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18+ Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (For 2022)

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This post is part of a series called How to Make Online Presentations (SlideShare + PowerPoint).
How to Create Top SlideShare Presentations With PowerPoint
How to Use 10+ Top SlideShare Digital Marketing Strategies

SlideShare is a great tool to promote your business. Also, you can reach your target market with your amazing PowerPoint presentations. Plus, your audience can review your information at their own leisure through the SlideShare platform.

PowerPoint to SlidesharePowerPoint to SlidesharePowerPoint to Slideshare
Use a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements to create an impressive SlideShare.

In this article, you'll learn all about SlideShare: 

  • We'll explain what SlideShare is and describe what makes a good SlideShare presentation. 
  • We'll also provide you with some top SlideShare presentation examples for inspiration. 
  • Next, we'll briefly touch on how to make SlideShare presentations. 
  • Finally, we'll discuss the importance of using templates to create powerful PowerPoint presentations.

If you're creating a presentation for SlideShare. Then consider using a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

Before you read on, grab our free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It'll help you master the presentation process, from: initial idea, through to writing, design, and delivering with impact.

Making Great Presentations Free Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Now let's learn more about what SlideShare is, and dive into some great presentation examples with helpful tips:

What Is SlideShare?

If you're not familiar with SlideShare, you may wonder what it is and how it can help your business.

What is Slideshare?What is Slideshare?What is Slideshare?
What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a platform that lets users share slide presentations online. Presentations can be shared publicly, or the share can be limited to a private group. Since SlideShare presentations are viewed online, they can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got some things in common with other types of online content.

SlideShare was founded in 2006. According to SlideShare's own About page, the website ranks within the top 100 most-visited sites and has over 80 million users. The popularity of SlideShare gives you a chance to reach a lot of potential clients when you use it to share your presentations.

What Makes a Great SlideShare Presentation?

As discussed earlier, SlideShare presentations can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got much in common with other forms of online content. Perhaps the most notable common factor is that you've got seconds to attract a viewer's attention before they move on to other online content.

So, you may be wondering, what makes a SlideShare presentation great? Why do some SlideShare presentations attract thousands of views while others are skipped over and fail to become popular?

Let's look at some of the most popular SlideShare presentations of all time and see if you notice any patterns or similarities between them?

Most popular SlideShare presentations of all timeMost popular SlideShare presentations of all timeMost popular SlideShare presentations of all time
Most popular SlideShare presentations of all time.

Of course, there's more than one factor that contributes to a good SlideShare presentation. But here are six of the most important factors that many great SlideShare presentations share:

  1. Great cover image. This may be one of the most important factors on the list. If your cover slide doesn't draw your audience in, there's little chance that they'll stick around to view the entire slideshow. A compelling cover image is an important part of a compelling cover slide.
  2. Covers an interesting topic. It may not seem fair, but the topic of a slideshow plays a large part in whether it reaches an audience. The more interesting the topic, the more likely it is to reach its audience. If your SlideShare topic seems dull, figure out a way to make it more interesting.
  3. Tells a compelling story. It's no secret that we humans love a good story. If your SlideShare is interesting enough, you've increased the odds that readers will stick around long enough to find out how it ends. Don't be afraid to share your company's story.
  4. Uses clear slide designs. There's good design and there's bad design. Good slide design enhances a slideshow without calling attention to itself. Bad slide design distracts from your message. Bad design is obvious—even to viewers without any design training at all. Good design is often less obvious.
  5. Reaches a target audience. Not everyone is your potential client. A good SlideShare developer knows exactly who they're addressing. They'll customize your presentation through effective use of design, language, and other means. So that it's optimized for the target audience you're aiming at.
  6. Hits a marketing goal. A great SlideShare presentation is also an effective SlideShare presentation. That's why nearly every presentation that hits a marketing goal includes one or more of the factors listed above.

For a more in-depth discussion of what makes a great SlideShare presentation, review Eugene Cheng's helpful slideshow, SlideShare Experts Presentation Design Secrets From 7 Experts.

Note: Cheng's slideshow is also a good example of an effective SlideShare.

The Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (+Killer Tips)

There's nothing like a good example to illustrate a point. Here are 14 recent examples of some of the best PowerPoint SlideShare presentations we've seen with this article. I'll include an image and a link to each SlideShare. After each presentation example, I'll briefly explain a few of the factors that make that SlideShare so effective.

In no particular order, let's look at some of the best SlideShare presentations out there, with easy to follow tips included:

1. Use an Engaging Cover Design

If a cover slide catches your attention, chances are good that you're going to explore the rest of the SlideShare. That's exactly what happens with this slideshow from Patrick Stahler of FluidMinds.

Look at the rocket on this presentation's cover slide. Not only does the rocket ship catch your eye, but there's a symbolic meaning there as well. The rocket could mean many things ranging from exploration to soaring success.

Notice also that the cover slide heading is both scannable and concise. The use of highly readable headings and text are consistent throughout the entire presentation.

2. Tell a Compelling Story

When you see the caped figure on the cover slide of this SlideShare presentation from High Spark | Visual Storytelling Agency, your first reaction might be how does this superhero relate to storytelling? You'll want to click through to find the answer.

The SlideShare doesn't disappoint. It takes you through some popular superhero characters and explains why we find them so interesting. Here's an example of some of the storytelling in this presentation:

SlideShare Slide Tells a StorySlideShare Slide Tells a StorySlideShare Slide Tells a Story
This SlideShare slide tells a story.

The picture here tells the story of two humans having a friendly discussion. They're definitely NOT robots.

Note: The characters in the above presentation belong to DC Comics.

3. Use Questions to Draw People In

You may think that a cover slide has to have an image to be compelling. Think again.

This top SlideShare presentation from Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media starts with the three-letter question, WTF? Those three letters against a stark black background are enough to engage the reader. Inquiring minds want to know ... WTF?

The presentation goes on to answer the question of the title slide with a series of predictions about the future. The mood of the presentation is set by the title slide's dark background and is carried throughout the entire slideshow.

4. Good Design Makes a Difference

A good design should enhance a presentation, not distract from it. That's exactly how design is used in this SlideShare presentation from DesignMantic. While the design is attractive, it's not busy. Nor does it compete with the message.

One of my favorite slides in this presentation is this one, where the dots in the slide design are echoed by the round frame around the photo image:

SlideShare Slide with Good DesignSlideShare Slide with Good DesignSlideShare Slide with Good Design
The attractive design of this presentation makes it notable.

The elegant design worked well. Of all the SlideShare presentations featured in this list, this one had the most views.

5. Add the Human Factor

It's been shown that people are drawn to photos of other people. Wrike makes good use of this principle with this great SlideShare. Nearly every slide in this presentation features a photo of one or more people, usually interacting in a work environment.

For example, who wouldn't want to be part of this fun workgroup?

SlideShare Slide with Human FactorSlideShare Slide with Human FactorSlideShare Slide with Human Factor
This SlideShare is easy to relate to because of the photos of people used throughout.

This looks more like a group of friends at a coffee shop than a business team hard at work. But that's exactly the point.

6. Cover an Interesting Topic

Nearly everyone wants to become more productive. No doubt the authors of this SlideShare on Productivity Secrets from Officevibe knew this when they created this presentation about productivity secrets.

It's full of solutions to common productivity problems such as problems like email overload and time management. Since these are popular obstacles that many people must overcome, most people will click through to find the answers.

7. Icons Can Be Effective

Incorporating icons into your slideshow design can add interest. In this presentation from Yuan Wang of Studio Ninja, colored icons are used  to add interest and not overpower the design or the presentation.

This slide is just one example of the effective use of icons throughout this top SlideShare presentation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Icon UsageSlideShare Slide with Effective Icon UsageSlideShare Slide with Effective Icon Usage
This SlideShare presentation makes good use of icons.

8. Reverse Psychology Works

The cover of this interesting SlideShare presentation from Stinson is compelling because it uses reverse psychology. Instead of talking about 10 things you need to do to create an effective presentation, it talks about "10 Things Your Audience Hates..."

Immediately, the reader is hooked. They wonder, "Am I doing any of these things?" If they're part of the target audience for this slideshow, they'll click through to find out.

9. Talk About a Common Problem

Who hasn't faced a difficult conversation in a work environment? The answer is ... probably no one.

Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves in a difficult conversation. But that's what makes this SlideShare topic on Mastering Difficult Conversations so interesting to a broad group of people.

The common problem addressed by Piktochart on this interesting topic with this SlideShare.

10. Share Statistics Effectively

This SlideShare presentation from Rand Fishkin of MOZ is about Google. There are an awful lot of people interested in what Google does. That interest in Google alone is enough to attract a lot of viewers to this SlideShare.

But this SlideShare is also about statistics. Statistics can be hard to share effectively. Fortunately, the SlideShare author makes effective use of charts to illustrate the data visually. Look at the sample slide below:

SlideShare Slide with Good ChartSlideShare Slide with Good ChartSlideShare Slide with Good Chart
Charts can be an effective way to display statistics.

The slideshow could have buried these statistics in text paragraphs. But instead, we've got this attractive and very scannable chart.

11. Keep It Simple

Often the best slides in a presentation convey a single thought. That's certainly the case with this effective SlideShare from Loic Le Meur

Nearly every slide in this presentation represents a single idea—sometimes with a phrase and sometimes with a photo. 

But those ideas really pack a punch. A reader can see at glance the message that the author is trying to convey.

12. Don't Be Afraid of Color

It's risky, but the use of bright colors can make your presentation stand out from the rest. That's certainly the case with this colorful SlideShare presentation from

Look at the pink and purple in this slide about motivation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Use of ColorSlideShare Slide with Effective Use of ColorSlideShare Slide with Effective Use of Color
The colors may be bright, but they draw the eye.

It's colorful, but it works.

As a bonus, the entire SlideShare is only 14 slides long. The brevity means the audience is more likely to view the entire presentation.

13. Embrace Minimal Design

This SlideShare presentation from Bonusly proves that less is more with its minimalist design. Each slide focuses on a single concept. It uses short sentences and paragraphs, often without an image. Yet, it works.

The next time you're tempted to overstuff a slideshow with graphics, photos, and text remember this simple presentation and don't do it.

14. Design Consistency Counts

This SlideShare presentation by Barry Feldman starts with an elegant design that makes good use of graphic elements to add visual interest. The design shapes are echoed throughout the entire presentation in various colors.

In fact, the design element is so strong that no photos are needed. And, except for the cover slide, Barry doesn't use any.

This slide illustrates how effective a simple design can be:

SlideShare with a Simple DesignSlideShare with a Simple DesignSlideShare with a Simple Design
This presentation makes use of a simple, but effective design.

15. Always Add a CTA

Make the most out of your SlideShare by including a call to action on the last slide. Let the audience know what you want them to do, whether that’s visiting a related article on your blog, downloading a free report, or booking a call. Be sure that the call to action is directly related to the topic of the SlideShare itself to make it even more effective.

Consider how HubSpot incorporates a call to action on the last slide of their SlideShare about calls-to-action. If you’re currently trying to improve your call to actions and are viewing this SlideShare, chances are you'll be more than interested in downloading their book to learn more about effective CTAs.

16. Make It Clear

A lot of SlideShare presentations are uploaded as an afterthought once the webinar or oral presentation is done and in the past. But, by doing so, you leave out a lot of the context and wind up with a SlideShare that makes very little sense.

If you want your SlideShare to be as effective as possible, you need to make it clear. You want even people who haven't attended your presentation to still understand the topic and the context. Look at how Rand Fishkin makes it easy to understand the SlideShare about content marketing by making the entire presentation look like a comic book.

17. Tease the Content

Keep the users engaged with your SlideShare by teasing the content. This also encourages them to click through to the next slide and the next slide… all the way to the end.

Mark Schaefer, in his SlideShare about social media engagement, does an excellent job of giving you just enough content to pique your interest. Schaefer also teases what’s to come, which just begs you to keep on clicking through the slides.

18. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Images

Aside from icons, you can make your SlideShare more interesting and visually appealing by using quality images and photos. It’s a well-known fact that images help us tell a story, not to mention we absorb information better when it’s visual so use that to your advantage.

Donna Moritz uses eye-catching images to add extra visual appeal to her SlideShare about different ways to stand out on the platform.

19. Learn From SlideShare Itself

Keep in mind that SlideShare has an extensive resource center. They also have tons of content to help you master the art of making effective SlideShare presentations. Take advantage of the resources and guides they've got to offer if you’re serious about making this platform a part of your marketing strategy.

An example of what they've got to offer is the SlideShare about different ideas for what to upload on SlideShare to get views on your presentation.

How to Quickly Make Your SlideShare Presentation

Feeling inspired by all those great SlideShare presentations?

Use SlideShare to share your own presentations to a wider audience. Here's what you'll need:

  • Internet connection. SlideShare operates through the Internet.
  • LinkedIn account. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn. You'll need to log in to LinkedIn before you can share.
  • A great presentation. SlideShare supports PowerPoint, PDF, and document formats. Learn more at SlideShare Help.

Once you're online, logged in, and have selected your presentation, you're ready to download it. To start, click the orange Upload button in the upper right corner of SlideShare:

Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.
Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.

The Upload File screen displays:

Upload File ScreenUpload File ScreenUpload File Screen
The Upload File screen.

Upload your presentation, and you've done it! You've just created your first SlideShare.

Learn How to Make Your SlideShare PPT Presentation Design in PowerPoint

Do you need more help creating a SlideShare-worthy presentation in PowerPoint? No worries. We've got you covered with a comprehensive series of tutorials on the subject.

Jump into these helpful PowerPoint and SlideShare tutorials to get stared: 

You can also find more information about creating a presentation in our new eBook on making great presentations. Grab this PDF Download now for FREE with your subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter:

Making Great Presentations Free Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free Guide DownloadMaking Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Or, look at this SlideShare case study from Board of Innovation, which is on “How I got 2.5 Million views on SlideShare.” This SlideShare presentation has been viewed over 2.5 million times and author Nick Demey is telling how he did it.

Note: This SlideShare is also another example of an effective presentation.

There's one more step you can take to make your presentation great. Let's take a closer look at PowerPoint presentation template design.

Make Great SlideShares Quickly With PPT Presentation Templates

PPT presentation templates are an effective way to ensure that your SlideShare is well-designed. And, as we've discussed above, good design is one of the hallmarks of a great SlideShare PPT presentation.

Using a template gives you a proven design from a professional designer for making your slideshow project. Plus, it can save you from the headache of having to create your own presentation design from scratch if you're not a designer. 

Take a look at some of this year's best PowerPoint designs from Envato Elements:

You'll find even more great presentation template designs at GraphicRiver or Envato Elements. Learn how to customize PPT templates quickly to fit your presentation design needs. Get started with using PowerPoint's toolset: 

The Best Source for PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Use)

You've just learned how to make a good PowerPoint presentation SlideShare. Here's another tool you can use to make your SlideShare PowerPoints great.

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you get access to unlimited digital elements. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee to become a member.

Envato Elements has hundreds of PowerPoint template that professionals make to look stylish. This subscription service has more than PowerPoint templates. It includes:

  • fonts
  • stock images
  • audio
  • and so on.

Explore Envato Elements Now

Envato Elements MembershipEnvato Elements MembershipEnvato Elements Membership
You can bet access to millions of creative assets with Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a great deal if you work with digital elements or need to make SlideShare presentations often. Since you've got unlimited downloads, you can download a template. And if it doesn’t suit your current project, you can download a new template. It’s that easy!

Free templates aren’t as stylish and are often less attractive than premium templates. Premium templates still allow you to be creative while starting with an attractive template.

5 Top PowerPoint SlideShare from Envato Elements in 2022

Here are some of the top PowerPoint SlideShare templates from Envato Elements:

1. Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business Plan PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Plan PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Plan PowerPoint Template

The business Plan PowerPoint template can be used as a SlideShare presentation and is fully editable. This template comes with ten color scheme options and 700 slides. The Business Plan PowerPoint template comes with a picture placeholder, making it easier to add an image of your choice.

2. Oriola: Business PowerPoint Template

Oriola Business PowerPoint TemplateOriola Business PowerPoint TemplateOriola Business PowerPoint Template

This SlideShare PPT comes with 100 unique and editable slides. Here are some key features of this template:

  • two theme variations
  • picture placeholders
  • icons

This template is an excellent option if you’re looking for a clean business PowerPoint template with a simple design.

3. Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

Business Consulting PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Consulting PowerPoint TemplateBusiness Consulting PowerPoint Template

The Business Consulting PowerPoint Template can be used as a SlideShare presentation. This template has 1,200 total slides with 30 unique slides. Also, you can choose from five different color schemes. If you're looking for a business-themed template with infographics, this is a great choice.  

4. PowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation TemplatePowerPoint Business Presentation TemplatePowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation Template is a multi-purpose SlideShare PowerPoint template. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • total of 38 slides
  • all graphics are resizable
  • comes with picture placeholders
  • includes infographics and graphs

This template is great if you’re looking for a professional business template with a pop of color.

5. Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business PresentationNarrow PowerPoint Business PresentationNarrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is a modern and clean premium template. This SlideShare PowerPoint template comes with over 50 unique slides. Also included in the Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is over 100 icons. Easily drag and drop an image of your choice into the picture placeholders.

Use PowerPoint + SlideShare & the Power of the Internet

Use SlideShare and the power of the Internet to reach a much larger audience for your presentation than you normally would. It's not difficult to learn to use SlideShare to showcase your best PowerPoint presentation and reach a wider audience if you know what to do.

The SlideShare presentation examples in this article may seem intimidating at first. But if you take a closer look at what each SlideShare author has done to make their slideshow effective, you'll see that an effective SlideShare isn't beyond your reach.

Turn to this article for inspiration in creating your own PowerPoint presentation for SlideShare. And don't forget to use a template when creating your presentation to save time and for a better design

Are you ready? Get started on your own SlideShare today.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in August of 2017. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date—with special help from Brenda Barron and Sarah Joy. Brenda and Sarah are freelance instructors with Envato Tuts+.

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