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20 Best Annual Report Template Designs (For 2020 Financial Year End)


When it comes to your annual report design, you'll want to present your year in the most professional way possible. A clean, well designed annual report is a sure-fire way to do so.

Annual Report Layout Design
A professionally designed annual report template often includes all kinds of layout options too—plenty to work with an adapt! 

A sleek, professional annual report template could help bring that style, class, and prestige to your work and your data. Use one for your next annual report to both impress and simplify the process!

Imagine going to a professional meeting without looking your sharpest. You wouldn't do that. Why treat your annual report any differently? 

The perfect, professional impression means visually communicating trust, reliability, and dependability. We want our audience, our clients, and our peers to feel this professional confidence when accessing our content. Doing so is easier than ever with an annual report template, such as the professional annual report designs you can find on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best Annual Report Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Why an annual report template? They're easy to use, typically simple to customize, and can often save you a lot of time and resources. Let's say you know what you want, you just need a little extra help. A template might not only fit the bill, it might also be adaptable to other project needs, too!

Envato Elements can be an excellent choice for your design needs. Not only can you find a wealth of annual report templates—there's graphics, backgrounds, audio, mock ups, and so much more! But wait, the best part is, you get access to thousands of assets for one, low fee. 

Envato Elements
You can find hundreds of templates, assets, annual report designs and more on Envato Elements!

The annual report design templates in this article are clean, professional, and easy to customize. Need to change the colors? Want to further customize how your branding is represented? Go for it. 

These annual report themes can be just the springboard you need to meet your goals, both quickly and at an awesome price. Annual report format matters too. So, think about the software environment and delivery method that best suits your needs.

Annual Report Design Template
A good annual report has a clean, professional design, like this beautiful and versatile design, available now!

It's as simple as downloading the template, opening it up in the applicable software, and making your edits! With Envato Elements, you also have the luxury of downloading many annual report templates and companion assets too. So, you can experiment, test, and combine to your heart's content.

5 Annual Report Templates From Envato Elements for 2020

Let's look at some top annual report designs from Envato Elements—they're some of the best annual reports 2020 has to offer! Consider them for your annual report, add them to your collection of design assets for professional use, or check out these annual report design samples for visual inspiration:

1. Square Annual Report Template Layout

Square Annual Report Template Layout

Looking for a layout that's a little different? This annual report design is 8 inches by 8 inches—a stylish square. 

The included infographics are all editable. The design itself utilizes free fonts. Adding your own content is a breeze in Adobe InDesign.

2. Blue Annual Report Template Design

Blue Annual Report Template Design

With twenty unique pages to choose from, this annual report design offers so much to work with! Not only that, these versatile layouts could be adapted to work for other projects too!

3. InDesign Annual Report Design

InDesign Annual Report Design

This design could be a great fit if you've got some photos in mind for your annual report. It comes with a front and back cover, as well as thirty-four pages—there's so much to see and work with here!

4. Clean and Creative Annual Report

Clean and Creative Annual Report

Looking for something bold? This design has really playful pops of color that could make such a memorable impression! Or maybe you could adapt this to work with your signature colors! It comes in both A4 and US letter sizes, with 32 different pages.

5. Stylish Geometric Annual Report Design

Stylish Geometric Annual Report Design

This template has so many possibilities. Swap out the colors and the logo with your branding and guidelines. Keep in mind that the dates here are entirely variable and up to you! Change it, adapt it, and even use it for more than one year!

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Remember, we're talking about one, low price here for hundreds of annual report templates. Download as many as you like.

Envato Elements
There's so many annual report templates to choose from! Take a peek!

When you sign up for Envato Elements, you get access to all the content your project needs—from annual report templates, to fonts, graphics, and more! There's thousands of assets, all with unlimited use, and it's all for one low price.

Envato Elements Subscription
Get Unlimited Downloads for all your template needs—and more!

Think about what having thousands of beautiful, professionally designed assets and templates at your fingertips could mean for your professional ventures. Handy, right?

15 Top Annual Report Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020 (For One Time Purchase)

But let's say you prefer a single purchase—as opposed to unlimited access to a large and growing library of templates and assets. Envato Elements is a great deal, but sometimes you know exactly what you want, and that's all you want. In that case, check out GraphicRiver for your next template of an annual report

GraphicRiver has an impressive host of creative content, including annual report templates.

GraphicRiver Annual Report Templates
There's hundreds of templates with good annual report designs available on GraphicRiver, as a one time, single purchase.

There's a lot to see here, so I like to go through and bookmark my favorites! It's great source of inspiration as you decide on the direction for your own annual report.

15 Top Annual Report Templates from GraphicRiver for 2020 (for One Time Purchase)

Let's look at some of the lovely designs available on GraphicRiver, as well as what makes a great design tick! Pick up some design insight from these annual report design samples and think about what's most important in your design decisions.

1. Annual Report InDesign Template

Annual Report InDesign Template

This template of an annual report has such a fun pop of color—we get a lot of playful variation here, in the layout options, as well! While we get a lot to work with, in this template, it's also great note how visual consistency is established here, too. The use of limited color helps pull this together in a unified way.

2. Annual Report Template Design

Annual Report Template Design

Minimalist annual report design is often a great choice, but minimalism doesn't mean lacking in style. Note all the negative space (or open spaces) in this annual report design. There's a reason why this approach is so popular in annual report themes—it's because it looks great and is very versatile. 

3. Professional Annual Report Template

Professional Annual Report Template

Isn't this a striking annual report cover design? It's versatile too—this one could work for financial report design and other business projects too. The best annual report design is the one that meets your goals—but imagine if it was versatile enough to work for other parts of your business needs too!

4. Annual Report Layout InDesign

Annual Report Layout InDesign

This template is a great example of emphasis in action. Notice how the red here really commands our attention. That's because variety stands out! We can use this premise to our advantage, as shown here!

5. Dark Annual Report Design

Dark Annual Report Design Layout

Maybe your project would benefit from a less traditional approach—beautiful, dark pages in full color. It could certainly make an in impression! 

Think about the delivery and production of your annual report—how will you distribute it? Printed? Digital? What annual report format works for your project?

6. Stylish Annual Report Template Design

Stylish Annual Report Template Design

Remember what we discussed about color? Not only can it be used as a unifying element, but it can be used to create points of emphasis too! This template is such a great example of strong design decisions—and there's even more layouts to choose from!

7. Annual Report Design Layout

Annual Report Design Layout

Isn't this annual report graphic design approach visually interesting? There are so many creative annual report designs out there. When it comes time to choose from all the annual report themes keep your objectives in mind. Visuals are communicative, so you want something professional that also resonates with your project's goals.

8. Annual Report Templates

Annual Report Templates

Black and white, as a color scheme, can be such a classy, timeless aesthetic. Do you see any of the design principles we mentioned in action here? 

Note how orderly the content is. Shared margins and other in common visuals can help promote visual unity, like we see in this template! Minimalist annual report design can be such a strong approach.

9. Colorful Annual Report Design Layout

Colorful Annual Report Design Layout

Visual associations don't always necessarily have to rely on a square grid like we see in this playful template. Swap the colors, add your images, and this template could work in a variety of situations. It's such a fun composition—definitely one of the most creative annual report designs on this list!

10. Annual Report InDesign Template 

Annual Report InDesign Template

Speaking of which, check out this design! How fun is this annual report cover design? Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your annual report layout design—it should reflect the personality of your organization! If there's room for smiles, maybe you can sneak a few in there!

11. Annual Report Templates

Annual Report Templates

This annual report design also uses shapes as a reoccurring and unifying theme. While it's great to have variety, keep in mind that that visual consistency can help keep things looking professional and fluid. This template is a great example!

12. Annual Report Design Template Layout

Annual Report Design Template Layout

Maybe you need to have a lot of content on your pages. If so, a template like this one might be perfect for you. A lot of content doesn't necessarily have to equate to a lot of clutter, either! A well-designed page balances space so we've got both content and some room to breathe, too.

13. Annual Report Layout Design

Annual Report Layout Design

When you're looking for creative annual report designs, financial report design layouts, or just the best annual reports 2020 has to offer, versatility is often key. Remember, the best annual report is the one that communicates clearly and leaves a lasting impact—both in form and function. An annual report template, like this one, can be adapted to fit a variety of disciplines. Customize it to meet your objectives.

14. Annual Report Layout Template

Annual Report Layout Template

Perfect annual report graphic design can be tricky. But thankfully, professionally designed annual report themes, like this one, can help save time and money. Use it as a head start and customize it to your heart's content.  

15. InDesign Annual Report Layout Template

InDesign Annual Report Layout Template

In the end, the perfect design for your project is going to depend on your goals and how you want your content to visually communicate. This template mixes color, photos, text, and all in a way that craft a unified theme. 

How to Customize an InDesign Annual Report Template

So, you've found the perfect annual report design. Now what? Let's talk about how to customize your new annual report layout design.

There are many annual report formats you could choose from, both from the perspective of software and final delivery. In this scenario, we'll look at Adobe InDesign—a popular choice for creative annual report designs. Use these quick tips to help you jump right in and get started today.

We'll use this annual report template from Envato Elements in this demonstration. Feel free to download it and work along with this walk through. Or, use a different InDesign annual report template of your choice.

Annual Report Template
This annual report template and many others are available for download on Envato Elements

1. What's an Adobe InDesign Template file? How Do I Use It?

When, looking at Adobe InDesign, you'll likely come across these file types:

  • INDD files, which is an InDesign Document file
  • IDML files, which refers to InDesign Markup Language file
  • INDT files, which refers to an InDesign Template file
InDesign File Types

INDD files are your standard, "normal" InDesign files. When you work in InDesign and save your work, by default, you'll normally save as an INDD. If you're working in a current version of Adobe InDesign, an INDD file would work just fine. Open it up and edit the document to your liking.

An IDML file would be appropriate if you're working in an older version of Adobe InDesign. Affinity Publisher can also open and use IDML files. So, think of them as a more compatible friendly file type. 

INDT files are InDesign Template files—meaning you can open a new document based on this template. This is handy if you want to preserve a copy of your template, untouched. 

INDD files are recommended and typically the primary file included when downloading an InDesign annual report template. Note that you can also Save As to create an IDML or INDT file from an INDD file. You've got options!

Simply double click on your INDD file and it'll open in Adobe InDesign. Or, go to File > Open, within the software, and choose the file from your computer. 

Open InDesign document

2. Using and Hiding InDesign Guides

When you open up your InDesign annual report layout design chances are you might see a bunch of lines all over your document. What's up with that?

Well, those lines are called Guides—and they won't print in your final, completed document. Think of them exactly like their name would imply. They're visual guides, designed to help you align and adjust content in your layout. 

If you find them visually distracting, go to View > Grids & Guides > Hide Guides. This doesn't delete them—it just temporarily hides them from view. 

InDesign Guides

Here's a preview of what the same document looks like with the guides hidden. We still see boxes around some of our content—think of these like containers. They, too, can be hidden (go to View > Overprint Preview to check it out). 

You can make your Guides visible once again by going to View > Grids & Guides > Show Guides, located in the same place.

Document without Guides

3. Editing Text in Adobe InDesign

Now, let's add some text to our annual report template. Select the Type Tool, as highlighted in the example below. Then, click on any existing text box, and begin typing, as you'd do in typical word processing software. It's that easy!

If you'd like to add new text, rather than editing existing text in your template, simply click and drag with the Type Tool selected to create a new text box. Then, click to start typing.

Adding Text

4. Inserting Images into Adobe InDesign Documents

Next, let's try adding an image to our template. In this example, the template has many blank rectangles—these are placeholder rectangular frames for our content. 

With the Selection Tool active, click on any of these existing placeholders. 

Then go to File > Place. Select your image on your computer, and then InDesign will insert it into the rectangular frame.

Want to add an image elsewhere, without an existing placeholder? You can still go to File > Place. Click and drag to create a new rectangular frame to hold your image. Or, single click and InDesign will insert your entire image.

Insert Image Adobe InDesign
Sample stock photo by seventyfourimages on Envato Elements.

5. How to Save, Export, and Share Your Work

But what about saving your annual report design? Let's talk about your options.

File > Save saves your existing work. This also means it'll potentially overwrite the file you've got open (particularly if you're working with an INDD file). Be cautious of this!

File > Save As allows you to save a copy of your work and/or save your work as a different file type. You can find similar options under File > Save a Copy, which will prompt you for a new file name.

File > Export lets you export your work as a variety of other file types, such as EPUB and PDF, appropriate for sharing, distribution, and printing.

It's important to note that your InDesign document files (such as INDD) aren't necessarily the files you'll want to share with your audience. Think of your INDD as your "behind the scenes file"—where your PDF (or other final export) is more like the polished and printed version.

InDesign Export Settings

5 Quick Tips for Annual Report Design in 2020

So, how do we identify, change, or create a really good annual report design? What are some of the qualities of the best report templates? Take a look at these annual report design tips.

1. Presenting the Best Annual Report Cover Design

Think about the last time you went to a bookstore or you took a look at the offerings at a magazine stand. The cover of a publication not only grabs our attention—it's our opener, it's our initial statement, and it's our best foot forward. Annual report designs have similar considerations.

Whether working with a template or designing from scratch, make sure your cover design communicates in a way that reinforces your brand's goals and mission statement. Follow your brand guidelines. But keep these tips in mind, as well, for a cover that makes the right impression. They'll help you craft the best annual report cover design.

  • Less is often more. It's often a strong idea not to overwhelm the cover with too much information, whether it's textual or visual.
  • Think about your focal point. The focal point is the star of your show. All other elements should reinforce and support it—not compete with it.
  • Remember your target audience. What do they need to see on the cover? What are their preconceived ideas? Keep them in mind, when making design decisions.
Professional Annual Report Design Template
Sometimes, less is more! Consider a sleek, clean aesthetic with this professional design template.

2. Working With an Amazing Annual Report Layout Design

So, the interior of our annual report likely includes a variety of layout designs. What makes a great layout design? This is something we need to address, whether we're altering a pre-existing design or making one of our own. 

First, keep mind legibility and readability

Legibility refers to whether the words themselves are easy for the viewer to read. Choose fonts that are attractive, but without sacrificing the ability to clearly and easily read what's being said.

Readability is related, but a little different. Be mindful of your sentences and paragraphs. For example, is the font large enough to read your content comfortably? Is the paragraph visually fluid, or are sentences broken up in a disjointed way?

Annual Report Layout InDesign
Keep your content clear and easy to read like in this design. Check it out on Envato Elements!

3. Establish Hierarchy in Your Layout Design

Much like our cover, keep in mind that layouts should be easy for the eyes to navigate. When in doubt, less is more. There's no need to cram a lot of information in a small space. 

Consider how the eyes move through the layout. We can guide the viewer through the composition using design principles like Scale. For example, headers and titles are often larger to command the viewer's attention first. Subtitles are often smaller as they're typically meant to come second.

Creative Annual Report Design
Notice how the large, bold "Hi!" commands our attention; annual report design available on Envato Elements!

4. Don't Let Things Get Too Repetitive 

A great design is about more than working well—it also has to look great! We don't want our work to be visually boring. Interesting visuals are engaging and can further hold our viewer's interest. For example, your annual report front page design should potentially vary from other parts of the interior. 

So, how do we add visual interest to our annual report design? Keep in mind that not every page has to be same. 

Consider different visuals. Different pages can incorporate different layouts. The same layout, over and over, can feel repetitive. Mix it up with creative design solutions that work within your aesthetic.

Annual Report Template Layout Designs
Check out these beautiful, varied annual report layout designs, available on Envato Elements.

5. Find a Balance Between Consistency and Variety

Consistency is very important. Think of it as you'd think of your professional branding. We wouldn't change our logo's colors for the sake of visual interest—not outside of our branding guidelines. Variation should be strategic and within the objectives of your professional goals. 

Find a comfortable balance between consistency and variety. Think of it like seasoning a well-cooked meal just right!

Minimalist Annual Report Design
Follow your brand's aesthetic guidelines but keep things interesting! Design available at Envato Elements!

Find Even More Creative Annual Report Designs

Looking for even more design inspiration? Check out these collections of professional annual report design samples. There's plenty more annual report design to check out—consider downloading one today to add to your collection of design assets:

Learn More About Annual Report Design

Your annual report is an important part of your professional work, your business, and your year. It's important to put your best foot forward. Clearly, that's easier said than done. 

There's plenty to explore here. But thankfully, there are also plenty of resources out there to help you arm yourself with the knowledge to create the perfect annual report—whether you'd like the extra help of a template or you're looking to learn how to create content from scratch! Here's to your best annual report design ever in 2020!

Check out these tutorials, inspirational round ups, and more!

Dazzle Your Audience With a Professional Annual Report Template!

Are you ready to create your next annual report template design? You can find plenty of the best annual report designs on Envato Elements. Or, if you only need a single template of an annual report, download it from GraphicRiver.

Why not get started today? And here's hoping your next annual report is your best ever!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new annual report templates with the best, trending designs.

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