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12 Best Free (+Open Source) Database Software for Mac (2023)

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Read Time: 11 min

Are you looking for the best free database software for Mac? Are you unsure where to find open source database software?

Man IT specialist with laptop working on datacenter software updateMan IT specialist with laptop working on datacenter software updateMan IT specialist with laptop working on datacenter software update
There are tons of high quality free database software for Mac available. Image source: Envato Elements
Database software for Mac can help you to organize, track, and store information securely.

You can use a spreadsheet, such as Excel or Google Sheets, to store information. But if the information is complex or interconnected, a spreadsheet might not be enough. Spreadsheets can also become unwieldy if you're dealing with large amounts of information.

Database software like Microsoft Access can be a good database program. This software can be expensive, though. There are open source Mac apps alternatives to a pricey database.

This article features a brief overview of some of the best free database software tools for Macs.

What Is Database Software?

Database software allows you to store, maintain, and retrieve information. 

But there's nothing simple about databases. There are many types of databases available, each serving different purposes.

Some databases are general-purpose and rely on a database querying language like SQL. Others are specialized databases with user-friendly interfaces and pre-designed reports. These are specifically tailored for tasks such as customer tracking or record-keeping.

Database softwareDatabase softwareDatabase software
Database software allows you to store, maintain, and retrieve information. Image source: Envato Elements

Specialized predesigned databases are growing in popularity--and with good reason. They're easy to use and require no programming background. But if you own a business you may still have a need to invest in a single database software. 

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In this article, we will explore database software options for Macs. These software options enable you to do various things. This includes storing different types of information, customizing it , and seamlessly integrating it with other software.

10 Features of Good Database Software

In this section we'll cover the ten features of good database software. This will help you make an informed decisions.

Here are some characteristics of good database software to look for:

  1. Filters information. A good database filter lets you specify the information you want and the information you don't want.
  2. Searchable. The Mac database software should include a search tool. This will allow you to find a single record or group of records quickly.
  3. Report features. The software should allow you to design and print your own reports. This information should be drawn from one or more tables.
  4. Combine information. You should be able to combine several types of information in a report or search.
  5. Updates. The database should have an update form so that you can update large amounts of information easily.
  6. Export. It should be able to export data to other formats. Being able to export data to a spreadsheet, or other software tool, can be extremely useful.
  7. Includes backups. Any time you store information online, you want the ability to be able to back it up. Backups protect you from losing information.
  8. Secure. Your free database software for Macs should have some built-in security features or give you the option to add your own security.
  9. Support. Database tools can be quite involved, so it's good to look for one that has some support features such as an active community, tutorials, and so on.
  10. Documentation. As you're setting up your Mac database, you'll want good user documentation to help answer questions and walk you through the process.

Of course, your own selection criteria for a Mac database software might be different. 

Are you selecting a free or open source database tool for the Mac database? Be sure to research it carefully. Also create your own list of must-haves.

How to Use This List

The following list of free and open source database software for the Mac provides overviews only. 

You'll want to use the list as a starting place for conducting your own research to find the right Mac database software for your needs. 

Remember, a database that works well for someone else might not be right for you.

If you want free or open source database software for a Mac, ask for help. Talk to your database developer and administrator. They can help you choose the right software.A basic knowledge of database query languages may be needed to get the most from your Mac database tool.

There are many different database tools. Also, many people are using databases on their Macs, such as FileMaker Pro, that aren't on this list because the latest version isn't free or open source. In some cases, databases aren't included on the list because they no longer support the Mac as well as they once did.

12 of the Best Database Tools for Macs

Here's an overview of some of the best free and open source database software tools for Macs. I've also included a few personal database tools as well. 

1. SQLite 

SQLite databaseSQLite databaseSQLite database

SQLite's open source database software code is in the public domain, which makes it free for commercial or private use. This relational database system is very popular. There have been billions of deployments of SQLite. Many people like to use it for managing their data. SQLite is known for its reliability, with an international team of full-time developers. 

The SQLite website has helpful information. You can also find discussion boards to get answers to your questions for this open source database software.



This popular free database software for Mac is an object-relational database. POSTGRESQL has an active community, which provides users with support and documentation. There are also POSTGRESQL events and user groups that provide further opportunities for learning.

This free database software for Mac also has a reputation for being reliable. It is updated often. It tries to follow SQL standards. However, it won't follow them if it causes a bad structure.

3. MongoDB 


MongoDB is a leading NoSQL Mac database software with millions of users. It's licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU AGPL v3.0 license, making it open source.

The company also offers commercial licenses for the Mac database software, MongoDB. MongoDB has an encrypted storage engine. The user manual for MongoDB is licensed under Creative Commons.

This popular database has user groups, white papers, as well as other types of support.

Interested in learning more about MongoDB? You may find this tutorial helpful:

4. CouchDB 

CouchDB databaseCouchDB databaseCouchDB database

CouchDB is best free database software. It has a helpful community. They give documents and advice to users. There's even helpful CouchDB chats available through Freenode IRC network and Slack. It's a NoSQL (non-relational) database that uses JSN to store data. It's also a single node database that can be upgraded to a cluster if need be. You can store data on your own servers or on the cloud with this best free database software. 

5. Apache Cassandra

apache cassandraapache cassandraapache cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a free, open-source NoSQL database system. It can handle large amounts of data on many servers. This helps to make sure the system is always available and that there's no single point where it can fail.

This database can easily handle lots of data and is fault-tolerant. If a node fails, it can be replaced without needing to shut down the system. Countless organizations rely on Apache Cassandra for its scalability and high availability, all without sacrificing performance. 

6. Airtable 


Airtable describes its software as "part spreadsheet, part database." If you're looking for an easy-to-use best database software application this might be the right one for you.

Airtable offers both a free and premium version of the software. The free version of this best database software is pretty powerful, allowing you to create unlimited bases with up to 1,200 records per base. The free version also includes rich field types.

There's a variety of views available as well including: grid, calendar, form, kanban, and gallery. Plus, it includes real-time collaboration and commenting. If you want to try this database out, it's worth a look. If your business is small or starting out, the free version may be all you need.

7. LibreOffice Base

LibreOffice BaseLibreOffice BaseLibreOffice Base

LibreOffice Base is a database tool for front end development. It's important to mention because it's free. The Document Foundation maintains this database tool. For some businesses, this may be just what they're looking for. LibreOffice base draws upon a lot of popular database engines such as MySQL/MariaDB, MS Access, and PostGresSQL. Plus, it includes an HSQL relational database engine. If you're already using LibreOffice, you'll like the fact that it integrates well with other LibreOffice suite tools.

8. WorkMap is an advanced database software solution designed for workflow automations. It can assist in managing and organizing data in a familiar, tabular structure while integrating modern components such as automations, reports, forms, and more.

The software offers a wide range of ready-to-use workflow templates, along with intelligent assignments and notifications. is a premium software that comes with a 15-day free trial.

9. OrientDB


OrientDB is an open source Mac app NoSQL database system that stands out for its ability to manage graph-based data and object-oriented data. It is know for its speed and flexibility, and allows users to manage databases via a command-line console. Its visual graph editor helps users interact with and modify their data more intuitively. This open source Mac app has the nickname "database for all seasons" by its community, as has robust data management for mac users.

10. MySQL


MySQL is a free database for Mac. It's a highly popular open-source relational database management system known for its performance, reliability, and comprehensive set of features. It's capable of handling a wide range of data workloads, from online transaction processing to online analytical processing.

This free database for Mac provides a comprehensive set of management tools and offers various editions to suit different needs, making it a versatile choice for developers and businesses alike. 

11. TablePlus


TablePlus is a modern tool built for efficient database management. It supports a broad range of relational databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create, access, query, and edit databases with ease.

With a strong focus on security, it comes equipped with multiple protective features such as multi-step authentication and TLS encryption. TablePlus also provides customization options for the appearance and configurations. TablePlus is a premium software.

12. dbForge


Devart offers a comprehensive suite of database management and development tools that ensure efficient operation with SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. Named dbForge, these tools enhance the coding experience, streamline the DevOps cycle, and simplify database management.

dbForge has a user-friendly interface and robust features. Although not an open-source platform, Devart's high performance and broad database compatibility make it a significant mention in discussions about database tools. dbForge is a premium software.

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Get Started With Free Database Software  For Mac Today!

This article covered numerous free and open-source database software options available for Mac users to securely store, organize, and retrieve information.

Each tool offers unique features that cater to different needs, making it essential to research and carefully select the one that best suits your requirements. Take advantage of the resources provided by these software communities and get started with your open source database today!

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