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How to Make Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

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Read Time: 2 min
This post is part of a series called How to Use PowerPoint in 60 Seconds (Quick Video Tutorials).
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Kinetic typography is this slick-looking text effect you may have seen before with easy animations on clean brightly colored backgrounds. You can actually create these types of effects in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Note: In this tutorial we used the Corporate Presentation Template. You can download great PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. For a look at some of our best PowerPoint templates, look at the article: 17+ Best PowerPoint Template Designs.

How to Quickly Make Kinetic Typography in PowerPoint

Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that complement this video.

1. Start on a Blank Slide Design

Let's start on a slide design like this one and at our very first text box you can use these frequently for explanatory type videos.

I'll go ahead and clone this text and paste it on the right and then update the font color in alignment. 

2. Change the Font Color

I've added some text here to each box to test with. Let's change the font by clicking on Format and then change it to a nice big sans serif font like Futura

3. Choose an Animation

Now let's start in with our animations. I'll click on the first text box and let's choose an animation. I'll choose Fly in and then switch to Effect Options and choose from left.

Let's animate the second box similarly here and let's choose from right for this one. 

4. Reorder the Animation

Then let's reorder the animation and make sure that these are coming on at the same time as you're seeing me do here. 

These will fly in at the same time and create really an engaging animation effect. Now you just repeat this effect with more text and more slides to create a really animated kinetic typographic video and can even export this to a video file in PowerPoint.

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