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18+ Best Responsive HTML5 Landing Page Templates (2018)


Launching a new website is an exciting time for your business. It opens up plenty of opportunities to expand your marketing strategy and connect with your ideal audience. As such, it’s only natural that you want to promote your website and use it in your social media profiles. But, linking to an unfinished website can make you look unprofessional. So how do you continue your marketing efforts and start collecting leads while your website is being built?

Enter landing page HTML5 templates. They are perfect for allowing you to create hype for your launch and build your email list before you officially unveil your website or launch a new product. They're also easy to install and edit even if you have no coding experience.

Best Responsive HTML5 Landing Page Templates for 2018

In today’s roundup, we’re sharing the best responsive landing page templates that will allow you to build your social media followers, collect customers’ email addresses, and even share the most important details about your business.

1. Pure - Intuitive Landing Page Template

Pure Landing Page Template
Pure Landing Page Template

Pure is an easy-to-use template suitable for landing pages of all types. You can use it to promote your business as well as app, product, and more. The template features a clean design with eight pre-made versions and includes a working contact form as well as a MailChimp signup form.

2. Megapack - Multipurpose HTML  Landing Page Template

Megapack Multipurpose HTML Landing Page Template
Megapack Multipurpose HTML Template

The Megapack template packs quite a punch in terms of features. It comes loaded with more than 30 different page layouts as well as a powerful page builder that makes it easy to edit and style the template. Their popup form integrates with several popular services such as MailChimp, GetResponse, CampaignMonitor, AWeber, and others. On top of that, the template is fully responsive.

3. UNICORE - Unique Landing Page Template

Unicore Unique Landing Page Template
UNICORE Landing Page Template

The Unicore is a modern template that features a responsive design and allows you to edit the layouts with the help of a drag-and-drop page builder. Notable features include:

  • 20 different homepages
  • lightbox video
  • pricing table
  • FAQ section
  • 1000+ Icons
  • Google Maps integration
  • And more

4. Flatpack - Modern Landing Page Template

Flatpack Modern Landing Page Template
Flatpack Landing Page Template

The Flatpack template has an elegant and modern design and includes 26 prebuilt layouts to help you get started with your landing page. You can create unlimited pages, contact forms, sign up forms, preview the design as your editing it, and style every aspect of your landing page. Customers love the ease-of-use and the features:

I really love this Page Builder. I use it for my landing pages and it's incredible. Love the support from Pixfort. I've had this page builder for a long time and they still help me at out whenever I have questions. Awesome Support! Keep up the great work!

5. Opal - Elegant Template for Landing Pages

Opal Landing Page Template
Opal Landing Page Template

The Opal template is perfect for anyone who wants a sophisticated landing page. It comes with 10 pre-made templates, responsive design, and it’s easy to customize. You’ll also find a working AJAX contact form and newsletter signup form that integrates perfectly with MailChimp.

6. LeadGen - Versatile Landing Page Template

LeadGen Versatile Landing Page Template
LeadGen Landing Page Template

The LeadGen template is a versatile landing page template that includes a drag-and-drop page builder as well as plenty of page elements and demo pages that can be customized down to the smallest detail. The template is fully responsive and optimized for conversions, SEO, and fast loading times. Additionally, it integrates with popular email platforms like AWeber, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Get Response, and others.

7. VSApp - Landing Page Templates for Mobile Apps

VSApp Landing Page Templates for Mobile Apps
VSApp Landing Page Template

If you want to build hype around your new app, consider the VSApp template. The template includes a lot of powerful features that will help you showcase your app and highlight the main functions. Features include:

  • 5 HTML files
  • 40+ elements
  • Unlimited color customization
  • Smooth CSS animations
  • Responsive and retina ready layout
  • Fully documented

8. RGen - Powerful Landing Page Template

RGen Landing Page Template
RGen Landing Page Template

The RGen template is perfect for creating a variety of landing pages in any industry and comes with more than 38 ready-to-use demos as well as a drag-and-drop page builder that boasts more than 280 design sections. The template allows you to have complete control over the design and layout of your landing page and you can even use background videos and sliders to better capture the attention of your visitors. Customers love the attractive design and ease-of-use offered by RGEN template:

This is one of the best coded templates I have purchased on TF. The code is super easy to edit and the design is fantastic!

9. Snapview - Clean Landing Page Template

Snapview Clean Landing Page Template
Snapview Landing Page Template

Try the Snapview template if you want a clean and minimalistic template. This template includes 10 pre-made color schemes and allows you to showcase features of your app and encourage people to sign up for your email list. You can even include testimonials and places your app has been featured. The design is fully responsive and comes with more than 600 Google Fonts so you can customize your typography, too.

10. Launchkit - Conversion-Focused Template for Landing Pages

Launchkit Landing Page Template
Launchkit Landing Page Template

The Launchkit template features a plethora of building blocks that have been optimized for maximum conversion rates. The template also includes several pre-made demos, so you don’t have to start from scratch which speeds up the design process. All the layouts can be edited using a drag-and-drop page builder and you can even setup A/B split tests and tweak your page accordingly. On top of that, the template is fully responsive and includes the option to use video backgrounds and sliders.

11. Mellow - Creative Landing Page Template

Mellow Landing Page Template
Mellow Landing Page Templates

The Mellow template features a colorful, mosaic design and is perfect for creatives that want to start generating leads. The template includes four pre-made versions and a responsive design. You can show exactly how much time is left until the launch, share information about yourself and your team members, and provide visitors with an easy way to sign up for your email list as well as follow you on various social media platforms.

12. Pride - Landing Page Template for Products

Pride landing page template
Price Landing Page Template

The Pride template is a great choice for launching a new product. It features a modern and responsive design and includes 10 homepage variations. The design is easy to customize and edit and you can even play with typography and choose from 600 Google Fonts. Its main features include:

  • Working Contact Form with PHP and AJAX
  • Free Web Icons
  • Fully Customizable
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Detailed documentation

13. OceanSide - Simple Landing Page Template

OceanSide Landing Page Template
Oceanside Landing Page Template

If you’re on the lookout for a simple template, look no further than OceanSide. Responsive and minimal design as well as a jQuery countdown timer, MailChimp subscription form, and additional page templates are just some of the features of this template. The template can be used as a starting point during your launch, but thanks to the extra pages you can also use it to develop the rest of your site. On top of that, the template integrates with Google Maps and includes five pre-made styles.

14. AppsLand - Colorful Landing Page Template

AppsLand Colorful Landing Page template
AppsLand Colorful Landing Page Template

The AppsLand template is another great template perfect for creating hype about the launch of your app. It includes two homepage demos along with 10 color presets and different header options for each layout. You’ll also get access to a working contact and subscription form and the ability to showcase all the features that your app has.

15. Hublind - Minimal Responsive Landing Page Template

Hublind Responsive Landing Page Template
Hublind Responsive Landing Page Template

The Hublind is a fully responsive landing template perfect for app, agency, or business landing pages. The template comes with more than 14 premade layouts and unlimited color schemes. You can also make use of thousands of icons to add extra visual appeal. What’s more, the template includes pricing tables, sticky menus, and custom templates for blog pages, too.

16. Bono - Coming Soon and Landing Page Template

Bono Landing Page Template
Bono Landing Page Template

The Bono template is a coming soon and landing page template that’s suitable for an upcoming project launch or promoting an event, website, or a service. The template is fully responsive and allows your visitors to contact you via a contact form as well as sign up for your email list. You’ll find a countdown timer, image galleries, the ability to upload your own logo, and much more. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about this template:

Absolutely amazing and cheap for 12 different options to suit your needs!

17. Popeye - Professional Landing Page Template

Popeye Landing Page Template
Popeye Landing Page Template

The Popeye template includes an attractive design with eight different background styles and detailed documentation that will help your setup and customize the template. It includes several special text effects and contact and email subscription forms. The email form integrates with MailChimp and you can also include your physical location thanks to the integration with Google Maps.

18. Select - Customizable Template for Landing Pages

Select Landing Page Template
Select Landing Page Template

The Select template comes with a plethora of customization options to modify colors, fonts, and elements. You can easily change the layout thanks to a drag-and-drop page builder or create your own. That said, the template comes with 31 pre-made layouts so you don’t have to start from scratch. The template also allows you to build credibility by featuring testimonials and capture your visitors’ attention with video backgrounds.

19. Hype - Material Landing Page Template

Hype Material Landing Page Template
Hype Material Landing Page Template

The Hype template makes excellent use of material design and is fully responsive and retina-ready. Aside from a landing page, the template also includes a blog page template. An email signup form is included as well as eight color and three homepage variations and subtle animations.  

20. Crossway - Parallax Landing Page Template

Crossway Landing Page Template
Crossway Landing Page Template

The Crossway template is sure to pique your potential customer’s interest thanks to parallax backgrounds. You can use it promote a new service, website, product, or anything else you’re about to launch. The template includes a working email signup form and has been optimized for SEO.

How to Promote Your Business Before You Launch

Once you have your landing page setup, it’s time to promote your business, product or service. Here are a few tips that will help you out.

1. Add a Newsletter Form

As you have probably noticed, many of these templates include an email signup form. This is the perfect way to collect potential leads that are interested in what you’re offering. You can keep them up-to-date while you’re building your website and announce the launch once it’s ready. Doing so allows you to generate sales from day one.

2. Include Social Media Buttons

Don’t forget to include your social media buttons so people can follow you and stay up-to-date. You can also use your social media presence to establish your authority by sharing posts as “mini-blog posts” and sharing links to other interesting and related content. A template like Mellow is a perfect for easily adding your social media profiles.  

3. Add a Video Teaser

Consider posting a video on your landing page that talks about your services or shows your product in use. A video is perfect for connecting with your ideal audience and establishing a personal connection while at the same time telling them what they can expect once you launch. You can also opt for a video background like in the LaunchKit template.

4. Offer a Freebie as an Incentive

Consider offering a freebie as an incentive to encourage people to sign up for your email list and promote it on your social media profiles. An incentive can be something simple as a checklist or a discount code, but it can also be something more elaborate like a video training or an eBook.

5. Submit a Guest Post on an Authoritative Website in Your Niche

Lastly, find an authoritative website in your niche with a well-established audience and pitch a guest post. Then, use your author bio to link to your landing page. Doing this expands your reach and increases your chances of people signing up for your email list.

Create a Landing Page Quickly With a Beautiful Template

Putting up a landing page before your website or product is ready is a great way to start generating leads and building your email list. Use one of the templates mentioned in this article or browse our full collection of landing page templates to find a template you like and build your landing page.

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