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How to Make a Medical PowerPoint Presentation Quickly

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Read Time: 9 mins

"First, do no harm," is one of the key things that healthcare students while preparing for a career in the medical field. However, that mindset can also apply when you're giving a medical presentation to an audience. It's important that when you're pitching your own medical practice or research on a medical topic that you communicate your message clearly.

In this tutorial, I want to show you that you too can build a medical presentation that helps you connect with an audience. This is a common type of presentation that anyone in the medical field may need to construct. You might be surprised how easy it is to create a professional presentation.

Busy healthcare professionals hardly have the time to design a presentation from scratch. That's why we'll use a pre-built template as a huge head start for building a presentation that stands out from the crowd. Let's jump right in.

How to Make a Medical powerPoint presentationHow to Make a Medical powerPoint presentationHow to Make a Medical powerPoint presentation

Presentation Tips for Medical Presenters

Building a successful PowerPoint presentation for any topic is about subtraction, not addition. For me, the goal is always to get everything down and built into a presentation, and then remove the extra material to focus on the key points.

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your PPT on a medical topic hits the mark with the audience:

  1. Above all, make sure that you protect the privacy of any clients or patients when you're sharing information in a presentation. Privacy laws such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) impose stiff penalties on companies or individuals that disclose private information.
  2. Keep the presentation short and sweet. This applies no matter the topic but considering that your audience is full of busy doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, time is of the essence.
  3. Consider the audience when writing your content. This matters in writing any presentation, but I think it's crucial to remember the specific interests and preferences of other healthcare professionals. One thing that you can do is run your presentation by a few trusted co-workers to see how they receive it, before sharing it with your audience.

Be thinking of these tips while you develop the content and slides for your presentation. Refining and reducing the content in a presentation will make the best use of the audience's time and ensure that you hold their attention while you're presenting.

Check out this round-up for medical PowerPoint templates that you can use for inspiration in your own medical PPT file:

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How to Build a Medical PowerPoint Presentation

In this tutorial, we're going to build a presentation that really has the professional look and feel that is required for the medical field. Clients and potential clients really want to feel as if their healthcare provider is of the utmost confidence and knowledge. More than ever, it's about building trust with a client.

Maybe your presentation will showcase new medical research that you've been working on. It might be an opportunity for you to pitch yourself in getting hired as a medical professional in a new company. Either way, you need a medical PPT presentation that showcases what you've got to offer. But, you may not have enough time to build it.

In our example medical PowerPoint presentation, my goal is to rapidly build out a medical presentation that looks professional. We can skip the hard work of designing everything scratch with a premium PPT theme. 

For this type of project, I always use Envato Elements. This service is the perfect thing to sign up for when you're on a deadline, as it has everything you could possibly need to build out a successful presentation. Elements includes a ton of PowerPoint templates that you can download, drop your own content into, and skip the hard work associated with designing presentations from scratch.

Medical Presentation Envato ElementsMedical Presentation Envato ElementsMedical Presentation Envato Elements
Envato Elements has a full selection of medical PPT files that you can use to jump-start building out a presentation of your own.

For me, using a pre-built theme from Elements is all about skipping the recreation of the wheel. I'm not a graphic designer, so I'm more than happy to turn over slide design to those who are.

Elements of Success

Together, we're going to build out a medical PowerPoint presentation using the MediCare PowerPoint presentation template that you'll find on Elements. This, and over 480,000 digital assets, are all available as part of a subscription to Elements.

Medicare PowerPoint Presentation ThemeMedicare PowerPoint Presentation ThemeMedicare PowerPoint Presentation Theme
The MediCare theme is a great example of using a pre-built template from Envato Elements to build an engaging presentation.

If you've never used a professional PowerPoint template, here's how it works. You can use a pre-built PPT file like this to really accelerate the pace at which you develop your own presentation.

I think of using these pre-built templates in three key steps:

  1. Choose and download a theme from Envato Elements as a starting point.
  2. Select the pre-built slide designs that you want to use in your own medical presentation.
  3. Replace the placeholder content with your own key points, images, and graphics.

That's it! Now, your presentation is ready to share with an audience.

For my medical presentation, I'm going to build out a PowerPoint file that introduces my family practice to a potential new patient. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds: a professional presentation, without the work of hiring a graphic designer or drawing the slides from scratch.

At the end of the day, the goal of this presentation is to attract clients and start the conversation on why they can trust you as their provider. Even if this isn't the goal of your medical PPT, you can use these slide types to build a presentation of your own.

1. Introduce Your Practice

Above all, people choose to work with those that they trust. With that in mind, it's essential that you get your practice in front of the audience. Make it seem like somewhere that they'll feel comfortable visiting. 

You could take a number of approaches to introducing your health care PPT slides. If you've got a great photo of your office, use this to introduce the audience to it.

About Us Practice IntroductionAbout Us Practice IntroductionAbout Us Practice Introduction
A simple opening slide with a placeholder for an image will help you connect quickly with the audience.

For this slide design, I used slide design 2 built into MediCare. It's a simple and straightforward slide that's clean and easy to showcase your practice. Don't forget to drop in your own logo in the upper left corner!

2. Introduce the Team

Even better than showcasing the office park or logo, you can showcase all of the medical professionals who make up your team. Ultimately, it's about connecting on a personal level any time that a client is thinking of hiring you, regardless of the business.

The MediCare template has the perfect slide design for this exact purpose, slide 26. Just drop in the photos of your team members, update their titles, and call it finished!

Meet the Team PowerPoint slideMeet the Team PowerPoint slideMeet the Team PowerPoint slide
On slide 26, you can easily drop in photos of your team members and use it to acquaint the audience with the team.

Drop in a bit about each of your team members on this slide to help your potential clients learn more about your team and what they do.

3. Present the Services You Offer

The medical industry has many niches and specialties, and it's important that potential clients know what services they can come to you for.

For this slide, slide design 31 is the best way to showcase your services. You can easily add in the details for the services that you offer using the text placeholders on the side, as well as the key block in the center.

Services OfferedServices OfferedServices Offered
Use slide design 31 to really define the services that you offer so that potential clients know what to come to you for.

4. Paint a Vision of Healthcare

Most modern healthcare marketing is all about helping the patient see their well-being as a journey. Everyday care steps and ongoing improvements, no matter what field you're dealing in, can help everyone feel a sense of ownership and ability to improve their lives.

Slide 21 in the MediCare slide deck is the perfect template for this type of description. With placeholder boxes for several photos, you can include some visuals in your slide design to help connect with the audience.

Slide 21 DesignSlide 21 DesignSlide 21 Design
I used the built-in slide design 21 and shared some of my fictitious practice's approach to healthcare to help patients understand our process.

This slide also gave me the opportunity to include images from Envato Elements on the placeholder boxes. Remember that a subscription to Elements includes not only all of the Medical PowerPoint templates, but also access to stock photos that you can use inside of them.

Envato Elements ImageEnvato Elements ImageEnvato Elements Image
I did a quick search for healthcare images on Envato Elements, and you can see that over 5,000 images matched my results and were available for inclusion.

5. Give the Audience a Chance to Connect

Above all, it's helpful to make this medical presentation the first point of contact - not the last. To do that, make sure that you leave the audience with a way of getting in touch.

Each medical practice needs at least a phone number and email address. Use a single slide at the end of your presentation to leave those contact details with the audience.

Slide 13 is a great fit for this. It has enough room to add contact details to the slide and an image placeholder. 

Slide 13 DesignSlide 13 DesignSlide 13 Design
Use a slide to include the contact details for your medical practice. 

This medical PPT file is going to help ensure that you reach your audience with the right message. No matter what part of the industry that you're showcasing, Medicare is a great way to showcase it.

More Presentation Tutorials

Maybe you're building another type of presentation. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Each of the tutorials below has even more tips for building a PowerPoint presentation that will help you reach an audience. Check them out to learn more about using PowerPoint to really connect.

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Do you have any tips to share with other Tuts+ readers on how you can build out a healthcare presentation? Check in with a comment below to share your favorite tips.

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