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    A Freelancer's Guide to Effective BudgetingFreelance budget
    Freelance incomes can fluctuate a lot from month to month, making it difficult to plan. So in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to construct a rock-solid budget that accounts for these ups and downs, making sure you save enough in the good times to cover the months when no work comes in or a big project gets cancelled.Read More…
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    Is Your Photo Practice Ready to Grow? Find Your Cost of Doing BusinessBen lucas cost of doing business preview
    Building a profitable photo or video business can be hard. Before you can price yourself without pulling numbers out of thin air, you have to know what your cost of doing business is so you can price yourself profitably.Read More…
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    What Business Intelligence Systems Can Do for Your Small BusinessBig data
    Business intelligence can help your company boost revenue, cut costs or operate more efficiently. In this tutorial you'll learn how business intelligence systems work, see some examples of how other companies are using them, and get some tips on putting a solution in place for your own business.Read More…
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    Session: Evolve From Freelancer to AgencySession freelancer to agency
    Are you a seasoned freelancer? Is the amount of work on your desk bursting at the seams? When you have more work than you can handle, it becomes clear that it's time to expand. This Session, written by Thursday Bram, will assist you with the growth of your business. There is a clear path to take from freelancer to agency, many have walked this path before, and you can too. Learn how to draw more clients, structure your agency, keep your team busy, market to the right clients, and set your agency up for the long run.Read More…
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    The 7 Principles That Should Underpin Any Successful Online BusinessSuccess
    A lot of would-be entrepreneurs do not fully appreciate what it takes to build and manage a successful online business. The common assumption is that you need a groundbreaking idea and lots of luck. But if I've learned one thing in the two years (since I started building my own online business), it is that entrepreneurship is not quite as glamorous as some might have us believe. But that is not a bad thing by any means. For every Facebook and Pinterest there are literally thousands of less "cutting edge" businesses providing their owners with a very comfortable living. Consider my business for instance; based upon freelance writing and a blog that helps people to quit their jobs and build a successful online business. It's nothing new, but makes money nonetheless. In reality, there are just a few common sense principles that you should to apply to your own fledgling business to boost its growth exponentially. In this post, you'll learn about those principles in detail.Read More…
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    How to Build an Online Business From the Ground UpBuilding online business
    When I first decided that I wanted to quit my job and create my own successful online business back in May 2011, I was driven more by blind determination than belief. In fact, for many months thereafter I couldn't shake a little voice in my head that kept telling me how fruitless my efforts were. What I failed to realize was that launching your own successful online business doesn't have to be a pipe dream. It isn't an unattainable goal that will forever live only in your mind. In reality, becoming a relatively successful online business owner requires a few more skills than you probably have right now. The rest you can pick up along the way. What makes the real difference -- far more than technical ability or entrepreneurial nous -- is your belief and determination. Those are the assets that will pull you through the roadblocks and setbacks that inevitably await you. With that in mind, in this post I want to give you a roadmap that will equip you with the knowledge, belief and determination to launch your own successful online business.Read More…
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    7 Resources New Freelancers Can Use to Figure Out What to ChargePreview
    It's possibly the most baffling question that faces new freelancers: What in the heck am I supposed to charge for my work? You don't have a sense of market rates yet. Your prospect doesn't want to tell you their budget. Figuring out what to charge for your freelance services is intimidating. If you've been freelancing for content mills, or on bidding sites, or responding to Craigslist ads, you've probably seen loads of offers at rates that wouldn't support a hamster. It's confusing to know what fees are appropriate for what type of gig. You don't want to bid too low and essentially rip yourself off. But you don't want to bid too high and lose the gig, either. Maybe you have a dim sense as a new freelancer that you should charge a bit less than experienced pros in your field. But how much less? The way to solve this pay-rate question is simple: research. There are tools and resources out there you can use to get a good idea of what freelancers in your line of work charge. Here are seven of the best types of resources for discovering what freelancers are getting paid:Read More…
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    How to Sell Platform-Based SkillsHow to sell platform based skills
    As a freelancer, there are a lot of different ways in which you can specialize. Focusing on a particular platform — a freelancer web designer, for instance, might work exclusively on WordPress-based sites — is one of the fastest ways to establish a specialty. It can be a fairly lucrative opportunity, as well. Learn to demonstrate your platform skills, establish your expertise, and present clients with irresistible platform-based freelance packages.Read More…
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    Developing Products from Your Freelance Work: What You Need to KnowPreview
    The concept of developing a product that goes along with the services you offer makes sense for many freelancers: the right product can help you even out those mountains and valleys in your income, as well as bring in money from people who just aren’t a good fit as clients. But offering products requires a big investment, especially in terms of time. It’s gotten a lot easier than even just a few years ago, but whether you’re thinking of writing an ebook or developing WordPress themes, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time building your product, as well as marketing it and providing customer service.Read More…
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    How to Protect Your Intellectual Property from Theft as a FreelancerPreview
    As a freelancer, in any industry, we run the risk of our hard work being stolen and used without getting compensated. It's a risk of the business, but with just a little education and planning, you can protect your intellectual property so that you have a much better chance of avoiding intellectual property theft. But what happens when your protected intellectual property (IP) is stolen? How can you fix the problem in a way that is efficient and ethical? This is likely a problem that every freelancer will encounter and should know how to decide what, if anything, should be done.Read More…
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    How to Raise Your Freelance Pay Rates in the Next 60 DaysHow raise your freelance pay rates next 60 days
    Freelancers interested in earning big should always be looking for opportunities to raise rates. Luckily, if you're reading this in the fall, you're at one of the easiest times of year to get a raise. I'll explain why in a minute. But first, let's talk a little economic reality about why you need to get aggressive about asking for a raise. Freelancers need to continuously raise rates, because the cost of living isn't stable. The price of oil and corn are both going up as I write this, for instance. You need your rates to rise a bit just to keep up with inflation -- and they need to go up more if you want to get ahead. Fortunately, the approach of a new year sets the stage for pitching clients that you deserve higher rates. Fortunately, the approach of a new year sets the stage for pitching clients that you deserve higher rates. If like me, you have a goal to earn more money from freelancing each year, rate hikes are key. I know what you're thinking: Asking for money makes you feel weird. But standing up for what we're worth is the only way freelancers end up earning fair wages. Companies won't necessarily volunteer to pay you premium rates -- but they might give them to you if you ask them the right way. How can you get your clients to pay you more? Here is my list of effective ways to get a raise:Read More…
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    The Freelancer's Essential 12-Step Guide to Avoiding Tax TroublePreview
    One of the things that makes would-be freelancers nervous to quit their day jobs is the whole issue of paying taxes. When we're employees, our company handles most of our tax responsibility for us, deducting required amounts so we never miss the money. As freelancers, this responsibility falls squarely on our shoulders. But tax-phobia shouldn't keep you from pursuing the freelance life. There is some paperwork you'll need to do, but it's not overwhelming. You can do this. With a small amount of forethought and planning, you can reduce your tax burden and make sure you get all the tax breaks allowed for freelancers. Just a note up front -- my experience is with paying U.S. taxes, and it's U.S. tax-code issues I'm referencing below. If you're in another country, be sure to consult your local tax authorities.Read More…