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12+ Best Data Visualization Software Tools (Free + Paid) for 2022

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The days of having simple spreadsheets to show all a company's data are gone. No matter the industry, data visualization software helps you make important decisions.

data visualizationdata visualizationdata visualization
Data visualization software and tools make information easier to understand. (Graphic source: Envato Elements)

Data visualization tools help you transform all your company's data into visual form. This allows you to turn all your company's complex data into a more digestible format that's easier to communicate. 

Data visualization tools can help you analyze everything from your email campaigns, sales trends, and new markets that your company should pursue. 

In this article, we'll cover the benefits of using data visualization tools. We'll explain what to look for in these visualization tools. And we'll cover thirteen of the top free and paid tools for 2022. 

Benefits of Data Visualization Tools 

If you're running a business, the data that's available can be overwhelming. Even if you've got a team dedicated to data analysis, data visualization tools provide incredible insight into how your business is operating and how it should operate in the future. 

Our brains interpret charts and graphs much more easily than spreadsheets and reports. This makes data visualization tools the number one choice for interpreting data in a business. 

But how do these visualization tools actually help us with our business? There are a few main ways that data visualization software prove to be invaluable tools: 

  • Interpret data quickly. Every business has metrics they need to sort through like email opens, sales, and customer retention rate. visualization tools help you summarize everything that's happening with important metrics. 
  • Make inferences on the next actions that would help your business move forward based on this information. 
  • Visualization tools uncover new patterns and trends. If your data is scattered across spreadsheets and reports, it'll be harder to see the big picture of your business. When you've got this compact visual representation, discover new trends that you wouldn't have otherwise. 
  • Simplicity. Your businesses data needs to be shared with managers and executives. If the businesses data isn't simplified, it'll be incredibly hard to communicate the data effectively. 

Now let's go over what you should look for in data visualization tools. 

What to Look for in Data Visualization Tools

There are many data visualization tools available today that have countless features. But not all the features offered are needed to get the most from the software. To help you pick the best software for data visualization, we'll go over the features that you should look for. 

Here's a list of features to look for when picking your data visualization tools:

  1. Artificial intelligence integration. Artificial intelligence combined with data visualization is very powerful. AI can help suggest improvements to your business that you wouldn't have thought of yourself. 
  2. Graph & chart templates. Creating your charts and graphs from scratch can be quite daunting if you aren't a graphic designer. Having templates ready to go in the software makes the data crunching process much quicker. 
  3. Importing data API. Data importing is a must-have feature. If you aren't able to import your data into the software through an API, then you'll have to import the data manually. 

Now that we know the benefits of data visualization software and the main features to look for, let's go over the best data visualization software tools for 2022.

12+ Best Data Visualization Software Tools (Free + Paid) For 2022

To help you make the best choice for your data visualization software, we'll go over the best options available in 2022:

1. Toucan Toco

toucan tocotoucan tocotoucan toco

Toucan's mission is to reduce the complexity of data for business users. Toucan makes it easy to connect to any data whether it be cloud-based, streamed, or stored. The preparation of data also makes it a desirable data visualization software. Perform the data preparation without a data expert. Toucan likes to use data storytelling by having context to each graph and chart. 

Here are the main features for this data visualization software:

  • data transformation 
  • integration APIs
  • Data querying, blending, & filtering
  • WYSIWYG report design

2. Tableau


Tableau was one of the early softwares from the start of data visualization software, making it a mature platform. The data visualizations offer guidance for how to use each visualization making it easy to understand. 

The live visual analytics allow you to chop up the data in any way you see fit for finding new opportunities in your business. The software also offers many other interactive visualizations. These can be shared and understood by your audience.

Users of the software need to have a significant amount of training to get the most out of tools provided. 

Here's what to expect from Tableau:

  • large collection of data connectors and visualizations
  • user friendly design
  • large community of users

A free trial of Tableau is offered as well. 

3. Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is one of the most basic data visualization tools. Excel comes with of Microsoft Office 365 subscription, making the software a cheap option. At its core, Excel was made for spreadsheets, calculations, and graphs. 

Excel doesn't have all the seamless API integrations of other data visualization software. But it still has a powerful visualization tools that can manage large amounts of data. 

Also, most businesses are already familiar with Excel. So, no extensive training will need to be done. 

Here are the main features of Microsoft Excel:

  • can calculate complex calculations
  • over 450 functions for displaying data
  • easily editable graphs and charts
  • great for collaborating 

4. Google Charts

Google ChartsGoogle ChartsGoogle Charts

This cloud-based data visualization software can help you visualize your data with pictographs, pie charts, histograms, and more. Regardless of how simple or complex your charts need to be, Google Charts can handle it. 

This data visualization software is best for mid-sized companies with 51 to 1000 employees. 

There are many data connection tools and protocols to help you connect your data in real time. 

Here are a few notable features for Google Charts:

  • custom dashboards
  • dataset management
  • report sharing 
  • prebuilt visual formats

There's even a free version of Google Charts available for you to use. 

5. Qlik Sense

Qlik SenseQlik SenseQlik Sense

Qlik Sense offers AI powered insights that help you explore your data in new ways. Active analytics are used for real-time collaboration and quick decisions.

Qlik Sense says that they offer the most complete data analytics capability set in the industry. You'll get a combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises sites. This gives you full control of your data and analytics.

Integration with your data isn't a worry with Qlik Sense as it connects with hundreds of data sources. 

Here are a few main features for Qlik Sense:

  • self-service visualization
  • interactive dashboards 
  • advanced AI analytics
  • alerting & action

There's a free version and free trial available. 

6. Datawrapper

Datawrapper is an open-source solution. It allows you to easily create charts and maps that are responsive, interactive, and embeddable. Automatically convert data from CSVs, PDFs, and other web resources. This makes it incredibly easy to import data. The charts, maps, and tables are highly customizable. They allow you to change the colors, fonts, adjust margins, add images, and add other brand elements.

Here are the main features for Datawrapper:

  • full chart styling customizations
  • live chart updates
  • layout customization
  • user friendly interface

Free trial is available. 

7. Whatagraph


Whatagraph is an all in one solution for marketing professionals. Build charts and reports from across many channels such as Facebook, Twitter, HubSpot, and Google Analytics. Plenty of report templates come with Whatagraph or build a report from scratch. 

Here are the main features for Whatagraph:

  • deliver reports automatically
  • monitor multiple channels at once
  • custom report styling
  • transfer custom data from any source

Whatagraph offers a seven day free trial

8. Zoho Analytics

zoho reportszoho reportszoho reports

Zoho Analytics is a great option for the general business public. No advanced knowledge of analytics is necessary. Create insightful reports and dashboards that help you make the best possible business decisions. Zoho reports has a representative feature that helps with data preparation and management. The interface is drag and drop for easy use. 

Here's what to expect from Zoho Reports:

  • over 250+ data integration sources
  • connect with popular business applications in sales, marketing, finance, help desk, HR, IT
  • self-service data preparation and management 
  • 250+ transform functions for your data

A free trial and free version are available. 

9. Sisense


Sisense offers analytics integration with both the customer and employee applications and workflows. This isn't offered by many other data visualization tools. Sisense also boasts powerful AI driven analytics. Over two thousand top companies use Sisense for its business insights. 

Here are a few main features for Sisense:

  • calculated fields
  • WYSIWYG report design
  • score cards
  • integration APIs

You can get a free trial of Sisense, but no free version is available. 

10. Highcharts


This software is designed for developers and offers a very flexible charting library. Developers can add charts to web and mobile projects with ease using Highcharts. The complete feature set, ease of integration and comprehensive documentation make this a great choice. 

Here are the main features for Highcharts:

  • live connection to external data
  • pre-built visualization templates
  • pattern recognition and data mining
  • support for machine learning models

Learn more about Highcharts in this tutorial:

11. Dundas BI


Dundas is best for mid to large enterprises. You'll find integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics on the platform. You'll be able to connect with any data source in real-time on any device with Dundas. Dundas was made to be embedded and offers complete customization through their open API platform. 

Here are a few notable features:

  • easy, smart drag and drop design tools
  • fully customizable visualizations to create personal and professional dashboard views
  • wide range of visualizations, styles and themes
  • responsive design options

A free trial of Dundas is available. 

12. Fusion Charts

fusion chartsfusion chartsfusion charts

Fusion Charts is a JavaScript charting library. Included are over ninety charts and one thousand maps that can be added to your dashboards. You'll be able to visualize your data with chart bars, 2D and 3D pie charts, line and area charts, and much more. Fusion Charts has been used by big companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Intel. 

Here are some notable features for Fusion Charts:

  • customizable dashboards, reports, and templates
  • wide range of data connectors
  • real time analytics
  • ad hoc reporting

Fusion Charts offers a free plan, a free trial, and runs on a subscription model.

13. Domo


With Domo, transform raw data into easy to understand visualizations and create curated data stories. With Domo's machine learning, leverage predictive insights to make the best businesses decisions. You've got full control over the graphs and charts that are created for custom reporting. 

Domo's key features include:

  • 150+ chart types
  • 7000+ custom maps
  • drill down analytics
  • strong collaboration tools

A free trial is available for Domo. 

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Processing Data Has Never Been Easier

Data visualization tools are an invaluable tool when trying to run a successful business. These visualization tools help you interpret your businesses data in a quick and insightful way. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can uncover actions for your business to take you wouldn't have thought possible. 

In this article, we covered thirteen of the best data visualization tools that have different features and prices. Find the tool that suits your needs and price point and simplify the processing of your businesses data today!

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