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25 Best PowerPoint Slide Design Templates (PPT Downloads for 2021)


In today's instantly interconnected world, communication is more important than ever. No matter the subject, innovative PowerPoint presentation design is a must to carry your message to an audience.

PowerPoint design slidesPowerPoint design slidesPowerPoint design slides
Get thousands of PowerPoint design slides on Envato Elements.

In this article, we're going to focus on 25 of the best modern, trendy PowerPoint template designs. They're perfect for your presentations in 2021. Each PPT slide design helps you project a cool and professional image to your audience—before you ever say a word.

Best PowerPoint Slide Design Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements. This is a great offer where you can download as many as you want for one low price. 

PowerPoint design slidesPowerPoint design slidesPowerPoint design slides
Premium PowerPoint slide deck templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access.

The premium PowerPoint design slides we feature here from Envato Elements are designed for communicating your ideas efficiently. If you need the best PowerPoint design template that you can customize quickly, check out Elements.

These ready-to-use templates have unique slide designs for PPT and great visuals to choose from. Use them to showcase the concepts in your PowerPoint presentation with pre-built slides for your:

  • business plan
  • product vision
  • business model
  • market size
  • infographics

A pre-built PowerPoint presentation slide design is a blueprint for success. Swiftly add your business ideas, insert your data, showcase your innovative solution, and craft exactly the slides you need to win the room.

Just add your business ideas and key data to these already visually impactful business plan PPT slides. Quickly prep your business template, and you’re ready to win over your audience.  

Elements PowerPoint TemplateElements PowerPoint TemplateElements PowerPoint Template
All these templates are available as part of the flat rate Envato Elements subscription package.

5 Best PowerPoint Slide Design Templates (From Envato Elements for 2021)

Imagine you're presenting research findings to your college class. Or suppose you're a corporate executive pitching a concept in search of funding. No matter what you're presenting about and who you're presenting to, the goal is really the same: persuasion

By getting a favorable impression, you're seeking understanding, approval, and agreement. With pre-built PowerPoint slide design templates, leave styling to the professionals. You'll have more time to focus on your message.

My favorite source for the best PowerPoint templates in 2021 is Envato Elements. Elements provides an incredible all-you-can-download resource for creatives, with a low monthly fee. 

Elements has such a huge selection. So, it really helps to have a starting point for choosing a PowerPoint slide design template. I’ve focused on five of the best below:

1. Evolution - Modern PowerPoint Template

Evolution Modern PowerPoint TemplateEvolution Modern PowerPoint TemplateEvolution Modern PowerPoint Template

When I’m choosing a template for my own projects, it’s key to find one that offers a lot of creative flexibility. Evolution is a prime example. This sleek, modern PowerPoint design is geared toward those building a comprehensive slide deck in 2021.

With a vast assortment of layouts, color options, and content placeholders, your work will become really simple. Simply download the template and insert your own content. This professional template from Elements does the hard work for you.

2. ONE Modern PowerPoint Template

One Modern PowerPoint TemplateOne Modern PowerPoint TemplateOne Modern PowerPoint Template

Nothing speaks to timeless elegance quite like the style of classic newsprint. Black and white colors provide stunning contrasts, with vivid images to illustrate the story. This vibe is captured perfectly by the ONE—one of the best PowerPoint templates from Elements.

This template has all the modern touches you're looking for. Modern touches such as image placeholders, video, and collection of charts and graphs.  Although it’s almost 2021, some things never go out of fashion, a fact captured perfectly right here.

3. BePro PowerPoint Business Template

BePro PowerPoint Business TemplateBePro PowerPoint Business TemplateBePro PowerPoint Business Template

BePro is a great starting point for anyone looking to build a cool, professional presentation slide design for their business. This slide design download includes content placeholders built around stunning visualizations of data.

Simply drop in your text, numbers, images, and graphics. You'll feel confident that your business is getting the portrayal it deserves.

4. Adren - PowerPoint Template

Adren PowerPoint TemplateAdren PowerPoint TemplateAdren PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint slide design theme stands out with pastel colors and graphics inspired by nature. Similar in styling to a modern magazine, Adren allows you to envelop your PowerPoint slides in the true essence of style.

Don’t forget to check out the many slide layouts and animation options included to bring more customization to your presentation.

5. Kintel Modern Portfolio PowerPoint

Kintel Modern Portfolio PowerPointKintel Modern Portfolio PowerPointKintel Modern Portfolio PowerPoint

With its unforgettable styling and bold fonts, Kintel is a top design PowerPoint theme for 2021. The vibe is modern, yet rustic—this one's perfectly suited for showcasing art and all your other graphic design work.

You’ll also find hundreds of icons and dozens of uniquely themed slide layouts. It’s up to you to choose what works best for your presentation slide design and transform your vision into reality.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited creative template downloadsEnvato Elements Unlimited creative template downloadsEnvato Elements Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Choose between creative website themes to presentation slide deck templates, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assetsEnvato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assetsEnvato Elements unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

20 Top PowerPoint PPT Slide Design Downloads (From GraphicRiver for 2021)

While Elements is an incredible resource for creative projects, it isn't the only option Envato offers. GraphicRiver is another great choice for designs for PowerPoint slides. Rather than paying for a membership with unlimited downloads, GraphicRiver is pay-as-you-go. Find a PowerPoint slide template you like. Buy it. And start filling it in.

GraphicRiver Top PowerPoint Slide Design TemplatesGraphicRiver Top PowerPoint Slide Design TemplatesGraphicRiver Top PowerPoint Slide Design Templates
Each of these thumbnails represents an amazing PowerPoint template design.

GraphicRiver has countless incredible trendy and modern PPT slide designs for download. Here are 20 of my favorites:

1. Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template v1.5

Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint TemplateAngle Multipurpose PowerPoint TemplateAngle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Angle Multipurpose PowerPoint Template has 272 unique slides and 1088 total PPT slides. This slide design template comes with over 6500 icons and 300 premade color schemes. Easily use this template for any purpose because of its multipurpose design.

2. Proposal PowerPoint Animated

Proposal PowerPoint AnimatedProposal PowerPoint AnimatedProposal PowerPoint Animated

Proposal PowerPoint Animated is of the best PPT slide designs that also has animation. Some of the slide designs include vector maps, icons, tables, and graphs. This template comes with over 650 slides giving plenty of room to add your information into your presentation. Everything in this PowerPoint presentation design template is completely editable.

3. Beyond Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Beyond Multipurpose PowerPoint TemplateBeyond Multipurpose PowerPoint TemplateBeyond Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Beyond Multipurpose PowerPoint Template has a PowerPoint slide design that can be used for any purpose that you need it for. This template comes with 186 unique slides and 744 total slides. Beyond has a good slide design for business purposes because of its professional look. Easily add an image by dragging and dropping an image into the image placeholder.

4. Getren Creative PowerPoint Template

designs for powerpoint slidesdesigns for powerpoint slidesdesigns for powerpoint slides

This PPT slide design set for download includes 475+ slides for every purpose. The modern designs for PPT are editable and customizable, and include maps, infographics, and more. You'll wow your audience with these professional looking PowerPoint design slides.

5. Space PowerPoint Template

best powerpoint design templates on Envatobest powerpoint design templates on Envatobest powerpoint design templates on Envato

These PowerPoint design templates have a cool, modern look. It includes 45 master slides with 150 slide design templates. 

These slides are ideal for business infographics, company data presentations, and more. You'll find them easy to customize to match your branding and purpose. Space is one of the best PowerPoint slide layout templates.

6. Modern - PowerPoint Template

Modern ppt slides designsModern ppt slides designsModern ppt slides designs

80 unique and creative PowerPoint design slides give you the room to showcase trends. Trends such as data, and facts. This PowerPoint design slide set is easy and quick to customize. Modern PowerPoint Template includes image placeholders and free fonts.

7. Simplicity 3.1 - Premium and Easy to Edit Template

Simplicity PowerPoint TemplateSimplicity PowerPoint TemplateSimplicity PowerPoint Template

This template is the perfect choice if you want to keep your styling clean and simple. It's built in the minimalistic tradition to make your text pop. Optional bold color flashes bring emphasis to the many pre-built content placeholders. Its toned-down slide presentation design will keep your audience engaged during your presentation.

8. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

Verzus Slide Presentation DesignVerzus Slide Presentation DesignVerzus Slide Presentation Design

Verzus is another great option for clean styling. One thing that sets this template apart is the dark theme—a somewhat unusual feature in minimalism-inspired templates. The vibrant contrast this inspires is sure to engage your audience. It's a frontrunner among favorite new slide designs for 2021.

9. Business Proposal PowerPoint Template

Business Proposal PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Proposal PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Proposal PowerPoint Template

This corporate-themed PowerPoint template is one of the best choices in this round-up for a proposal pitch deck. Pitch decks are used to pitch big ideas to investors and other interested parties. This template includes all the pre-built PPT slides designs needed for sharing vital details about your company in a sleek, professional style.

10. Massive X Presentation Template

Massive X Presentation TemplateMassive X Presentation TemplateMassive X Presentation Template

Looking for total customization options, fun animations, and dynamic fonts? All can be found here, in this vector graphic-driven PowerPoint design theme. There are over 300 slides to choose from to hit just the right notes in your presentation. The high-resolution graphics ensure the presentation looks great, even on 4K and retina displays—ever more common in 2021 and beyond.

11. Stunning Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Template

Stunning Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation DesignStunning Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation DesignStunning Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Design

A corporate profile theme is well-suited for sharing general details about your business. This example encompasses a wide array of organizations with almost 8,000 PowerPoint slides and dozens of color themes. 

In the modern business environment, it pays to have a profile slide deck ready to roll out in a flash. Build one quickly with this professional theme. Just drop in your content and go.

12. Business Data 3 in 1 Pitch Deck Bundle

Business Data 3 in 1 Pitch DeckBusiness Data 3 in 1 Pitch DeckBusiness Data 3 in 1 Pitch Deck

Another prime choice for business pitch decks, this PowerPoint presentation design includes some nifty special features. 

 One example: device mockups. This template is perfect for app and software developers. The template allows you to illustrate your products as they would appear on the screens of computers, tablets, and even watches.


Once, such mockups would've required considerable creative prowess. Now, you can achieve them in seconds.

13. Zembra Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Zembra MultipurposeZembra MultipurposeZembra Multipurpose

Zembra is an easy catch-all template positioned to suit a variety of circumstances. It includes everything from text heavy PPT slides to image placeholders, charts, graphs, and more. Even if you're giving a niche presentation, chances are you'll find slides here that work for you. Remember to try out the 40 color themes to jazz up your slides even more.

14. be PowerPoint

be PowerPoint Templatebe PowerPoint Templatebe PowerPoint Template

The be template is a powerful and inspired evolution from minimalistic whitespace. The style is clean and elegant, but emptiness is filled by an emphasis on imagery. Gradient backgrounds and dynamic custom charts wrap your message in a trendy vibe of modern cool.

15. Startup Business Plan PPT Pitch Deck

Startup Business Plan Slide DesignStartup Business Plan Slide DesignStartup Business Plan Slide Design

This pitch-deck template is geared toward startups and entrepreneurs eager to share their big idea. As a startup, potential investors need to know all they can. Most aren't willing to invest cash in unfamiliar or poorly explained ventures. 

It's up to the founders to convey all relevant details in an honest, open, and modern PowerPoint presentation to get the money flowing. Everything necessary is right here. Drop in your own story and go forth.

16. Ready - Pitch Deck Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Ready Pitch Deck PPT SlidesReady Pitch Deck PPT SlidesReady Pitch Deck PPT Slides

Another solid pitch deck option, Ready is customizable for many uses. Noteworthy are the industry and message-specific pitch deck slide design themes. Included are elevator speeches, problem and solution testimonials, marketing strategies, and competitive analyses. Those make this custom theme ideally suited to business cases far more than mere pitch decks.

17. Wow Slides for PowerPoint

Wow PPT SlidesWow PPT SlidesWow PPT Slides

This 100+ slide theme features hundreds of custom icons, engaging animations, and sleek transitions. So, this pack can meet nearly every need. PSD files are included if you need edits to exacting specifications.

18. Project Status PowerPoint Presentation Template

Project Status PowerPoint Design Slides TemplateProject Status PowerPoint Design Slides TemplateProject Status PowerPoint Design Slides Template

If you're looking for bright, attractive slides, Project Status has some of the best PowerPoint design slides. These let you show the progress of your project, from conception to realization. Highlight milestones and achievements along the way. These designs for PPT are simple to customize for every business need.

19. Startup PowerPoint

Startup PowerPointStartup PowerPointStartup PowerPoint

The Startup PowerPoint template presentation slide design was designed with a business presentation look in mind. This template has over 100 unique PowerPoint slides. The Startup PowerPoint template comes with maps, infographics, and icons.

20. Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck

Unicorn Startup Pitch DeckUnicorn Startup Pitch DeckUnicorn Startup Pitch Deck

This PowerPoint slide design template is designed for an investors pitch. The Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck has such a good slide design that it can serve as an outline for your presentation. This template comes with three premade color schemes.

PowerPoint Presentation Design Challenges for 2021

The problem in 2021 will be communication overload. The question for you, the presenter, becomes: “how do I stand out above the crowd and make my message heard?” 

PowerPoint Slide DesignsPowerPoint Slide DesignsPowerPoint Slide Designs
The best PowerPoint presentation designs convey information in visually appealing slide designs.

Use trendy, modern PowerPoint slide design templates. Using pre-designed PowerPoint slides saves you time and delivers an appealing presentation.

But if you aren't a graphic designer, how can you create the best PowerPoint slide designs?

The answer is to use pre-built PowerPoint presentation designs from EnvatoThey take the hard work out of building presentations. All you've got to do is choose one that fits your message and style, drop in your content, and give an epic presentation.

How to Make Great PowerPoint Slide Designs Fast

When you choose one of our amazing PowerPoint presentation designs, you get professional layouts and styles. You don't need to have any graphic design experience to make beautiful PowerPoint slides of your own. 

Essentially, with presentation slide design templates all you've got to do is drop content onto pre-made slides. Envato slide designs already have flexible placeholders that scale and size your content perfectly. 

Botany PPT Slide Design DownloadBotany PPT Slide Design DownloadBotany PPT Slide Design Download
The Botany PowerPoint Presentation has excellent slide presentation design.

Let's explore just how easy this is. We'll work in the Botany PowerPoint Presentation from Envato Elements and take a closer look at three specific slide designs.

1. The Title Slide

It's important to set the stage with great slide design right from the start. So, let's begin with slide 1: the title.

Title Slide DesignsTitle Slide DesignsTitle Slide Designs

As you can see, this PPT slide design really consists of a few text boxes, along with an image placeholder in the middle.

To customize, go ahead and click to select each text box. Then simply start typing your own words. It only takes a few seconds. You'll have your content inserted in no time.

Next up, click on the image placeholder and browse to a photo stored on your computer. Click to insert it. PowerPoint will drop it right onto your slide. Even better—the placeholder on this beautiful template will ensure the photo is scaled to fit.

Just like that, we've made an engaging title slide. 

PPT SlidesPPT SlidesPPT Slides

2. The Concept Slide

Best Slides TemplatesBest Slides TemplatesBest Slides Templates

Slide 6 in this deck is a classic among PowerPoint slides: a simple text-and-photo layout. These drive many presentations by introducing a person, place, or idea through words and images. Once again, your job is easy, thanks to this Elements template.

Begin by adding a new title and supporting paragraph over on the left side. Then, go ahead and click on each of the image placeholders to insert your own photos. 

Tip: you can also take a shortcut and simply drag and drop a photo onto the canvas! The placeholder will react just the same, sizing and scaling the image to fit the box.

Best PowerPoint Presentation templatesBest PowerPoint Presentation templatesBest PowerPoint Presentation templates

3. The Mockup Slide

Presentation Slide DesignPresentation Slide DesignPresentation Slide Design

Slide 53 is a trendy PowerPoint slide design that you can use to show off your website or mobile app. It's called a device mockup. Featuring a 3D representation of a mobile phone, it really brings your product to life.

The first steps are the same as above: adding your own text. Now it's time to build the mockup. 

The best way to do this is to capture a screenshot on an actual mobile phone. Then, copy it to your computer. 

At that point, it's simply a matter of adding the image, just like we've been doing. The Botany template mockup will overlay the screenshot on the phone's screen, making it an exact replica of a real device!

Best PowerPoint Presentation TemplatesBest PowerPoint Presentation TemplatesBest PowerPoint Presentation Templates

As you can see, with robust and powerful professional PowerPoint slide designs from Envato slide creation is easier and better than ever. You'll wow any audience, without having to spend a long time designing slides from scratch!

5 Quick PowerPoint (PPT) Slide Design Tips

As you can see, Envato has countless PowerPoint slide design templates to offer in 2021. But no matter which one you choose, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you build the best presentation possible. Here are some of my favorite PowerPoint presentation design tips.

1. Choose a Theme That Fits Your Message

Bright colors and whimsical graphics might not fit a corporate pitch deck but might be ideal if you’re talking to kids. Before making your choice, think about who you're presenting to and what message you're trying to convey. 

Best PowerPoint Presentation DesignBest PowerPoint Presentation DesignBest PowerPoint Presentation Design
Use highly stylized templates like ECO from Envato Elements to fit your presentation's m

By choosing a theme for your PowerPoint presentation design you’ll pick a slide design template that works for your presentation


By choosing a theme for your PowerPoint Presentation design you'll pick a slide design template that works for your presentation.

2. Keep Your PowerPoint Slides Clean

What looks good on your computer screen might turn into a cluttered mess on a giant wall projector. Be sure you use fonts that are large and clear enough to be readable from the back of a room. 

Less is more! Use PowerPoint slide designs that are clean and simplified. Avoid filling PPT slides with text and be sure chart labels are easy to see.

3. Avoid Dizzying Animations

Even though PowerPoint’s fancy animations and transitions might look cool to you, they can distract and annoy your audience. When changing slides, or animating objects onto a slide, it pays to keep things simple in your PowerPoint slide design.

PowerPoint Slide DesignsPowerPoint Slide DesignsPowerPoint Slide Designs
Use a single animation in a template like ONE to animate without distraction.

Elegant fades and push animations ease content on and off the screen in a calm, non-distracting way.

4. Set a Clear Goal

Each PPT slide should have a clear purpose. Be sure text aligns thematically with a slide title, and that charts and images have a clear relation to the content around them. Nothing is worse than a confused audience. Always remember that a PowerPoint presentation is meant to be a visual aid and not a puzzle!

5. Transform Text-Heavy Slides with Infographics

One powerful way to slim down a slide is by using an infographic. An infographic combines information and graphics to explain concepts to the audience in a way that neither can do on their own.

Best PowerPoint Slide DesignBest PowerPoint Slide DesignBest PowerPoint Slide Design
One of the best PPT design approaches is to use an infographic like this one from BePro.

Infographics come in all shapes and sizes. Many of the best slides templates that you source from Envato Elements will include impressive infographics. Use them to explain complex concepts.

For even more design tips, check out this tutorial from Envato Tuts+:

5 PowerPoint Presentation Design Trends for 2021

The best PowerPoint slide design templates push the envelope and don't fall back on the tried and true. When choosing the slide design that works best for you, make sure it uses the design trends that are popular in 2021:

1. Minimal Slide Design

Minimal PowerPoint slide design has been trending for the last couple of years, but it's not going anywhere in 2021. Cut down on the clutter and excessive animations and keep the focus on your content. The result is a cleaner and easier to follow presentation.

Creative PPT Slide Design DownloadCreative PPT Slide Design DownloadCreative PPT Slide Design Download
The Creative PowerPoint Template proves that minimal isn't boring and can look very interesting.

2. Show, Don't Tell

This trend will help keep the focus on your content. Charts and graphs give you a visual boost when sharing data with your audience. Showing a visual will engage your audience more than just numbers ever will. They're a key part of good slide design. 

Smart Chart PPT Slide Design DownloadSmart Chart PPT Slide Design DownloadSmart Chart PPT Slide Design Download
You'll have all the charts and graphs you'll need with the Smart Chart template.

3. Use Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

Using the year's trendiest colors makes for great PPT slides. According to Pantone, there are two colors  in 2021. The colors of the year are Utlimate Gray and Illuminating. Find PowerPoint PPT slide design templates for download that use this color and its shades to take good slide design to the next level.

4. Try Fancy Fonts

One of the newest trends in the last couple of years has been the use of bold typography. And no, that doesn't mean Comic Sans. If you want to apply this trend, find fonts that make bold statements, and can support good slide design on their own.

Improve the typography in your presentation in just a minute:

5. Isometric Illustrations

This type of illustration takes a 3D model and puts it on a 2D surface. The result is very satisfying to look at and adds a modern touch to any presentation. You don't have to be an illustrator to apply this trend. Just choose from the PowerPoint slide layout templates that have isometric designs.

Construction Slide Presentation DesignConstruction Slide Presentation DesignConstruction Slide Presentation Design
This construction-themed PowerPoint presentation design uses a mix of isometric illustrations and images.

More PowerPoint Template Resources From Envato Tuts+

Choosing the right PowerPoint slide for you from the thousands of PowerPoint slide layout templates out there is a great first step. But what do you do next? 

If you're new to the PowerPoint software or just want to brush up your skills, the Envato Tuts+ team has put together the ultimate guide for PowerPoint. Find more layouts, PowerPoint shortcuts, presentation tips, and more. Here's just a taste of the guide to get you started:

Where to Find the Best PowerPoint Presentation Design Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

Envato Elements and Graphic River feature stylish and professional PPT slides with high-quality designs. These templates are the best you can get in 2021. Which one is right for you, Envato Elements or GraphicRiver? What benefits does each one have?

Let's take a look:

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you pay a low monthly fee. By subscribing, you get unlimited slide design template downloads.

Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2021)Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2021)Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2021)

Download as many PowerPoint templates as you need. Use the templates that you download whenever you need a theme.  Envato Elements provides more than just high-quality templates. You also get high-quality fonts, add-ons, and more.  Envato Elements has thousands of high-quality, professionally designed templates.

2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver

Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on GraphicRiver (2021)Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on GraphicRiver (2021)Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on GraphicRiver (2021)

GraphicRiver is the top digital marketplace where you can buy single-use PowerPoint templates and graphics. It works as a pay as go model. When you need a PowerPoint slide template to use for a project right away, GraphicRiver is the best option. It's got more than template. It also has fonts, thousands of PowerPoint templates, and more.

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

If you’re a serial entrepreneur launching new brands regularly, a digital marketer with many projects to promote, or a graphic or web designer with many clients to serve, then Envato Elements offers a great bang for your buck. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

Envato Elements - Design without limitsEnvato Elements - Design without limitsEnvato Elements - Design without limits
Envato Elements - Design without limits.

Or, if you need a single PowerPoint presentation template or another file type to download right now, then head over to GraphicRiver (or another Envato Market site) to find what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered (FAQs)

PowerPoint is used by millions worldwide, but that doesn't mean that millions worldwide know its ins and outs. I've grabbed some of the most common questions about the program and answered them here to put any doubts you've got to rest. Let's dive in:

1. Can I Add Images to My Presentation?

Images and videos are both key elements to appealing slide design. There are a couple of options for adding images to slides, including paste and insert. Here's more useful information on working with images so you can have an awesome PowerPoint slide presentation design: 

2. How Do I Make a Chart in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint slide design benefits from visualizing data. To make information easier to understand with a chart, click on the Insert tab, then click Chart within the Illustrations group. 

Our tutorial on graphs and charts in PowerPoint goes into even greater detail:

3. Should My PowerPoint Presentation Design Be Industry Specific? 

Many great PowerPoint slide layout templates are multipurpose and work fine. But if you don't use an industry specific PPT template, you'll probably miss out on great icons and visuals designed for the industry.

4. Can I Use Props While Presenting?

Props are a unique way to complement some fun to good slide design. They can get a laugh and connect with your message. If you aren't comfortable with using props, there are other ways to spice up your presentation:

5. What Does Aspect Ratio Mean for PowerPoint?

Aspect ratio is the ratio between width and height. If you see PowerPoint slide design templates with an aspect ratio of 4:3, that means there are four units of width to three units of height.

This is important to know for the screen size you'll present on. Older screens are 4:3, while newer screens are 16:9. a 4:3 presentation on a 16:9 screen will have black bars on the left and right side of the presentation, which will make your slide design less appealing. Make sure you understand why you must know your presentation's aspect ratio:

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

No matter what type of presentation you're building, learning more about PowerPoint helps improve your results. When you're building PowerPoint slides, you've got to work quickly and efficiently. That frees up the time you need to build the best PowerPoint slide presentation design. 

On Envato Tuts+, we've built one of the deepest learning libraries for Microsoft PowerPoint. Use our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide), to launch your learning path.

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

We've got the perfect complement to a professional PowerPoint template. It'll help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

Download The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience. 

Grab the Free Make Great Presentations eBookGrab the Free Make Great Presentations eBookGrab the Free Make Great Presentations eBook

Get a Head Start on Your Slide Design: Grab a Professional PowerPoint Template Design

In 2021’s hustle and bustle, you don’t have the time and energy to build a PowerPoint presentation design from scratch. So, it pays to use pre-built slide design themes like these.

Whether you choose Envato Elements unlimited slide design downloads or buy individual PowerPoint template designs from GraphicRiver, you’ll find a plethora of dynamic slide templates at your fingertips. So, now it’s time to get started! Download your favorites today and begin building trendy, modern presentations for 2021.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularlyadding the best new PowerPoint slide designs.

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