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35 Best PowerPoint Template Designs (For 2022 Presentations)

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This post is part of a series called Microsoft PowerPoint Templates (Ultimate Guide to the Best PPT).
40 Awesome PowerPoint Templates (With Cool PPT Presentation Designs 2022)

Have a compelling idea to present? We've curated the best PowerPoint templates for 2022 with beautifully crafted PPT designs, amazing graphics, and a bevy of modern options.

Volt One of the Best PowerPoint Template DesignsVolt One of the Best PowerPoint Template DesignsVolt One of the Best PowerPoint Template Designs
Volt - One of the Best PowerPoint Template Designs that's trending in 2022.

Imagine, you fire up PowerPoint. Get ready to start your presentation, and it dawns on you:

Your presentation design uses a default template that came installed with PowerPoint. Or worse, you used a dated PPT presentation theme you found for free online.

As the screen lights up, you realize that your presentation comes across as boring, unprofessional, and maybe even a bit cheesy. Ouch!

Fortunately, it’s not the future yet. Avoid this situation right now. There's a simple solution: 

Use one of the best PowerPoint templates for 2022 with on-trend designs that are the most popular.

Best PowerPoint Template Designs on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You've got a compelling idea to present, with intriguing concepts to visualize. So, you need one of the best PowerPoint designs that'll feature your message with clarity and impact. 

There are hundreds of great PowerPoint template designs on Envato Elements, with a great offer. Download many of the best PowerPoint designs (with unlimited use) for one low price. Fortunately, there you'll find the absolute best PowerPoint templates for 2022.

Explore PowerPoint Template Designs

These are some of the best PowerPoint templates available on Envato Elements.

These fresh and best PPT design templates have the right features. Content structure, modern color schemes, unique creative details, and clean typography. It's a current look and feel that'll transform your PowerPoint presentation design ideas into a great presentation in 2022.

But what about PowerPoint template designs available for free download online? Are they a good value?

Many free PowerPoint design templates are outdated or limited in options. You may find even the best free designs for PowerPoint are more work than you realized. A premium and best PPT template design, such as those available through Envato Elements is nearly always your best choice.

Add your inspirational presentation ideas to these well-crafted PowerPoint template designs. Make use of these stylish PPT format designs. They feature impactful layouts, creative graphics, well-integrated data designs, and more. 

Quickly prep one of the best PowerPoint designs with your unique info, insert key assets, and add engaging graphics. So, you can present a visual story that'll move your audience. Learn more in our guide to using PowerPoint presentation templates.

10 PowerPoint Template Design Inspiration (New From Envato Elements - For 2022)

Here are some of the best PowerPoint templates for 2022 that are trending on Envato Elements. These templates feature the best PPT designs for 2022: 

1. Cleira - Clean PowerPoint Template Design

Click through the image gallery to see what Cleira, the premium PowerPoint template from Envato Elements, has to offer!

To design a presentation in 2022 with bold PowerPoint design ideas that stand out, then look no further than Cleira. It comes with over 150 modern slide designs. The PPT format design also includes well-balanced layout options. It'll help you present your message with clarity. Do you need the best PPT templates with creative presentation assets and current designs? Cleira has you covered.

2. Buxe - Best PPT Template Design for 2022

Buxe PowerPoint Creative Multipurpose Design TemplateBuxe PowerPoint Creative Multipurpose Design TemplateBuxe PowerPoint Creative Multipurpose Design Template

With a confident look and clean, creative slides Buxe is a versatile, flat-design PowerPoint template. It's got a modern style that blends plenty of colorful graphics, powerful charts, and minimal design elements.

This Premium PPT design template is ready to make many types of presentations with—and to customize fast. Use the best PPT template design to create a fresh presentation in 2022 that's both beautiful and functional. 

3. The X Note - PowerPoint Design Template for 2022

The X Note PowerPoint Design Template for PresentationsThe X Note PowerPoint Design Template for PresentationsThe X Note PowerPoint Design Template for Presentations

Need a PowerPoint presentation design template with a modern style? One that’s easy to customize? And one that comes packed with the right slide designs to communicate your message effectively? 

Look no further than The X Note. Your PowerPoint presentation design ideas will turn into persuasive and compelling presentations. From driving thought leadership to sales presentations, this theme will exceed your expectations.

4. Agio - Clean Modern Presentation Design for PowerPoint

Agio Clean Presentation Design for PowerPointAgio Clean Presentation Design for PowerPointAgio Clean Presentation Design for PowerPoint

If you like minimal PowerPoint design templates, check this out. This is a minimal PowerPoint presentation design with plenty of template options built in. If you've got important information to present, this set delivers. It’s perfect for personal or corporate use. And comes with a ton of easy-to-edit features that are 100% customizable. 

5. Mystify - Well-Designed PowerPoint Presentation Theme

Mystify Well-Designed PPT Presentation ThemeMystify Well-Designed PPT Presentation ThemeMystify Well-Designed PPT Presentation Theme

Think big and get ready to go bold with this modern PowerPoint design theme. It's got a powerful set of unique PPT slide designs that'll help your message stand out. 

It mixes striking images with compelling layouts and confident type. It also includes quick to work with components that pack a creative punch.

6. Golazo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Theme Design

Golazo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Theme DesignGolazo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Theme DesignGolazo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation Theme Design

Are you thinking of using one of the free PowerPoint design templates available online? you may want to reconsider when you see what you’re missing out on with this premium PPT theme.

Golazo is a professional set of slide designs. It's got a clean and minimalist style and handmade infographics. Design a great presentation with trending design style and an elegant aesthetic. Plus, use its built-in animations to add some elegant slide transitions. It’s one of the best PPT design templates for making creative or corporate presentations.

7. Simpleco - Modern PowerPoint (PPT) Design Template

Simpleco Best Modern PowerPoint PPT Design TemplateSimpleco Best Modern PowerPoint PPT Design TemplateSimpleco Best Modern PowerPoint PPT Design Template

This colorful PPT format design is on-trend for 2022. It’s popular to download on Envato Elements. This is one of the best PPT template designs. And it comes with clean, modern slide designs that balance infographics with vivid illustrations.

8. Responsive Solutions - Unique PowerPoint Template 2022

Responsive Solutions - Unique PowerPoint Design TemplateResponsive Solutions - Unique PowerPoint Design TemplateResponsive Solutions - Unique PowerPoint Design Template

Is it time to present your new business concepts, cover noteworthy trends, or present your radical product innovations? There are a lot of benefits to using premium PPT design templates like the Responsive Solutions template.

This best PPT design has got a modern, flat design style that combines simple shapes, with cropped photos, clean font use, and plenty of creative components. It also packs in 60 flexible slide designs to build your presentation with pronto.

9. Moda - Fashion & Style PowerPoint Design Template

Moda Fashion and Style PowerPoint Design TemplateModa Fashion and Style PowerPoint Design TemplateModa Fashion and Style PowerPoint Design Template

If you’re presenting on a fashion-forward topic that needs to be on-trend for 2022, then a premium best PowerPoint design is a must. Moda is made for high fashion and to help you deliver a sophisticated presentation. The PowerPoint template design is overflowing with creative assets, modern features, and stylish slides.

10. Volt - Premium PowerPoint Template Design for 2022

Volt Premium PowerPoint PPT Template DesignVolt Premium PowerPoint PPT Template DesignVolt Premium PowerPoint PPT Template Design

Volt is an electric PowerPoint template design. It's overflowing with creative, useful design features. Here are a few of the many, hassle-free highlights of what the theme has inside:

  • 120 unique, color-rich slide designs 
  • quick to customize master slides
  • easy drag-and-drop image setup
  • full animated slides/transitions options
  • great infographics, charts, and more

If you need to make a unique presentation, then use this stimulating set of slide designs to build a beautiful presentation now.

11. Gixa - PPT Format for Presentations

Gixa - PowerPoint templateGixa - PowerPoint templateGixa - PowerPoint template

Talk about sophisticated! With gold, tan, and white colors, Gixa is a well-design PPT format for presentations. It's got a subtle power that makes it elegant and rich. It's perfect for fashion stores and projects. Plus, it's fully customizable and comes with 50 unique slides.

12. Planetarium - Stunning PowerPoint Template Design

Planeterium PowerPoint TemplatePlaneterium PowerPoint TemplatePlaneterium PowerPoint Template

Step into the beauty of the night sky with the Planetarium PowerPoint Template Design. This professionally-designed PPT template sends your audience to outer space. This is why it's great for science projects and presentations. Its collection of matching charts, diagrams, tables, and other data visualization elements makes it truly special.

13. Everlux - Elevated PowerPoint Design

Everlux PowerPoint PresentationEverlux PowerPoint PresentationEverlux PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation template has a slick, soothing, but energetic design. Everlux's teal colors offer a suave design that'll put your audience at ease. Plus, you don't even have to use Photoshop to edit it! All its shapes, colors, text, and images are completely editable from PowerPoint. Reap the benefits of Everlux's good PowerPoint design.

14. Waterloo - One of the Best PPT Template Designs

Waterloo Best PowerPoint DesignWaterloo Best PowerPoint DesignWaterloo Best PowerPoint Design

If what you're looking for is a splash of color, Waterloo is the right PPT template design for you. Keep your audience on their toes with its sprinkles of yellow, pink, blue, green, and more. You can also edit this template to fit your business identity and brand.

15. Himense - Top PowerPoint Presentation Design

Himense PPT designHimense PPT designHimense PPT design

After the fun Waterloo, let's go for a more serious take on PowerPoint presentation designs. While Himense's colors are toned down, it still has an alluring spirit and commanding grip on the audience. And get this: it's got over 150 total slides!

16. Writing - Elegant Design for PowerPoint

Elegant design for PowerPointElegant design for PowerPointElegant design for PowerPoint

Are you a writer? If you are, this PowerPoint template was made just for you! And even if you're not a writer, you can expect this elegant design for PowerPoint to be the perfect way to present your ideas. It's fully equipped with five pre-made color variations, 120 total slides, pixel-perfect illustrations, and much more.

17. Lemona - Template Design for PPT

Lemona design PPTLemona design PPTLemona design PPT

Lemona is a delicate but striking template. This good PowerPoint design is also a great starting point for your presentation. On it, you can display your ideas in a smart but unpretentious manner. Plus, you can edit it to showcase your personality properly. Check it out to see a great template design for PPT in action.

18. BEAT - High-Quality PPT Format

High Quality PPT FormatHigh Quality PPT FormatHigh Quality PPT Format

You got the BEAT? We got the BEAT! Get noticed with the BEAT PPT format! You'll never miss a beat with this design option for your presentations. It's equal parts colorful but clean, making it the ultimate choice for business presentations.

19. Landing Slide - Colorful PowerPoint Design

Landing Slide PowerPoint template designLanding Slide PowerPoint template designLanding Slide PowerPoint template design

Attractive shapes, gorgeous graphics, and pixel-perfect illustrations make up this good PowerPoint design. It's ideal for any purpose, including business or creative presentations. With it, you'll also get five pre-made color variations and 50+ total slides.

20. Nikahin - Sophisticated PowerPoint Template Design

Nikahin PowerPoint template designNikahin PowerPoint template designNikahin PowerPoint template design

If you're not design savvy and don't know how to use the top design platforms (like Photoshop), worry not! In Nikahin, you'll find a completely editable PPT design that you won't have to carry into another software to customize to your liking. You'll get much more with this PowerPoint template design than you would with any free option!

21. Livy - Design for PPT Template

Livy Design for PowerPointLivy Design for PowerPointLivy Design for PowerPoint

If minimalism is more your speed, download the Livy design for PPT. Its clean and modern design helps your audience focus on your message. Add your content easily and share what you've got to say in a classy and creative way.

22. Autumn - Seasonal PowerPoint Presentation Design

Autumn TemplateAutumn TemplateAutumn Template

As we're transitioning into the fall months, you may want to fill your PowerPoint presentation with a fall spirit. Luckily, Envato Elements has a template that can represent the colors, look and feel of one of the most magical seasons in the year. This is a great option if you're searching for a seasonal PowerPoint presentation design.

23. Spectre - Good PowerPoint Design

Spectre Good PowerPoint DesignSpectre Good PowerPoint DesignSpectre Good PowerPoint Design

While its name may suggest this PPT design is a ghost, your presentation will be nothing like one. Spectre gets your presentation noticed with its features. It's got vibrant colors, animated slides, handcrafted infographics, editable graphics, and much more. Download this good PowerPoint design to enjoy these and more traits.

24. Floralist - Earthy PowerPoint Design

Floralist PPT Template DesignFloralist PPT Template DesignFloralist PPT Template Design

Floralis, as the name suggests, has a botanic twist. Still, this is done in a very minimalist and elegant manner. Because of this, Floralis is a high-class template you can use for personal ventures or business presentations. If you need an earthy PowerPoint design, this is it!

25. Executive Person - Energetic Design for PPT

Executive Person design for PowerPointExecutive Person design for PowerPointExecutive Person design for PowerPoint

Give your presentations an energetic and gripping presence with this best PPT design. While the name says this template is fitted for executive presentations, you can use it for any and all your ventures. Get your foot in the door with this energetic design for PPT and its amazing features.

26. SPACE - PPT Template Design

Space PPT template designSpace PPT template designSpace PPT template design

Fill your presentations with power, charm, and cool colors with the SPACE PPT template design. You can add diagrams, timelines, infographics, photo galleries, charts, and much more. These features make it the perfect template to express yourself and your business.

27. Retro - Minimal Design for PowerPoint Presentations

Retro PowerPointRetro PowerPointRetro PowerPoint

The Retro PowerPoint Template is another excellent option for your business or personal presentations. Even though it's named "Retro," it's got a current and fresh design. It's got 30 multipurpose, clean, simple, and creative slides. Experience the benefits of its minimal design for PowerPoint presentations.

28. B&W - PPT Format for Excellent Presentations

B&W PPT FormatB&W PPT FormatB&W PPT Format

Remove the color from your presentation with this black and white PowerPoint template. It's smart and well-organized features put your information front and center. Still, you can edit this PPT format easily. This means you can add pops of color here and there as you please.

29. PATTERN - Creative Design for PowerPoint

Pattern design for PowerPointPattern design for PowerPointPattern design for PowerPoint

The interesting shapes and layouts in this PowerPoint template make it outstanding. Download it to find 81 unique slides, PPTX files, master slides for custom layouts, 40 curated colors, and more features. These PPT formats help you present yourself in a professional and creative way. Don't miss out on this top design for PowerPoint.

30. CRYPTO - Futuristic PowerPoint Presentation Design

Crypto PowerPoint presentationCrypto PowerPoint presentationCrypto PowerPoint presentation

This best PPT design makes your presentation cool and technological. The Crypto PowerPoint template has maps, diagrams, curated colors, timelines, infographics, charts, and galleries. It's ideal for making yourself known. Plus, it's got much more to offer than any free PowerPoint presentation design you may find on the web.

31. Cleaning Services PowerPoint Template

Cleaning Service TemplateCleaning Service TemplateCleaning Service Template

Whether you own a cleaning business or any other company, you can use this template. You can present and astonish your business partners, investors, and more. You can include your numbers, logos, images, and brand identity to create a well-rounded and informative presentation.

32. MURO - PowerPoint Minimal Template

Muro Minimal TemplateMuro Minimal TemplateMuro Minimal Template

As its tagline says, this PowerPoint template is minimal, simple, and modern. But there's nothing simple about it. While it's easy to use, you can bet you'll get all the features you'll need in it—everything from the necessary documentation to vector devices and 115 unique slides.

33. Aequor - Good PowerPoint Design

Aequor PowerPoint DesignAequor PowerPoint DesignAequor PowerPoint Design

50+ clean, modern, and creative slides. Section break slides. It's based on Master Slides. It's got resizable and editable graphics as well as gallery and portfolio slides. If these are the features you want in your PPPT design template, download the Aequor theme now! You won't regret using this PowerPoint presentation design to impress your audience

34. NOVA - Best PPT Design

NOVA Best PPT designNOVA Best PPT designNOVA Best PPT design

You need the Nova PowerPoint design template if you've got a tech company, eCommerce, or startup. It's clean, scalable, colorful, and multipurpose. Plus, you can download it and get thousands of ready-to-use icons to elevate your presentations. It's truly an awesome PPT design.

35. Terra - PowerPoint Template With a Great PPT Design

Terra PowerPoint TemplateTerra PowerPoint TemplateTerra PowerPoint Template

Lastly, there's the Terra PPT design if you want fun and vitality. You'll keep your audience on their toes, ready for your content. Showcase your best attributes and make others pay attention to you. You'll be more commanding than with any free PowerPoint design template.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low priceEnvato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low priceEnvato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all-inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited-use graphics and template designs. From web themes to best PowerPoint templates for 2022, and more—all for one low price

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Grab Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

ebook promoebook promoebook promo

It's also critical that you've got the right resources to help guide you through the process of making a great presentation. Download our eBookThe Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It'll help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. (It's available for FREE with the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.) 

5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Designs

With so many PowerPoint design templates out there, why should you opt for one from Envato Elements? Envato Elements has popular PowerPoint templates with high-quality visual designs. It leads the pack in 2022. But, if you're wondering what its key elements are, continue reading:

  • There's no fuss. If you need a top PowerPoint design template, you'll get a top PowerPoint design template. It's as simple as that. With Envato Elements, you can rest assured you'll have what you asked for.
  • It'll elevate your presentation. Whether you're preparing a presentation for school, a business project, or others, you'll impress your audience. Envato Elements' presentation templates bring your slides to another level.
  • No mistakes. Envato Elements has a selection of the best PPT templates designed by experts in the field. You can scrutinize them, and you won't find a design flop in any of them.
  • They're a time saver. If you're looking for a free PowerPoint presentation template, you'll have to spend hours scrolling through thousands of options before you get to one you sort of like. With Envato Elements, you'll find high-quality designs from the get-go.
  • They'll make you look good. You need to think about what your PowerPoint template design says about you. A cheap or free PPT design template may say that you don't care much. But a professionally-designed template portrays you as a force to be reckoned with.

Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2022).Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2022).Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2022).
Best PowerPoint presentation design templates on Envato Elements (2022).
  • Do you need an awesome PowerPoint template design? Envato Elements has you covered.
  • Do you need a beautiful logo for your business? Envato Elements has you covered.
  • Do you need a stunning photo for a project? Envato Elements has you covered.

Looking for the best PowerPoint templates, graphics, videos, logos, and more? You'll find it at Envato Elements! All for a low monthly rate!

Subscribe to Envato Elements to find everything you'll need for your creative project! And the best part is, you can get all those assets for a low monthly rate!

7 Quick PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design Ideas

To make sure your PowerPoint presentation design is professional, invest a little extra effort into your PowerPoint design. Below are seven tips and PPT presentation design ideas that'll help you make a standout PowerPoint presentation:

1. Learn the Ins and Outs of PowerPoint

The first and most important tip is to become familiar with PowerPoint designs. After all, the more you know about the software, the better your PowerPoint designs will be. At Envato Tuts+, we've got several tutorials to help you:

2. Use Graphs and Charts to Illustrate Your PowerPoint Design Ideas

If you've got a lot of data in your presentation, illustrate those PowerPoint design ideas and stats with charts and graphs. Not only will they be easier to visualize for your audience, but they'll also make your presentation more interesting.

PPT presentation design for PowerPointPPT presentation design for PowerPointPPT presentation design for PowerPoint

3. Customize Your PowerPoint Design Template

When you've found your perfect PowerPoint design template, customize it according to your needs. This allows you to maintain your brand consistency, and at the same time, reinforces your brand image.

Here are some articles to help you find more templates:

4. Spice Up Your PowerPoint Design With Animation

Another presentation design idea is to use animations in your PPT design. Animations can help add visual interest, especially if you use them between slides. Use them to signify the start of a new section or introduce new concepts.

5. Write Interesting Copy for Your Presentation

Lastly, the copy you use in your PowerPoint presentation needs to be as interesting as the design. The copy should be succinct, but it should also be persuasive and help you successfully pitch the idea to your audience. Use clear sentences and showcase the benefits as well as the facts. Don’t forget a call to action at the end.

Volt PowerPoint PPT TemplateVolt PowerPoint PPT TemplateVolt PowerPoint PPT Template

6. Use a Special Purpose PowerPoint Design Template

As you explore PowerPoint design templates, there are many options that are good for every occasion. Those PowerPoint template designs can work for practically any type of presentation.

But there are what I call "special purpose" templates that are tailored for specific purposes. The libraries on Envato Elements are so deep. You'll find design presentation template ideas for specific purposes.

Check out these PowerPoint design templates for special purposes:

7. Use SmartArt for Infographics in Your PowerPoint Design

Infographics combine "information" and "graphics" into instructive visuals. And thanks to PowerPoint's SmartArt feature, you can build flexible graphics. Think of them as graphic design in PowerPoint assets.

Kick-start your learning with the help of this quick screencast:

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint PPT Template Designs

Once you've found a PPT design that you like, customize it to match your company or personal brand. Let's look at how you can customize a PowerPoint design template. 

For this tutorial, I'm using the Native Minimalist PowerPoint template. It’s a minimalist and clean template that can be used for all kinds of presentations.

Native PPT designNative PPT designNative PPT design
The Native Minimalist design is one of the best PowerPoint design templates to create your next presentation.

Let's see the Native PPT design in action in the section below: 

1. Decide on the Slides You'll Use

Each of the premium PowerPoint templates comes with a variety of slides, and each slide has a few slide variations. Before you do any type of customizations or add your own content, you need to decide which slides you'll use. The easiest way to do this is to click on View > Slide Sorter

Choosing slides Choosing slides Choosing slides
Choosing slides in the Native Minimalist template

There, click on each slide you don’t want to use while holding CTRL or CMD key, then right-click and select Delete Slide.

2. Change the Content and Customize the Fonts

Now that you've got only a few slides left, it’s time to add your content and customize the fonts. Let’s customize the text on slide #3. First, click on any text area in an individual slide, then press CTRL+A to select all the text. Start typing or paste the contents of your presentation from an outline or another document. 

Change the content and customize the fontsChange the content and customize the fontsChange the content and customize the fonts
Changing the content and customizing the fonts in a PPT template

3. Change Colors

Changing the colors in your template is easy. For example, let’s customize the background color slide #6. All you've got to do is click on the colored rectangle and then click on Shape Format. 

Modifying colors Modifying colors Modifying colors
Modifying colors in the Native Minimalist template

4. Add Your Images

The last step is to add your images. Still working with slide #6, simply click the image icon and then browse your computer for an image you’d like to insert. 

Adding images to a PPT templateAdding images to a PPT templateAdding images to a PPT template
Adding images

Once the image has been added, right-click on it and click the Send to Back to make sure the text overlay is still visible.

You're armed with the best PowerPoint templates for 2022 and the coolest PowerPoint design ideas. Next up, I'll tell you about the hottest presentation trends of 2022:

1. Minimalist Is the Way to Go for Your PPT Design

Minimalism is always on trend for your PPT design for presentations. When you use a minimalist template, your audience won't get distracted by a cluttered design. You'll get your audience's full attention with a minimalist PPT template.

Check our compilation of premium, minimalist, and clean PowerPoint design templates:

2. Use Striking Images in Your PowerPoint Design

We've mentioned that a presentation with visual elements is more likely to attract your viewers' eyes than slides full of text. 

But did you know that you can also use the most striking and professional images from our photo library? Download as many as you need with your Envato Elements subscription.

Business team meetingBusiness team meetingBusiness team meeting
This professional image for your presentation is available in Envato Elements 

3. Experiment With the Rule of Three 

The Rule of Three is a popular concept in writing. The Rule of Three means your audience will remember information presented in groups of three better than other clusters of items.

You can absolutely apply this to your presentation. Summarize important information in groups of three. Avoid bullet points. Instead, use icons or illustrations. 

Warmy - Minimalist Powerpoint TemplateWarmy - Minimalist Powerpoint TemplateWarmy - Minimalist Powerpoint Template
This minimalist PPT template applies the rule of three in some of the slices 

4. Add Mockups in Your Slides

This 2022 design trend is great for a startup, technology, or business presentations. Use a mockup when you need your audience to visualize a product that'll be developed soon.

For example, if you're working on a new app, a smartphone or tablet mockup like the ones in this template will work great for you.

Mockup Device - Powerpoint TemplateMockup Device - Powerpoint TemplateMockup Device - Powerpoint Template
Use this nice PowerPoint template with mockups for your next presentation

5. Have a Powerful Conclusion

Finally, an impactful trend is to prepare a remarkable conclusion. This helps your audience remember your presentation. 

Try revealing an amazing or surprising fact at the end. This way, the public will surely remember your message.

Discover More PowerPoint Design Templates

Hungry for more PowerPoint design ideas? Do you have a big presentation coming up? I've got more premium PPT format templates for you:

Learn More About PowerPoint Presentation Designs

PowerPoint design templates are the beginning of learning the app. With the help of PPT design skills, your confidence is bound to grow. That makes you a confident presenter.

Let's keep learning with the help of our resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) Here are three excellent beginner tutorials that you can use to start learning PowerPoint:

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

No matter how much you've learned about PowerPoint, there's always more to know. Let's tackle five of the most popular questions that presenters face when creating PPT designs:

1. Is PowerPoint Free to Use?

My most popular question continues to center around PowerPoint's cost. There are some free, cloud-based alternatives out there. So, it makes perfect sense to question PowerPoint's costs and if there's a free version.

The answer is: yes, PowerPoint can be free-to-use. There are cloud-based versions that are compatible with the PPT template designs you saw in this article.

Pair PowerPoint with a low-cost PPT design you saw in this tutorial for an affordable, professional presentation. Learn more in this tutorial:

2. What Are the Right Dimensions For Your PPT Design?

Setting the right dimensions for your PowerPoint presentation helps you use your screen. It makes use of the full screen that you're presenting on, avoiding the dreaded "black lines" on the edge of the screen.

Learn how to set your PPT design to the best dimensions with the help of this tutorial:

3. Can You Use PowerPoint to Create Printed Products?

It's a mistake to think that PowerPoint design templates are only for presentations. In fact, you can use presentation template ideas for printed products, too.

One of my favorite PowerPoint presentation design ideas is to use the app to create a printed brochure. See those PPT design ideas in our tutorial below:

4. How Can You Save Time While Creating PowerPoint Designs?

When you're creating a PPT design, you're in search of shortcuts. That gives you more time to rehearse and form the content that makes an impact on your audience. 

Learn more about how to create PowerPoint presentation designs and outlines. Combined with the best PowerPoint design templates, you're sure to save time.

5. Are PowerPoint Design Templates Flexible?

I recommend that presenters use PowerPoint design templates. But are those PPT template designs flexible for your purpose?

The answer is "yes." Think of these as presentation template ideas. They launch the PPT design process, but you aren't locked into the built-in options. It's a blueprint, not the final copy.

Learn how to edit PPT design layouts in this tutorial:

Grab This eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free Download)

Learn the best PowerPoint presentation designs and strategies in our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations (grab it now for FREE). Get your ideas packaged into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience to action.

Make a Great Presentation Free eBook DownloadMake a Great Presentation Free eBook DownloadMake a Great Presentation Free eBook Download

Design Your Next Presentation With a Top PowerPoint Template

Check out the best PowerPoint templates for 2022 with on-trend designs that'll set your presentation apart. Download an inspirational presentation design now. Add your ideas to the slide layouts quickly and customize your message to present with impact to your audience.

And remember, premium PowerPoint presentation designs are a better value than free designs for PowerPoint.

Discover more popular PowerPoint presentation design templates from Envato Elements.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron, Andrew ChildressMaria Villanueva, and Dacia Egurrola. Brenda and Andrew are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel. Dacia is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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