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10 Best CRMs For Better Small Business Sales Management in 2023

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If you have (or are searching for) customers, then staying connected is a must. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential to help you systemize the process. The best CRM software for small businesses keeps your contacts front and center to help you grow.

Intro 10 Best CRMs for Better Small Business Sales ManagementIntro 10 Best CRMs for Better Small Business Sales ManagementIntro 10 Best CRMs for Better Small Business Sales Management
 The best CRM for small business options helps you stay connected to customers. (Illustration source: Envato Elements.)

In this article, we're going to cover why a CRM should be in every business's tool belt for success. We'll also show you the top ten options for the best small business CRM solution. You'll see options that are sure to boost your business.

What Is a CRM (And Why Should You Use One?)

Maybe you've heard about CRM tools, but you aren't sure what role they could play in your business. 

Remember, these tools are all about customer relationship management. That means they're focused on how you interact with and connect to your customers. They centralize your communications and help you monitor your sales plans.

Hub best sales CRM for small businessHub best sales CRM for small businessHub best sales CRM for small business
CRM tools like Bigin centralize customer information. (Image source: Bigin.)

Here are common functions you'll find at the core of every CRM:

  • Contact book and customer history: While your company directory holds employee information, a CRM is for customer information. At its simplest, the CRM houses your customer information, making it easier to stay in touch and connect.
  • Statistics and insights: How many calls are you or your sales team making? How many leads do you have in the pipeline? CRMs answer these important questions. Some CRMs even connect to other systems, like your accounting tools, to include revenue data.
  • System consolidation: Many CRMs serve as a hub that connects disparate systems. That means it can show you interactions with customers across many tools (email, help desk, etc.) in a single place. Plus, it'll show all relevant customer information data like contact, sales history, and more.

The true power of the best CRM software for small businesses is to lighten your mental load. Instead of relying on yourself to remember details or know when to reach out, the CRM does the heavy lifting for you. Think of it as your virtual brain for all things customer-centric.

10 Best CRMs For Better Small Business Sales Management

Now, you know you need a CRM. You might wonder, what are the top sales CRM software tools for small businesses?

Let's look at ten leading options for the best sales CRM for small businesses:

1. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin is the best CRM for small businesses in 2023. It's perfectly designed to meet all your business needs. Bigin comes with a robust suite of features to engage with existing customers, bring in new leads, and streamline customer operations. 

Once you've brought customers in, it's time to get to work. This begins with the ability to engage new customers with calling and email features. You can even talk to them on Twitter right from inside your CRM!  

Bigin Best CRM software for small businessBigin Best CRM software for small businessBigin Best CRM software for small business
Keep your pipeline in view easily with Bigin. (image source: Bigin.)

Bigin helps you stay connected with your prospects and customers through its intuitive pipeline management features that support any kind of customer operations. Features such as Signals and full-fledged activity management make it easy to collaborate with your internal team members as well as with your customers.

Multi-channel communicationsMulti-channel communicationsMulti-channel communications
To enable your business to stay connected with customers, Bigin supports all channels, including email, phone calls, social media, and webforms.

The true value of Bigin lies in workflow features that automate and streamline your day-to-day tasks such as emails, reminders, and any kind of notifications. Here are a few tricks inside Bigin:

  • You can monitor your business insights from Bigin's customizable dashboards, which includes data visualization through charts and KPIs.
Dashboard ImageDashboard ImageDashboard Image
  • You'll also enjoy the ability to import data from spreadsheets. This is incredibly valuable. You won't lose prior work you've completed before adopting Bigin!
  • Plus, you can work from anywhere, thanks to Bigin's mobile apps. They're available for both Apple and Android devices now. 

Bigin makes it easy to get up and get running. You've got access to templates designed for most industries including real estate, insurance, education, legal, and software consulting. By choosing a template, you'll be able to cut down on your overall setup time since Bigin already customizes your fields, module names, and other related information for your preferred industry.

Bigin Best small business CRMBigin Best small business CRMBigin Best small business CRM
Stay connected with your customers on-the-go thanks to Bigin's mobile apps. (Image source: Bigin.)

Finally, Bigin comes equipped with powerful security features, with GDPR and HIPAA compliance built into the product. This helps ensure data is kept safe for you and your customers worldwide. It's easy to see why Bigin is the best CRM software for small businesses! 

Bigin has a free edition and when it comes to their paid offering, Bigin is probably the most affordable CRM in the world, starting at $7/user/month.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is another leading sales CRM software for small businesses. With a focus on selling to consumers, it features a complete marketing dashboard.

The included sales tools are built with a focus on simplifying the selling process. Remember, the faster sales are closed, the faster you can move on to engage new customers. 

Hubspot CRMHubspot CRMHubspot CRM
HubSpot CRM. (Image source: HubSpot.)

This one stands out for several features. You can integrate with the Stripe payments platform inside of HubSpot CRM. Plus, you've got access to live support within the app. If you encounter an issue and need help, it's right where you need it.

HubSpot is easy to get started with, thanks to a Starter plan that begins at just $45 USD per month. It's got a limited user count, but it's the perfect way to get started with CRM software. 

3. Freshsales

When you're searching for CRM software for small businesses, flexibility is key. Remember, your goal is to simplify the customer relationship process. You want to work smarter, not harder.

Freshsales integrates sales and marketing processes for you inside its dedicated app. It makes powerful use of AI technology to boost customer insights. This drives heightened, more effective customer engagement. It's a top choice for CRM software because of this ease of use. 

Freshsales CRM. (Image source: Freshworks.)

By automating your sales force activities, you can close more deals faster. The features of Freshsales help you expedite sales closures thanks to unmatched insights. You can try Freshsales for free for 21 days to see what you think. 

4. Nutshell

Nutshell is another example of one of the best small business CRM software tools you can find in 2023. Think of it as a warehouse for customer knowledge and insights. You can collect this knowledge with the CRM and then leverage it to drive sales conversions and more. 

Salespeople can track their activity in the app, working smarter to focus on their best leads. With a sleek visual interface for sales tracking (like a Trello board), you can track sales actions at a glance. It's easy to advance prospects to the next level with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Nutshell CRM screenshotNutshell CRM screenshotNutshell CRM screenshot
Nutshell CRM. (Image source: Nutshell.)

Another standout feature of Nutshell is the communication suite. Instead of relying on messy email inboxes, you can handle customer communication right inside the app. Does something need a follow-up fast? You can tag individuals on your team to drive rapid resolution. 

5. Monday

Another sales CRM software for small businesses is Monday, which has an array of custom features. In essence, it allows you to structure your CRM dashboards in the ways that work best for you. For example, you can add or remove columns to show the data that's most important to your sales process.

Monday CRMMonday CRMMonday CRM
Monday CRM. (Image source: Monday.)

This tool is fueled heavily by automation. You'll find features like custom email templates, automatic lead assignments, and more. These serve to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks that slow down the closure of sales. With modern dashboards, you can visually see where you stand in a single glance. 

Monday Sales CRM links to dozens of apps and tools you might already be using. Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox are just a few of the many examples supported now. 

6. Insightly

Need to start using CRM software for your small business quickly? Insightly stands out because it's easy to get up and running. It helps you work seamlessly across many data silos in your sales and marketing.

Automated lead routing helps place sales prospects in the right hands fast. This eliminates a lot of manual work and helps boost customer engagement and satisfaction along the way. 

Insightly CRM screenshotInsightly CRM screenshotInsightly CRM screenshot
Insightly CRM. (Image source: Insightly.)

A suite of business intelligence tools helps you quantify sales processes and see ways to improve. You can also connect with product management with the dashboard. It's easy to work with people throughout their journeys as your customers. 

Insightly also lets you integrate with other apps and platforms. These include SAP, QuickBooks, and more. 

7. NetSuite CRM

NetSuite is another example of the best small business CRM software for 2023. Made by Oracle, it's cloud-based and ready to scale for businesses of all kinds. It works together with other NetSuite products to form a full business dashboard. For example, you can fully integrate with your finance function. 

With NetSuite, you can work with all areas of the selling process in one place. This spans opportunity generation, customer support, cross-selling, and much more. You can track sales records and then use them to boost insights. 

Netsuite CRMNetsuite CRMNetsuite CRM
NetSuite CRM. (Image source: NetSuite.)

By doing this, you can ensure a stable, more effective customer interaction process. This boosts the reputation of your company and makes your daily work smarter and more effective. 

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another example of sales CRM software for small businesses with a simple workflow. It's designed around a three-step process: pipeline setup, progress tracking, and automated growth. By building a pipeline, you can enjoy automated tasks and insights to close sales and fuel new leads.

Pipedrive CRM screenshotPipedrive CRM screenshotPipedrive CRM screenshot
Pipedrive CRM. (Source: Pipedrive.)

Available with a free trial, Pipedrive is a visual CRM tool for small businesses. You can track and watch sales activities, assigning them to key team members when needed. 

The app is built to scale, growing alongside your business. Live support features are included when help is needed. Plus, you can link and integrate with over 200 other tools that your business is already using. 

9. Odoo

Odoo is open-source CRM software you can use in your small business. Dashboard views help you track the entire sales process in one place. You can also work from anywhere with the use of Odoo's mobile app. 

Odoo CRM screenshotOdoo CRM screenshotOdoo CRM screenshot
Odoo CRM. (Image source: Odoo.)

Automation is the name of the game with Odoo, and it starts right away. Leads are generated automatically, triggered by online calls, emails, and more. You can easily respond by assigning a salesperson, sending a quote, and more. Lead tracking is handled through visual charting and managed by automated campaigns. 

Odoo offers another handy feature not found in every CRM: a web-based chat box. You can add it to your website, letting customers talk in real-time right from your product's page.

10. Less Annoying

Designed as CRM software for small businesses, Less Annoying CRM is another option for you. It helps you move beyond manual processes as you connect with clients. You can automate your sales and marketing functions with a few clicks. It stands out for flat-rate pricing and the ability to scale to meet your needs.

Less Annoying CRM best sales CRM for small businessLess Annoying CRM best sales CRM for small businessLess Annoying CRM best sales CRM for small business
Less Annoying CRM. (Image source: Less Annoying CRM.)

Less Annoying has a dashboard where you can store all key details about customers and prospects. It even includes a built-in calendar to keep your team aligned.

You can also avoid jumping between dashboards to see how sales leads are progressing. You'll have access to a full report showing each lead in real-time. It's easy to collaborate with others to ensure deals get closed. As you likely expect with your 2023 CRM software, it works great on mobile devices too. 

You Just Saw the Best Small Business CRM Options

If you found this article, it's likely that you're in search of sales CRM software for a small business. You've seen the ten top choices to put your customers front and center.

Don't worry about choosing the perfect tool when you're starting out. The most important part is adopting a system you'll actually use. Try out the best sales CRM software for small businesses from our article and keep evolving to match your growth.

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