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How to Make a Basic Interactive Quiz in PowerPoint From a PPT Template (+Video)

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Pop quiz: what's the best way to create an engaging presentation?

If you said "PowerPoint quiz," I'd be inclined to agree. With the help of Microsoft's leading presentation app, you can make a quiz in PowerPoint to engage your audience and help them learn.

PowerPoint quiz templatePowerPoint quiz templatePowerPoint quiz template
PowerPoint quiz templates help you check your knowledge and engage the audience.

Maybe you're building a PowerPoint presentation quiz to help your students learn. Or, you might want to learn how to make a quiz in PowerPoint as a study tool.

This tutorial will show you how to make a quiz in PowerPoint with the help of templates from Elements. Plus, you'll see interactive quiz PPT options from Envato Market. Both options give you PowerPoint quiz templates with great designs.

How to Make a Basic Interactive Quiz in PowerPoint Quickly (Video)

Are you ready to learn how to make an interactive quiz in PowerPoint? Watch this screencast to get a headstart on the process. 

For even more information about interactive videos in PowerPoint, read the rest of the tutorial (below).

How to Use Interactive Quiz PPT Presentations Effectively

First: why should you make a quiz in PowerPoint?

You might have never considered using this tool to create a PowerPoint presentation quiz. Here are a few ideas for how to make a basic PowerPoint quiz effective and ideal uses for them:

  • Quiz the audience. Ideal for teachers; a PowerPoint presentation quiz can help you check your learning objectives. Best of all, an interactive quiz is more fun for the audience.
  • Check your learning. You can use a PowerPoint quiz for your studies, too! Use slides to build up content, then add an interactive quiz PPT slide at the end to make sure you've mastered the info.
  • Training slides. The idea is like quizzing your audience. But after your training seminar, certify your attendees as experts with a final few slides.

Now, let's learn techniques that show you how to create a quiz in PowerPoint.

The Best Source for PowerPoint Quiz Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

To learn how to make a quiz game on PowerPoint, start with a template. As you create a basic PowerPoint quiz, you'll likely spend most of your time writing content.

It makes good sense to use pre-built designs to save time. You can use basic PowerPoint quiz templates from Envato Elements to create a questionnaire slide in less time than ever. The results are sure to rack your audience's brains with quizzical, fun slide designs.

General PowerPoint Quiz templateGeneral PowerPoint Quiz templateGeneral PowerPoint Quiz template
Elements gives you unlimited, flat-rate access to designs that help you make a quiz in PowerPoint.

Thanks to Elements' all-you-can-download model, you don't break the bank while you make a quiz in PowerPoint. For a single flat rate, you'll unlock tens of thousands of designs that work well as PowerPoint quiz templates.

It's easier to see how to make an interactive quiz in PowerPoint when you use a template. Let's check out three top templates that work great for basic PowerPoint quizzes:

1. Agio : PowerPoint Presentation

Agio PowerPoint quiz templateAgio PowerPoint quiz templateAgio PowerPoint quiz template

Later in this tutorial, you'll see Agio in action as you understand how to create a quiz in PowerPoint. Minimal and clean slide designs are an ideal option for PowerPoint multiple-choice questions and answers. Simple, minimal slides won't distract anyone while presenting your interactive quiz PPT.

2. Suite PowerPoint Template

Suite presentation quiz PPTSuite presentation quiz PPTSuite presentation quiz PPT

Here's another template that works well for a clean multiple-choice PPT. It's easy to fill out with your details and has more than enough slides for every occasion. Use Suite to create not only your multiple-choice PowerPoint quiz game slides, but a complete presentation to introduce the info.

3. Jeopardy PowerPoint

Jeopardy PowerPoint quiz templateJeopardy PowerPoint quiz templateJeopardy PowerPoint quiz template

This PowerPoint quiz template is already built with a quiz in mind. It's a fun way to host a jeopardy-style game with your friends and family. 

Just add your questions, update the categories, and presto! I'll take "Fun PowerPoint Quiz Templates?" for 1000, Alex. It's even easier to imagine how to make an interactive quiz in PowerPoint with this template.

Envato Elements has a few PowerPoint quiz templates that are already built with quizzes in mind. With the help of this tutorial, you can use any design as a PowerPoint quiz template. 

See More Interactive Quiz PPTs on GraphicRiver

Know precisely what you're looking for when creating an interactive quiz PPT? You might love GraphicRiver, a pay-as-you-go marketplace with great designs to make a quiz in PowerPoint. It's a pay-as-you-go, a la carte marketplace for templates.

PowerPoint quiz template GraphicRiverPowerPoint quiz template GraphicRiverPowerPoint quiz template GraphicRiver
GraphicRiver gives you great templates for PowerPoint multiple-choice questions and answers.

Whether you use Elements or GraphicRiver to source a template for PowerPoint quiz questions with answers, you've made a great choice. Let's learn how to create a quiz in PowerPoint.

How to Make a Quiz In PowerPoint (How to Use PowerPoint Quiz Templates)

Let’s learn how to create a fun, interactive PowerPoint quiz in just a few quick steps. A proven way to boost audience engagement is to get them involved. An interactive quiz PPT is a great way to do that.

Remember, you don’t have to use a slide specifically designed for quizzes. Instead, you can build slides of your own. For our tutorial, we’ll use Agio to show you how to make a quiz game on PowerPoint. This template works great for PowerPoint multiple-choice questions and answers.

Agio quiz presentation PPTAgio quiz presentation PPTAgio quiz presentation PPT
We'll transform Agio as you see how to create a quiz in PowerPoint.

Let’s walk through exactly how to change any slide into a multiple-choice PowerPoint game in just four easy steps. It's easier than you think to create a multiple-choice PowerPoint. Then we’ll review and add it to another slide deck.

1. Customize Questions and Answers

When you make a quiz in PowerPoint, questions and answers are the key feature. It makes sense to start there. Begin by quickly removing clutter from the slide. This includes two subtitles, along with footers in the lower corners. 

Click on any of the text boxes. Then hold down Shift on your keyboard while selecting the other items. Then, press Delete. Now you’ll have a cleaner slide to work with.

PowerPoint quiz step 1PowerPoint quiz step 1PowerPoint quiz step 1
Start to build a fun interactive PPT by customizing question-and-answer text boxes.

Adding custom Q&A is easy. In the title box, highlight the current text inside, then start typing over it to add a question. Remember, you may need to expand or resize a text box for your text to fit inside. 

To resize a text box, click and drag on a corner to scale it. Repeat those simple steps in each of the four designated answer blocks.

2. Change Font Colors and Styles

Changing font styles and colors is easy, and a leading way to add contrast. Let’s change the color and style of the word “Trivia” and each of the four answer possibilities. 

Begin by highlighting “Trivia.” Navigate to the Home tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. The left half includes the Font group, and that’s where to find text options. A shade of green would add subtle contrast, so click on the Font Color drop-down.

PowerPoint quiz step 2PowerPoint quiz step 2PowerPoint quiz step 2
Make PowerPoint quiz questions with answers stand out with a bit of color contrast.

A pre-built theme like Agio will include its own set of Theme Colors. These are customized color palettes unique to the template. Those will display first, with Standard Colors (typical PPT colors) immediately below. For the most customization, click More Colors, which brings up a color wheel for exact color creation.

There’s a nice shade of green within Standard Colors, so go ahead and click on it. PowerPoint will apply it to the highlighted text automatically. Go ahead and use these same steps to other blocks of text you want to change. 

Pro tip: for the answer choices, if you want the same color for all four, select all four text boxes by using Shift + Click. In this way, your color edit will apply to all of them at once.

3. Add Custom Icons

The icons shown on the slide can be used to reveal the right and wrong answers. The Agio template includes hundreds of customized icons. Another option is to use PowerPoint’s built-in symbol library. This can be found on the Insert tab under Symbols.

Agio’s symbols are on the very last slides in the template. A check mark would make sense for the correct answer, with an X-mark for an incorrect one. Browse through the icon choices until you find each of these. Then select both using Shift + Click and copy them to your clipboard by using Ctrl + C on Windows or Cmd + C on Mac.

PowerPoint quiz step 3PowerPoint quiz step 3PowerPoint quiz step 3
Use icons built into Agio to show response indicators in your quiz presentation PPT.

Back on your slide, paste them in with Ctrl / Cmd + V. Delete the existing icons, and then click and drag these into place. 

For a multiple-choice quiz, you’ll want three X-marks, so repeat the copy/paste technique to duplicate them. Then position them into place, and you’re all set.

4. Build Animations to Build Suspense

Your PowerPoint presentation quiz won’t be much fun if the audience can identify the right answer immediately. The solution: animate the icons onto the slide one by one, after people have had the chance to answer.

Some slides may be pre-animated, but it helps to start with a clean slate. Click on the first icon. Then go up to the Animations tab. On the right side, click Animation Pane. Select the list of animations with Shift + Click, then press Delete. 

PowerPoint Quiz step 4PowerPoint Quiz step 4PowerPoint Quiz step 4
A bit of animation goes a long way to make your interactive quiz PPT.

The vision for this slide is to have all content except the four icons already visible. Then, with a click, each of the four will display one by one. Here, a simple effect is best. 

To add an animation, click Appear on the left side of the Animations tab. The animation is applied to the shape. Repeat these steps to add animations to the other three icons. 

Finally: Review and Insert

When you’re finished with your quiz presentation PPT, review your slides to ensure everything is working the way you’d envisioned. To do that, choose Slide Show on the ribbon, then click on Play from Current Slide. 

You might prefer to add this slide to an existing PPT file. Copying and pasting slides between templates is easy. Click on the slide thumbnail in PowerPoint’s sidebar, then copy it with Ctrl + C or Cmd + C

Jumping to the slide deck you’re pasting into, right-click in the sidebar in the location you wish to paste to. To keep the formatting we just applied, choose Keep Source Formatting. If you need to match the new file, Use Destination Theme is the right choice.

For more on copying and pasting your quiz presentation PPT slides, check out our quick screencast on the subject:

Learn More About How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint

Here's another quiz: what goes well with quiz presentation PPTs? The answer is more tutorials that help you master PowerPoint.

We've built out a library of resources that are sure to help. They're part of our series, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) Here are three of our top tutorials that help you create a multiple-choice PowerPoint.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Elements design without limitsElements design without limitsElements design without limits
Elements offers unlimited downloads for a single flat-rate price.

Envato Elements has an incredible offer that can't be matched:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, cool presentation templates, and more—all for one low price

Unlimited DownloadsUnlimited DownloadsUnlimited Downloads
Get unlimited downloads from the incredibly deep library.

You'll never take on extra costs thanks to Elements. Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want. Customize them to create a great quiz presentation PPT quickly.

Now You Know How to Create a Quiz in PowerPoint

Remember that unlimited templates from Elements are a great way to create a quiz presentation PPT. Also, single-purchase templates from GraphicRiver help you see how to make a quiz in PowerPoint too. Both are great options.

You've seen how to make a quiz game on PowerPoint. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation quiz, you're ready to ask your audience: is that your final answer?

Editorial Note: This post was originally updated on June 9th of 2020. It's been updated by Andrew Childress to include a video. 

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