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Preparing Your Online Business For Marketing

This post is part of a series called Marketing Your New Online Business.
Plan Multi-Content Marketing for Your New Online Business

The Internet is a crowded place. According to Netcraft, there are 644,275,754 active websites out there. No wonder when you’re just starting online, it’s hard to get anyone to pay attention to you. Fortunately, there is good news. There are several ways to get noticed and get your business going online, and in this three-part video series, you'll learn how.

Along with this three-part video series, I've included a workbook with practical exercises and tips to help you move forward with marking your new online business. You'll also get a glimpse of what's to come in the next two videos in this series. Go ahead and download it now. 

In video one, we will be laying the foundation and discussing how to prepare your online business for your marketing plan. You don't want to invite people over if you don't have something of value to offer them. Hit play below and let's get started!  


Graphic Credit: Click designed by Simple Icons and Laptop designed by Jason Grube from the Noun Project.

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