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20 Best Examples of Business Flyer Designs (For 2019)


Is your company having an event and you want a way to get the word out? 

Look no further. In this article, we'll show you 20 of the best business flyers design templates. 

Whether you're looking for a flyer example or looking into designing a business flyer, these templates will save you time and still look professional. 

Layout Flyers
Minimalist Flyer Design is one of the many flyer designs you can find on Envato Elements for one low monthly fee.

Using a flyer design template helps you get a flyer out quickly. Whether it's an informational flyer or business flyer, there are templates for you.

Downloading a premium flyer design from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver saves you time and maintain a professional image. Not only will you save time, but you'll be able to advertise your business as soon as you want to with no waiting.

Top Flyer Designs From Envato Elements 

Using a flyer design template will help you get a flyer out quickly—whether it's an informational flyer or business flyer, there are templates for you.

There are thousands of flyer designs on Elements for a low monthly price. Included in the price, download as many flyer layouts (and other design assets) as you want and find the best flyer design for you. 

Let's take a look at some flyer design templates:

1. Interior Design Flyer

Example of Business Flyer

Are you looking for a mailable flyer? Do you want to get the word out about your listing as soon as possible? This premium flyer has many features here are some highlights:  

  • three design variations
  • text and color can be customized
  • drag-and-drop images into place

If you're a real estate agent or interior designer, then download the Interior Design Flyer template today!

2. 3-Fold Flyer Design

Layout Flyers

Do you have a lot to say and are worried that you won’t have enough room on a regular flyer to say it? Look no further. This three-fold flyer is the best flyer design for you. 

You can use a different design on the inside than on the outside of the flyer. The customization doesn't stop there. You can easily customize the colors, text, and images to make the premium flyer fit your needs.

3. Surreal Design Flyer Template

Best Flyers Design

The Surreal Design Flyer Template is a modern premium design and is easy to customize. Customize the text and color, making this flyer your own. 

If you're a creative person or a creative business, then this may be the best flyer design for you. Let people know that you're innovative and contemporary while still being professional.

4. Multipurpose Flyer Design

Flyer Example

Is your company having a sale? This premium flyer design is a great retro-inspired multipurpose flyer design. Here are some of the features of this flyer design template:

  • easily customizable
  • easily editable
  • A4 paper size

With this vintage multipurpose sale flyer, you'll impress people with your creativeness while still advertising your product or business. If you're looking for a multipurpose flyer template, then download this template today.

4. Fast Food Flyer Design

Informational Flyer

Is your company having a food-related event? Are you a food business? 

This may be the best flyer design for you. With a vintage feel, this premium flyer design will impress people and draw people to your business. The flyer layers are well organized, making it easy for you to edit the layout. This flyer also comes in A4 size, so it's easy to mail.

5. Corporate Flyer Design

Example of Business Flyer

This premium flyer design is one of the simpler flyer layouts. You can easily customize the design of this flyer design. 

By adding your fonts and images, you've got the ability to make this flyer represent your business. Corporate Flyer Design is one of the best informational flyers because of the easily customizable flyer layouts.  With this minimalist flyer design, you can say everything you want to say and still get a professional, quality result.

Discover More Top Business Flyer Templates From Envato Elements (In This Video)

See some of these great business flyer templates in action. We also include a number of additional top examples for inspiration. 

Check out some of our best creative business flyer templates from Envato Elements in this quick video:

15 of the Best GraphicRiver Flyer Designs

GraphicRiver has thousands of flyer designs, logos, and more. When you use GraphicRiver, you make a one-time purchase of the flyer design template of your choice. 

Here are some of the best business and informational flyer designs:

1. Sports Flyer Bundle

Designing a Business Flyer

Do you have a big sports game coming up that you want to advertise? 

This sport informational flyers bundle can be used for any sport you want. You can easily customize the flyers if you want to make the flyer bundle your own. The flyer design is easily editable.

2. Real Estate Flyer

Example of Business Flyer

This real estate flyer is excellent for promoting your real estate business whether you are realtor or selling the home yourself. Put this professional looking flyer in newspapers or magazine ads. 

Use this to advertise a variety of items from houses to rent, home projects, house sale listings and more. Customize the flyer and choose from three different color schemes.

3. Corporate V5 Flyer Template

Example of a Business Flyer

This is a corporate marketing flyer design. This contemporary flyer is fully customizable. Here are some of the features of this design:

  • guidelines to help you edit the template
  • completely editable text
  • A4 size
  • eight variations that you can choose from

The corporate V5 flyer template is an excellent example of a business flyer. With the easy customizations, you can make the flyer perfectly represent your company or business.

4. Solar Energy Flyer

Example Of Business Flyer

You can fully customize the solar energy flyer layouts. You can easily change the color scheme with three color scheme variations. All the text is editable, and the flyer comes with a specialized free font. Quickly change the images by dragging and dropping the photos in place. This flyer is letter size so you can mail the flyer if needed.

5. Corporate Flyer

Example of A Business Flyer

The corporate flyer is modern flyer design that can be a multipurpose flyer. Here are some highlights of this flyer template:

  • four color scheme variations
  • easy to edit
  • fully customizable through editing
  • print ready

Whether you found this by looking for an example of a business flyer or looking for a template. Save time and download this template today.

6. Travel Flyer

Best Flyers Design

Are you a travel agency or travel agent looking for professional flyer designs? 

Try this flyer design. It comes in A4 size, which is the size of a letter. This is a fully customizable flyer that you can use in a magazine, newspaper, or as a poster. This flyer comes with two free fonts, and fully editable text. 

The Travel Flyer is a beautiful flyer, perfect for any travel and tourism business.

7. Marketing Flyer

Best Flyers Design

This professional marketing flyer is fully customizable. The organized layers make the flyer easy to edit. 

This flyer comes with a font and logo, but you can substitute your own. With this flyer design, you can easily create a professional marketing flyer that's right for you and makes your business look good.

8. Medical Flyer

Best Flyers Design

Are you a doctor’s office or care clinic and looking for a way to the word out about your business? Here's an easily customizable and fully editable flyer template for you. 

The flyer comes in high resolution and is A4 paper size. With these informational flyers design, you've got the room to inform your patients and prospective patients about your services.

9. Contest Flyer

Business Flyers Design

If your company is having a contest or competition, then this is the flyer design for you. Here are some key features of this flyer:

  • drag and drop to change images
  • fully editable
  • eye-catching design
  • A4 size

This fun and colorful flyer will get people's attention. This professional and lively flyer is perfect for many uses.

10. Insurance Flyer

Best Flyers Design

This professional Insurance flyer can also be used as a multipurpose flyer. The flyer layouts are fully editable so that you can customize the flyer to fit your needs. 

Edit the images, text, and colors to make a flyer that'll promote your insurance business or use it for another type of business. 

With the purchase of this flyer, you also get two free fonts. The flyer is print-ready and comes in two different sizes.

11. Garden Landscape Flyer Template

Best Flyers Design

Are you a landscaper or lawn service looking for professional flyer designs to advertise your business? This flyer is fully editable, meaning that you can easily customize the flyer to fit your needs. 

This flyer also comes with free fonts and images to make the flyer design process as easy as possible. 

12. Home Security Flyer

Layout Flyers

This professional informational flyer is perfect for home security and alarm companies. You can fully edit everything in this flyer—from colors, to fonts, and backgrounds—to make this flyer your own. Drag and drop the picture you want to use into the flyer template. 

The flyer comes in two sizes: A4 and US letter size. It's also print-ready, making it easy to get the word out as soon as possible. Why not download this completely customizable flyer today?

13. Social Media Flyer Bundle

Flyer Example

Are you a marketing agency looking for a way to advertise your business? This may be the bundle you've been looking for. 

This flyer layout bundle comes with a fully customizable flyer template and postcard template. Here are some other highlights of this bundle:

  • three color variations
  • free fonts
  • print ready

This bundle is right for you if you're looking for options to market your business.

14. Event Conference Flyer

Business Flyers Design

Is your company having an event and you're looking for a way to advertise the event? This flyer is made for you. With this flyer you can let people know the date, time, venue and any the important information. 

This business flyer will help you spread the word quickly and professionally. You can easily edit the Event Conference flyer. With the purchase of this flyer, you also get free fonts and icons. Use this professional event conference flyer to advertise your event.

15. Multi-purpose Flyer

Designing a Business Flyer

This Multi-Purpose flyer is perfect for any use where you need an easily customizable flyer for a variety of occasions. The flyer comes with a free font and is print-ready for quickly advertising or informing your audience. 

The flyer also comes in the A4 size. This minimal multi-purpose flyer lets you use the flyer template for many different purposes.

3 Tips for Designing a Business Flyer

Here are three tips to help you choose the best flyer design for you as well as some flyer examples:

1. Have a Clear Vision in Mind

Before you start designing your flyer, think about what you want your flyer to look like. Remember that you want to get all the information on the flyer without the flyer looking too crowded, which would make the flyer overwhelming for the reader. 

Also, think about how the design on your flyer will appeal to the audience you're targeting. What's the main message that you want people to know? 

Once you've figured these things out, then you can start on your flyer design.

Layout Flyers
This business flyers design was created to emphasize a sale.

2. Be Colorful

Even if you're deciding to use minimal design bright colors attract attention. So, have fun with your flyer design! 

Make sure that your flyer captures the feel of the event or thing you're trying to advertise. Just make sure the colors you choose to use complement each other and don’t clash. You can be colorful and still be professional.

3. Have Sections

If you've got a lot that you want to say, then put the information into different sections. Placing the information in sections makes all of the information more comfortable to read. A long paragraph could make someone ignore the flyer completely. 

Whether you decide to have a lot of information or go minimal, don't forget to emphasize keywords and phrases to make critical information memorable to the reader.

Best Flyers Design
The sections in this example of a business flyer make it easier to read.

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Download a Professional Flyer Design Today

We've just explored the 20 best examples of business flyers. You've also learned some tips for designing a business flyer.

Why not download your favorite business flyer design from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver and start making your flyer today?

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