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How to Make a Line Graph in Google Slides in 60 Seconds

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Charts and graphs bring new data insights to your slides. They help your audience visualize concepts and see data in real life. Google Slides makes it easy to create a variety of charts. One of the best and simplest is a line graph—and you’ll learn how to build one in this 60-second screencast.

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Note: In this tutorial we use the eye-catching Balaga Google Slides templateYou can find more great Google Slides templates on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

How to Make a Google Slides Line Graph

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Insert a Line Graph in Google Slides

Insert line graph SlidesInsert line graph SlidesInsert line graph Slides
Choose Insert > Chart > Line to start inserting a line chart in Slides.

You can insert a line graph on a slide with just a few quick steps. First, navigate to the slide you want to insert a chart on. Then go up to the Insert menu, hover over Chart, and then click Line. A starter chart will instantly appear on your slide. 

Just like images, you can resize, reposition, and scale the chart on the slide. Click to drag, or grab a corner to expand or reduce the size of your chart. This is ideal if you need to fit your data into a confined space. 

2. Change Chart Data in Google Slides

Change chart data in SlidesChange chart data in SlidesChange chart data in Slides
Click on Open Source to edit the data that drives the chart in Google Slides.

The chart that Google Slides automatically inserts includes only placeholder data. You’ll need to update it to fit your needs. To do this, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the chart, which is labeled Linked chart options. Then, on the dropdown, click Open source. This will launch a Google Sheets tab. 

Adjust data in SheetsAdjust data in SheetsAdjust data in Sheets
You can adjust the data in an embedded Google Sheets view to change the chart.

With this spreadsheet tool, you can fully customize your data—headers, axis titles, and of course, numerical data. Simply type your new values over the old and the chart will automatically adjust.

3. View Line Graphs in Google Slides

View line graphs in Google SlidesView line graphs in Google SlidesView line graphs in Google Slides
your chart will automatically update with the data you adjusted in the Sheets view.

Once you’ve updated all your data, navigate back to your Google Slides presentation. One of the best features of Google Sheets and Slides is that it automatically saves all changes. 

Once you’re back in your presentation, you’ll find a new chart exactly tailored to your needs. If you need to make corrections, it’s easy—simply use the Open source command again, and adjust as needed. The chart will instantly update to reflect any new or deleted data.

4. Finishing Up!

As you can see, simple charts are an elegant and refined way to present your data. They’re really must-have items in a presentation for clarity and style. Line graphs are easy to create and modify in Google Slides, thanks to the seamless integration with Google Sheets.

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