. But often, it’s useful to employ stock footage.  

Once again, turning to Envato Elements is your best bet. Elements offers millions of stock videos for use in your projects. As a subscriber, you've got unlimited downloads of this stock footage. 

For this example, we’ll use an Elements clip called Passenger Train Passing Through the Fields in the Countryside. It’s an idyllic view of a train traveling through the countryside.

With the video downloaded, it’s time to add it to your slide. To get started, navigate to the Insert tab. You’ll find this on the ribbon, the series of menu tabs across the top of the screen. Click on Insert, and on the right, you’ll see the Video drop-down menu with all the needed options.

Insert video this deviceInsert video this deviceInsert video this device
Add videos to your PPT using the Insert > Video menu.

Click on the Video drop-down arrow, and three options display on the Insert Video From menu. Your choices are:

  1. This Device
  2. Stock Videos
  3. Online Videos

For this example, the option to choose is This Device.

Remember, this option is the correct choice when you already have a saved video.
How to put a video in a PowerPoint slideHow to put a video in a PowerPoint slideHow to put a video in a PowerPoint slide
Browse to a stored video file and click Insert to add it to your PPT slide.

A file browser launches. Navigate to the location where you've got your video file saved. Find it, click on the video, and select Insert in the lower right corner. PowerPoint adds the video to your slide. This video is now embedded inside your PowerPoint presentation.

Notice that, by default, the video covers the entire slide. Fortunately, there are customization options to help your movie clip fit perfectly. Let’s explore them now:

1. Rearrange and Resize Videos

If you’ve ever resized an image in PowerPoint, you already know how to move a video around! The workflow is the same.

We’ll start by resizing the video on the slide and moving it to a new location. To begin, click and pull on one of the corners. This resizes the video. Here, make it smaller so that the slide’s content isn’t obscured.

Insert video on PowerPointInsert video on PowerPointInsert video on PowerPoint
Using simple click-and-drag steps, you can move and resize your PowerPoint videos.

Next, you can click and drag on the video thumbnail itself. This moves the clip into a new location on your slide. Move it into the open area of the slide, and helpful guidelines appear. These show how your clip aligns with the other objects on the slide. When you have it in place, simply release your cursor and the video falls into place.

2. Use the Video Format Tab

Now that you know how to put a video in a PowerPoint slide, it’s time to work with the video itself. PowerPoint offers an array of options on the Video Format tab. You’ll find this on the ribbon, visible only when you've got a video placed on a slide and selected.

Format how to embed a video in a PPTFormat how to embed a video in a PPTFormat how to embed a video in a PPT
The Video Format tab offers an array of customization options for your video clips.

On the Video Format tab, you can control the look and feel of the video clip. For example, you can make color, brightness, and contrast corrections. You can also add custom effects like borders and shapes. Plus, you can crop the video, or precisely alter the dimensions using the Size group.

The Video Format tab is the best place to insert video on PowerPoint and make it truly unique. Use it for easy edits with no advanced video software needed.

Using the Playback Tab

Even more video presentation options are on the Playback tab, beside Video Format. The Playback tab is where you control how and when your video plays on the slide. Here, you’re able to control the start settings. This is an ideal way to adjust your clip without using a separate piece of software.

Should the clip start automatically? Or do you want to manually begin the video presentation? Both ways are controlled in the Video Options section of the Playback tab.

Playback video presentationPlayback video presentationPlayback video presentation
Using the Playback tab, you can control how and when your videos play in PowerPoint.

Here, you’ll also be able to loop the video, rewind after playing, and more. You can even build in captions using the Insert Captions menu.

As you can see, you can make a video presentation in moments in PowerPoint. 

How to Embed Videos from YouTube in PowerPoint

Now, let’s look at how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. This is useful if you don’t have your own footage that you want to use. An online clip offers the ability to add new perspectives to your slide. And by adding it to your PPT, you won’t have to exit your presentation to open your web browser.

To add a YouTube video to PowerPoint, return to the Insert > Video drop-down. This time, you’ll want to select the Online Videos option. It supports videos from a range of streaming websites. PowerPoint launches the Online Videos menu.

Notice that YouTube isn't the only online video supported. You can also add video clips from:

  • Vimeo
  • SlideShare
  • and more

Here, we’ll add a YouTube clip.

How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPointHow to embed a YouTube video in PowerPointHow to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint
Use the Online Videos option to paste in a URL of a favorite online clip.

In your web browser, navigate to the video that you want to add to your slide. Copy its URL to your clipboard by pressing Control + C on your keyboard. Then, return to PowerPoint. Paste the URL into the empty box labeled Enter the address for the online video. 

PowerPoint then displays the video. You can add it to your slides by pressing Insert. Once again, you can size and scale the video by pulling on the corners and dragging it around the slide. Here are some extra tips for using online videis:

1. Customize Online Videos in PowerPoint

Playback settings can be used to decide when to play the online video. You’ll see these on the Playback tab.

Customization options overall are more limited with PPT online videos. These may not be your best choice if you plan on making many changes to your video clips. But basic settings can still be controlled.
YouTube insert video on PowerPointYouTube insert video on PowerPointYouTube insert video on PowerPoint
A YouTube video is a perfect way to add new voices to your PowerPoint deck.

Online videos are a perfect option if you don’t have existing footage to use. They’re also powerful ways to bring new voices into your presentations. You’ve just learned how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, and it’s easy to see the advantages. 

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Explore Envato Elements videos now

Video presentation templatesVideo presentation templatesVideo presentation templates
Elements offers millions of stock video clips for use.

With templates and stock video alike, you’ll enjoy:

  • expertly-designed graphics
  • cinematic styles and designs
  • flexibility and ease of use
  • layouts not found anywhere else

You’ll benefit from the winning styles and flexibility. You’ll save time on design work, giving you more time to focus on your video presentation message. And your audience will thank you for a stylish, professional design that they’ll enjoy.

Envato Elements truly has an unbeatable offer. Join today!

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We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Quickly grab it before you read on. Download our FREE eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations, which will help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. 

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You Learned How to Embed a YouTube Video (And More) In PowerPoint

If you feel like your PowerPoint is a bit dry, it's time to spice it up with a video. You know how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint and customize it perfectly. Plus, you even know how to source and add your locally stored video clips.

Here's your homework assignment: practice how to put a video in a PowerPoint slide of your own. If you're working on a presentation (and who isn't?) then pick out a slide to upgrade. Search for a video that fits the slide, then add it using your new skills.

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally created by Bob Flisser and published in 2014. It's been completely redone by Andrew Childress to make the information relevant and current.

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