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The 12 Best Google Slides Extensions. Do More With Your Presentations in 2023

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Do you want to do more with Google Slides? Wondering what the best Google Slides extensions are?

Google Slides PresentationGoogle Slides PresentationGoogle Slides Presentation
There are lots of good Google Slides extensions to help boost your productivity. (Image source: Envato Elements)

Google Slides add-ins and extensions are small software programs. They extend the functionality of Google Slides. They're designed to enhance the user's ability to generate and revise presentations, by incorporating extra features and tools into the software.

Google Slides offers a plethora of add-ins and extensions, but not all are equally valuable or efficient. To help you maximize your presentation capabilities, we've curated a list of the top 12 Google Slides add-ins and extensions for 2023.

From grammar correction and design assistance to animation and video production, these tools cater to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned Google Slides user or a beginner seeking to enhance your presentations for school or work, these add-ins and extensions will elevate your skills to the next level.


Should You Use Google Slides Extensions?

Anyone seeking to create exceptional presentations should consider utilizing Google Slides add-ons. These powerful tools provide a range of extra features and functionalities that are unavailable in the standard version of Google Slides, enhancing productivity and enabling you to create more compelling presentations.

Here are some of the top reasons why you would want to use Google Slides Add-Ins and extensions. 

  1. Save Time. Google Slides add-ins and extensions can help you to save time. Focus on the content and design of your presentations instead of on routine tasks. Use them to automate repetitive tasks and provide quick access to templates and design elements.
  2. Improve functionality. Add-ins and extensions let you use new tools like advanced charting and data visualization capabilities, interactive elements, and more.
  3. Better presentation quality. Build presentations that do a better job of reaching your audience. With add-ins your presentation can be more engaging and interactive.
  4. Get more done.  Using add-ins, you can get more done. Use extensions and tools to be more productive.

What are the best Google Slides extensions? Read the article below to find out!

Where to Find Google Slides Extensions

When looking for the right Google Slides extension, be sure to check out the ones available in the Google Store.

You can also find reviews from users who have tried these extensions so that you know what they're all about before making a purchase. With an array of options available, there's sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly!

Now let’s look at the top twelve Google Slides Extensions that you can download today. 

12 Best Google Slides Extensions for 2023

Here are twelve of this year's top Google Slides extensions (including Google store extensions): 

1. Pear Deck

pear deckpear deckpear deck

Pear Deck is a Google Slides extension that allows you to add interactive questions and formative assessments to your presentations. You can easily add interactive questions right from a sidebar. This includes bell ringers, checks for understanding, exit tickets, and more. This is a powerful tool for engaging students and increasing their understanding of class material.

Here are the main features for this Google Slides extension:

  • integration with Google tools
  • ability to add interactive questions from sidebar
  • formative assessments
  • customizable templates for quick lesson creation

2. Insert Icons for Slides

Insert icons for Slides Insert icons for Slides Insert icons for Slides

This Google Slides extension is a simple yet powerful tool. It provides access to over 1800 free icons from Font Awesome and Google Material Design. With a choice of any color and the ability to import the icons into slides with a transparent background, this extension allows for easy and quick customization of presentations.

This extension is a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their presentation designs.

  • 1800+ free icons from Font Awesome
  • customize icon color and import with transparent background
  • advanced formatting options including shadow and reflection 
  • more add-ons: Mergo, Folgo, and Publigo

3. CloudApp


Cloud app allows you to create engaging visual presentations that your audience will be excited to watch. With the CloudApp you can add screen and webcam recordings, GIFs, and add image annotations. 

Here are the main features for this Google Slides extension: 

  • easy to use screen captures
  • simple interface
  • upload your own images and edit them

4. Slides Creator

Slides Creator - Mail merge for SlidesSlides Creator - Mail merge for SlidesSlides Creator - Mail merge for Slides

The Slides Creator Google Slides add-on is a fantastic and easy-to-use resource for making personalized Google Slides presentations. By connecting Google Sheets info and updating content automatically, it simplifies your work and saves time. The user-friendly setup, helpful guides, and attentive support team makes this a great Google Slides extension.

Here are a few of the main features for this Google Slides add-on:

  • Create personalized and custom templates.
  • Automatically merge individual customer or employee data into presentations.
  • Generate marketing slides with dynamic images, links, and charts.
  • Automatically insert monthly KPI or reporting charts into slides.

5. Unsplash Instant

Unsplash ImagesUnsplash ImagesUnsplash Images

Unsplash is a high-definition photography site. With the Unsplash Intent Google Slides extension, you can access this library from Google Slides and insert images. All the images are free and can be used in personal and commercial presentations. 

Here are a few main features for the Google Store extension:

  • easily search for photos
  • 250,000+ high resolution images
  • copyright free images

6. Slides Toolbox

Slides ToolboxSlides ToolboxSlides Toolbox

This Google Slides add on offers an extensive list of features and tools to make everyday tasks smoother and faster. Users can easily remove any selected object or modify the text and object formatting with the smart sidebar. Other features include arranging objects, importing slides and media, managing charts and images, and making custom slideshows.

Here are the key features for this Google Slides extension:

  • efficient removal tools for objects like charts, tables, and videos
  • text formatting and management tools
  • arrangement tools for resizing, scaling, and arranging objects
  • export and import tools for sharing slideshows and organizing media files

7. Nearpod


Nearpod is a student engagement platform for K-12 teachers, which offers interactive learning experiences for better engagement. With Nearpod, students can participate in lessons containing virtual reality and 3D objects. Students can voice their knowledge and opinions through open-ended questions, polls, quizzes, and collaborative boards, making learning fun for students. The Google Slides extension enables you to add all the features of Nearpod to Google Slides.

You'll need a Nearpod subscription to use the Google Slides extension.

  • catalog of 7,000+ lessons

  • interactive learning experiences
  • assessment and feedback features
  • collaborative learning boards

8. Icons for Slides & Docs

Icons for Slides & DocsIcons for Slides & DocsIcons for Slides & Docs

Flaticon is a fantastic Google Slides extension that provides quick and easy access to a wide range of icons. With the largest icon database, Flaticon offers a massive collection of icons not only for Google Slides, but for docs, spreadsheets, and forms. This Google Slides extension makes it easy to add icons to your slides.

  • millions of free customizable icons
  • choose similar style icons
  • customize any icon

9. Noun Project

Noun ProjectNoun ProjectNoun Project

Noun Project is a quick and lightweight Google Slides extension that allows you to add icons to your slides. A sidebar appears that gives you access to their icon library. Easily change the icon color to get the perfect hue and specific size. 

Here are the main features for this Google Slides extension:

  • free version gives you access to 100 icons
  • paid version gives you access to millions more
  • change color of all icons

10. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is a cloud-based diagramming application that allows teams to visualize complex ideas. The Google Slides extension allows you to add these diagrams to your Google Slides. Collaborate in real-time, generate organizational charts from spreadsheet data, and visualize databases. You can easily import files while monitoring processes, systems, and goals through data linking and conditional formatting. 

  • enterprise grade security
  • real time collaboration
  • cloud-based
  • intelligent diagraming

11. Easy Accents

Easy Accents - SlidesEasy Accents - SlidesEasy Accents - Slides

Have a presentation in another language other than English? Easy Accents allows you to add accent marks for twenty-three different languages. Like other Google Slides extensions, a sidebar gives you access to plenty of accent marks. A drop-down language menu is at the bottom of the Google Slides add on. 

Here are the main features for the Google Slides extension:

  • 23+ different languages supported
  • easy to use interface
  • currency symbols included

12. Slides Randomizer

Slides RandomizerSlides RandomizerSlides Randomizer

Slide Randomizer is a simple Google Slides extension that enables you to randomly reorder any slide deck on Google Slides efficiently. It's got automatic randomization methods and doesn't collect personal information from the user, ensuring privacy. This is a great tool for studying or for teaching with. 

Let's now look at how you can improve your Google Slides presentations. 

Learn More About Making Google Slides Presentations

Once you've got your Google Slides extensions, you can start on your presentation. Here's a list of some top Tuts+ Google Slides resources to help you build a better Google Slides presentation: 

Get Access to High-Quality Creative Assets (With Unlimited Use)

With any business, you need creative assets to help your presentations look creative. These assets can be anything from documents, images, fonts, and more. It's a smart choice to use professional creative assets to save time and deliver a high-quality product. Envato Elements has just what you need. 

Envato Elements gives you access to all types of creative tools. Included are unlimited downloads of:

  • Google Slides templates
  • photos
  • fonts
  • videos
  • and much more for a low monthly fee

Sign up now to use all these resources in your next project.

Explore Creative Assets Now

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Envato Elements has tons of high-quality assets for your upcoming project.

One of the best values for creatives today is Envato Elements. With unlimited downloads, you can try out all types of options in your upcoming projects.

Here's how you benefit from using Envato Elements:

  • You save money. There's no need to hire professional graphic designers.
  • You save time. Start with an already professional design.
  • You find inspiration. Generate new ideas with all the fresh creative assets.
  • You focus on your message. Our templates have the creativity you need to make it look good.

Download Google Slides Extensions Today!

By integrating Google Slides extensions into your Google Slides presentations, you can vastly improve your ability to tell compelling stories visually, simplify your workflow, and increase productivity.

In this article, we showcased the top twelve Google Slides extensions for 2023. With these tools at your disposal, you can elevate your presentation skills, captivate your audience, and make a lasting impression.

If you need access to even more creative resources, explore Envato Elements. Their comprehensive collection includes Google Slides templates, fonts, WordPress plugins, and plenty of other assets.

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