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20 Cool Restaurant (Food) Menu Templates (Best Modern Designs for 2020)


Opening a new restaurant is tough. You're busy getting the permits, promoting the opening, and creating your signature dishes! Using a restaurant menu template is a must so that you can focus on everything else.

Modern menu design template
Modern food menu templates exist for every food concept you can imagine.

Menu design is crucial for new patrons searching your menu for their next savory dish. You need easy-to-read designs and image-focused menus. Make your diners' eyes water and choose your top creations. 

This tutorial will show you stunning food menu templates with unlimited designs on Envato Elements. Plus, you can source single pay-as-you-go templates for cool menu templates on GraphicRiver. The best menu designs are all throughout this article!

Top Restaurant Menu Templates (With Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements gives creatives an unbeatable offer: one subscription, unlimited downloads. For a low monthly fee, download everything in the Envato Elements library. That includes menu templates, stock photos, and creative graphics.

As you search the Internet, you'll find free restaurant menu templates for every purpose. But honestly, it's worth the investment to source the best restaurant menu templates from Elements.

Professionals build these modern menu designs. Professional graphic designers create the best restaurant menu designs and share them to the Elements library. They're ready for you to download and fill in with your details.

Creative menu design ideas
Source creative menu design ideas from Envato Elements to supercharge your restaurant menu design.

Not only will you unlock restaurant menu templates, but you also have unlimited access to:

  • Stock photos to spice up your menu design.
  • Graphics and illustrations to add a bit of artisanal flair to your restaurant menu design.
  • More design templates like signs and banners to promote your new restaurant.

With the Envato Elements library, you'll never be short on the best restaurant menu design ideas. Use these modern menu designs to kickstart your restaurant launch.

5 Top Restaurant Menu Designs from Envato Elements

Here are five of the best restaurant menu templates on Envato Elements. Remember, they're all included with your subscription.

1. SGM - Food Menu

SGM Food Menu Template

A simple and easy to read menu makes the dining experience much easier. SGM is a menu template with a minimal design to match a simple and straightforward dining concept. This menu design idea features visuals that are ideal for elevated fare in a laid-back restaurant.

2. Food Menu Template

Restaurant Menu Template

This restaurant menu design is modern and elegant, featuring subdued tones and minimal design. It’s perfect for drawing your patron’s attention to the cuisine. The bifold format makes this an ideal modern menu design template for multi-course menus. Show small plates to large entrees and dessert selections using InDesign and Photoshop restaurant menu design templates.

3. Food Menu Pack

Food Menu Pack Template

Promotional materials for your brand-new restaurant couldn’t be easier with Food Menu Pack. This pack features a restaurant menu design template, plus extras to help promote your restaurant. That includes business cards and table tents to create your complete restaurant brand. The bold and sleek design is perfect for showcasing the flavorful dishes that customers will come back for.

4. Vegetarian Food Menu

Vegetarian Food Menu

Vegetarian food options have never been more popular. So, use a stunning restaurant menu design template to captivate your diners. The charming and fun design of this restaurant menu template will help cultivate a pleasant experience for your plant-based guests with eye-catching photos. It’s easy to edit in Photoshop and has placeholders for specials.

5. Summer Food Menu

Summer Food Menu

Seasonal food selections can delight your customers. Focus on the cuisine that’s in season. You’re sure to thrill the audience thanks to the freshest ingredients and tastes fitting for the time of year. With this seasonal template, use a bright color palette to offer summer selections.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements homepage
One flat-rate subscription unlocks everything in the Envato Elements library.

Envato Elements has an impressive, all-inclusive offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, restaurant menu templates, and more—all for one low price

Elements item listing
Download unlimited restaurant menu design templates and so much more on Envato Elements.

One subscription to rule them all! With the help of Envato Elements, you can create new modern menu designs for every restaurant you launch. If you create creative projects, the value is truly unbeatable.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy food menu templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

15 Top Restaurant Menu Templates From GraphicRiver (With Mouth-Watering Designs)

You've already seen Envato Elements, the library of restaurant menu designs (and much more. But it's not the only option. With GraphicRiver, you can buy more of the best restaurant menu design templates.

Download restaurant menu designs on GraphicRiver
The best modern menu designs, available for sale on GraphicRiver.

The GraphicRiver difference is that you'll pay only for what you choose. Buy single templates to keep your costs low.

Let's look at 15 of the best food menu templates on GraphicRiver:

1. Restaurant Menu InDesign Template

Restaurant menu InDesign template

With a mix of modern and vintage elements, this restaurant food menu design is easy-to-read. Customize the design easily as well, in Photoshop or InDesign. Placeholders in this restaurant menu design also give great opportunities to showcase favorite dishes.

2. Seafood Menu

Best Menu design for seafood

The fun and vibrant beach themed design of the Seafood Menu template makes it the best restaurant menu design for laid back seafood fare. Cool menu templates like this one set the stage perfectly for seaside eateries. The placeholders make it easy to highlight the dishes your restaurant is known for. As a bonus, the menu book layout easily accommodates a deep menu.

3. Menu Template

Creative menu design ideas

Clean and trendy accurately describe this creative menu design idea. It's a fitting choice for a hip cafe or bistro featuring artisanal food and drink. This fashionable modern menu design also offers two different backgrounds for variety. This cool menu template allows you to beautifully present the truly unique and distinctive menu you’ve worked so hard to perfect.

4. Christmas Menu

Holiday themed creative menu

Add a festive and sophisticated touch to your Christmas holiday-themed meals with this cool menu design. The beautifully crafted vintage theme of this food menu template adds a tasteful and elegant feel. Use it for an exclusive meal at your restaurant or a formal Christmas party for the office or your traditional holiday brunch. Cool menu templates like this capture the holiday spirit!

5. Simple Menu Board

Simple restaurant menu design ideas

The best menu designs are often the simplest ones. A great example is the aptly named Simple Menu Board restaurant menu template. 

The minimal and clean design of this modern menu design template makes it versatile for many types of eateries. That could cover anything from small cafes to steakhouses. Placeholders are perfect to show your top menu items.

6. Restaurant Menu

Best restaurant menu design

Lively restaurants need vibrant menus. This creative menu template fits that bill perfectly. This bold and modern menu design is perfect for highlighting bar food and late-night snacks. 

The simple but distinct composition makes for an easy browsing experience for the customer. Crafting each page and section of your menu is easily done in Photoshop.

7. Seafood Menu

Cool seafood menu templates

The Seafood Menu template is a creative and cool menu design with its aquatic theme. It's a great fit for seafood and beach restaurants or cruises. This double-sided menu is easily editable in Photoshop. It features a multitude of well-placed seafood visuals like fish, crab, and lobster.

8. Cafe Menu

Fancy menu template for cafe

The tasteful visual composition of this modern menu design will help draw your customers in as they muse over food and beverage choices. The neutral tones make this restaurant menu design idea a perfect fit for bistros and cafes with a rustic feel. Customize this modern menu design template in Photoshop with images of the entrees you serve that'll bring customers back.

9. Bar Menu Flyer

Best Menu design for bar

Design your bar menus or posters in Photoshop and Illustrator with this modern menu design template. Neutral tones and bold typography make this cool menu design a solid choice. Its multi-column layout makes it easy to show all categories. Each layer is clearly labeled to make editing in Photoshop simple.

10. Restaurant Menu

Creative menu for restaurant

Minimal and elegant design is front and center in this modern menu design. The featured black chalkboard background on this restaurant menu template makes it an excellent choice for small cafes and bistros with carefully crafted menus. Easily add your image to this cool menu design in Photoshop.

11. Restaurant Menu Template

Fancy menu template for restaurant

Simplicity and modern menu design are prominent on this restaurant menu template. It sets up the relaxed and low-pressure atmosphere of your cafe. Two different menu types (bar and table service) are included. So, you can easily create menus to closely match the restaurant.

12. Special Christmas Menus

Restaurant menu design ideas for Christmas

Colorful, classy, and elegant, these festive holiday menu templates are well suited for special meals celebrating the season. These food menu templates are fitting for hospitality events. These fancy menu templates are also fully editable in Photoshop and Illustrator.

13. Pizza Menu Table

Best menu design for pizza restaurant

Visuals are vital in the food industry. This 4x6 table tent is perfect for showcasing your top-selling pizzas. Use them to show daily and weekly specials that customers can review while waiting to pick up their order. This food menu template will help promote perfect pies for your pizza-loving patrons.

14. Coffee Menu

Cafe creative menu design

A beautifully put together menu is a cinch with the trendy, minimal layout of this restaurant menu design template. The layout has sections for easy presentation of food and beverage options or the different options available depending on the time of day. Use InDesign to easily complete and round out your coffee menu.

15. Drinks Menu

Cool menu designs for bar

Fun drink menus add to the experience for consumers. Your expertly crafted drinks have their own space to shine on this cool menu template. The lovely typography and visuals will perfectly fit the fun atmosphere of your restaurant, bar, or lounge. Customers are sure to picture themselves unwinding after a long day with your perfect drinks.

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Modern Restaurant Menus with Templates

Restaurant menu design is an art. And with the help of the food menu templates you saw above, it's easy to create your own. Let's look at five tips that help you add a bit of flavor to your modern menu design.

1. Show, Don't Tell

I'm always amazed by how many food menu designs lack photos. New patrons visiting your restaurant are looking for ideas. Photos can help tell the story.

With an eye-catching photo, your diners are sure to find something they love. They're even more helpful as your restaurant is getting off the ground to find dishes your customers will order over and over. 

Food menu pack template
The Food Menu Pack template has four image placeholders that are just waiting to show your signature dishes.

2. Match Your Menu Design to Your Restaurant

Every restaurant has its style. Your goal isn't to be a restaurant or bar "for everyone." It's to stand out from the crowd.

As you use restaurant menu design templates, it's essential to match the style to your restaurant's style. Use your color scheme and a creative menu template that projects your restaurant's vibe.

Summer restaurant menu design
These are the same restaurant menu design template. But the option on the right is customized to match a night-centric club or bar.

3. Upsell to Featured Items

Every restaurant has higher-margin items that are sure to drive results. Your job is to steer your patrons into not only your best dishes but also the items that drive success. Keeping the doors open is essential, after all!

Use arrangement on your menu—or other assets like table tent menus—to suggest your best items.

Table tent
Use a folding tent like this one to show your suggested items.

4. Suggest Pairings

For a better experience, show items as thoughtful pairings. Some dishes taste better when matched with the right drink or appetizer, for example. 

Suggest pairings in your menu design. Do that by positioning items nearby on the menu or suggesting item pairings in text.

Food menu template
A restaurant menu template like this one has plenty of text placeholders to suggest pairings.

5. Include Dietary Warnings & Helpful Information

Conscious food eaters will appreciate you listing dietary warnings. That might include restrictions like dairy, peanut allergies, gluten, and more. 

Use a symbol or text on your menu to call out these items. It helps to protect your restaurant from liability and helps diners make good choices.

Dietary warnings on modern menu design
Use asterisks or other warnings on your food menu template to note allergy or dietary concerns.

Create Your Restaurant Menu Design Today

In this tutorial, you saw the menu design ideas that you can use to launch your restaurant. It's crucial to stand out from the crowd, and you need an excellent restaurant menu design to tell your story.

Don't forget: using modern menu designs from Envato Elements helps you design a menu, rapidly. Or, try out single-purchase cool menu templates from GraphicRiver.

Cook up a modern menu design with the help of these templates. It's sure to give your customers a taste of just how good your new restaurant is!

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