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How to Make a Photo Collage in PowerPoint Presentations (+Video)

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Spice up your next presentation with a PowerPoint picture collage. Adding a photo collage to your PowerPoint presentations can make a real visual statement. 

Photo Collage TemplatePhoto Collage TemplatePhoto Collage Template
Photo Shoot PowerPoint is a good template to use for your next photo collage.

When it comes to your presentation, text matters. But text is just one part of your presentation. Visuals, such as photos, are another important part of your PowerPoint slide deck. 

If you want to spice up your presentation visually, using photo collage layouts is a good way to go. In this tutorial, we’ll explain why you should use PowerPoint picture collage layouts in your presentation and how to create them. We’ll also share some quick tips for making great collage layouts

Why Use Collage Layouts In Your Presentation

Collage layouts are a great way to add a lot of images to your presentation without creating extra slides. To create a collage layout in a PowerPoint presentation, just add several photos to the same slide. Then, organize them like you would with a paper collage or a scrapbook. 

Pictures TemplatePictures TemplatePictures Template
Picxellence - Photography & Portfolio PowerPoint is a top choice for sharing photos.

Using PowerPoint picture collage layouts in your PowerPoint makes your presentation more visually appealing. It gives it a dynamic feel and keeps your audience interested and engaged. 

Plus, a collage layout is sure to make your PowerPoint stand out. Most of your peers will stick to a more traditional slide layout of an image next to a text block. 

A few examples for when you might want to use a photo collage for a presentation layout include: 

  • when presenting past projects such as design or illustrative work
  • when showcasing photos from an event
  • when sharing photos of different products or services

Find PowerPoint Templates With Collage Layouts On Envato Elements

If you’re looking for the best PowerPoint templates to create an attractive collage layout, Envato Elements has got you covered. Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace with a unique offer. 

PowerPoint templates with collage support on Envato Elements PowerPoint templates with collage support on Envato Elements PowerPoint templates with collage support on Envato Elements
PowerPoint templates with collage support on Envato Elements

For a low monthly price, you get access to thousands of PowerPoint templates as well as other design resources. Download unlimited:

  • stock photos
  • icons
  • web templates
  • and more

That’s right — download as many items as you need for your creative project. Then, customize them to your needs. 

Envato Elements is a top choice if you’re a designer serving many clients or a business owner with several brands and projects to promote. It gives you the best bang for your buck if you need creative assets on an ongoing basis.

Envato Elements’s offer is hard to beat but sometimes, you just need a template to use right now. If you don’t need creative assets regularly, check out GraphicRiver. 

Find PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiverFind PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiverFind PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver
Find PowerPoint templates on GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is a part of Envato Market, a suite of marketplaces that cater to various creative needs. These are the best marketplaces to buy individual PowerPoint templates and other design assets.

How to Quickly Make Great Photo Collage Presentations With PowerPoint PPT Templates (Video)

Do you want to create interesting and creative PowerPoint collages for your next presentation? Watch this quick video to find out what you need to know about how to make a collage in PowerPoint:

For even more tips and ideas about PowerPoint picture collages, keep reading the rest of the tutorial.

How to Create Collage Layouts In PowerPoint

As mentioned earlier, a PowerPoint picture collage is a great way to add a lot of images to your presentation without adding unnecessary slides. Let’s take a look at how to quickly create a collage layout in PowerPoint.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the Mouve PowerPoint template from Envato Elements.

Mouve PowerPoint TemplateMouve PowerPoint TemplateMouve PowerPoint Template
This tutorial is based on the Mouve PowerPoint template.

This is a clean and modern template for PowerPoint suitable for all kinds of presentations. Let's get started:

1. Create a New Blank Slide

Insert a new blank slideInsert a new blank slideInsert a new blank slide
Insert a new blank slide

First things first. Open your PowerPoint template. Then click on the Insert tab. Select New Slide and from the drop-down menu and choose a blank slide.

This gives you a clean slate to start with. 

2. Load Your Images

Next, you’ll want to load all the images you want to use in your photo collage into your PowerPoint template.

On the Insert tab, select Pictures > Picture From File. Locate the folder with the pictures on your computer. Press CTRL+A to select all the images in that folder and then press Insert

Inserting pictures into your PowerPoint templateInserting pictures into your PowerPoint templateInserting pictures into your PowerPoint template
Inserting pictures into your PowerPoint template

You can also simply open up the folder that's got all the images. Press CTRL + A to select them all and drag them onto your PowerPoint slide. 

3. Make the Photo Collage

With all your images loaded, it’s time to get creative and make your PowerPoint picture collage. First, start by resizing images so that they all fit nicely onto the slide. Resize each image by dragging the corner Anchor Points that appear when the image is selected. 

Then, select an individual image and drag the middle of it to position it on the slide.

If an image is going past the slide’s border, that part won’t be visible while you’re playing the slideshow. 

How you position the images on the slide is entirely up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Put them side by side if you prefer a more classical layout.
  • Experiment with overlaying images for a more creative layout.
  • Mix horizontal and vertical images for a more dynamic look and feel to your PowerPoint picture collage.
  • Use a combination of photos and shapes to create a layered collage look.
Adjusting the layout of your imagesAdjusting the layout of your imagesAdjusting the layout of your images
Adjusting the layout of your images

Once you’ve arranged the photos the way you want them, you can adjust which photo is on top.

Right-click on a photo and then select Bring to Front to position it on the top. Or select Send to Back to place it behind a different image. Then, repeat this process for any other image on the slide. 

Customizing the positioning of imagesCustomizing the positioning of imagesCustomizing the positioning of images
Customizing the positioning of images within the photo collage

4. Crop Images to a Shape

If you want to add more photos to your collage but don’t have enough room on the slide, consider cropping some of the images to a shape. This is also a good way to get even more creative with the collage layout. 

Cropping images into a shapeCropping images into a shapeCropping images into a shape
Cropping images into a shape

Select the image you want to crop and then click the Picture Format tab. Click the Crop icon and select the Crop to Shape option from the drop-down menu. Then, select the shape you want.

In this example, I’ve selected the Oval shape. 

5. Adjust the Image Crop

Adjusting the image cropAdjusting the image cropAdjusting the image crop
Adjusting the image crop

In some cases, you may want to adjust the image crop so that the desired portion shows up. You can do this by selecting the image and clicking on the Picture Format tab. Click the Crop icon and then adjust the crop.

You can also move the image around to reposition it within the crop marks.

6. Play With Colors

Adjusting the color overlayAdjusting the color overlayAdjusting the color overlay
Adjusting the color overlay

Make some images stand out more by adding a color overlay. To do this, click on the Picture Format tab and click the Color options. You can then play with the saturation, tone, or add a color overlay. 

Color overlays are a great idea if you've got a lot of photos that clash because their tone or saturation is too different. Using these tools can help you reduce those differences and make the photos work well together. 

7. Adding Final Touches

When you’re done arranging your images and cropping them, take a few minutes and step away from your presentation. Take a short break and then come back to see the PowerPoint collage design so far. 

duplicating a slideduplicating a slideduplicating a slide
Duplicating a slide in the Mouve PowerPoint template

You can then add more images if you think there are any blank spots, or you can experiment with a different layout.

Consider duplicating the existing slide first so you've got a copy of the original layout. You can do this by right-clicking on a slide and selecting Duplicate Slide. Then change the layout as much as you want and easily go back to the original layout whenever you want. 

5 Amazing Photo Collage PowerPoint Templates

Now that you know what PowerPoint collage layouts are and why you should use them, you’ll need a great PowerPoint template as a starting point. Let’s take a look at some of the best PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements: 

1. Chime Presentation Template

Chime Presentation Template Chime Presentation Template Chime Presentation Template 

First up, we've got the Chime presentation template from Envato Elements. This PowerPoint collage template has a clean but colorful design. It offers 110+ unique slides, some of which have built-in collage layouts.

This PowerPoint collage template is the perfect starting point if you want to make a collage quickly. Besides that, the template includes:

  • infographics
  • charts
  • break slides
  • minimal slide transitions 

2. Core Slides - Simple PowerPoint Template

Core Slides - Simple PowerPoint TemplateCore Slides - Simple PowerPoint TemplateCore Slides - Simple PowerPoint Template

The Core Slides template has a minimal and simple design. It places a great focus on typography, but also creative image based slides. This helps make your content stand out, no matter which slide type you’re using.

The template includes 50+ unique slides designed in widescreen resolution. It also comes with image placeholders, vector icons, charts, and device mockups. 

3. Porto & Profile PowerPoint

Porto & Profile PowerPoint Porto & Profile PowerPoint Porto & Profile PowerPoint 

Try the Porto & Profile PowerPoint template if you want a template that's got plenty of collage layouts built in.

The PowerPoint collage template has a modern design and includes 28+ unique slide layouts based on master slides. The template is also easy to edit thanks to image placeholders. You’ll also find subtle slide transitions. 

4. Pitch Deck - Modern PowerPoint Template

Pitch Deck - Modern PowerPoint TemplatePitch Deck - Modern PowerPoint TemplatePitch Deck - Modern PowerPoint Template

The Pitch Deck template can be used as a pitch deck but also for any other business presentation. The template includes several image slides with classic collage layouts. You’ll also find drag and drop image placeholders for easy editing.

The PowerPoint collage template comes with:

  • 1000+ icons
  • 7 premade color schemes
  • 380 slides
  • various infographic elements

5. Shabil – Business PowerPoint Template

Shabil – Business PowerPoint Template Shabil – Business PowerPoint Template Shabil – Business PowerPoint Template 

The Shabil template is a business PowerPoint template with an elegant design. The template is a great starting point for quickly making photo collage layouts.

It comes with 30 slides based on master slide and drag and drop image placeholders. The slides were designed in widescreen resolution. 

5 Quick Tips For Making Collage Photo Layouts

Once you've got the perfect PowerPoint template for your presentation, it’s time to add your collage. Here are five quick tips to help you create amazing photo collage layouts in your PowerPoint presentation.

1. Pair Photos Similar in Tone And Style

The photo collage in your PowerPoint will look best if you pair photos that are similar in tone and style. For example, pair light photos with light photos instead of mixing light and dark photos.

2. Combine Similar Shapes

Symphony PowerPoint TemplateSymphony PowerPoint TemplateSymphony PowerPoint Template
Symphony PowerPoint template uses lots of rectangular photo placeholders.

If you want a more creative look for your images, cropping them into shapes is a nice touch. But to keep things consistent and cohesive, combine similar shapes together. Circular and oval shapes paired together as well as rectangular shapes paired with square shapes will look more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Pair Images With Color Blocks

You don’t always have to combine images to create a PowerPoint collage look. You can also pair images with shapes used as color blocks to achieve the same effect. This method can also give your images a nice and elegant border.

4. Keep Text to a Minimum

Minimally Photo Collage TemplateMinimally Photo Collage TemplateMinimally Photo Collage Template
Use this minimal PowerPoint template to keep text to a minimum.

A PowerPoint photo collage presents a lot of information. If you've got to use text with your photo collage, keep it to a minimum. Doing so prevents text from competing for attention with the photo collage for presentation purposes. It'll also allow your audience to focus on the photo collage itself. 

5. Alternate Photos and Text

If you want a minimal collage look, consider alternating photos and text. This gives your photo collage for a presentation a dynamic look and feel even if you've got a limited number of photos to work with. 

Add a Photo Collage to Your PowerPoint Presentation

As you can see, adding photo collage layouts to your presentation makes them more appealing. It also helps your presentation to stand out. With the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way towards making great photo collage layouts for your presentations. 

And if you still need a starting point for your presentation, don’t forget to check out our top PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. You’ll find not only presentation templates with collage layouts built-in but also other creative assets. 

If you’d rather buy individual PowerPoint templates, then head on over to GraphicRiver to find the perfect modern PowerPoint template for your presentation. 

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in September of 2021. It's been revised to make it current, accurate, and up to date by our staff. Also, we've added a short video from Andrew Childress to help you get started quickly.

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