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25 Best PowerPoint Color Scheme Templates for 2021 Presentations (Free Downloads)

"I am a believer that color affects people's moods." - Lily Pulitzer

We live in a colorful world. Yet, too often, PowerPoint presentations are devoid of the vibrant colors that get attention. Your PPT color theme is important.

Intro PowerPoint template color palette
PowerPoint templates with bright colors are the best way to complement colorful content (premium template).

This tutorial will show you the best presentation colors inside of colorful PowerPoint templates. You'll have complementary colors that work together. Your presentation will look good and builds your confidence. You’ll benefit from expert designers and studio-quality PPT color palettes.

Sure, you'll see free colorful PowerPoint templates in this article. But you'll also see absolutely artisan options for PowerPoint templates with bright colors and unlimited downloads. Plus, low-cost colorful PowerPoint templates for the best combination of cost and color!

Throughout this article, you'll see color wheels and PowerPoint templates side-by-side using Adobe Color. This builds the swatch palettes to show you the classic color combinations included in these color wheel PowerPoint templates.

The Top Source For Premium Colorful PowerPoint Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

We've included free colorful PowerPoint templates later on in this tutorial with workable options. But, before we see those, you should check out a better option that gives you far superior PowerPoint templates.

On Envato Elements, you'll unlock unlimited access to thousands of PowerPoint templates including colorful PowerPoint templates! One flat rate gives you unlimited access, and that's hard to beat.

Elements best presentation colors
Download hundreds of PowerPoint templates with bright colors for a flat-rate cost thanks to Envato Elements.

Elements unlocks the best PowerPoint color schemes in templates. And it also gives you access to plenty of other assets like graphics, background music, and illustrations. It's the perfect combination with colorful PowerPoint templates.

Need colorful PowerPoint templates but not ready to subscribe? No worries, we've got you covered. With Envato Market, source low-cost color wheel PowerPoint templates. You don't have to choose between cost and professional design thanks to Envato Market.

GraphicRiver PowerPoint template color palette
Grab pay-as-you-go premium PowerPoint color schemes in templates on GraphicRiver.

Read on to see five of the best colorful PowerPoint templates.

5 Premium Options For PowerPoint Templates With Bright Colors in 2021

Want to see what our favorite marketplaces have to offer? Let's look at five PowerPoint templates with presentation color palettes for PPT that are sure to garner attention: 

1. Fancy - Colorful Premium PowerPoint Template

Best presentation colors

Featuring dozens of bright pastel slides, this pack delivers the best presentation colors available anywhere. Flexible slides adapt quickly to all types of content. Plus, every design element is entirely customizable, giving you total creative control. 

Colors best presentation colors

2. Color Multipurpose Premium Presentation

PowerPoint template color palette

The name speaks for itself. A color palette for PPT like this serves up beautifully illustrated slides at every turn. Drag-and-drop placeholders make adding your images and videos a breeze. The colors are simple to change up right inside of PowerPoint.

Colors PowerPoint template color palette

3. Color FUN - Premium PowerPoint

Colorful PowerPoint templates

Are you looking for fun, colorful PowerPoint templates? Need over 50 slides with custom icons and infographics? That’s exactly what the Color FUN PowerPoint offers, all inside a simple and easy-to-use slide deck.

Colors colorful PowerPoint templates

Bright and vibrant colors in this template work beautifully together and are sure to give off fresh vibes. This template would work well for a young startup that wants to present a bold brand image.

4. Qitcher - Color Geometry Premium PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint templates bright colors

Qitcher is the perfect marriage of vibrant tones and geometric shapes. The combined effect is fresh, modern, and unforgettable. With 43 custom slides, including maps, charts, and mockups, Qitcher is one of the most versatile and best PowerPoint color scheme templates out there.

Colors PowerPoint templates bright colors

Here’s another template that would work well with creative presentations thanks to its purple color. Use the orange for main calls to action and balance the whole palette with the subtle pink and yellow tones.

5. Colors - Premium PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint color schemes templates

Using PowerPoint templates with bright colors and styles helps you add contrast and visual interest to your slides. Contrast is the name of the game here, with a plethora of slides sharing five color palettes for PPT. No free offering could ever match this one.

Colors PowerPoint color schemes templates

This palette gives off a polished and professional look. It’s a great choice for corporate presentations thanks to its analogous color scheme.

25 Top Free Color Schemes PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download for 2021

The web is a deep place with many free templates, and we've got a shortcut to show you great options. Envato gives out free premium files every month. These links often include free colorful PowerPoint templates with a built-in color palette for PPT.

Here's what you should check out:

If those two links don't have what you need, we've also searched the web for free colorful PowerPoint templates. While we recommend using the premium options for color wheel PowerPoint templates, sometimes your budget must be zero. Here are 25 usable options:

1. Psychedelic Vibrant

Free colorful PowerPoint templates

Psychedelic tones characterize this set of free colorful PowerPoint templates. An abstract style is used throughout the basic set of slide designs. It’s an option if you need to build bright and straightforward slides.

Colors free colorful PowerPoint templates

2. Exclusive Free PowerPoint Template

An array of colors form the PowerPoint color schemes templates found here. Twenty-five slides are included, which you can customize inside the app.

3. Free Colorful PowerPoint Background

Neon rainbow tones are the driving force behind this PowerPoint template color palette. You’re able to choose between standard and widescreen layouts to better fit your preferred screen size.

4. Creative Studio PowerPoint Templates

Your business can use colorful PowerPoint templates too, with this blue, pink, and purple layout as one slide deck example.

5. Bold Presentation Template / 3 Color Schemes

Color wheel PowerPoint templates

Bright hues and shades are often the best presentation color palettes because they keep audiences focused. With three layouts, these free colorful PowerPoint templates are an option if you need more palettes. Sixty-eight slides are included.

Colors color wheel PowerPoint templates

6. Hume Presentation Template

Hume uses colorful circles in shades of red, orange, yellow, and green. With PowerPoint, you can change those to better fit your specific wishes.

7. Colorful Product Roadmap Timeline

This colorful product road map is a bright status tracker layout that you can tailor to your own project needs.

8. Free Colorful PowerPoint Template

Using individual pixels to span the full spectrum, these color wheel PowerPoint templates are available for personal or business presentation projects.

9. Free Golden PowerPoint Template

Colorful PowerPoint templates with gold help you illustrate growth, prosperity, and success, no matter your message. In this template, gold is the featured color throughout.

10. Punaca Free PowerPoint Template

Punaca best presentation colors

Punaca is an abstract set of free colorful PowerPoint templates that leave design power in your hands. With PPT’s built-in editing features, the included layouts adjust well to your requirements. The included colors and illustrations make this one a choice for younger audiences.

Colors punaca best presentation colors

11. Noor PowerPoint Template

Shades of blue, green, black, and purple form a crisp color palette generator with these PowerPoint color schemes templates. Over 140 slides can be found inside the download.

12. Gradient Colorful PowerPoint Templates

Gradient colors are useful backdrops for many slides. This PowerPoint template color palette features an example, spanning pink and yellow to green and blue.

13. Teal Banded Presentation (Widescreen)

This free colorful teal PPT slide template is optimized for widescreen displays, like those commonly found on many devices and screens.

14. Silvia Presentation Template

Orange, peach, and red tones are the default colors in the Silvia Presentation Template. But PPT will allow you to customize those while retaining the illustrated design.

15. Dumaine Free Presentation Template

Dumaine colorful PowerPoint templates

The best presentation color palettes are generally those that stand out. The dark backdrop and bright tones in Dumaine are available.  Capitalize on this in your next project. Basic text and image placeholders are included.

Colors dumaine colorful PowerPoint templates

16. Colorful Florals PowerPoint Templates

Flowers are often associated with sunny colors, and this template features them heavily. The illustrations have a hand-drawn look and feature funky, almost retro shades.

17. Business Market Free Presentation Template

White, black, and orange make up this PowerPoint template color palette. It's optimized for business use but fully editable in PPT.

18. Surrey Presentation Template

Green and blue elements form this collection of colorful PowerPoint templates and layouts. Gradient colors and custom icons place this pack on the modern end of the design spectrum. 

19. Free Color Splash PowerPoint Template

The blue and orange color splashes here look like bright 3D inkblots. There's space included for your text and images around the sides.

20. Svage Presentation

Svage PowerPoint color schemes templates

With retro tinted shades throughout, these colorful PowerPoint templates leave the rest of the design work up to you. Thirty-five slide layouts are included. The color tones complement without being distracting, allowing your photos and content to stand out.

Colors Svage PowerPoint color schemes templates

21. Colorful World PowerPoint Templates

Color wheel PowerPoint templates like this place color pixels on a sphere. Picture a disco ball with every color of the rainbow, and you’ll find something similar with this template. 

22. Colorful Leaves PowerPoint Templates

This seasonal PPT color background template uses leaves in a variety of colors to border every slide.

23. EleveAds - Presentation

Bold contrasts allow content to stand out, especially when paired with your text, photos, and more. EleveAds does it through heavy use of tinted overlays.

24. Tybalt Free Presentation Template

Drawn with magenta and pink, these PowerPoint templates including bright colors illustrate slides with a watercolor appearance.

25. Vertical Colorful Bars PowerPoint Template

Vertical free colorful PowerPoint templates

The name says it all. This PowerPoint color scheme template makes use of colorful bars that resemble a vertical rainbow. Add your text boxes and photos to build custom slides with it. If you’re undecided on a specific color shade to use, this one is an option to use several at once.

Colors vertical free colorful PowerPoint templates

How to Customize a Premium PowerPoint Template In 5 Easy Steps

Once you've got your PowerPoint template, it’s time to customize it to make it truly match your presentation’s topic and your branding. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the Nexia PowerPoint template from Envato Elements. 

Nexia PowerPoint template
Premium Nexia PowerPoint template on Envato Elements

Let's get started:

1. Customize Your Title Slide

Customize your title slide
Customize your title slide.

Let’s start by customizing the title slide of your PPT template. Start by double-clicking the text and then press CTRL+A to select the placeholder text. Delete it and enter the title of your presentation. 

Don’t forget to add an engaging photo by double-clicking the image placeholder. Select the photo from your computer and press Insert and your beautiful title slide is done! 

2. Add Your Content

Adding content to the Nexia template
Adding content to the Nexia template

The next step is to add the content of your presentation. All you've got to do is double-click the text, delete it, and then type in or paste your presentation contents. 

As you’re adding your content, feel free to delete the slides you don’t want or duplicate the slides that have a layout you like. To delete or duplicate a slide, right-click on it and then press Delete Slide or Duplicate Slide.  

3. Make Use of Icons

Use icons in the Nexia template
Using icons in the Nexia template

A great way to customize your presentation is to make use of icons. Luckily, most premium PowerPoint templates come with custom icons that you can add anywhere in your presentation. To do this, scroll all the way down to the icon slides and choose an appropriate icon. Press CTRL+C to copy it and then use CTRL+V to paste it on any of your presentation slides.

4. Add Your Photos

To add photos to your presentation, double-click the placeholder. Locate the image on your computer and press Insert. Then, repeat this process for every slide that uses an image. 

5. Customize Fonts and Colors

Customizing fonts in the Nexia template
Customizing fonts in the Nexia template

Finally, don’t forget to customize the fonts and colors used in your presentation. You can choose a new font from the dropdown menu on the home tab when you select the text on a slide. To change colors, right-click on a colored area and select Format Shape. Click on Fill > Solid Fill and choose a new color.

5 On-Trend Color Schemes for PowerPoint PPT Presentation in 2021

We’ve explored a wide variety of top (free and premium) colorful PowerPoint templates. They’re the ideal starting point for your next project. 

To build winning slide decks, you need to embrace the top trending best presentation color palettes in 2021. Read on to explore five popular options:

1. Go Easy on the Eyes With Colorful Backgrounds

Background best presentation colors
Dark colorful backdrops like those in this premium Envato Elements template merge style and readability.

Let’s face it: many presentations aren’t easy on the eyes. Small fonts overlay blinding bright backgrounds. In 2021, that’s not okay anymore. Not only are those slides bland, but they’re also tough to look at hour after hour. 

By using dark colorful backdrops, you instantly introduce new style and boost readability. Your audiences will thank you and reward you with more attention.

2. Call Out Hyperlinks With Highlights

Sometimes, it pays to link audiences to other sites for more details on your presentation topics. But left alone, an ungainly blue URL ruins the aesthetic of even the best-designed slides. 

Luckily, that’s easy to fix. With just a few clicks, customize the color (and title!) of all your hyperlinks, making them seamlessly merge with any slide design. Learn more and get started here: 

3. Add More Content by Contrasting

Pobla colorful PowerPoint templates
Templates like this premium one help you offset many slide themes through creative coloring.

It’s commonly thought that the amount of content on a slide should be kept to a minimum. That’s usually true. But if you need to pack in a bit extra, color is a great way to do it. 

By using contrasting colors, it’s easy to call out content elements. This allows for more detailed slides that stay visually appealing and uncluttered.

4. Bring Data to Life With Colorful Charts

Merely talking through numbers doesn’t cut it in 2021. Audiences demand (and expect) clear and concise visuals. By adding colorful charts to your deck, bring your data to life in a flash. 

A fast and straightforward way is by using color to illustrate differences and key points in the data. All these changes are simple right inside PowerPoint. Ready to build colorful charts of your own? We've got a full tutorial ready to help:

5. Go Retro and Create Timeless Designs

Retro PowerPoint color schemes templates
Warm retro tones feature heavily in this stylish premium Envato Elements theme.

Retro colors are trending in 2021, and with good reason: they deliver timeless style year after year. They’re popular with audiences of all ages, and with templates, they’re easy to add to your projects. 

Retro colors are warm, helping to add soft contrast to your text and images. They look great on-screen, and seemingly never fall out of favor.

Discover More Top Microsoft PowerPoint Template Designs

You've already seen many color wheel mock-ups of PowerPoint templates. But that's only the beginning of the world of PowerPoint templates! We keep the best templates posted in our guide, Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).

Here are three of the top template articles. Many of them include selections of colorful PowerPoint templates. Use these extra PowerPoint color schemes, packaged in templates, to streamline your design work:

5 Benefits of Using the Premium PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Colorful Designs

Are you still wondering if a premium PowerPoint template is the best choice for you? You might wonder why you should use a premium template when there are dozens of free templates available online. 

Here are five reasons why you should use a premium PPT template for your next presentation in 2021:

  1. It saves you time. Premade PowerPoint color schemes templates already have the design taken care of not to mention the slide layouts are built for you. All you've got to do is add your details to the placeholder text and photos. 

  2. The finished slide deck has a polished look. Premium templates were made by professional designers. You can rest assured that the finished slide deck will have the best possible design. 

  3. Plenty of slide and content ideas. Wondering what to include in your presentation? Look to your premium template for content and slide ideas! You’ll find tons of suggestions and content that every slide deck should include.

  4. They’re easy to customize. While it’s true that premium templates have professional design, you can still customize the slides. Change colors, use a different font, drop in your photos, add icons… There are plenty of ways to add your personal details to your PowerPoint template. 

  5. The presentation stands out. Most slide decks will have a plain design or use the default templates from Microsoft Office. Premium color PowerPoint templates will help your presentation stand out as it’s unlikely that others will use them. 

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Benefits of Envato Elements
Premium presentation templates on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a unique service. For a flat-rate monthly subscription, you’ll get access to thousands of great PowerPoint templates and other design elements. 

Sign up for Envato Elements. Access and download thousands of unlimited use designs and templates. From colorful PowerPoint presentation templates to stock photos, and more; Envato Elements has it all for one low price. 

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

The best PowerPoint templates will help you create a standout presentation. But you might still be wondering if PowerPoint is the right choice for your presentation. Here, we’ve gathered the most common questions about PowerPoint to provide you with answers: 

1. Is PowerPoint Better Than Keynote or Google Slides?

All three programs are a great choice to create your next presentation. The answer to this question depends on your personal preference and the program you’re most familiar with. 

Keynote is often used by people who want a simple program while Google Slides is typically used if you want to easily collaborate with others. 

PowerPoint is typically used in more corporate settings. We've got a detailed comparison guide that you can use to decide which program would work better for you:

2. What Types of Presentations Can I Make With PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a great choice for any type of presentation. Use it for school presentations, corporate presentations, webinar slide decks, and more. 

3. Can I Download PowerPoint for Free?

PowerPoint can't be downloaded for free. But there's a free online version of PowerPoint that you can use if you’re on a tight budget:

4. Can I Share PowerPoint Presentations With Others?

Yes, you can! It’s easy to do via a sharing link, inviting people to collaborate with you or sending a copy of the presentation:

5. Which Fonts Should I Use In PowerPoint?

Your presentation should be easy to read even for participants that are far away from the screen. That’s why some fonts are better suited for presentations than others.

For example, script or decorative fonts aren’t easy to read so shouldn’t be used. Sans-serif fonts make a great choice as well as some serif fonts. Learn more about which fonts to use in our detailed guide about choosing fonts for PowerPoint:

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2021

Know what goes great with the best presentation colors? More knowledge that helps you work with PowerPoint templates with bright colors. In our guide, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), we've got a complete set of tutorials to master the app.

Here are three of our favorites. Combine them with PowerPoint template color palette selections to create an excellent presentation:

Build a PowerPoint With the Best Presentation Colors Today

The best presentation colors help you stand out. Take a chance with your next design with something more colorful than the classic PowerPoint templates. Use the best PowerPoint color schemes in templates. 

The premium colorful PowerPoint templates (with unlimited downloads) you saw in this article are a presenter's best friend. With PowerPoint templates featuring bright colors, you've got everything you need. They outpace the free options to give you the best presentation colors in a convenient package.

Open up your color palette and add a splash of color with the help of PowerPoint templates with bright colors. It's the fastest way to add a bit of fun to your next presentation!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding colorful new PPT templates with the best new PowerPoint designs. 

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