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12+ Best Document Management Software to Use in 2022/23

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Whether you work for a huge corporation or own a business you need document software. In this article, we'll cover the top document management software.

woman reading docswoman reading docswoman reading docs
Look into the top document management software for tools to help you organize your business. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Document management software has made physical filing cabinets obsolete. The best document software allows you to upload, create, and manage your company's documents with ease.  

Need to collaborate on a document, send out a document for signing, or create a document that's on brand? Document software can handle all these tasks while being secure. Not to mention that some software have artificial intelligence. The AI can often perform some of the more mundane document managing tasks for you. 

In this article, we'll cover the best document management software that you can start using today. Let's first talk about the various benefits of using document management software. 

Benefits of Document Management Software 

Document management software is one of the most effective ways to organize your files. They offer a very wide range of handy features that help document-related tasks.  

The top document management software has a few great features in common that make the software worth using. These include:

  • Security. Security is always a concern in the digital world. The best document management systems come with built-in security and access controls. This lets you decide who gets to access your documents. 
  • Efficiency. High-quality document management software allows you to automate many document tasks, such as scanning and dividing documents, optical character recognition, and parsing document information.
  • Regulatory compliance. Compliance requirements for business documents are constantly changing. When you use top document management software, you can be sure that its regulatory compliance is up to date. 

Now let's go over what to look for in document management software.

What to Look for in Document Management Software

When trying to decide on the best document management software, you'll want to look for a few key features.

The features listed below will help you get the most out of your document management software.

  • Integration. Integration with other business systems is important. This allows for a much more streamlined workflow.
  • Ease of Use. Lots of time will be spent using this software. The software needs to be easy to navigate and use all its tools.
  • Good Customer Service. Documents can be very time sensitive. If there's an issue with the software, you'll want to have the problem solved ASAP.
  • Collaboration. Documents need to be collaborated on and shared. Look for document management software that lets you easily create documents with others, share these documents, and get signatures. 

Let's go over the top thirteen list of document management systems for 2022/23! 

12+ Best Document Management Software 2022/23

To help you make the best choice for your document management software, we'll go over the best options available in 2022/23:

1. Rubex


Rubex is an all-in-one solution for storing, managing, and sharing documents. This software works well for small to mid-sized businesses. You can securely share documents and set up document retention and compliance. 


  • powerful templates
  • automated workflows
  • secure sharing
  • multi-factor authentication signatures

A monthly pricing plan is available. 

2. Templafy


Templafy gives you complete control of the document creation process. This allows you to create branded documents that look professional. You can dynamically update your documents with Templafy. This best document management software integrates with many popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Dropbox, and much more. 


  • email signature management
  • user friendly 
  • collaborative editing
  • IT-free technology

Pricing is available upon request.

3. M-Files


M-Files uses artificial intelligence to scan documents and automatically tag them. This speeds up your workflow and makes searching for the right documents quick and easy. If you need to automate business processes that involve documents, this is a great document software to use. 


  • optical character recognition
  • AI scanning of dark data
  • permission controls
  • document templates

You'll need to contact M-files for details on pricing. 

4. DocuWare


DocuWare lets you digitize and centralize all your employee's records. All documents that are archived are secure and accessible. DocuWare also works well for storing orders, invoices, and checks. DocuWare is features-rich with smart document features that work for small to large businesses. 


  • fully automated invoice process
  • easy to use interface
  • iOS and Android applications
  • integrates with 500 different apps

DocuWare's pricing depends on the features and services you need. Contact the company for pricing. 

5. MasterControl


MasterControl is a complete electronic quality management system. It's used by five of the largest regulatory agencies in the world. This software helps your company get your products on the market faster. MasterControl allows you to streamline document workflows, audits, customer complaints, and other business quality processes.


  • automated document control
  • automated task assignment, scheduling, and document approval
  • audit readiness
  • streamlined collaboration

MasterControl is best for large corporations. You'll need to contact the company for pricing.  

6. Hightail


While Hightail isn't the most advanced document management software on the market, it excels in sharing and collaboration. If you need to share large file sizes, then this is one of the best document management software packages out there. To share files, just upload the desired file and enter an email address and send. 


  • free forever plan
  • send files up to 500 GB
  • track file delivery
  • enterprise-grade security

There's a limited free plan available as well as a premium plan.  



Only Office allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents of all file types. You can use ONLYOFFICE in the cloud, host it yourself, or use a pre-configured installation. Included with ONLYOFFICE is also a spreadsheet editor, presentation editor, and form creator. 


  • professional support
  • JSON web token for protecting document
  • integrates with popular platforms
  • mobile apps available

There are two options available for pricing:

  1. a cloud-based subscription that starts at $0
  2. a per-server price that's much higher

8. Adobe Document Cloud Standard

Adobe Document Cloud StandardAdobe Document Cloud StandardAdobe Document Cloud Standard

Adobe Document Cloud has a robust PDF file management system. Adobe Acrobat focuses on handling PDF files which makes editing this file type easy. Included with Adobe Document Cloud is Adobe Sign, which lets you request digital signatures and track documents. 


  • PDF creation
  • simple interface
  • major enterprise cloud system integration
  • custom document routing option for signatures

There are two plans available:

  1. standard plan where you pay for a year
  2. monthly plan where you pay each month 

9. PaperTracer


PaperTracer specializes in contract management all the way from the draft creation process to termination. You can track the performance of the contract as well as the duties assigned to the contract through the software's main dashboard. Paper Tracer is best for legal, information technology, and management. 


  • end-to-end workflow solution 
  • advanced workflows
  • unlimited e-signatures 
  • HIPAA compliant 

You'll need to contact PaperTracer for pricing. 

10. XaitPorter


XaitPorter's strength lies within its smart collaboration feature. The feature lets you collaborate with your colleagues simultaneously. In real-time, you can share feedback, fix errors, and change the formatting. Xait Porter also has many features to help you create professional-looking documents. 

  • easy to collaborate
  • workflow automation
  • 24/7 support
  • easy to learn

Pricing is given upon request. 

11. Fluix


With Fluix, you can automate routine document tasks. Creating workflows, forms, and documents are easy with their drag-and-drop interface. You can help make your workforce more efficient with Fluix and its document management. Fluix is best for small to mid-sized businesses. 


  • short learning curve
  • no coding required
  • team-oriented workflows
  • bulk send documents

There's a monthly starter plan. 

12. Bit-AI

Bit-AI is another great document management software for collaboration. Anyone that you want to collaborate with on documents can be done in real-time. Over ninety document templates are at your disposal to help you create complex documents. 


  • customizable user management
  • smart searching
  • fully featured document creation builder
  • integrate with major cloud storage platforms

A free plan is offered as well as monthly options. 

13. LogicalDoc

logical doclogical doclogical doc

If you need to have your document management system accessed across many operating systems and hardware devices, this is an ideal solution. LogicalDoc can automatically sort your documents, and you can easily retrieve them. If you need a simple solution that performs all the standard document management software features, LogicalDoc is for you. 


  • searchable full text via OCR
  • scan documents
  • scalable with your business
  • mobile apps

Contact LogicalDoc for pricing. 

Next, we'll cover a great offer that can be of value to you and your company. 

Gain Access to High-Quality Creative Assets (With Unlimited Use)

Do you need to increase your business's productivity with document management software? Then you'll probably be looking for professional creative assets. Using professional creative assets in your projects is a must if you're trying to save time and deliver a high-quality product. Envato Elements has just what you need to supercharge your next project and save time. 

Envato Elements is the best place on the web for creative tools of all types. For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited downloads of document templates, PowerPoint templates, photos, fonts, videos, and much more. All these resources can be used in your next project.

Explore Creative Assets Now

Envato Elements has thousands of high-quality creative assets that you can use for all your upcoming projects.
Envato Elements has thousands of high-quality creative assets that you can use for all your upcoming projects.

Elements is one of the best values out there for creative assets. With unlimited downloads, you'll be able to try out all types of options in your upcoming projects.

Here's how you benefit from using Envato Elements:

  • save money by not having to hire professional graphic designers
  • save time by starting with an already professional design
  • generate new ideas with all the fresh creative assets
  • focus on other parts of your creative project

Learn More About Creating Documents

Below are a few resources that can help create professional documents. 

Get Started With Document Management Software Today!

Using top document management software in your business is vital in today's digital world. When it comes to organizing, creating, and securing important documents, you'll need document management software.

This article gives you a list of document software that you can download today. Based on the industry your business is in and its size, you can make the right choice of document management software. 

Streamline your document workflows today with high-quality document management software. 

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