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20 Best Adobe After Effects AE Templates to Make Amazing Videos in 2021


Do you need to promote your business? Showcase your upcoming product launch? Create a video presentation or viral summer ad?

The best way to do it is with Adobe After Effects templates.

Best After Effects templates 2020
The best After Effects templates in 2021 make it easy to drop in still photos, add text, and create the perfect finished video.

 Are you ready to fire up After Effects and get to work? We've found the best of the best so that you can spend less time working with the app, and finish with the best video you've ever created.

You're going to see the very best Adobe After Effects templates for a flat rate thanks to an all-you-can-download offer. Or the best AE templates with single purchases for low-cost creations. Let's look at all the best.

The Best After Effects Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use) for 2021

It's easy to feel lost when you first start working with an app like Adobe After Effects. You might know that it's technically capable of creating any type of motion graphic or 3D animation, but the question is: how?

The key is to use Adobe After Effects templates. With the help of the best After Effects templates, creating a video is just a matter of updating the placeholders. Use the pre-built animations and update assets like your logo and text.

Envato Elements is the best value for amazing After Effects templates. For a flat rate, you’ll unlock unlimited downloads of AE templates and other creative assets. It’s an incredibly powerful offer. Explore thousands of awesome Adobe After Effects templates and join today.

Elements Adobe After Effects templates
Envato Elements unlocks unlimited downloads of the best After Effects templates in 2021.

Everyone can produce a professional video with the help of Envato After Effects. Hand over the heavy lifting of animation, motion graphics, and 3D to professionals by starting with AE project templates.

Here's more great news: the same Elements subscription that gives you the best AE templates also unlocks so much more. You'll also get stock photos, audio tracks, and video clips - all for no extra cost! Elements is genuinely the top value for any marketer.

Later on in this tutorial, you'll see another source for Envato After Effects templates. Envato Market has the best After Effects templates in 2021 with single downloads. It gives you single-purchase Adobe After Effects templates.

5 Best After Effects AE Templates From Envato Elements for 2021

In need of multiple After Effects AE templates, or want to try out several options to find just the right one? Then Envato Elements is perfect for you. Let's see five of the top Adobe After Effects templates from Envato Elements for 2021:

1. 70 Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack | Glitch Text Maker

Glitch After Effects templates

Glitch Adobe After Effects templates lend a grungy, hip vibe to your video projects. This design comes with 70 unique glitch text animations with six different types and layout styles. With sound effects already built-in, you can customize any of them in just seconds.

2. Memory Sketch

Memory sketch Adobe After Effects templates

Memory Sketch is an artistic collection of After Effects video templates perfect for your next movie. The powerful effects transform your photo slideshows into stunning works of art. Images are rendered as crisp brush drawings, lending warmth, and a personalized feel to all your work.

3. Ink Titles

Ink After Effects video templates

While you might think only of images, the best AE project templates never forget your text. That’s the power of Ink Titles, an unforgettable set of captions for After Effects. Ideally suited for intros and credits alike, this one is a must-have in your AE video template toolbox.

4. Opener V3

Opener AE Project templates

The best After Effects templates in 2021 share key features: bold, modern styling, and easy customization. Opener V3 delivers plenty of both, serving as the perfect kickoff to videos on any topic. You’ll find that it works well as an intro, promo clip, or standalone project alike.

5. Spacious Particle Logo Reveal

Particle best After Effects templates 2020

With starry graphics, these awesome Envato After Effects templates bring your logo on-screen in a style that’s truly out of this world. Easily adaptable to any logo, they’re an unbeatable way to introduce your brand to an audience. With After Effects, it’s easy to change the duration, timing, and much more.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Elements design without limits

Envato Elements has an unbeatable, all-you-can-download offer for creatives.

Sign up for Envato Elements, and you get unlimited access to over a million graphics, templates, stock photos, and so much more. Choose from web themes to the best Adobe After Effects video templates, and more—all for one low price

Envato Elements all items
Unlock unlimited access to millions of assets, including Adobe After Effects video templates.

There's no catch with Envato Elements. A single license gives you everything you need, no strings attached. Start with the best After Effects templates in 2021, then branch out to every other file you need - at no extra cost.

15 Amazing Adobe After Effects AE Templates From VideoHive for 2021

Looking to cut costs and source templates one by one? Then VideoHive is right for you. Featuring a pay-as-you-go model, you can choose any of these best-selling After Effects video templates and buy them individually. 

GraphicRiver best After Effects templates 2020
VideoHive includes the best After Effects templates in 2021 for professional, polished videos.

VideoHive (a part of Envato Market) is a great resource, with thousands of Adobe After Effects templates to choose from. Let’s look at 15 of the best: 

1. Videolancer's Transitions | Original Seamless Transitions Pack

Best AE templates transitions

Transitions: in many ways, they’re the glue that holds excellent videos together. They help you seamlessly move between content, scenes, and ideas. This collection of the best AE templates is packed with unique transitions. You’ll find 2000+ custom transitions right inside the download!

2. Photomotion X - Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit (5 in 1)

Photomotion Envato After Effects templates

As a video editor, you know not to envision photos merely as inanimate, static objects. Now, with this template pack, bringing images to life is easier than ever. These excellent After Effects templates feature studio-quality tools in an easy-to-use format. In just a few simple steps, transform any photograph into an advanced, beautiful animation.

3. Graphics Pack

Amazing After Effects templates

Graphics Pack: as the name implies, this is a full set of flexible and diverse templates for After Effects. There are over 1,450 template designs included in the file, each one supporting up to 4K resolution. Categories include shapes, logo reveals, titles, device mockups, and many more.

4. Neon Sign Kit

Neon awesome After Effects templates

Sometimes amazing After Effects templates focus on a really niche purpose. Such is the case here, where you can stylize any text as a retro neon sign. With just a few quick steps, your text boxes can evolve into electric works of art that look right at home in any production. 

5. Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Pixity After Effects templates

One of the best uses for video is for tutorial and educational content. But you may not have the time or budget to feature real actors. That’s where these fun animations come in: create fun, memorable animated explainers with hundreds of designs. There are even options to create your own unique characters.

6. Black Classic 3D Logo

3D logo After Effects templates

Logos are one of the primary ways people recognize and remember your brand. That’s why it’s critical to make a winning first impression. These logo animation After Effects templates help you do just that, by providing a cinematic entrance for your logo. Simply add a logo image file or type in your text and let the template do the work!

7. 555 Animated Icons

Animated icons After Effects video templates

Icons add fun and engaging motion to any video. That means that it pays for any creative to have a full icon collection in their arsenal. This set of icon AE project templates is a top choice for 2021. With built-in color control, this template combines pre-built designs while preserving maximum creative flexibility.

8. Lower Thirds

Lower thirds AE project templates

Think of the captions commonly seen at the bottom of news and sports broadcasts. Those are called lower thirds, and with these After Effects video templates you can quickly bring them to your work. 260+ designs are included with your purchase, and free updates continue providing even more. All style options are smoothly customizable inside After Effects.

9. 12 Instagram Stories Vol. 9

Instagram best After Effects templates 2020

Instagram is a crowded landscape for content producers, which means the key is to always stand out. Do exactly that by merging the ease of social media with the pinnacle of video production that's After Effects. These templates are sized for story posts and add in full color control and other features not found in any mobile app.

10. Dynamic Intro

Dynamic intro best AE templates

The best AE templates help you grab viewer attention right out of the gate. The place to start is in your intro. It's genuinely the first chance to capture audience focus. Featuring ten versatile options and dozens of content placeholders, Dynamic Intro helps turn your creative vision into onscreen reality.

11. Mobile App Developer Intro

Mobile app Envato After Effects templates

A big part of building a user base for your mobile app is attracting new downloads. Promotion is imperative and doing it in style is a must to ensure you capture conversions. This sleek modern graphics pack for AE is created especially for app developers. It's got a full set of content placeholders that you can quickly tailor to your work.

12. Parallax Media Opener

Parallax amazing After Effects templates

Parallax styling is one of the top trends in AE template design for 2021, and here you can add it to your future projects. More than 100 scenes are included, helpfully grouped by duration. This takes the guesswork out of production and leaves more time to focus on creative ideas by taking care of essential details for you. 

13. SEO Explainer Opener

SEO awesome After Effects templates

Online content of all kinds deserves to be advertised in a bright, bold style that connects with your audience. These Adobe amazing After Effects templates include layouts for web marketing, social media, and more. They’re adaptable for specific industries, even while remaining great options for any business.

14. Magical Trailer

Magical trailer After Effects templates

One of the best and most popular Envato After Effects templates, Magical Trailer is the ultimate design tool for your next promo video. Animations are pre-rendered, simultaneously adding cinema effects while saving you time and trouble. It’s designed to pair seamlessly with any type of onscreen content that you can imagine. 

15. Epic - Corporate Presentation Suite

Corporate Adobe After Effects templates

You might not think of AE templates as business tools, but the platform allows you to create unforgettable corporate videos. This collection is an excellent launchpad for business AE projects, helping with profiles, portfolios, infographics, and more. Use layouts individually, or pair them up to make a fully featured video.

5 Quick Tips for Making Great After Effects Videos in 2021 

Using AE project templates saves so much of the work ordinarily involved with video production. The best After Effects templates in 2021 already have the layout, animations, and essentials built for you.

If you're still hungry to see more techniques when working with After Effects templates, we've got you covered. Here are five quick tips for mastering Adobe After Effects video templates:

1. Get Glitchy

Glitch Adobe After Effects templates
Glitchy After Effects templates use popular effects to grab attention.

If you think glitches are purely a bad thing, think again! The best After Effects templates in 2021 often use glitch effects to snap the audience to attention. You'll want to avoid production glitches, but glitch effects are all about giving a bit of shake and random action to your canvas.

It's a popular trend, and when you use awesome After Effects templates they're already included in the file. They work with any type of content and are ideal for sci-fi and futuristic content.

2. Focus on Your Branding

In marketing, brand image is truly everything. It's the feeling that consumers associate anytime they think about or see your company.

Building a brand image is all about making it recognizable. A logo serves as the central point of your visual brand kit. Why not make a video that features your logo to help increase its awareness?

See the best AE templates with logo-focused designs in this article:

3. Help Your Viewer Picture a Product in Real Life

Mockup Envato After Effects templates
Show your product in the real-world with a mockup.

The best marketing helps a consumer imagine how a product changes their life. It makes perfect sense that awesome After Effects templates capture this idea with product mockups.

Show an app, website, or tool brought to life with a device mockup. You won't have to film it in the real world. Just grab a few screenshots or footage, then add it to the mockup.

4. Set a Strong Tone in Your Intro

On leading video platforms like YouTube, you're always competing for attention. The next video is just a click away in the sidebar.

That's why a video intro matters. It sets the tone and shows the viewer that the video is worth a watch. The best Adobe After Effects video templates are built with this in mind so that your content is seen. 

See amazing After Effects templates with the help of our article:

5. Optimize for Devices

Best AE templates mobile
The best Envato After Effects templates are built with devices in mind, optimized for vertical video.

More than ever, your audience is likely to see your content on a mobile device. You must optimize for them.

Use amazing Envato After Effects templates formatted for platforms like Instagram to make the most of your screen real estate. Vertical video helps you show your marketing materials in full-screen mode.

5 Top After Effects Templates Trends for 2021

The best AE templates are an appropriate fit for their subject and target audience. But there are definitely over arching trends in 2021 to keep an eye on. Check out these top After Effects templates trends, and consider using them in your next After Effects project:

1. Supplemental Graphics for Your Remote Presentation

In the recent year, we've seen big rise in remote communications and presentations. Take your next video further with After Effects video templates. This can be a great way to add ambience, supplemental information, extra links, and more. 

Check out this example template, below. You get extra information, social media accounts, and more. It also helps add branding to the video. So you're not just looking at a bland video that lacks professional polish.

after effects template school
Engaging after effects templates can be the perfect way to add a professional look to your presentation.

2. Try Artful Brush Strokes and Organic Texture

Some of the most artful, best After Effects templates out there make use of texture and stylish brush strokes. It's such a visually interesting way to add to both footage and still imagery. Try blending modes in After Effects too to add even more character to your content.

This example template below uses both techniques to its advantage. Check out the preview video by clicking below.

after effects template texture
Try working with stylish brush strokes and textures in your Adobe After Effect templates. Click to preview and download now.

Want to learn more about creating and customizing After Effects video templates with texture and brush techniques? Check out this free tutorial from Envato Tuts+. 

3. Use Abstraction to Create Stunning Visual Effects

Whether you're working with still imagery or video, there are some awesome After Effects templates out there that experiment with abstraction. From color overlays to zooming in, this aesthetic pushes your content in a visually interesting way.

This one below is a great example. Click to check out the video preview. Notice how you can also use text in a supplemental and artful way. Approaches like this can be a great fit for video titles and introductions, especially if you're trying to build interest or intrigue.

abstract after effects template
Abstraction is visually engaging trend in amazing After Effects templates, here in 2021. Check out this template today.

4. Beautifully Animated Text Is Timeless

Animated text is such a timeless, essential part of working with motion graphics and After Effects. Well timed, beautifully animated type is definitely on trend (and it probably will be for quite some time). 

Some of the best After Effects templates you can download are text effects and animations, because they've got so many uses. They can be customized, mixed, and remixed for different videos. They're a must have asset for your design toolkit.

text animation after effects template
Beautifully designed text motion graphics are a perfect, trendy fit for After Effects title templates.

Curious about how to animate text in After Effects? We've got a free tutorial here on Envato Tuts+ to help you lean how to do it yourself. If you'd like to be better equipped to customize animated text in After Effects video templates this could be really helpful: 

5. Try Bright Colors and Bold Shapes for an Energetic Look

Bright colors and bold shapes are a trendy approach. It works well if they're well timed with any audio accompaniments. Use them to create interest or to push the mood in your still photos or videos further. They're a great fit for energetic projects, but these techniques can be equally as visually effective for other moods too.

stylish after effect templates
Chunky blocks of color are a trendy design choice for AE templates. Try them in your video intro today.

Check Out Even More After Effects Video Templates

Looking for the best After Effects templates for your next project? There are plenty more inspiring designs to check out. Check out these collections of After Effects templates for more ideas and downloads today.

Where to Find the Best After Effects Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs VideoHive)

Looking for the best website for After Effects templates? You've got plenty of choices. Both Envato Elements and VideoHive have some of the best After Effects templates around to choose from. But which is the best choice for you?

1. The Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a perfect choice if you're looking for unlimited access to a library of content. This means you get a whole collection of amazing after effects templates for one, low fee. 

Envato Elements also includes fonts, stock video, music, and much more. All this professional content is available with unlimited downloads. It's a bargain price, and it's very convenient for creative professionals. Grab everything you need for your projects, all in one place, for one price.

envato elements
Download unlimited After Effects templates on Envato Elements.

2. The Key Benefits of VideoHive (and Envato Market)

You can also find high quality AE templates on VideoHive. Browse and preview top After Effects templates created by designers from around the world. On VideoHive, you only pay for what you need. This is a great choice if you're only looking for one or two files, rather than a whole library.

If a single download is what you're looking for, check out the awesome After Effects templates on VideoHive today:

Envato Markets
Check out some of the best After Effects templates on VideoHive.

So, What Is the Best Website for After Effects Templates?

Are you a creative professional who regularly uses templates, fonts, and other assets? Then you might benefit from the power and convenience of Envato Elements. 

Choose from a huge library of amazing after effects templates, and download as many as you like, for one low fee. There are so many awesome After Effects templates to try out. Sign up for Envato Elements now.

envato elements
Get unlimited AE templates and more on Envato Elements.

But you can also find awesome After Effects templates on VideoHive. This can be a strong choice if you're not necessarily looking for a whole library of Adobe After Effect templates. Maybe you just need one  AE template or a very specific type if template, like After Effects title templates.

On VideoHive, only download the AE templates you need. Browse the best AE templates and pick up your favorites a la carte. One payment, one download. It's a great option if you'd prefer to keep things simple and only pick up one or two files. 

Learn More About Adobe After Effects

Love Adobe After Affects? Would you like to learn more? There are so many free tutorials to check out on Envato Tuts+. Start with these tutorials to today to start learning more:

Create a Great Video Quickly With an After Effects Template Today

Now you know that Adobe After Effects video templates are the secret to saving time, it's time to start your next production.

As you saw, awesome Adobe After Effects templates with unlimited downloads stretch your value to the max. Or a single purchase AE project template is another way to save time and spend less, finishing with the best finished video. You can now also download free After Effects templates from our sister site, Mixkit!

No matter what you're marketing, a video is an effective way to do it. Start with a template, add your details, and press export to bring it to life.

Note: Our staff updates this post throughout the year, adding new After Effects templates, making sure the best Adobe After Effects templates are always included.

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