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25 Best Free Infographic PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates for 2020

If you work with data and give PowerPoint presentations, you'll probably want to consider using infographics. 

Eye tracking studies from the Nielsen Norman Group show that people pay attention to images with information. Infographics are important for visual learners. 

Infographics slides do an excellent job of making statistics come alive. That's where infographics templates for PowerPoint come in. They help you showcase key data presentation slides to your audience.

Country Infographic
Use a country infographic like this one included with Sante to help connect your audience with a location.

In this article I'll provide some insights on using infographic templates for PowerPoint. We'll show some example free infographic templates and explore when you might want to use them and when you shouldn't. I'll provide some examples of free infographic templates for PowerPoint. Plus, I'll share top premium infographic templates for PowerPoint that you can download right away.

Why Choose a Premium PowerPoint PPT Infographic Template?

If you're thinking about downloading a free infographic template for PowerPoint, you need to know the limitations of free infographic templates. 

Free infographic templates for PowerPoint are sometimes all you can afford—especially if you're on a limited budget. But don't let the idea of a price tag scare you away from exploring premium infographic presentation templates for PowerPoint.

Most premium PowerPoint templates include:

  • professional design current with the latest trends
  • technical support to answer questions or help you deal with problems
  • more slide options and format choices

You'll end up with professional results quickly and easily when you choose a premium template.

At Envato, we offer two options for premium PowerPoint presentation templates. 

Our first option, Envato Elements, is the best if you make a lot of presentations. For a low monthly fee, you'll get unlimited access to hundreds of professionally designed infographic templates for PowerPoint. Plus, you'll get access to other helpful assets such as our stock photos and our professional landing pages. That's an offer that infographic PPT free templates can't match.

envato elements PowerPoint infographic templates
You'll end up with professional results quickly and easily when you choose a premium template such as those available through Envato Elements.

If you need a PowerPoint infographic template for a single use, but it's crucial you make the right impression, we've got you covered. Pay a low fee for a one-time infographic PowerPoint template download from GraphicRiver. You'll get all the benefits of using a premium template right away.

Before we go on to explore free PowerPoint infographic templates, let's look at some high-quality premium infographics for PowerPoint.

5 Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates (From Elements for 2020)

Here's a curated list of some of the best PowerPoint infographic templates available through Envato Elements:

1. Infographic PowerPoint

Infographic PowerPoint Template

This modern and colorful infographic PowerPoint template is ready to use. It's got 170 different slides including helpful diagrams and an infographic. 

Inside you'll find a puzzle design, tree diagrams, and much more. Choose between 50 different color themes and thousands of icons. This multipurpose slideshow template works well for a variety of purposes.

2. Sante PowerPoint Template

Sante PowerPoint Template

The Sante PowerPoint infographic template can be fully edited from within PowerPoint. It also includes amazing slide transition animation. There are over 100 unique slides, including:

  • devices mockups 
  • a variety of maps
  • multiple infographic slides
  • data-driven slides
  • portfolio slides
  • and more!

3. PowerPoint Presentation Template Vector

PowerPoint Presentation Template Vector

You'll love this infographic PowerPoint template. It includes infographic charts and diagrams against a white background. 

In addition to charts and diagrams, the template includes a map, a device mockup, a timeline, and more. Use this versatile PowerPoint template for whatever you need. It includes brochures, corporate reports, and flyers as well as presentations.

4. STARTUP Infographic PowerPoint

STARTUP Infographic PowerPoint

The colorful STARTUP Infographic PowerPoint template has 40 curated colors. There are also 70 unique slides. You'll find a wide variety of unique infographic designs. It includes:

  • arrow infographics
  • a gears infographic
  • triangle pyramid infographics
  • and many others

All the infographics are easy to edit so you can easily incorporate your own data.

5. Social Media Infographic

social media infographic for powerpoint

More Premium Infographic Templates to Download From GraphicRiver (For 2020)

GraphicRiver also has an excellent selection of infographic PowerPoint templates. Each of these templates can be bought individually. Yet, they contain all the features you'd expect from a professionally designed premium template.

GraphicRiver infographic templates for PowerPoint
Each GraphicRiver infographic template can be purchased individually.

Here are some of the best PowerPoint infographic templates on GraphicRiver:

1. Cloud - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

Cloud PPTX Infographics

The magic idea of the cloud dominates modern technology. This infographic template in PowerPoint is ideal to bring your concepts to life if you're marketing a cloud app or software. It's got cloud-centric charts and graphs. Try it out and use any of the 33 unique slide designs to illustrate key concepts and data.

2. Infographic Survey PowerPoint Template

Infographic Survey PPTX Template

Use this infographic PowerPoint template for a variety of purposes to show your data in style. Build eye-catching charts that you share in a presentation. You could even export it to social media to stand out in your follower's feeds. These are easy-to-update charts with your data that are perfect for building infographics.

3. Eargo - Infographics PowerPoint Template

Eargo Infographics PowerPoint Template

Eargo has more than 200 unique slides across 20 different color schemes. This combination of styles and formats makes this infographic PowerPoint template very versatile. Use several key images with the easy placeholders to bring your infographics to life in less time than ever.

4. Cycle PowerPoint Infographics

Cycle PowerPoint Infographics

Many business processes run in cycles, so it's an easy fit to describe them with that type of infographic. This cycles infographic PowerPoint template does just that. It shows how the steps and parts fit together into the larger scheme.

5. AMMAY Business PowerPoint Template 

AMMAY Business PowerPoint Template

The Ammay Business PowerPoint Template is based on a bright red color scheme to help your ideas stand out. Here's some of the other great features of this infographic template for PowerPoint:

  • 791 total slides
  • includes popular infographic types like timelines, device mockups, and business roadmaps
  • includes creative infographic types like lightbulb Infographics, puzzle infographics, and bicycle infographic
  • template includes documentation and an update guarantee
  • and more!

6. Business Proposal 

business proposal template

This infographic template for PowerPoint includes 393 unique slides so that you can choose the right design for you. There are also 1000 vector icons and 23 different color schemes. Vector maps are included. 

This professional template is drag-and-drop ready. Add your own images and photos to customize it.

7. Indonesia PowerPoint 

Indonesia PowerPoint

Don't overlook this beautifully designed modern PowerPoint template that's full of infographic options. The colorful, professional design is sure to attract your target audience. Choose from 250 unique slides with light and dark color schemes. This template is also fully animated to help you further engage your audience.

8. Unity PowerPoint 

Unity PowerPoint

The Unity PowerPoint infographic template is based on a free font for your convenience. Choose from four aspect ratios: 16:9 HD, 16:10, 4:3, and A4. 

There are some creative, handcrafted infographics in this one. Plus, this is easy to edit and update. And you'll get fast support if you need it.

9. Data PowerPoint Infographic System

Data AIO Infographic System

With 1200 unique slides, this infographic template in PowerPoint features more variety and options than most. Multiple slide sizes, more than 40 color palettes, and dark / bright options give you the ultimate flexibility in your slide design. The professional design in this far exceeds free infographic templates for PowerPoint options.

10. Infographic Pack Templates for PowerPoint

Infographic Pack

This PowerPoint infographic template has all the most popular chart types that help you illustrate your key ideas. Sample from flow charts, pyramids, funnels, and more that'll transform your data into interactive ideas.

25 Free Infographic Templates for PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Your best choice for a PowerPoint infographic template is to download a premium template. You'll get more options, support, and be happier with the result. 

But there are times when the budget doesn't allow for even a reasonably priced template download. Or, maybe you rarely do PowerPoints and need a free PPT infographic for a one-off occasion. 

Perhaps you're just learning how to create presentations. You want a template you can play around with, but you don't intend to actually show it to anyone. For those instances a free infographic template makes sense.

I've scoured the internet and found 25 free PowerPoint presentation templates that include infographics.

Sources for the free PowerPoint slide template downloads on this list include:

Note: The free Microsoft infographic PowerPoint templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates require that you provide attribution for your presentation. Read the terms of use carefully.

Here's a list of over 25 free PowerPoint infographic templates:

1. Map Pins Infographic

Free infographic templates for PowerPoint

This free infographic for PowerPoint can enhance your next presentation or be used by itself. Simply define your map pins and then place them on the map with this free PPT infographic.

2. Animated Infographic SlidesThis free PowerPoint infographics pack is an accessible template with animated slides. It also includes a bulleted list.

3. Process infographicThis four-step process free infographic template for PowerPoint is based on the Integral theme. This infographics slide features columns. Use it on its own or as part of a presentation.

4. Statistics Infographics Sampler

Statistics Infographics Sampler

This free template sampler from Microsoft features seven slides. Six are free PPT infographics, and the seventh is a cover slide template.

5. Cymbeline Presentation Template. There are 25 different slides in this fully editable PowerPoint infographic template available for free. It also includes icons and a world map. It features and black and white color scheme.

6. Basset Presentation Template. Here's another multi-purpose template with free editable images for PowerPoint. It includes graphs, charts and tables. There are also 80 different icons.

7. Infographic Timeline

PowerPoint Infographic Timeline Template

One of the most popular types of infographic slide designs is a timeline. If you're looking for a free timeline slide design, you may want to consider this template from Microsoft Office.

8. Process Path Infographic. Here's another specialty slide design from Office. This one's an infographic that shows the path of a process.

9. Infographic Pie Chart. The free Infographic Pie Chart PowerPoint template features a unique-looking pie design with icons in each of the slices.

10. Colorful Product Roadmap Timeline 

Colorful Product Roadmap Timeline

If you're in product development, Microsoft's free product roadmap template could be helpful.

11. Timeline SmartArt Diagram. Here's a modern-looking timeline slide template based on an arrow with circles to depict the passage of time.

12. Ulysses Presentation Template

Infographic PPT Free

Here's an editable free infographic PowerPoint template with infographics. This works well for presentations that'll be shared online or printed. But it's not the best for a live slide deck presentation.

13. Ideas Bulb Diagram for PowerPoint. Here's free two-slide infographic PowerPoint template with a light bulb design. Choose between a light or dark layout.

14. Pie Chart Infographic for PowerPoint. This infographic template for PowerPoint for free features a pie chart with eight parts. Edit the chart to add your own statistics.

15. Doughnut PowerPoint Diagram. Here's another circular infographic. This one consists of doughnut-shaped layers. Edit this free PowerPoint infographic to customize the colors or change the sizes.

16. Infographic Org Chart. Many business presentations include an org chart. So, it's good that you can download this free two-slide PowerPoint infographic org chart if you need it.

17. Banner Staircase PowerPoint Diagram. The rectangles on this colorful PowerPoint infographic slide design make a staircase. Use it to depict a progression or growth.

18. Infographic Percentage Chart

PowerPoint Infographic Percentage Chart

For facts and figures, a bar chart can be a great illustration. Here's a free bar chart slide template from Microsoft.

19. Concept Chart Template for PowerPoint. This infographic template for PowerPoint for free has circular elements can represent many things in a slideshow.

20. Sankey Diagram for PowerPoint. If your business uses Sankey diagrams, you'll appreciate this free editable PowerPoint template. You can change the line widths or colors if you need too.

21. Rising Line Arrow PowerPoint Diagram Template 

Rising Arrows

Here's a free PowerPoint infographic slide template with colorful arrows that can be used for many things.

22. Free Multi-Level Pyramid Diagram for PowerPoint. Use this multi-level pyramid diagram in various ways. Customize it with your own colors and information.

23. Progress Pie Charts for PowerPoint. This PowerPoint infographic template for free download includes two unique slides and light and dark layout options. Each shape and pie chart is fully editable.

24. Infographic Cycle Diagram for PowerPointThis is a free PowerPoint infographic cycle diagram. There are horizontal folded banners connected to eight donut pie chart slices. It also features editable graphics with icons and text placeholders.

25. Ribbon Wrapped Arrow PowerPoint Diagram 

Ribbon Wrapped Arrow PowerPoint Diagram

5 Tips for Using Infographics in PowerPoint

You've just seen some of the best infographic templates in PowerPoint. Now, let's review some tips that'll help you make the most of them:

1. Choose the Right Design 

We've highlighted many templates in this round-up. Together, the templates have hundreds of different infographics that you can use to illustrate key ideas.

The most important part of working with infographic templates in PowerPoint is choosing the right visual to showcase your data. Before you start dropping your data into an infographic, review your options to choose the right one. For example, the overlapping concentric circles below show how the shared parts of ideas versus the divergent points.

Spending time choosing the right infographic is crucial. Think about the type of visual that showcases your idea effectively.

Choose the Right infographic
Choose the right template that represents your ideas, like this overlapping oval chart in the STARTUP infographic template.

2. Convert Basic Data to Infographics

When you begin working with infographic templates in PowerPoint, you might be unsure of when to use them. What situations are the right time to use infographics?

One of the best opportunities is to take basic, flat data and re-arrange it into an infographic. In the example below, basic data points on followers and engagement were transformed and brought to life with a thematic infographic.

Dot chart PowerPoint infographic
Use a PowerPoint infographic slide like this one from Sante to make data exciting.

3. Use Infographics Sparingly

Even though I'm a big proponent of using infographics, it's not wise to fill an entire presentation with them. Use an infographic PowerPoint template sparingly, saving them for your big ideas. 

As always, presentations benefit from variety. It's not ideal to use an infographic for every concept in a presentation. Instead, save them for a few key slides and your audience will focus in on them.

4. Add Tasteful Animations

Most PowerPoint infographics feature many steps or objects in an infographic. With all those individual components, it's ideal to "phase them in", step-by-step.

This is where PowerPoint animations are so useful. With the help of animations, you can introduce each section of the infographic elegantly.

Make sure to check out our tutorial to master PowerPoint animations, then add them to your PPT infographic template:

5. Connect on Social With An Infographic

Every successful presentation creates action. A great infographic can serve as the start of a conversation with an audience member.

One popular infographic that continues to grow in popularity is a social infographic. It gives you the chance to show your social media channels and connect with the audience.

Social Media PowerPoint infographics
Use slides like this one from Social Media Infographic to connect with your audience after the presentation.

Use a social slide to list your channel and show your audience the presence of your social channels. It builds credibility. It also gives your audience the chance to get in touch and follow your content after.

How to Quickly Customize Premium Infographic PowerPoint Templates

Throughout this article, we've touted PowerPoint infographic templates. These are the best way to jump ahead while designing your presentation.

These templates might not look like the final slide you've got in mind. But that's why we customize them. A PowerPoint infographic template is just a starting point, not a finished product.

In this section, we'll customize three PowerPoint infographics slides from the Sante template on Envato Elements. Let's walk through three examples.

1. The Bubble Timeline

Bubble Timeline slide 57

There are many forms of infographics, and timelines are one of the most popular.

When you use a timeline, you can link events together. In fact, you can also use it to chart a path to the future. Slide 47 in our design is a neat bubble timeline slide. Here are three steps I took to customize it:

  • Remove several bubbles. I'm a minimalist by trade. Removing objects in an infographics slide makes it more readable. I removed about half of the intermediate bubbles by clicking on them and pressing Delete on my keyboard.
  • Update text. On the remaining bubbles, update the captions with text that reflect the steps that show progression.
  • Create a forecast. It's optional, but I chose to make half of the bubble steps a forecast of the future. To the right of the middle circle, I made all the points predictions and projections for the future.
Finished PowerPoint timeline infographic slide

2. The Triangle Slide

PowerPoint infographic triangle slide

Triangles are a common shape for infographics, and it's easy to see why. Three pillars fit together for a cohesive message.

Slide 51 is a stunning design for a slide infographic. Here are my three customizations:

  • Separated objects. I love the triangle diagram, but it felt a bit crowded. I clicked on the separate shapes, then pulled them apart to give the slide more space.
  • Updated text. Each section of the triangle stands for a pillar of my company's principles. I updated both the text boxes and the text on the triangle to represent each of the three principles.
  • Minimalist approach. Throughout this slide, I've reduced the amount of text used. With fewer text boxes to focus on, the audience is more likely to focus on my key points.
PowerPoint infographic slide

3. The Map Slide

PowerPoint map infographic

With the help of a map slide, you can create a geographic-based infographic. Slide 64 in our template is perfect for a map slide.

In my case, I'm going to use this slide to show that my company is a remote-friendly company. Here are the adjustments I made to make this slide shine:

  • Recolored the states. Each of the states on our map is a shape of its own. Click on a state and choose a new color on the Format > Shape Fill dropdown. In my case, I recolored the states where I've got a presence.
  • Update the data. My statistics on the right side are different than the placeholders. So, I typed over the numeric values and adjusted them with relevant details.
  • Update the slide title. I typed over the slide header to add my specifics and make a strong impression.
Remote-first slide

Learn Even More About Presentations

You've just discovered where you can find free PowerPoint presentation templates and high-quality premium infographic PowerPoint templates. With the right template design, you're on your way to creating an eye-catching slideshow that'll make your presentation stand out. 

You can learn more about how to make a good presentation. You'll discover more effective presentation techniques in our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. Download it for free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

perfect presentation ebook

Learn More About Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint infographic slides are a great start. But you still need PowerPoint knowledge to work efficiently.

In our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)we've got everything you need to master the app. The skills you'll gain help you become a confident presenter.

Here are three outstanding PowerPoint tutorials you can use to kickstart your learning:

Use an Infographic PowerPoint Template to Showcase Key Data in Your Next Presentation

We've just explored infographic templates for PowerPoint. 

I've discussed the benefits of using premium PowerPoint templates such as those available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver for high-quality, professional results. You've also seen some examples of premium PowerPoint infographic templates. Plus, I've provided a list of over 20 free PowerPoint presentation templates.

Are you ready to create your PowerPoint presentation with infographic? Why not start by downloading a PowerPoint template today?

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new, inspiring infographic templates in PowerPoint with the best, trending designs.

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